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Zambia Police will punish the exposed Drunk Police Officer-Kanganja

General News Zambia Police will punish the exposed Drunk Police Officer-Kanganja

A video showing an unidentified drunk uniformed Zambia police service officer has gone viral courtesy of citizen journalism, reports pan african radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

In the 37 minute armature video clip, a police officer is seen staggering and moving aimlessly to the dismay and chagrin of onlookers.

According to the chants by the onlookers, the intoxicated law enforcer is alleged to have had a fecal incident and a loose bladder as can be seen from behind the pair of trousers which partially wet.It is clear the drunken officer was on duty because of the uniform was clad in.

Reacting to the incident, Inspector General of Police (IG) Kakoma Kanganja said that he is disappointed with conduct of the officer in the video circulating on social media.

Mr Kanganja said that the said officer is a disgrace to the noble profession and the law enforcement agency.

Mr Kanganja however assured that the police high command will take appropriate punitive action against the erring drunken officer once he is positively identified.

“He will be identified and dealt with accordingly” said kanganja

Mr. Kanganja noted that it was embarrassing for police officers to engage in debasing activities that bring the integrity of the police service into public ridicule.

The police chief stated that as custodians of law and order, police officer must endeavor to be exemplary as their discharge their duty and off duty.

Dr Kanganja has also thanked concerned members of the general public for exposing the unprofessional and unethical conduct of the officer.

“It will be double punishment! Action will be taken without delay and thanks for the support” kanganja said

A journalist only identified as Steven Mvula is believed to be behind the posting of the video on the Zambia police social media platform on whatsapp and the entire social media is now awash with the same story.


  1. This police officer is just emulating the commander in chief of the armed forces and who happens to be head of state.

    • Shows how useless Zambia has become, with no code of conduct. what do you expect if people from Police officers are so frustrated. they will behave in this matter. Don’t just punish but find a solution to such problems. IG is dull not even a leader as he thinks only punishment.

    • That’s shows how useless that uniform has become only useful for soiling on….why do we even need a para military wing??

  2. This PF police officer is just as embarrassing as PF is to Zambians and the international community even filth of the scenary. Every video coming from Zambia just shows filth everywhere

  3. I get amazed at PF cadres defending the rubbish or garbage in Lusaka or Zambia. India or Malaysia is not Zambia. Why should Zambians now live with rubbish? Where is Chagwa’s keep Zambia clean and the once a month Saturday cleanning? Look at the following to show you dirty Zambia is



    • You throw rubbish anywhere and anyhow and you blame your government for not cleaning up after your own mess. Next you will be blaming PF for not coming to clean your toilet in your own house. Be responsible for your actions for once.

    • Whatever you’ve been smoking must be heavy!!! Next time try to send convincing videos of how Lusaka is dirty. Go to Chibolya, kanyama, misi and other places iwe ala!!!!!! Stop littering as you drive around also

  4. @william Banda (UPND Thung)’ you are the thug who throws rubbish & want others to clean your toilet. If I was that type, I wouldn’t show you the dirty that your PF has created in Lusaka and Zambia. No responsible government can allow people on the streets everywhere. At least RB who has gone to bed with PF tried to clean up a little bit although the PF controlled councils did let him down. Grow up man. Zambia can be better than the mess created by PF and not everyone criticising vision less Changwa and PF is UPND.

  5. Show me a Zambian police officer who is not a disgrace. Just because this one went gallivanting in public in uniform and drunk? how about Kangaja being a pro PF police, is this not being a disgrace? when police fear ,to control and punish PF cadres is this not a disgrace? Kangaja please check yourself and put your house in order sir.

    • I totally agree. We have to acknowledge that the Police Force only attracts the psychopaths in our society, those who want to abuse power to disadvantage, harass and even humiliate citizens. Kanganja should punish himself first before falling heavily on the drunk officer.

    • How about the ZP exclusivity of embarrassing daily robbing citizens.through coerced brides on imposed traffic offences?

  6. @Do it Right. I agree with you. Kanganja is a disgrace. Truely. He is a disgrace to the police force and a disgrace to the noble people of NWP and to all Zambians.

  7. Lets comment according to the prevailing story. Really what has kANGANJA AND PF done given the story in black and white. Learn to grow

  8. Actually the officer in the video is a best friend of our cluless,visionless, brainless,useless and a drunkard lungusha kaloba chagwa chakolwa lungu.

  9. That guy s crime is to mess his pants and stagger around; but that is because the cops feel humiliated by cadres being above them; they are human too. I would not be surprised if that is not an unruly cadre in police uniform; Every action has a reaction now poor Z P is in disgrace because some one allowed cadres to dress in police uniforms.

  10. “Dr Kanganja has also thanked concerned members of the general public for exposing the unprofessional and unethical conduct of the officer”
    “Dr Kanganja”?
    When was Mr Kakoma Kanganja awarded a honorary doctorate? Guess it’s a mix up of names, author has former secretary of cabinet late Joshua Kanganja (Dr) in his/her mind.

  11. @James, Kanganja is a disgrace because he like Limbogani and the likes of Katanga and Simbotwe have turned ZP into PF police cadre wing of working against the opposition and that is why we are using his words to tell him that he too is a digrace

  12. Thanks to technology of these days. I happened to be in Mbala, Zambia about 6 years ago. I went to buy a soft drink at one of the take away shops close to a bottle store, I was amazed to see a police officer, during lunch time helping himself to a few bottles of castle beer. I was shocked because, all my life in Zambia, I had never seen such daring moment of a Govt law enforcement official (Police) SITING IN A BOTTLE STORE WITH ALL THE POLICE LIGALIA. I had no camera no phone on me and could not dare report the incidence at the police station, just in case it had become the norm in Zambia. The police post is just less that 300 m away from the place I found this police officer drinking in full police uniform gear. The recent incidence is a good example of how technology will help us solve…


  14. Police officers are human and err from time to time. In the USA some kill black men routinely.

    The worrying thing here is UPND going to battle with our Police, targeting them, picking out isolated incidents to mock authority. Once this type of behaviour starts in the citizenry, then the next step is Anarchy. Kanganja might want to understand the deeper meaning to this incident instead of giving stock announcements on punishing officers for delight of mockery.

  15. The drunken police officer is indicative of what Zambian society has come to. Indiscipline is rampant in the forces especially the police force. This arm of law enforcement is a total disgrace. Starting form the hideous uniform. We need a smart uniform for our police men and women. Some security guards look smarter. Strict uniform regulations for women too. Stop wearing those pop socks from the 1980s that go up to your knees. Hair extensions and long plaits should be restricted. They make the policewomen look messy! Bleached skins, for goodness sake. The IG should seriously take up this issue because the police force think they can get away with any sort of behaviour. We have lost direction in this country.

  16. @professional, restricting bleached skins should be to all women. These women think that no one will notice them. But we do notice and they look awful like the way the national netball team women who have bleached looked awful in Sydney last year. Restricting it will be good for the nation because in years to come there will skin cancers and other cancers associated with bleached skins which will be costly to the tax payers.

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