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Stray lions cause havoc in Lundazi

Rural News Stray lions cause havoc in Lundazi

Four stray lions from Lumimba Game Management Area [GMA] in Lundazi District have killed several herds of animals.

The lions are believed to be from chief Chitungulu’s area in the Malambo valley.

A total of ten cattle, two goats and two pigs have been confirmed to have been killed and eaten by the beasts that are also terrorising villagers of chief Zumwanda on the plateau of Lundazi.

Group Village Headman Fosi of chief Zumwanda’s area disclosed the development to ZANIS in Lundazi over the weekend.

Mr Fosi said the stray vicious lions strayed into the area last week and are causing sleepless nights to villagers.

He named some affected villages as Zakeyo Nyika, Photola Mwale, Shadreck Chiulu, Kashi , Kali and Dickson Phiri among others.

Mr Fosi also disclosed that some school-going children have also stopped attending classes for fear of being attacked and killed by the lions and named the most affected schools as Kapili Kabefu, Kavinake and Kiyema.

The group headman complained that despite reporting the matter to National Parks and Wildlife formally known as Zambia Wildlife Authority [ZAWA] office in Lundazi, nothing has been done to control the marauding lions and to safeguard the lives of both livestock and humans.

But when contacted for comment, Acting Warden for National Parks and Wildlife for Eastern Province in Chipata, Mumba Katele, could neither confirm nor deny about reports of stray lions.

However, Mr Katele, referred all queries to National Park and Wildlife headquarters in Chilanga, Lusaka Province, who could not be reached at press time.


  1. U see how Un serious we are in Zambia, u can’t even know where to run to.this one says go to this one, and this one says it’s not me.
    Confusions everywhere.

  2. These lions should have strayed to an area worst hit by drought and were the chiefs are asking for pay rise after from a person they did not vote for. Eastern province also how can you have villages with such names.

  3. Do we need the President to instruct someone look into this very urgent matter??? Jean Kapata where are you. Give ministerial statement on this lions so that we know what is happening. Do you need someone to be eaten by these beasts???

    • Jean Kapata is too busy partying to worry about people getting eaten by lions!

      Maybe she will say something in August when she wants votes, but until then I doubt if she even comes into the office or even knows about this!

  4. ZAWA can not do do anything after advocating for the ban on trophy hunting. If trophy hunting was allowed, Zawa would have raised some cool cash on these lions.

  5. Please don’t accuse the lions of trespassing/straying. they have as much right to roam where they want in search of food. Ten cattle two goat and two pigs shared among the four lions? Not bad.

  6. Comment:its a pity that evin ba zawa can’t du anything about this,ist that they ar fearing 2 be killed by beasts or wat? If yes then wats their job and y dd they join. Foolish pipo, tamwakwata amano ba zawa,as if u don’t now that pipos lyfz ar in danger. Real *****s du something

  7. The problem does not lie with the lions but those in charge of managing tourism meaning Jean Kapata and her entourage. They want these high paying jobs with a title but lack even the minimal skills to deal with such a manageable problem. This has to do with human and wildlife conflict where people are moving more in animal territories. The government does nothing about this problem yet they want money from tourism. ZAWA should have acted immediately and relocated the animals to areas away from humans. In the end they will kill the lions as a solution because the lack education, skills and leadership. The reason we cannot have a nurse as Minister of Tourism and Arts.

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