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Kaingu Sues Government over his burnt Kozo Lodge, Demands K450 million compensation

General News Kaingu Sues Government over his burnt Kozo Lodge, Demands K450 million compensation

General Education Michael Kaingu’s Kozo Lodge
General Education Michael Kaingu’s Kozo Lodge

HIGHER Education minister and proprietor of Kozo Lodge, Michael Kaingu, has sued Government and is demanding more than K450 million as compensation following the fire which gutted the property in Choma last year.

Dr Kaingu claims the fire originated from the Government-owned Choma West national forest and charges that the Forestry Department was negligent in their failure to maintain the fire guard around the forest.

Dr Kaingu has sued the Attorney General on behalf of the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection in accordance with the provisions of the State Proceedings Act.

According to a suit filed in the Lusaka High Court, Mr Kaingu states that on or about October 9, 2015, the Forestry Department in Choma neglected to construct their annual fire break which would have prevented any fires from escaping from the forest to nearby premises and causing damage.

Dr Kaingu said as result of the negligence and breach of the statutory duty by the Forestry Department and their sequelae, Kozo Lodge Limited, Lituwa Fast Foods and Dr Kaingu as first, second and third plaintiffs respectively have suffered loss and damages and claim K21 million being the estimated value of developments on the said land.

He is also claiming damages in the sum of K8,091,084 for the loss of unused stock belonging to the two companies and of chattels used by Kozo Lodge Limited and Lituwa Fast Foods Limited.

Dr Kaingu also claims that Kozo Lodge had 40 rooms each equipped with beds, beddings, television, carpets, air conditioners, chairs, tables and other facilities, adding that it had also a fully functional conference hall, reception, kitchen, bar, takeaway and bakery of which he claims K2,266, 315 for loss of business. He said at the time of the fire they had an average monthly income of K453, 263, 01 from their businesses and that the amount claimed under this head was in respect of the period from the date of the fire to date of which the future loss earnings claimed was K10, 878,321,24.

Dr Kaingu further stated that as a result of the fire and damage occasioned on the business premises, business has ceased and the amount claimed is K453, 263, 01 per month for a period of two years. He added that the amount claimed has not been capitalized and contingencies have not been taken into account but claims a sum of K2 million for general damages.

He is also claiming costs, interest and any other remedy which the court may deem fit.


    • Because of fear of losing elections, PF will pay the MMD representative Kaingu.
      How much can his insurance cover, considering Kaingu didn’t protect property with fire-guard?

    • Iwee “UNDISCOURSED,” CBU students were stoning innocent people and damaging vehicles, that’s lawlessness and they deserve this closure. My family member has been inconvenienced and I’m not forgiving these students yet! Please learn to look at issues separately not lumping everything together even when they are unrelated. Choma is nowhere near CBU nor UNZA!
      Refer also to my real stand on this issue below before you rant on me.

    • There is no case here. A fire break is made to prevent fire from coming into your area and not your neighbour’s area. So Mr Kaingu you ahould have made a fire break for your self. But any way we know you and PF want money and Govt will compensate you.

    • From blaming the poor Tongas to suing govt. Another scheme to defraud govt of the resources. Chances are that Kaingu know what happened there and insurance has refused to payout.

    • Mr. Kaingu, you can’t have that from my tax-money. You should have invested in insurance. Now you’re running around like a rabid dog accusing everyone. Last time you accused the UPND cadres. They rubbished your claims and now you want the govt to pay you??

    • @ chills, do you really think he cares about abusing public money?

      A responsible property owner would build his own fire breaks. This PF swine has just found another way to steal money from the Zambian taxpayers.

    • How is this even related to a fire that occurred in Choma. You should never be in office at state level with that thought process. Kambwili-esq. Stay relevant to what’s written.

    • He went & started the fire in the forest fully knowing it would spread in the direction of his property, HE IS AN ARSONIST – govt should reject this claim outrightly!! He has waited this long, such that the evidence of arson has now been washed away by the rains!!

    • Tax office should be on him, by tracking back on his forsaid income loss, whether he had paid the TAX APPROPRIATE TO HIS CLAIMED EXPECTED INCOME!!! IF NOT, HE SHOULD BE CAGED FOR TAX AVOIDANCE!!

