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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Police Pickup GBM for questioning, again

General News Police Pickup GBM for questioning, again

File:GBM addressing his supporters
File:GBM addressing his supporters

Police early this morning forced themselves into UPND Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Mwamba residence on Roan road in Lusaka’s Kabulonga residential area.

And Police have picked up Mr. Mwamba for questioning.

The gate to Mr Mwamba’s residence number 10 Roan road was damaged in the process.

This was the second time Police conducted a raid on Mr. Mwamba’s residence having stormed the house last night to conduct a search following the UPND vice President’s arrest on Wednesday for unlawful drilling.

Yesterday Police failed to conduct a search at Mr. Mwamba’s building on Luanshya road after he did not show up.

Meanwhile Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has directed Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila to issue a statement in the house next week on the Police raid.

This followed a point of order raised by Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo on the action by the Police.

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  1. We won’t be intimidated. GBM soldier on – you’ve fought so many battles and lost none! VIVA UPND!

    • Scared litte rats who have damaged the economy will not damage our souls. Stand up Zambia this is time to be counted and be on the right side of history. Edgar is a failure!

    • My take on this is that the UPND have President Lungu right where they want him. My thinking is became president by potraying himself ad humble and all. But now each of these acts is showing the people who the president really is.

    • “Am a very small man but I walk around carrying a big stick” “I will fall on you like a ton of bricks”

      2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • What Edgar Lungu and most PF thugs are not aware is that this whole thing has been masterminded by some PF member against EL in order to trouble GBM and make EL look so bad in the eyes of the masses and make him lose support in all respects. They are after his so called “humble president” trait. They want to crush that fake trait his supporters have given him. Meanwhile the same people are going to him to say, GBM can’t say this to you, let us send the police to harass him. Before he realises, every citizen will have realised that after all in addition of being a failure at managing the economy, he is not even humble and a good man. Let him GO!

    • @intelligence source : That is my point. He said to us he was going to carry on the late president’s legacy and that he was a humble man being persecuted by Dr Scott and team.

      We all know how quickly he trashed that legacy. By exposing to the people that he is very vicious and not humble what his opponents have done is make sure he is judged solely on his own achievements and merits. And that will be Mr Lungu’s problem because there aren’t many merits.

    • This is laughable. HH is so keen on being president that he doesn’t even realize that GBM is out to get him. GBM is PF. And soon it will be HH in trouble because GBM is going to implicate him. Come August 11 one HH will be fighting a charge of treason rather than participating in an election. GBM doesn’t only have a wide girth but he also has a huge ego.

    • Jamieson Mataba chagwa lungu uzagwa zoona – the Nephew to CHITIMUKULU, how st..u..pid of you to undo yourself after pretending to patchup with Chitimukulu, YOU NOW PERSECUTE HIS NEPHEW – YOU ARE SO FINISHED NGWELE!!

  2. Typical behavior of despots from third world countries always abusing their rivals. But they say every dog has his day.

  3. “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”
    ? Thomas Jefferson

  4. Fat John, tekumwenzo! You cannot compete with Boma. You are moving too fast and you may end up crash landing. It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of money or not. I was expecting you to gentle that way people were going to give you respect. Bembas say “Pilikiti tanasha fikali kano male male nayepi”

  5. PF may rejoice now that they are suppressing the opponents. but time will come when pf will be humbled. Zambia is bigger than kaminamisa

  6. Pls cage this kaponya chidumbo maliketi once and for all. He is just an ordinary cadre grade 7 failure. Everytime ni boasting about money. We want brains not yo dirt money. It is these kaponyas who hav decampaigned hh very much. Imagine a party bringing back gbm and william banda ata malabishi yeka yeka.

  7. We are with you UPND.

    Zambia shall be free come August 2016 from this tyranny and corruption.

    God bless zambia,

    Zambia shall be free again.

    • Dont be dull because of desparation. U must be a cowthener am sure. Tel me what this chidumbo fat albat together with William banda wil for u.

    • @Spaka like lilo

      You need to go back to Primary school Grade 5 and study social studies….we have been free since 1964

      2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • @john poo
      You are the ones who are desperate by calling a golf club, boxing golves and catapults military weapons.

      @kaponya boys
      Zambia was freed from the whites but is now under the control of a despotic corrupt GRZ that enriches them selves while they make sure zambians of future generations will be enslaved by chains of dept.

      Come August,
      God bless zambia,
      Zambia shall be free.

