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Grade 12 clause will not be taken back to Parliament-Inonge Wina

General News Grade 12 clause will not be taken back to Parliament-Inonge Wina

VICE President Inonge Wina gives her speech during the African Regional Labour Administration Centre (ARLAC) governing council meeting at Avani Victoria Falls Resort in Livingstone on Wednesday. Listening are ARLAC Vice Chairperson Dr. Chris Ngige (l) and Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda.
VICE President Inonge Wina gives her speech during the African Regional Labour Administration Centre (ARLAC) governing council meeting at Avani Victoria Falls Resort in Livingstone on Wednesday. Listening are ARLAC Vice Chairperson Dr. Chris Ngige (l) and Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda.

THE clause demanding candidates aspiring for political office to possess a Grade 12 school certificate in the new Constitution, will not be taken to Parliament for amendment, Vice-President Inonge Wina has said.

Meanwhile, Ms Wina has said the country is financially prepared to host the August 11, general elections simultaneously with the Referendum on the Bill of Rights.

The Vice-President has also disclosed that the Government is spending on average, US$25 million per month on importing electricity from Mozambique.

Ms Wina said all the clauses in the new Constitution, which was signed by President Edgar Lungu in Lusaka last month, contained the aspirations of the Zambian people as such; any amendment would be against the wishes of the people.

She said this in Parliament yesterday during the Vice-President’s question time while responding to Sinda MMD Member of Parliament (MP) Levy Ngoma who asked if the Grade 12 clause was up for amendment.

“Mr Speaker; the people of Zambia requested for that clause to be included in the Constitution and the President Mr Lungu, assented to that Constitution on the basis of what the people of Zambia wanted.

“So the issue of bringing a motion to Parliament; I do not think from this side (the executive), we will do that,” Ms Wina said.

She said the country was financially prepared to hold the August 11 polls alongside the Referendum on the Bill of Rights.

Responding to a question from Ikeleng’i MMD MP Elijah Muchima on the country’s preparedness for the polls, Ms Wina said funding for the two events was allocated in the National Budget.
“Mr Speaker; holding elections every five years is a mandate that the Constitution of Zambia has given to Government and we are ready to hold the elections as Government.

“Yes, we have also engaged cooperating partners to support Zambia in this very serious endeavour, after all; we have to participate in elections because Zambia’s democratic credentials will be judged on how free and fair the elections will be held,” Ms Wina said.

The Vice-President also told the House that the Government was spending an average of $25 million monthly on electricity imports from Mozambique.

This, Ms Wina said, was to keep the country’s economy wheels on track in the wake of the energy deficit perpetuated by drought.

She was responding to Katuba United Party for National Development (UPND) MP Jonas Shakafuswa who wanted an outline of how the country was coping with the negative effects of the El-Nino weather pattern.

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  1. The Lazy Bum Edgar stated that will be spending $40m per month, this Grandma Inonge now gives us this figure yet Dora was mentioning a billion…what a bunch of disorganised tins!!

    • That is losing it- $25m a month on importing electricity.

      Unforgivable- I cant believe what i just read. I am numb.



  2. Jay Jay, unless you are a perpetual opposer, that is no big deal. The devil is in the details. The important thing is that the country is importing electricity To alleviate the impact of the power deficit, and colossal amounts of money are being spent on those imports.

    • You full Jay Jay is right, you cant read between lines that 3 people have given us 3 different stories on one Issuer. Who is the spokes person for this country. It looks like there is no order .Anyone can just issue a statement depending on his / her pressure. This shows that they are all confused, the election pressure is heating them up.

    • @Headwise
      Where do you think the money is coming from since the tariffs are not cost reflective? Didn’t the govt remove the subsidies on fuel years ago under Sata to fund the so called infrastructure development now Dora just stated that fuel is heavily subsidised..where is this money coming from?Its no wonder these empty tins have depleted all the three-quarters of reserves MMD left.

  3. ….enough about G12 certificate…..$25m per month….?? we are not poor after all…just juggling the resources…instead of paying student’s and doctor’s allowances….
    ………this Chris guy in the photo…was he listening or admiring..??

  4. But Mozambique is at the ‘end’ of the Zambezi river, how come they have more water in their dam than our Kariba dam? Where is the $25 million dollars coming from? our own coffers? What is the function of ZESCO if they cannot generate electricity? Selling imported power? Rubbish Inonge Wina, you are just impoverish Zambia with the knowledge that you will run away to Barotseland!

  5. (1) Subject to clause (2), a person is eligible to be elected
    as a Member of Parliament, if that person—
    (a) is a citizen;
    (b) is at least twenty-one years old;
    (c) is a registered voter;
    d) has obtained, as aminimumacademic qualification, a grade
    twelve certificate or its equivalent;
    Article 70 will make some MPs enter into political oblivion since they do not hold a grade 12 certificate or 5 Olevels. In this case, it not an issue of completing grade 12 since someone can complete grade 12 with 2 Olevels. This comes as a wakeup call to the citizens to take school seriously because there in no way we can have a grade 12 FAILURE to make policies in parliament which they do not even understand themselves. This will definitely help our beloved Zambia to move in a positive direction…

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