    • Govt should also check on whether Insurance has paid out – which should have been his first port of call – if he has been paid out , then this is FRAUD!!
      If he never took out Insurance, HE WAS HIGHLY NEGLIGENT, & plays into the fire possibly being deliberate by some one with an ulterior motive!!

  1. Oh, this guy initially accused the “tribal Tongas”. He said the lodge was burnt by tribal individuals who were not happy that he was working with the PF government. What he forgot to mention is that the lodge operated successfully and without any problems when he served as Minister under MMD and Choma was very much an opposition stronghold. What we need is a regulation to stop those fire hazards; the grass thatched lodged. They’re a danger to lives.

    • Kikikikiki initially it was tribal and politically motivated so the forests are tribal Mr Kaingu grow up. If I were a Tonga it’s time to sue this f….l for defamation.

    • Mbam! Factual @ Mwense? Kaingu must have been found was negligent on his part granted that he had insurance on his property. Well for accusing the Tonga’s of having burnt his lodge to deepening the wedge of hate for the pleasure of PF, its okay that PF compensates him but knowing PF it could be hived from the loans being contracted!

  2. Very interesting suite as Kaingu himself neglected to construct a fire guard around his property and the sily Choma council should have never issued him a fire certificate to operate the premises. It is unimaginable that someone can run an accommodation business in a roof thatched structure without a fire guard. Kozo lodge is very lucky that it is not facing any litigations pertaining to wrongful death by fire on their premises.
    I work in an industry where safety is always priority 1, before profits.

  3. this ***** accused tongas and upnd of burning his lodge and today he is saying its gvt…………………too much double standards in this boma yamanyengwe

  4. when this guy was closing our universities did any parent sure government. Let the ***** suffer the way pipo are suffering.

  5. Honorable Kaingu what type of cigarette do you smoke. Avoid smoking in the blankets alone. Good luck with your suit but I think it lacks merit and should be thrown out.

  6. Anyway the man should also resign from the government because it it a requirement that a government official cannot sue the state and continue to work. Let us see how his boss ELC will react.

  7. were will the Government get the money from. The forestry department did not neglected to construct their annual fire break which would have prevented any fires from escaping from the forest to nearby premises and causing damage. They are unfunded just like UNZA and CBU, should they sue also for depriving them of education. Chaona muzako chapita mailo chilipaiwe.

  8. Bwana Minister. Didn’t you claim that your lodge was burnt by tongas because of politics? Why aren’t you suing the tongas instead of the govt because that statement of Tongas being behind the burning of your lodge came from you sir? Can you clarify who burnt your lodge instead of you changing your position as it suits you? Maybe the tongas should sue you as well

    • Government has more money and will pay him out to keep him quite.

      Just another way of stealing from the Zambian taxpayers!

  9. Just check this plot. Kadansa instructs Mambilima to rule in favour of Kaingu. Senile Squander is directed to quickly pay. Then Kaingu donates the money to Boko Haram Chama. Boko brands pants, vitenge & bandanas with the image of Kadansa. Voila! Wouldn’t this be a candidate for a pulitzer prize.

  10. By the way, we all now know that your daughter, Iris, is Miles Sampa’s latest girl friend. Bloggers, this is true and not a joke. I hope. I hope the watchdog has picked this one.

  11. One PFool waiting for government to put a fire barrier around is private property, yet his president was busy asking HH to help government rehabilitate a government school in bweengwa.

  12. hope the Zambia revenue Authority in their “competence” have taken note of the claimed monthly income for which they were expected to collect the appropriate taxes.

    and for kaingu, wht ever his name…….should ve been wise enough to take appropriate insurance for the property, including making a fire guard, considering that his property was also a forrest!

    hope the outgoing PF Government will be prudent enough to investigate these trumped up claims!

  13. but first you said tongas now its govt ,but some people have no brain ,why have you you failed to protect it useless old foul

  14. between his lodge’s boundary and the same forest he’s referring to there’s a 7 meter wide gravel road which to me still acts a fireguard, so which other fireguard does he want? What I suspect is simply that the man did not treat his thatch to prevent catching fire, kwasila.