    • @Spaka like lilo
      Personally i dont hate HH,,,I believe he is a good man,,,,my mother voted for him last elections,,,but he is dealing with the wrong characters GBM,,,WILLIAM BANDA etc

      2016 vote PF (Edgar)

      i thank you

    • Katondo boys
      I too do not hate lungu and deep down belive he is a man of the pipo, but he has been let down by his ministers. I belive he is too nice and should have stamped down his authority earlier on some of his pipo and acted forcfully on corruption from the word go, like mwanawase did.
      With out harassment, fear or favour, may the best man win.

      God bless a one Zambia one nation.
      Peace out.

  8. Fintu ni Lungu chabe not these recycled kaponyas like gbm. So what change will unpd bring with these dull kaponyas in their government? Updn is now full of the same rejects from mmd & pf. So why shud we change government. No need for change. We shall this time give Lungu massive votes.

    • Yes “Ifintu ni lungu”, you should change that to “Amafi ni Lungu, mu PamaFi”

      God bless Zambia!!

      Vote UPND!!

      I thank you!

  9. Ok lets face it, threatening anyone is a crime (anyone who has done basic law knows this), now what of threatening the president that ” i will come after your throat”. Ask Jack Mwiimbu if threatening someone is not a crime under the laws of Zambia.

    • @ Mwape, Correctly observed infact that borders on treason no country worthy it’s sought in the world would tolerent an opposition appointee like GBM to threaten an elected Republican President of Zambia Mr Edgar Lungu with impunity and gets away with it.No wonder UPND and it’s supreme leader HH cannot win an election in Zambia because of its terrorist tendencies…

    • Mwape, what G B M said was a figure of speach. He has been misunderstood. What he meant I think was that he will go full time and destroy Lungu verbally. For me that is the way I understood his statement; other people may have read it differently.

    • @ Mwape and Zakeyo

      Do you remember sentence “useful 1diots”?

      You are just displaying lack of understanding of use of “metaphor” in English language. You may have degree, but your knowledge of English has been overtaken by proficiency in Zamglish.

  10. So foolish only a devil can support him. Money is not a passport to do wrong. it shud be a learning point to politicians who thinkx so low to think police cant do anything.no kufwa nifyofine ba mwine kwati niseko chilumba chilumba munseko nseko.
    Govt is govt how poor the president may be he carries a lot of authority more than what cash can command.
    *Advise have a limit, above the speedometer police will not wait for a command from president,they will act.if u announce u want to go the throat,them will act immediately and go for yo tammy.
    *do not pretend to be rough to show in public that u are tough its childish.i know gbm as a kind ,giving heart who can not be compared to those stingy,ruthyless,barbaric,selfish,tribal characters he has joined.there aim is to use him and other bembas…

  11. African leaders are a big disgrace, Ka Lungu has to use the poor policemen to break his opponents
    For a couple of matchets, gym equipment and some poor young boys doing physical exercises he makes an excuse out of it.

  12. Silly speaker, just another one of Lungu’s puppets. What is shocking to me is that, it is not like this guy has never been to a university and yet has no integrity and morals. This makes him no different from those panga wielding PF cadres. Shame on you Matibini, your performance as speaker has been diabolical to say the least.

    • The honourable Mr Speaker is the best and is doing a lot of good work unlike some time wasters like Gary Nkombo, Jack Mwiimbu, Mweetwa and that Namwala MP lady….

  13. But this chi dumbo was saying he is coming for the president’s neck yesterday, no one rebuked him. We all don’t know why the police are after him so don’t just yap yap…you will be disappointed that he may even have materials on how he will succeed ka HH. He can’t be trusted. Test his temperament by not picking him as a running mate….then you will see

  14. What a joke, the police must be unbelievably d.ull. How can allow themselves to be used by a ma.d person like Frank Bwalya?

  15. In any country, when the police sends a citizen a call out, that citizen must simply oblige, it has nothing to do with questioning, but a merely to interview you. They usually advise you to guard your tongue or against some danger against a citizen.

    Those call outs are explicit. If one fails to attend to it, the police will effect an arrest. GBM refused to obey that simple rule just to create a fuzz.

