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Interview with producer, singer and song writer – Peezey Cables

Headlines Interview with producer, singer and song writer - Peezey Cables

peezey cables

Pique Radcliffe Ziko commonly known as Peezey Cables, popular for music production, singing and song writing. He was born 2nd September 1986 in Zambia, he started his music career in 2004 after completing high school. Peezey studied law and is currently pursuing a degree in marketing. His favorite music consists of reggae, Orchestra and pop rock, which has greatly influenced his style and genre of music. Peezey gave his life to Christ in 2010, his sole aim is winning souls to Christ through music and poetry. He is now focusing on becoming a brand on the international market so as to access a larger segment of people from all areas in the world. Peezey is founding father and CEO of Helium Prime Incorporated, his produced and written songs for Eddie black, Exile (Israel), The Kicks, 2wo 1one, Macky II, Pneuma, Zion city, Trina, Prych, Lady Vogue, ER’, Tiye-P, Flexville Marley, G.A.S and many more.

We caught up with Peezey Cables for an interview:

KAPA187: Briefly tell us who Peezey Cables is, and how you came up with that alias.

Peezey Cables: Peezey Cables is a producer, singer and song writer. Came up with Peezey from the initials from my real names Pique Ziko, and Cables came about from the resourcefulness I have for fixing electrical things.

KAPA187:  What was your motivation to pursue music seriously?

Peezey Cables: I believe I can and will make a difference because I have invested in a unique sound that Zambia and the world over will appreciate, so that in itself motivates me to do better than before.

KAPA187:  As a music producer you have worked with the likes of JK, on his smash hit “Open”, Eddie Black, Macky 2, Exile and many more. How would you describe your sound?

Peezey Cables: Electric, dance packed, Afro and melodic.

KAPA187:  Do you adjust your production techniques to suit each individual artist? Can you give us a specific example?

Peezey Cables: As a matter of fact I do, I think examples are all the people I have worked with, I usually empathize and put myself in their shoes which makes it interesting to create what they would love

KAPA187:  Apart from producing, you are also an accomplished song writer and singer. Late last year you released the dancehall song, ‘Lila’, which has gotten favorable reviews. What is that song about?

Peezey Cables: Well the song talks about how this woman really makes my heart skip whenever I see her; no one is comparable to how she makes me feels. So with this utopia ‘Lila’ was born.

KAPA187:  On the 29th of February you released your latest single “Confirm this “, what is the concept of the song.

Peezey Cables: The song highlights a lot about my personal life, how I actually met the woman of my dreams. So everything about ‘Confirm this’ is a piece of my personal world I want to share with you.

peezey cables 3

KAPA187:  Being a producer/song writer as well as a singer, do you find that you work harder on other people’s projects or on your own projects?

Peezey Cables: Am always giving it my all be it on my projects or others.

KAPA187:  Apart from being an artist, you are also the founder and CEO of a record label ‘Helium Prime Incorporated’. What motivated you to start your own record label?

Peezey Cables: Well I guess its progress, I see things in a way I wouldn’t if I were under somebody else. So I always speak out all the positives in my life with the hope that they will be realized .one such thing is helium prime.

KAPA187:  The music industry in Zambia is still growing, what challenges have you faced and what do hope to see improve within the industry.

Peezey Cables: Money is one such challenge, without it makes anyone’s aspirations quite tedious. And the whole Zambian Musical culture isn’t built to make us succeed with ease, though I don’t mean to say we should succeed with ease. I just feel hard work should count for something; I hope and pray this generation of artists will keep working as harder as we have been in order to influence the desired change that we need.

KAPA187:  Recently there have calls from musicians to boycott certain functions and award shows because of not being properly remunerated as compared to international acts. What is your take on that?

Peezey Cables: Hehehehe…… well all I will say In regard to this matter is that, time doesn’t wait for no man. So as years move on so should your approach to a lot segments in life, a lot of people including myself feel things are being run the same way since their inception. Hence all this negative energy surrounding the awards issue….

KAPA187:  What do you have in store for your fans in 2016?

Peezey Cables: Electric city album is coming out very soon, so all my fans should be expectant.

KAPA187:  Any final worlds?

Peezey Cables: God is good all the time, stay blessed.

peezey cables 2

Interact with Peezey Cables on social media:

soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/heliumprime

Twitter: @PeezeyCables

Facebook: Peezey Cables










  1. So this is the guy who produces for Eddie black . I like his beats . Lila is better than his new song . It is too slow for my taste.

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