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Chikwanda describes 90 year old Tom Mtine as a living Legend

General News Chikwanda describes 90 year old Tom Mtine as a living Legend

Tom Mtine
Tom Mtine

FINANCE Minister Alexander Chikwanda has described alderman Tom Mtine as a living legend who has kept a low profile despite his many achievements throughout his life.

Mr Chikwanda said this on Saturday when he officiated at Mr Mtine’s 90th birthday celebrations held at his residence in Ndola.

Mr Chikwanda said Mr Mtine was a man of many commendable accomplishments and indisputable honour making him an embodiment of all positive attributes.

“ What is so remarkable about Mr Mtine is that in the various important positions he has served whether as a civic leader, promoter, practical supporter and administrator of sport or captain of the industry, he has served with rare distinction and unfettered dedication,” he said.

He said Mr Mtine had shunned the limelight and had not sought accolades despite being held in high highest esteem beyond Zambia’s borders.

“The recognition of his services and whatever acclaims have never gone to his head and humility has been his beacon,” Mr Chikwanda said.

He said during the struggle for independence, Mr Mtine rendered valuable support to UNIP but that he stayed in the background and staked no claims for his vital contributions.

He said in a society where people placed a maximum premium on prominence, it was important for people to learn lessons from Mr Mtine’s style.

“Mr Mtine’s life has been shrouded in a true human fellowship, which he has distinctly symbolised and epitomised. It is a legacy we should all strive to achieve,” he said.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni advised politicians to make use of Mr Mtine as the country approached the August 11 general election.

Speaking through Chief Madzimawe, the traditional leader said to reach 90 years was a rare achievement and God had kept Mr Mtine for that long for a purpose.

He said Mr Mtine was a true Zambian by tribe and everyone should learn from him as people of various races attended his birthday celebrations.

Former Finance Bank chairperson Rajan Mahtani said Mr Mtine, who he had known when he was a child was a person who always stood for what was right.

Dr Mahtani said Mr Mtine was the first black mayor in Zambia and his sacrifice for Zambia had helped shape the country’s destiny.

Veteran lawyer, Julius Sakala said he remembered how Mr Mtine persuaded him to continue working for the council in Ndola until he became the first indigenous town clerk.

Mr Mtine said he was humbled by the people who had joined him to celebrate his birthday and that he could not ask for more except that God blesses everyone.

“I thank God for everything. Although I have done a lot for this country, only a few privileged people know because it is not my nature to announce it all,” he said.

Others that attended the celebrations were Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe, Finance deputy Minister Christopher Mvunga, Chief Nzamane and Chieftainess Malembeka among others.


  1. Growing up in Ndola, Northrise and Kansenshi residential areas in the late ’70’s and early ’80s, i recall how we used to revere the old man due to his dignified exhibit of opulence and prestige.

    A former CAF committee member, FAZ Chairman, Lohnro Africa Chairman, Rothmans of pallmall chairman…. he still radiated humility and descerning respect for all. He is a true leader that believed in helping develop the country without engaging in active politics.

    HBD Mr. Mtine!!

  2. Although I am a senior citizen my age pales in comparison. We used to hear tales as children about his cigar smoking with cigars branded with his name. May be cigars are not as harmful as cigarettes. Congratulations, old man. There are not many that I can call old in a generation that has been decimated by aids.

  3. Kids of nowadays [under5] after [email protected] a bit of cash they rush into politics to hide their questionable wealth. When asked how they acquired them. They say I was a cattle wrestler. Honestly how many people would ‘ve become millionaires by merely looking after cows?
    Good one mtine.

    • you are a cretin ….do you know the person you refer to as under 5 owns over 10% of all cattle in Zambia?

  4. Just meet the alderman in a queue in shoprite & you will understand what people are talking about. The true epitome of decor & humility.
    You make me proud to call myself a zimaNdola. Many more returns.

  5. @obatala from your comment one would deduce that you are referring to under 5. If you carefully read my blog there is no mention of that person you are referring to. Seems you know the person very well.

  6. Still look good at 90 Chum,

    Personfication of humility. I’m proud of your achievements. We needed 10 more like you to transform Zambia.

  7. Old man happy belatedly birth day and wish you many more. Humble servant of Zambia whose names are in books of wealthy Zambians. Nowadays people who are getting richer in few days through explainable circumstances become cheek and end up in politics to cover up their old past days. I did not know that this man is still alive because he has not been heard of for along time unlike some young men of nowadays who want to appear in all public and private media every day! Keep it up old man.

  8. A Faithful Muslim who prefers to be burdened with other peoples problems may Allah prolong your life and give you complete good health.

  9. We use to hear that he was dumping heaps of Kapenta in his farm as manure for the crops… was that true? if so why not think of the under privileged in society who used to go hungry while he was rated as one who had wealthy in the 70s to 80’s?

  10. PF officials instead of attending to people’s needs u bz attending birth day parties which can not add value to our economy.U are visiting someone using taxpayers money! what type of leadership is that pls ba Chikwanda just resign u have failed and dont condemn your age.Why Edgar Lungu is still keeping such people who have failed to perform their duties?

    • @Mclouis K, that’s a useless thinking, the part was on Saturday. That’s got nothing to do with work these guys did not put tools down to go for a part, have respect for elders, if anything this man deserves a holiday in Honor of his birthday like here in the USA, there is Martin Lurther King holiday and the rest of important people. That man is very important in Zambia as compared to some people we know. Do you know how much he contributed to Zambia being free from colonialism? Please it’s better you don’t open your mouth.

  11. With all his opulence what has he done for Zambia and the poverty-stricken children in Ndola. How did this evil Malawian make his money here in Zambia? The man is evil and egocentric. He is not a living legend but a living greed Malawian living in Zambia who could use the common food enjoyed by many Zambians as manure for his flowers. Chikwanda you can do better than attend birth parties for people who have no love for this country and were party to the mismanagement of our economy in 1970s and 80s.

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