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Friday, January 24, 2020

My suspension by MMD is a sham-Nakacinda

General News My suspension by MMD is a sham-Nakacinda

Raphael Nakacinda
Raphael Nakacinda

Suspended MMD Spokesman Raphael Nakacinda has described his suspension by the party’s National Executive Committee as a sham.

In an interview, Mr Nakacinda revealed that he is considering taking legal action against the person who allegedly presented false information at the NEC meeting that he was personally organised thugs that ransacked the party’s secretariat recently.

He said he considers his suspension unfair because the party did not even give him an opportunity to exculpate himself against the allegations levelled against him.

Mr Nakacinda said the development is unfortunate because it contradicts the MMD’s core principle of democracy.

He denied allegations that he has been working against the party’s top leadership adding that he has always supported and stood by party leader Nevers Mumba.

Mr Nakacinda said he is considering taking the matter to court especially that the allegations levelled against him are defamatory in nature and border on criminality.

He said he is however comforted by the realisation that the truth about all the wrangles in the MMD will one day come out.

Meanwhile, Expelled MMD Lunte MP Felix Mutati has revealed that he will tomorrow, Thursday hold a news conference at 09:30 Hours at Chainama Hotel where he will issue a response to his expulsion.

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  1. Nakachinda you are paying for telling off Bowman Lusambo in Solwezi. Nevers’ politics of the belly is making him sacrifice people who stood by him at his our of need to his new found friends in PF .

  2. The reason you are suspended, and not expelled, Mr. Nakacinda is so that you have an opportunity to exculpate yourself – afterwhich you’ll either be expelled or reinstated.

    In short, your suspension paves the way for investigations and giving you an opportunity to be heard…!

    • Mumba is a snake in the grass, I doubted Muhabi Lungu in the last tussle but now after this the common denominator is none other than cosmo’s brother. I wouldn’t cross a road near this judas he will push you under a bus for laughs

  3. I feel for Mutati. Its painful to luz pipo like him like that. I always believed he will be lungu’s running mate.who thot Mucheleka can keep quiet the way he has done. Go well Mutati go well.

  4. Nacakchinda just pay back the money you stole and stop crying over things you brought on your self , stop this business of eating from both parties choose one party

  5. Convict R Nakachinda , wait for your opportunity to he heard, why rush to the courts when you think you are insent over the allegations leveled against you

  6. Comment:double dealer. remember pf has an interest in this issue,am sure state intelligence was involved in exposing th nakacindas

  7. Iwe wekapuba,which party will tolerate your behaviours even that kachema watu ngombe twaonda wont accept being against him.

  8. I thought this Nakachinda guy was a pastor! Why go to court before exculpating yourself? Thats why we tell you to go back to church, you cant mix the two church and politics. Forget about MMD just go back to church before you loose the little credibility you are left with.

  9. I have said this before, Nevers is immature politically. Like Mutati is saying he is selling the party to the highest bidder. Feels like deje vu to me. He sold the NCC to the MMD and now he is selling the MMD to the PF. People never change!!!

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