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Police Denies PF Cadres Permission to March in Protest of Western Diplomats

Headlines Police Denies PF Cadres Permission to March in Protest of Western Diplomats

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja

The Zambia Police has blocked Patriotic Front-PF- members and their sympathisers from marching to the Chinese embassy tomorrow to deliver a solidarity message over the ambassador’s decision to shun a luncheon hosted by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

The Police have however, only allowed 50 PF cadres to deliver their solidarity message at the Chinese embassy without matching on the streets.

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja confirmed this in an interview with ZNBC news in Lusaka today.

Mr. Kanganja said the PF has obliged to the Police guidance in line with the Provisions of the Public Order Act.

But PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya said the ruling party is unhappy with the police action.

Mr. Bwalya however, said the PF will adhere to the police instruction to avoid getting in conflict with the law.

He said the PF seeks to deliver a solidarity message to the Chinese Ambassador and African diplomats for staying away from Mr Hichilema’s luncheon which he termed as political.

Meanwhile Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri has vowed to stop all forms of violence perpetrated by political cadres in the region.

Mr. Phiri says violent political cadres will not escape the police drag net.

He says erring cadres will be prosecuted regardless of their political affiliations.

And Mr. Phiri says the 21 UPND cadres who were arrested at a gym will be prosecuted.

He told ZNBC news in a telephone interview that the UPND cadres will appear in court once police finalise the interrogation and recording of statements.

Mr. Phiri said all political stakeholders must denounce a growing culture of political violence.


    • Kanganja, concentrate on Western Province where Hakainde Hichikochikoch (HH) is inciting the Bantoo Stan natives to revolt against government in August when he loses elections. The fakkar is recruiting militants with weaponry from SA and you idyots are watching. Lucifer (HH) is preparaing for war in our peaceful country. Forget these small idyots in town and follow the rats ganging up in the bush with SA merceneries.

    • It is a favour to PF. No one would have taken them seriously, they realised they would be the joke of the town.

    • @Mr Kudos I am disappointed with your rantings about some information you are supposed to be assisting the police with and you are disclosing here! Mwana sometimes we shouldn’t put info here which we can’t substantiate! Remember we are all Zambians and we are all in this together!

    • But PF mulibapuba. Inone breath you said the diplomats visiting HH was non issue. Now you are going to diplomats to thank them for not attending a private meeting. Does PF know what that means? Surely PF you can do better than that. Or is it the case of not knowing what this action implies.

    • Thugs are thugs….full stop.

      Cadres are not criminals.

      Let’s not allow criminals of all hues to masquerade as cadres and seek.refuge in political parties to perpetuate their nefarious and egregious activities.

    • The Police have done the right thing. Foreign Affairs Minister Kalaba said it was normal for diplomats to not only meet the President but also leaders of opposition parties. Therefore, there should be no need for the PF to demonstrate against Western diplomats. However, it is within the PF’s right to present a solidarity message to the Chinese ambassador for what they perceive to be his shunning of the meeting called by Hichilema. It is up to the Zambians to judge their action just as it is up to the Zambians to judge HH for only inviting Western diplomats and the South African diplomat, to the exclusion of other African diplomats. It was also with HH’s right to invite diplomats of his choice.

  1. Thank you very much ZP!! We don’t want simple things like this to be confused with real issues and cloud the image of our country. What does meeting an opposition leader have to do with interfering in the politics of a country? How many times did Sata meet with diplomats from the same countries they want to denounce and yet he was always attacking China and its investment only to U-turn upon being elected! Let reason and logic prevail!!

    • Too much inconsistencies in the PabuFi immediately after the luncheon HH had with the diplomats statement was issued that there was NOTHING strange or new in diplomats meeting with the Opposition …. so what has hurt now ??

  2. When did it become a criminal offence to exercise from the gym in Zambia? Just release those people to serve the little dignity the police has and the person who ordered you from more embarrassments.

    • Just like the PF did absorb them into ZNS and the Army …. oh and Pardon those that will still be in jail …. PF is a very good example for an answer to your question 🙂

  3. If I was one of these Guys I would need no lawyer as I would ably defend myself in a court of law and win the case with damages and costs paid by the government. I miss Mutembo Ncito, because him he would have been preparing a Nolle proseque for these guys.

  4. Why, why why Mr IG, why did you cancel that demo, why? you have saved PF from embarrassing them selves.
    You should have allowed that demo to proceed, their stupidity would have been exposed for all to see.

  5. Police is just trying to paint a picture of being fair, and PF knew that the police will not allow a match to an embassy. So when the police “refuses” permit to match, PF “accepts” to show that they are “law-abiding”. This is intended to be an “example” to opposition parties that they must always adhere to police decisions just like the PF has “done”! We know such trips of playing victim.

  6. Find time to read history of banyamulenge of Ruanda, Burundi and Congo DR. These pipo were formed by selfish pipo like HH and GBM. After their mission they remained with military skills they acquired and continued killing pipo. Those militia HH is training are tomoro’s robers. see libya. Iraq and cyria and be wise.

    • Assange show me one UPND member who has been arrested for murder in this country? And i will show you 5 pfacists cadres sentenced to death by hanging by the lusaka high court for the murder of a UPND official in mutendere.

    • @ Assage

      Please carry on.
      Your incessant ranting is the best way to turn people away from PF.
      Who want to be associated with certified imbec1le like you?

    • Unrivaled stup!dity is what PF dunderheads like this twat can lay claim to. Unbelievable. His party is the only one that has convicted killers and you blubber like this about a party that has never had anyone prosecuted Mr. sh!!t for brains? Awe being a PF supporter is agony mwe.

