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Zambians, Mozambicans harmonise trade at Luangwa



The two bordering districts of Zumbu and Luangwa in Mozambique and Zambia have called for continued peace and unity between them and between then neighbouring countries of Mozambique and Zambia if trade is to be enhanced.

Acting Luangwa District Commissioner, Jairos Simukoko and Zumbu District Administrator, Antonio Manyozo made the call during a liaison meeting held at Zumbu in Mozambique on Friday.
The two administrators said there was need to continue with the peace and unity that has existed between the two districts of Zumbu and Luangwa but also to enhance trade.

Mr Simukoko who led a delegation of Heads of Government Departments from Immigration, Police, Zambia Revenue Authority, National Parks and Wildlife Services and Council Authority, said there was need to
strengthen the relationship that has existed between the two districts as their people depend on each other for their livelihood.

He said Zambians not only from Luangwa but even from other parts of Zambia use the Zumbu district border to enter into Mozambique for their fish business while the Zumbu citizens also depend on Luangwa
district on the Zambian side for most their essentials.

And Zumbu District Administrator, Antonio Manyozo, who was also accompanied by Heads of Departments from different ministries, said his administration appreciates the cooperation existing between the two districts, saying this should continue so that the peace and unity that have been there from the time of the founding Presidents of the two countries of Zambia and Mozambique should be strengthened.

Mr Manyozo said his district appreciates the cooperation existing between the two bordering districts and called for more of such meetings so that they could discuss issues that might affect their relationships.

The two district administrators, however, said even with the existing peace and unity that have existed between the two bordering districts, there were concerns of high taxes being levied on the traders and called for the harmonization of the two so that the citizens of the both districts continue trading.

Acting Luangwa District Commissioner, Jairos Simukoko, informed his Mozambican counterpart that Zambians have complained of high fish levies from the Immigration, Fisheries and other organizations at Zumbu border as they bring the fish to Zambia and appealed for the harmonizing of some of the levies and taxes.
Ms Simukoko observed that most of the Zambians that buy fish from Mozambique depend on the commodity for their livelihood and majority of them were widows.

And the Zumbu Administrator also said his people were equally being charged high levies even on a bag of mealie meal for consumption and he further appealed to the Luangwa District Administration to allow them buy fuel as they do not have a filling station at their district.

Mr Manyozo said most of their operations depended on fuel from Zambia’s Luangwa district as they do not have a filling station at their District.

The two bordering districts, however, resolved to look into harmonising the trade levies and taxes so that trade is enhanced between the two districts.
The Zambian delegation said on the issue of fuel it was something that they could not commit themselves but would take it to higher authorities for advice and further action.

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  1. Demonstration of PF’s capability to maintain peaceful relationships with its neighbours to enhance Trading Relationship.

    Great work HE President Lungu.

  2. If the two govts of Zambia and Mozambique had human hearts instead a wild beast’s heart, knowing very well that those artificial borders are an unnecessary barrier and a hindrance to free trade. Furthermore people living on both sides of the borders share the same heritage. I thought after gaining independence from whites Africans would dismantle borders and allow free movement of people to carry on trade.

    • That can not work – may be only in theory. See how the Euro zone is getting disintegrated. That is happening to our advanced skin heads who colonized us. What more us the Bantu? the downfall and disintegration would be very massive and catastrophic.

      Countries like DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Central African Republic, Sudan, Egypt, Mali, Libya etc. etc still have massive fighting between government forces and rebels. How can you have a united Africa without borders in this environment??? We will end up destabilizing the real peace being enjoyed by ZAMBIA, BOTSWANA AND NAMIBIA.

    • Ba THE SAINT, mind you he comes from the other side of the border, in their language manyozo might mean something like love.

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