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Kanganja moves Southern Province Police Officers to Eastern Province

General News Kanganja moves Southern Province Police Officers to Eastern Province

Kafue District Commissioner Ngoni Moyo (in a suit) who is flanked by Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja (l) speaking to residents shortly after inspecting Mtendere Police Post in Chawama Compound Kafue that was damaged by people in the area
Kafue District Commissioner Ngoni Moyo (in a suit) who is flanked by Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja (l) speaking to residents shortly after inspecting Mtendere Police Post in Chawama Compound Kafue that was damaged by people in the area

Major changes to the Police command have been made with some Policemen and officers in Southern Province being redeployed following the Bweengwa violence which is blamed on inept and incompetence on the security wing.

But Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has said the police command has made changes in the police service in preparation for the August 11 general elections.

Mr Kanganja said in an interview yesterday that in preparing to effectively police the August 11 general elections, he had made some changes in the police command from the position of deputy commissioner to ranks below.

He said some police officers from Southern Province had been swapped with those from Eastern Province while others have been taken to force headquarters in Lusaka.

He also said it was not true that the police command had deployed a battalion of police officers to Bwengwa in Monze to harass citizens following the violence that erupted in the area in which Government officers and a ZANIS crew were waylaid, ambushed and abducted.
Mr Kanganja said the changes in the police command were meant to enhance efficiency and that he was going to mobilise police officers across the country to make sure that the general elections were conducted in a violence-free atmosphere.

He said police had the mandate to maintain peace at all times and that he was going to ensure that law and order was maintained before, during and after the general elections.

“In trying to prepare for the general elections, as the police command, we have decided to make changes from deputy commissioner to ranks below. This has seen officers moving from one Province to another and we have moved some officers from Southern Province to Eastern Province while others have come to Police headquarters. This is being done to enhance efficiency so that we should effectively police the general elections,” Mr Kanganja said.

And Mr Kanganja has said the Public Order Act (POA) is not a tool for harassing citizens including political parties but that the law was necessary to protect the rule of law and avoid the breakdown of peace in the country.

He said the Public Order Act was strictly meant to help maintain the rule of law and that the country could easily be thrown into chaos without the law.He said although the Pubic Order Act had been criticised by a cross-section of society, the police command was aware of its provisions and was therefore not going to abuse the law for political expediency.

Mr Kanganja however warned that political parties and individuals who would attempt to defy the law with impunity, they should be ready to face the consequences of their action.
He said where minimum force would be required in the application of the POA, the police would be ready to act to protect citizens and property.

“Political parties should not dare us over the POA because we understand the provisions of the law. We are not by any means going to abuse the POA and infringe on people’s freedoms of assembly and association. If we are dared, we will be able to apply minimum force because we have the mandate to maintain law and order. I swore to protect the Constitution and I live to it,” Mr Kanganja said.

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  1. Mr Kanganja….your days are numbered, U can do whatever you want in today in the name of efficiency but be mindful that God is watching you in everything your and Masters are doing, Lets see what happens on August 11 then……

    • Well if the changes are met for the good of the nation they are well come. It seems when the IG is referring to political parties he is excluding PF which has been enjoying campaign rallies everywhere one can look. Is the POA only met for the opposition parties? Oppressing citizens never works, something which leaders like Museveni have failed to learn.

    • Moving people in the civil service around was one effective tool Kaunda used to keep corruption in check. Obviously I don’t see a good and effective police officer in Sinda failing to do an equally awesome job if moved to Chikankata. But I can foresee the same good officer getting complacent and inept in their job, and eventually getting corrupted, if keep in one area/place for far too long. So the decision by the Police command to move officers around is welcome change indeed.

      I have a little brother who is a Police Officer, so a BIG SHOUT-OUT to the police. Keep us all safe!!!!!

  2. As believers, we are busy praying against corrupt leaders and corrupt governments and God Almighty’ s response against the vice is overwhelming. The Holy spirit and the Holy Angels of God Almighty are at work and in control. Some corrupt leaders WILL just find themselves deleted by God along the way and they know themselves very well. The country of Zambia is a good and perfect gift to every citizen of this country by the Living God and NOBODY has the right to infringe other people’ s freedoms in the name POA. Our prayers WILL shake the heavens and you will see will follow next. We have got a lot of evil minded leaders and government officials in this country who pretend to be warmhearted people like sheep but inside their hearts, they are devils. EVERY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT AND ITS…

    • Have you read the document before my brother/sister? We ought to pray as you are but with sufficient knowledge of what we are praying about. Rights of every individual are welcome, but a situation in which your rights crush my ability to live amounts to zero. No government will ever govern well without a set of guidelines to safe guard its citizens otherwise we might see chaos in the country. Lets not follow blindly what our leaders cry about, to govern a country, you need order. Kindly download the document and read it. Regards

  3. IG do yo job for the betterment of this country…these critics without reason will owes talk trash……..do yo job sir……#ECL TILL 2021

  4. Way to go IG. We need to maintain Peace, Stability and Order. HH and his violent cadres need to be kept on short leash. At the end of the leash attach POA to remind these stone age Upnd cadres

    • I’m patiently waiting for a picture of the so called victims kkkkkk this was just a naija movie some one was watching while dizzy

  5. bana bopezamo have no respect for elderly and i hope you know yourselfs especially iwe wamwne walemba bvilibe nzelu.

  6. @jbm,good question.Indeed how many UPND cadres are prison?! Nil.Evidence in itself that the violence is perpetrated by those that have been convicted,the PF youth league vigilantes.

  7. Well done IG, this will stop localised control by wayward officers. By moving them around they can’t be corrupted by local politicians or parties active in thise arrears.

  8. What about here on the copperbelt . …….transfer them too ……beware from the arm to the intelligence u have all tribes don’t fool yourselves as long as u carry on like this one day u will run like rats scared of a cat…. …..its a friendly warning

  9. Well done IG.Hadof Hitler is trying to infiltrate most offices and the civil service too need some shake up starting with the top and heads of certain departments.Southern is a rot and there is alot of pretence.

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