  7. PF and UPND cadres are the bane of the nation. If HH is organizing nonsense if he loses, he will quickly learn why Zambia, even under its temporal name of Northern Rhodesia had the best military in Africa. Mushala was crushed. If he loses he can go leave where ever anglo America came from.

  8. Demonstrating against the same people you will go to with a begging bow for financial help to run the elections and referendum. You think China can afford to give you all the money you need to achieve the above. Ubupuba bwekabweka.

    • You are stupid and the reason Africa was held for many centuries. Yes China can afford for Zambia’s referendum. It is 60 Billion dollars FDI for 2016. They can easily pay for 10 referendums. We as Zambians are moving forward. Great work ZP, cage PF and UPND cadres that disrupt our freedoms.

  9. KACHEMAS and PF supporters,lets just condemn this military unit HH and GBM re forging against our peaceful country .It might seem fun and trivial,but when it happens hell shall break loose and Zambia will be in shreds,that we shouldn’t tolerate .We Ve been a bicon of peace and we shouldn’t allow a few disgruntled people to put us on fire. We ve been reading about wars and feels lighter but its heavier when its on you.So,watch your comments People!!!!

  10. It’s the Pf bunch of idi0ts that have become violent to instill politics of fear. UPND does not get involved in this nonsense. The PAO is shambles it self and it’s no brainer to figure out why clueless Lungu and his blind followers are blaming the opposition. Pathetic indeed!!!

  11. This is a fabricated story aimed at hoodwinking the public into believing that PF can also be denied police permits. For we all know that PF thugs never apply for police permits; they just demonstrate as they wish

  12. @peter

  13. You know guys,we shouldnt support people who promote violence in our peaceful country!!SO IF HH OR GBM ARE TRAINING MILITIA,WE ALL MUST CONDEMN THEM!!SAME IF PF IS PROMOTING VIOLENCE,WE SHOULD CONDEMN PF TOO!!if this country is set on fire by all these politicians who only cares for their pockets,its poor Zambians who will suffer greatly!!WHO CAN TELL ME THAT IF HH WINS,HE’LL BUY US FOOD?OR WHOM HAS EDGAR LUNGU BOUGHT FOOD SINCE HE WON?NOBODY!!the bottom line why hh,gbm,ecl,etc do not sleep but fight day and night for plot one,is mostly for their own good!!MOST OF THESE POLITICIANS ARE THE SAME.SO SINCE PF HAS WORKED HARD SINCE 2011,WE MUST VOTE FOR THEM PEACEFULLY ON 11/08/2016!!HENCE THE POLICE MUST CAGE ALL VIOLENT CADRES WHETHER PF,UPND OR MMD!!

    • Be serious can a normal person be training a militia in broad daylight at his office in light industrial area? Some things people say here. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. These are the usual things dictators do. The old man next door (Mugabe) and his not so younger brother Museiveni are good examples. Do not follow their misrule please.

  14. @Mr Kudos. You appear to be well informed. Let the whole country be informed by presenting these schemes by the opposition to the Police. That would be the most Honorable thing you can do as opposed to constant hate speech. Show leadership by being the example.

  15. The greatest tragedy that can befall a nation is when its sons and daughters are illiterate, ignorant and talkative. There is no greater recipe for anarchy and uselessness than this.

  16. A useless Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja who has allowed 70 PF cadres to deliver a message to Chinese Embassy to please his master, but not a Nation. Let not Father Bwalya pretend that is not happy with the police, the truth is that Father Bwalya is very happy that 70 PF Cadres are representing PF party. This is a dirty strategy by PF government over other political parties and non political groups to be allowing a few PF cadres to represent and advance the interests of PF. The Inspector General, Father Bwalya, the PF government leadership should be ashamed, repent, and be sorry for not allowing 70 parents to represent parents who wanted to protest over the closure of 2 universities. To police, protest over closure of university means nothing. Kakoma is not representing the…

  17. Politicized and partisan police force like Zambian Police Service is a danger to rule of law,good governance and freedom of speech not to mention human rights.

    Bwana Kankoma and your force please do your jobs professionally.

  18. Please take note of the stage set by the ruling party, to cause confusion in the country. The arrest of this people in the gym is but a ploy by pf to use police to persecute specially upnd members. Notion is to make the nation believe that there is a rebellion in the country, so members of the opposition will arrested every time and they will be in and out the police stations in order to detract them from curring out their campaigning plans and at the same time paint upnd as a violent party. They want to make the future raids on upnd as deserving. And Zambians are biting the bait. This is mugabe and museveni style.

  19. The representative of the PF (Whose leader is ECL) will delivering a solidarity message to the ambassador of a worst communist state in the world. China is well know for the worst human right violations and summary execution of political opponents. China does not believe in democracy and it is folly to support such a country.

  20. you ve done well for once..don’t allow those cadres becoz pf cadres are the most violent ..thank you

  21. Diplomatic etiquette does not allow a fellow diplomat to receive petitions against fellow diplomats.my take is the chinese ambassador will refuse to receive it.these PF thugs will just hand it over to the guards

  22. Saw the thugs this morning breaking traffic rules and arguing with some motorists. One of the minibus drivers they hired stuck his middle finger at a truck driver who didn’t want to give way. Nice way to campaign guys.

  23. Oh!!! Even the woman selling newspapers was complaining ati VI PF!!! Hooting, flashing lights ordering other motorists out of the road etc. Again nice way of campaigning ba PF.

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