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President Lungu says Zambia committed to improving public service

General News President Lungu says Zambia committed to improving public service

President Lungu addressing Zambias in Paris
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says Zambia is committed to implementing the African charter on values and principles of the public service and administration in order to facilitate sustainable development.

Speaking during the official opening of the 37th African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) annual round table conference at Mulungushi Conference Centre, President Lungu said the charter is a vital tool for transforming public administration and management.

The president added that the charter also promotes accountability, integrity, transparency, professionalism, ethics and responsible use of resources in public service and administration.

He said Africa is endowed with abundant natural resources and a youthful population yet faces challenges because of weak institutions, governance systems and partnerships.

ZANIS reports that President Lungu noted that most of Africa’s economies are over dependent on wasting assets characterized by weak investments in science and technology.

He pointed out that inadequate value addition initiatives makes African countries vulnerable to both natural and external shocks.

The Head of State has since challenged the AAPAM conference to come up with well informed and practical interventions that will set public administration and management on a transformational path and strengthen African states capabilities to meet the needs and aspirations of its people.

President Lungu urged African countries to utilize the largely untapped resources of its people in the diaspora who have knowledge, skills, competences and capital that have the potential to greatly enhance the capacity of public administration in Africa.

He further added that Africa should strive to create merit based and citizens centred public service in order to become effective engines of development.

President Lungu called for the enhancement of communication and technology as it has the potential to eliminate the urban rural divide that characterizes several African countries.
And speaking earlier AAPAM president Roland Msiska said the organisation will continue promoting professionalism in public administration in Africa.

Dr Msiska who is also Secretary to Cabinet said the round table conference will provide an opportunity for African countries to mentor each other as well share best practices in enhancing service delivery.

The driving theme for this year’s conference is “Transforming Public Administration and Management in order to contribute towards agenda 2063 within the context of sustainable development goals.

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  2. The only time I will take President Lungu for his word is when he allows the opposition parties to campaign freely without being teargassed, blocked of beaten up by PF cadres.

    • Campaigns will only start when parliament is disolved. This time it’s automatic you don’t need the president to announce the date of elections. Your under5 will be given enough time to campaign like always. He will campaign and lose again because the same people who rejected him 10years ago are the same people who will reject him again. Program kale yaishibikwa. HH can’t win elections in Zambia of the rubbish comments upnd post as comments.

    • Classic example of a typical PF dunderhead. Can never articulate economic issues; cannot explain his parties policies and long term strategic plans, cannot explain why the Kwacha is deteriorating and what measures are in place to boost it. The only language is ‘HH can never win’. So bloody what? Articulate something that actually uses brain cells not this usual nonsense. At least when I read opposing comments they are filled with data like for example when we say inflation is up thereby also pushing up bank interest rates we expect a counter argument based on our articulation not dull comments like HH will not win. Sheer stup!dity.

  3. Dullness abounds in the head of this president. He is the epitome of mediocrity and inspires zero confidence in any sane Zambian regarding his ability to get this country out of the mess his party has put it in. Clueless little scared lazy man with mixed up priorities who is blinded by the cheering of fellow dunderheads like kudos, senior chakuti, katondo whatever and all other atom-sized brain PF cadres and supporters. Very sad really.

  4. Usual talk shops. Speeches that are detached from reality! The reality on the ground is that the quality of public service has seriously deteriorated! You need proof? Go to any ministry or government agency! And yet Government spends more than 50% of the national budget on the public service? No value for money!

  5. New word added to the ox ford dictionary
    WRUNGU ——————- Meaning clueless,visionless,brainless,useless and a drunkard
    pronunciations lungu
    lazy bum.

  6. This what happens when one reads speeches he dont understand…even a lazy bum like Edgar can read about predent spending and immediately go and contract loans for Youth skills yet close down universities for protects because of allowance payment delays.

  7. But how do you explain expenditure of almost K5 Million for signing a piece of paper when there pressing issue in our hospitals and school? If you can explain that Mr. Lungu then we `ll start taking you seriously.

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