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Cholera cases increase in Lusaka

Health Cholera cases increase in Lusaka

Cholera Patients in a tent
Cholera Patients in a tent

LUSAKA Province has now recorded 44 cases of cholera in Kanyama, Bauleni, Kabanana and Chilenje townships.

Provincial medical officer Kennedy Malama said in an interview yesterday that currently, four of the cholera patients are admitted to Kanyama cholera treatment centre.

“We have recorded a total of 44 cases of cholera in Lusaka district,” he said.

Dr Malama warned that the cholera outbreak will spread further if people do not practise good hygiene.

He said the Ministry of Health is now focusing away from Kanyama because of the new cases that have been recorded in the recent past elsewhere.

More than 20 schools have been closed as Government tries to contain the highly-contagious waterborne disease.

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  1. Makeshift clinic with makeshift beds; Patients spending nights in a cold tent; and our President spends K5 million on signing a piece of paper.

    • Do we have a government in Zambia? Clearly the country is on autopilot. If cholera breaks out under your watch you are not worth your salt.

    • And these are the people who voted for PF! Sata was making fun of these people about how they needed boats to get to their homes (pabwato). Sata himself could not even paddle a canoe and was afraid of water because there are no rivers in Mpika. All those mentioned Lusaka shanties have PF MPs and in 5 years of “massive infrastructure” works, PF has done nothing for these people.

  2. I have never seen people that are so comfortable in there own filth like Zambians. How many people in Cairo road are munching a Subway next to a heap of rubbish. Shocking

    • You are 100% correct. Drive along Lumumba road and go to Soweto market the stench will make you puke. Zambians enjoy living in dirty surroundings. Not only are their markets dirty but their homes too. The flats are the worst. I am not surprised that cholera is an annual occurence in Lusaka in particula and Zambia in general. Dirty pigs!

  3. What an embarrassment! Instead of building dumping sites and water reticulation centers, The boss was busy building a Temple. Come Oh government Church, worship in your four corners will end filth!

  4. This behavior of thinking that government will wipe your bottom too must come to an end. Why do we even blame government for hygiene mishaps like this??? I don’t understand Zambians. I am sure some nut will soon make this a political episode!!! Disgusting! PLEASE clean after yourselves, ma Zambians! What is wrong with y’all????

    • PF have borrowed a total of $900 million on diffetent occasions for lusaka water and sanitation. Every time they have cabinet meeting to borrow more money, lusaka water and sanitation is mentioned. After borrowing $900 million and we still have cholera???

    • Just try going through Kanyama shanty! Cholera is not about not washing your hands. It is about dirty and unsanitary living conditions, principally lack of drainage and litter disposal services in these areas. You can wash your hands as much as you want but if sewage and mud are at your doorstep, you will still get cholera.

    • Actually Kalok diseases like cholera are usually due to bad drainage which can cause leaks into the drinking water (sewage into water tables accessed via boreholes) or just outdated drainage which floods during the rainy seasons . The government should be making sure this doesn’t happen. Your citizens should not be negotiating their way through sh!t laden water to go about their daily business. It’s time people saw what is that it is.

  5. Poor planning pa Zed, the ministry of health must have an account for emergency breakouts like this one. Unfortunately such funds are only released when one of the top officials falls sick and has to be evacuated for treatment outside the country.

  6. Zambians are generally very dirty people. They don’t clean their houses and surroundings. It is the same people in shanties who throw garbage in the drainages. Always blaming the government of the day. Clean yourselves, your homes and children. You don’t need to be taught to keep yourself clean. Have you seen people who live in “mayadi” throwing garbage in drainages.

  7. Gov’t needs to clean Lusaka. If the drains are full of rubbish as seen recently on Lusaka video, how do you expect water entering households to be clean? Gov’t needs to micromanage water system. Probably HH is sabotaging us!! JOKE!

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