  16. Let us wait and see as people expose themselves. In Tonga there is a saying that “UKUNDWA TASISI MABELO”.

  17. Mr president,
    You are fast approaching the precipice, a point of no return. If you continue with this harassment you will spark riots. This is probably what you are after. We all know that power is sweet, but your actions will have dire consequences. Ask Lauren gagbo who now sleeps in jail. Just let there be free and fair elections and campaigns. Reclassify a golf club, catapults and boxing golves as military weapons wont work. All zambians want is to be able to freely exercise their democratic right and chose the best man.
    May God bless zambia.

  18. @Chester, so what does that tonga saying mean? GBM is a loose political canon who fails to control his temper! Sata tried very much to tame this lunatic but I doubt if under 5 HH can manage control him, I hope HH has escorted him to the police again.

  19. Zambia at the hands of the PF has slumped right to the bottom of the ladder as far as human rights are concerned. The sickness Lungu is seffering from has now gotten to his head.

  20. We are watching closely.We act at the right time.UPND will win this battle sorry for Lungu we will show him no mercy just like he is doing it now.

  21. I don’t support use of derogatory or insulting language by anyone (which, though, has assumed more prominence since Zambians for one reason or another – or electorate ignorance, ushered the kabovas into power) But it is clear that GBM’s “I will now go for his throat” rhetoric, was a figure of political speech. It is not meant literally. Anyone asserting so is merely using it as an excuse to brutalize and try and shut up the man and UPND in general. I cannot believe all of Zambia’s meagre economic and security resources are being used on opposition individuals and groups who have a right to speak and exist.

  22. Today Is Friday No Signing Of Police Bond Bamwine Lelo Tamwalale Pandalama Mulela Panda. U Are Now Sort Out As A Single Actor Not Ngamwamona Ama Cadres U Start Talking Rubbish.The Way U Treat Police Officers U Think They Can Be Willing To Help.
    Upnd Have No Respect For Police officers They kill,undress,beat, Them Especially Bembas Working In Nwp,sp,wp Who Are Policemen.
    Its A Pity Even There President Behaves Like A Daga Smoker

    • Ya let the kaponya chidumbo maliketi kapompa saladi pay for his stu.pid disrespectiful tungue. This rich full shud know his boundary

  23. Thanx for a free campaign you’re giving to UPND ba PF with your ABZ (Frank Bwalya). Coz this time even the sympathy votes that you managed to scoop after Sata’s death have all gone else where, UPND continues to put across issue based campaigns on the copperbelt as the last conquered and ghost made province by your incompetence!

  24. Just behave yourselves GBM and your fellow rascals, and such things will not happen. If you think that this is free campaign you will be shocked that the majority of voters actually think that the whole UPND leadership is immature.
    Even my Grade 10 daughter is asking why GBM cannot do a simple thing called “cooperation”.
    HH you are in trouble my boy with all these rascals that you have surrounded yourself with.
    But if you read the Post carefully you will see that Mmembe is slowly de campaigning GBM to pave way for Kabimba as running mate for HH. And GBM has no clue of these schemes and yet he calls himself a politician. Take it from me iwe chidumbo, you will be locked up and when the police finish with you, Kabimba will be running mate. But not that HH and Mmembe were even…

    • It looks like you 10 years old daughter is more wise than you.
      Have you explained to her that it is impassible to have dialogue with brainless turds like you?

  25. But I am not in any way suggesting that HH and Mmembe are considering GBM for running mate, far from it..they are actually happy to see GBM in this situation. You call it crocodile tears from HH, a blessing in disguise in a way. As for Mmembe he is not even pretending with crocodile tears, his is a cold blooded calculation to impose Kabimba on HH.

  26. @ Spaka like lilo, please spare our President. You smoking something? Who will riot over GBM? Haven’t you noticed that even the UPND lawyers who had promised to be at the second police search at 15:00hrs did not show up for GBM. Only HH can command UPND cadres to riot but he will NOT do that for GBM. And if he did think of that, tell him that the police cells are never full, especially for too ambitious politicians. But I am sure HH knows that he is a luxury politician and police cells would break him beyond repair. I mean he is not the cha cha cha material like Sata, is he now?
    And everyone keep it at the back of your minds that GBM has been, is, and will remain an outsider in UPND, no matter what antics he does including drilling young men and women, or getting searched or detained by…

  27. LT we want the latest on the stranglerman was he released or not.
    Let him cool down this is not lungu but law and even lungu cant come in to stop them when GBM is after him.
    Sort the fool so that, ulya palya na devil asambilileko.u think u are un touchables ask rb,etc law is law break it ungena mundende

  28. While words are free to voice out, it is the combination you make that makes them expensive. Always be careful.

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