  15. Fire carried by a whirlwind will certainly defy the ranks of fire breaks and such are common during hot dry seasons? So many people have lost property through similar situations. Lets wait and see how far this matter will go.

    • Double salary!

      This guy is drawing a monthly income from taxpayers AND he has a personal business on the side.

      Conflict of interest? No! This is normal for PF corrupt politicians!

  16. LT, as usual misleading headlines. Your story is mentioning of a far smaller amount that the K450million on your headline. You empty heads LT. Of course Kaingu is fishing here after failing to insure his lodge. Chapwa you will never pick up again as your next level is Lazaro.

  17. Sorry my grand mother’s village is just two mitres away from sioma national park, when fire breaks out i will leave it and wont put any fire guard so that it destroys our houses and sue government, by the way what happened to your insurance premium cover for your lodge? By the way government delayed to pay students and students damaged my car BMW X 6 iam claiming k80,000 000 plus emotional and stress damages caused.

  18. This PF GRZ will pay him, he is government and has already compromised the right pipo. The way this GRZ sees it, it is not their money, ni va boma,

  19. Yes! political weeds intentionaly,set fire on the nearby bush but due to lucky of evidence and fear of complet lose he goes to govt

  20. Kaiangus words on 15 October 2015. On LT. Today its Govt responsibility? Insane !!!

    Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu has alleged that the burning of his lodge in Choma was an act of arson. Speaking at a Media briefing in Lusaka today, Dr Kaingu said that he wants the police to investigate the matter in which Kozo lodge, which belongs to the Kaingu family, was recently burnt to ashes.
    Dr kaingu said that he suspects the fire was started by political activists in the area who do not want him to work with the PF government.
    Dr Kaingu said that the burning is both tribal and political.

  21. So you earn so much Kaingu.Please take note ba UPND and unleash ZRA on him in August.If he is lying,then it means he falsified his court deposition and should be chooked…Its a catch22 situation you are in now bo Kaingu.

  22. Kaingu
    Please forgive me I didn’t investigate before accusing you. I greatly retract my statements I issued below.

    Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu has alleged that the burning of his lodge in Choma was an act of arson. Speaking at a Media briefing in Lusaka today, Dr Kaingu said that he wants the police to investigate the matter in which Kozo lodge, which belongs to the Kaingu family, was recently burnt to ashes.
    Dr kaingu said that he suspects the fire was started by political activists in the area who do not want him to work with the PF government.
    Dr Kaingu said that the burning is both tribal and political.

  23. Why didn’t he sue the fire brigade that failed to put out the fire when they were called? They were informed in time but they just peeped and went back to their offices with the fire engine without attempting to do their job. Anyway Kaingu has found a soft target after consulting his boss on how to milk the government? Did Kaingu insure his property against the fire because he knew very well that his lodge is in the bush?

  24. Iam not his supporter but I think he’s got an argument here. The fire started in a government owned property so government may have deliberately started it to destroy his business

  25. I thought he said UPND burnt his lodge, so why is he suing government instead. Some characters really belong in Chainama.

  26. ….this battle is supposed to between Kaingu and his insurers then the insurers are supposed to take it up with whoever Kaingu is blaming…..
    …meanwhile, the monthly income figure of K453, 000 is just an exaggeration…..he paid his bar man K1,300 per month….ZRA should swiftly move in and compare what he has been declaring as tax compared to this claimed monthly income…..

  27. Kaingu is the most stu.pid person on earth!!The man cant even manage his life and wives!! Imagine, this foo.l didnt have insurance – so negligent in everything. He cant even manage his children – so how can such an imbecile manage Universities??
    Dont let Kaingu steal Tax payers’ money for his stupidity! That money should be paid to students as meal allowances!! What an Idi.ot!!

  28. The man makes me laugh. He’s a Dr and has no knowledge of insurance companies. Did you insure your property Bwanga Kaingu. If not, why not?

  29. Mr.Kaingu should not sue the government because he is still a government worker.He should just look up to the insurance companies.

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