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Rupiah Banda not coming to take over MMD- Mbulakulima

Headlines Rupiah Banda not coming to take over MMD- Mbulakulima

Former president Rupiah Banda
Former president Rupiah Banda

MMD National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima has assured members that former Republican and Party President Rupiah Banda is not coming back to take over the party but to try and unify it.

Mr Mbulakulima said the former President’s heart bleeds when he sees what is happening in the party which made him President hence would like to play his party in trying to harmonise it.

He said his role is to meet stakeholders and all the parties Involved so that a solution is found to stop the infighting that has characterized the party since losing the 2011 general elections.

“There is no possibility that Mr Banda wants to take over the leadership of the party. That one I can give you a categorical answer, it shouldn’t even cross your mind that he wants to take over the leadership of the party. He wants to help the party that made him President of this country. His heart bleeds when he sees wrangles in his party and he is trying to see if he can play his little role in unifying the party,” Mr Mbulakulima said.

Mr Mbulakulima also warned that if the party continues in its current state of self destruction the consequences my be unbearable as it would it up without neither an MP nor Councillor.

“If we are going to continue quarrelling then the party will remain fragmented and what you are going to see is what we experienced in January and ultimately we might have no MP, we might have no Councillor because the might has gone down.It is prudent that as leaders that we collect things and let everyone on board if we are to be counted as a party that is credible and as a party craving for leadership in this country,” Mr Mbulakulima said.

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    • RB, unifying any party? He’s the one who destroyed it. He attempted snatching the party from Nevers after the death of the Cobra – it took the Supreme court to retrieve it! He then went to PF and is trying to destroy that party too. He brought in his followers like Dora Siliya, to take over cabinet positions from the true PF members sending the founding members like Miles Sampa away from the party they cherished so much. What unifying is Mbulakulima talking about?

    • Kasuntwe ubufi you liar…miles Sampa founding member where? Kikiki utubantu ubufi. Sampa an under5 who even his uncle sata couldn’t appoint him to fill cabinet minister. Sampa litolefye just like hh he is going nowhere.

  1. Mbulakulima, I doubt if you really lima-ed. Didnt your RB want to stand in January 2015? He contributed to the confusion. Has he changed now? Oh you do not know your presidents – Mumba and RB. I doubt if you are fit to be SG of the great party. Stop running the party affairs in the newspapers and press conferences. Press Conferences are for sharing party positions not personal egos – is this the conflict resolution you studied recently? As CEO of the party you would be working quietly bringing warring parties together, without arrogantly what you believe in because you carry the party and you can only bring the different factions together by not seen to be for Mumba or Mutati. Now you have clearly stated you are for Mutati – how cheap. And this Nevers Mumba were does he get these…

    • Idi0t Mbulakulima today is talking trash. He must be working with chi Bwezani. He obviously got a brown envelope to be RBs spokesman.

  2. If you allow Nevers’ marriage to Kadansa then forget having an MP or councilor. Actually forget having MMD.
    So go for convention like your members are demanding, then run independently, then seek alliances if there’s a rerun. That way you just might be relevant.

    • Kadansa was a frequent loser against all matches he had hence the name given to HH the serial loser. Now Upnd kindies don’t even know why we gave it under5 and them thinking because it sounds like dancing it has to be Ecl. How many times has Ecl lost presidential elections compared to under5….
      Kadansa means HH the serial loser.

  3. Ba so called SG you are contributing to the destruction of the Party MMD will be the First Party to lose power and go into oblivion. I am sorry MMD is dying slowly.

  4. T0ngas are natural sadists, they don’t to see other succeed. That is part of their DNA. When you are surrounded by them, you should consider yourself to be in danger even if they show you their fake teeth.
    Most people from other tribes who have had this experience I bring to you will definately agree with what I talking about.

    It itches them so badly to see other tribes making progress in what they do. when people say Zambians want to see their frnds fail or they stab each others back; I totally disagree with this saying. Let us see who is behind the devilish acts and make a correct conclusion. Have you seen a tonga betraying or hit the fellow tonga like most tribes do?

  5. It’s confusing! Which direction is this party heading in?? Will Mumbai and him work together given the history? If Banda has an idea he is still vital in Zambian politics, why not start his own party?

    All these skirmishes are indicative of the character of Banda.

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