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PF refused to Join case Miles Sampa is Suing the Speaker for declaring his Seat Vacant

Headlines PF refused to Join case Miles Sampa is Suing the Speaker...

MIles Sampa Launching his Democratic Front Party
MIles Sampa Launching his Democratic Front Party

THE Lusaka High Court has refused to join Patriotic Front (PF) secretary-general Davis Chama to a case in which Democratic Front (DF) president Miles Sampa has sued the Attorney- General and Speaker of the National Assembly over the declaration of his parliamentary seat as vacant.

Judge Betty Mung’omba has ruled that the PF failed to show sufficient evidence how it would be affected by a decision of the court in the matter.

This is in a case in which Mr Sampa is challenging the decision of Speaker Patrick Matibini to declare his seat vacant after he resigned from the PF.

According to the ruling, the PF had not shown sufficient interest to be joined to the proceedings.

Justice Mung’omba said the PF contended that they sponsored Mr Sampa when he won the seat and that the party would be affected by any decision that the court would make.

“For one to be joined to judicial proceedings, he must satisfy the sufficiency of interest test…Whilst I acknowledge and take cognisance of the fact that the application for judicial review, herein, Mr Sampa won the parliamentary seat on a PF ticket, I have pondered whether that fact alone clothes the interested party with sufficient interest,” she said.


  1. Wapya munzi, mulacibona mwakaka uno. PF is dying a painful death. They said Sampa is not a factor but his actions are affecting the boat. Sorry Mr President just jump out of the boat.

    • @Haajanika
      I hope you will still be on LT after August 11…of which I doubt very much

      2016 the Pope said vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  2. What PF want is sampa to go so that they can meet in by election. sampa has left PF why should he cling to the seat? You divorce your husband and start going out with another man but still want to remain in the house of the man you divorced. Sampa be a man.

  3. There’s no need for a by-election now when general elections are in August. What a waste of resources. That’s how PF has ruined the economy during Sata’s reign of terror. They probably do not want Sampa to get his gratuity from Parliament.

    • I thought the amendments to the constitution stated that there can be no by-elections if there are 180 days left before the general elections??

  4. The amended constitution is very clear on this one. One loses the seat when they resign from a political party.
    Article 72 (2) The office of Member of Parliament becomes vacant if the member—
    (d) resigns from the political party which sponsored the member for election to the National Assembly;
    On the other hand, there will be no by-elections in 180 days before the general election
    Article 57(2) A by-election shall not be held within the one hundred-and- eighty day period that precedes a general election.

    Miles forgot Article 72(2) and relied on Article 57(2) which is absurd for a person aspiring to be president. I even wonder why waste the courts time when its so clear. Ma benefits yayenda a Miles full stop.

  5. Its is very shameful that even the so called learned honourable members of the house did not go through the constitution they were unanimously approving in parliament. Its like every honourable member is being caught off guard by the same constitution they passed.

    This clearly shows the very low levels of reading culture in our country. I think room to read should court our MPs and introduce reading lessons

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