FAZ presidential aspiring candidate Henschel Chitembeya is promising to speedily raise football standards in the country if elected at the 19th March elective annual general meeting in Kitwe.

Chitembeya and Andrew Kamanga are challenging incumbent president Kalusha Bwalya.

In an interview in Ndola, Chitembeya said he was the best presidential candidate.

“Of the three candidates I am the only one who is got the proper manifesto for immediate jacking up of fallen football standard,” he said.

“When you ask my two colleagues (rivals) what they are going to do immediately to make sure that the standards of football are jump started.They have no clue but have ideas of raising football standards,” Chitembeya charged.

“In all the provinces we are going to introduce technical committees that will select under-17,20, 23 and the senior team at provincial level.

Chitembeya added:”We are also going to introduce the reserves league for all clubs to increase the pool of players.

He further promised to facilitate the financial empowerment of clubs.

“We will ensure that clubs fully benefit from deals like SuperSport contract unlike the current situation where money is going into people’s pockets. We want to help clubs become self reliant.”

Chitembeya is a former FAZ committee member who alongside three others resigned their positions from Football House in 2010, citing bad governance practices.

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  1. after finishing your football career mostly in reserve sides, you are now opting to re- introduce the same.
    why was the reserve teams abolished in the first place? was it not because of financial constraints clubs used to face in maintaining two teams?
    if so, what has changed now for you to start advocating the same.
    infact, chitembeya, you are fighting a lost cause cos faz is so corrupt you will need international lawyers to unseat kalusha, if you want him to go the way his peer, blatter, has gone. not through the ballot.
    can’t never….


  2. The caliber of people who voter at these places is appalling that they are easily bribed by the Galu with chibuku and footballs for them to see the need for change..fifa has done it with the corrupt old Sepp!!



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