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Mwanakatwe ‘s intent to contest Mbala seat defended

General News Mwanakatwe ‘s intent to contest Mbala seat defended

Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe  with Permanent secretary Siazongo Sikalenge at SADC 35th Council Of Ministers meeting in Botswana on Friday Picture  By EDDIE MWANALEZA.
Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe with Permanent secretary Siazongo Sikalenge at SADC 35th Council Of Ministers meeting in Botswana on Friday Picture By EDDIE MWANALEZA.

Mbala District Patriotic Front chairperson Matildah Lungu official has refuted Constituency Chairperson, Justine Chitala’s media statement that the party does not want Margaret Mwanakatwe as 2016 parliamentary candidate.

Mrs. Lungu says Mr. Chitala’s media statement that the PF party is not interested in the candidature of Mrs. Mwanakatwe is untrue.

She said in an interview with ZANIS in Mblala District yesterday that the party’s position on the matter is not to discriminate against anyone expressing interest to contest the parliamentary seat.

Flanked by district Information and Publicity Secretary, Nicholas Musonda , the Chairperson defended Chief Zombe’s sentiment about the feeling of people of Mbala to support the candidature of Mrs. Mwanakatwe , ,who is also Commerce Minister , saying the traditional leader is entitled to his opinion.

Mrs. Lungu said Mr. Chitala’s reaction against Chief Zombe’s media report that the people of Mbala are in favour of the candidature of Mrs. Mwanakatwe for 2016 Mbala parliamentary seat is a gross indiscipline because he did not consult widely from top leadership.

The district chairperson said the party has not yet sat to discuss the adoption process of any candidate adding that it is premature for Mbala Constituency chairperson to start talking about it in the media.

In reaction to Chief Zombe’s claim that the people of Mbala want Mrs. Mwanakatwe to contest for the Mbala parliament seat on PF ticket, Mr. Chitala said the party in the district does not favour her candidature.


  1. i didnt know mbala has mwanakatwe’s as well……………….who is she really than trying to add up tonga names in this one region sided cabinet

    • Iwe this girl is Margaret Mhango from Eatern Province. She was appointed Minister on consideration of tribe. She is married to Mupanga Mwanakatwe a Bemba and ZAMTEL boss. Don’t bring in Tongas here. What’s your obsession with Tongas?

    • Margaret Mwanakatwe id corporate reject. She failed at Barclays just as her husband Mupanga is failing at ZAMTEL…Zambian politics needs fresh brains and especially PF who will be in opposition. Margaret doesn’t bring anything to the table apart form a borrowed accent

    • Mupanga Mwanakatwe is not Bemba guys…that’s the stupidity of being tribal in everything, you just expose your ignorance and f00lisness

  2. From Eastern Province to contest in Northern Province! How come? The people of Mbala want a true representative, one who hails from Mbala and understands there problems. All that this Mhango girl wants is to become MP and settle comfortably in Lusaka while we the people of Mbala suffer. Let her find a constituency in Eastern Province.

    • She is likely to be the first woman MP in the constituency, I stand to be corrected. It is really history in making if she manages to get it. Good luck madam.

    • In theory one can stand in any province. In reality try a Bwalya/Mutale in Monze and see how the results will come out.

      The only Provinces where any tribe can win are Eastern and Lusaka.

  3. Comment: The PF district leadership is just after her money. this lady is not welcome to contest in Mbala. most of the residents have expressed displeasure at her opportunistic tendency. she will be one of the most difficult candidate to sell to the electorate should she be adopted! she simply cannot win in Mbala, just like the wife to late Ronald Penza who also tried to use her late husband’s fame to stand in Mbala. sorry lady but pls keep away! Mbala is not short of indigenous candidates to contest for MP.

  4. Through shagging a Tonga Bull married in Mbala and left children there. Is that difficult to comprehend? Names are not an issue that determine where one comes from. Because of inter-marriages and shagging deep, you have names like Musonda from North -Western Province.

  5. Names are not an issue to determin ones origins. A Tonga bull must have married in Mbala and left children there. You will find a Musonda and Nyirenda in North -Western Province claiming to be Kaonde or Lunda etc.

    • Just a point of clarification: There are Bemba names which start with Mwana… meaning child of..
      e.g. Mwana-katwe, Mwana-kombe, Mwana-nshiku. Most of them originally settled between Kasama and Mbala. As for Mupanga i don’t know which of the two Mwanakatwes (John and Luke) in Zambia’s first cabinet is his father.

  6. This is what happens when you want to impose candidates. Ba PF the best approach is to ask constituencies to give you candidates they prefer. This is not a by election. We will be shocked if not careful. Some of the Ministers WILL not win in the coming elections as MPs.

    • Not in good standing and it is shamelessly alright to vie for political office? Zambia is sickening! No one has esteem of being upright that even when appearing in courts they’d not want to recuse themselves from positions of governance until they are cleared! The more that they are deep in pilfering, corruption and everything shady, the more they want to hold on or ascend to positions of leadership! Weep for mother Zambia!

  7. She should learn from Mrs Penza, Mambwe people have credible people to represent themselves why should they settle from someone from Malawi. Besides it’s common knowledge that people who are supporting her have been given loads of money including cars. Some have loans from the minstry of commerce which she heads and hope that the loans repayments periods could be extended.

    • I think this is too premature to comment on Mrs. Mwanakatwe’s candidature. She has not spoken herself on the issue in question. What evidence is there that she wants to stand?

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