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Chicken summons Charly Musonda

Sports Chicken summons Charly Musonda

Charly Musonda has received a call-up for Zambia’s 20-17 Africa Cup qualifier against Congo-Brazzaville.

George Lwandamina has decided to summon the 19-year-old Real Betis and Belgium Under-21 international midfielder who is eligible to play for the country of his parents birth.

Second placed Zambia will play leaders Congo in a Group E doubleheader on March at home and on March 27 away with both teams tied on four points after two games played in the qualifiers.

“Chipolopolo Coach George Lwandamina has extended an invitation to Charly Musonda junior to join the National Soccer team which will play Congo Brazzaville in the next three weeks,” The Football Association of Zambia stated.

“This is subject to clearance by FIFA on his eligibility to play for Zambia.

“Lwandamina says he is fully aware of the allure for Charley to feature for Belgium. However the coach is very hopeful that the part of his heritage with both parents being Zambian will sway it for the Chipolopolo team.”

Musonda, the son of ex-Zambia star midfielder Charles Musonda, has played five games for Betis so far scoring one goals.


  1. Take a look at #4 below (Zambian Constitution); there may be some wiggle room. The kid doesn’t have to immediately renounce his Belgian citizenship. Parliament can grant him an extension to renounce it giving the Country time to amend the Constitution to allow dual citizenship. Only catch however is the kid won’t be able to play for Belgium if the Country fails to amend the Constitution.

    (2) A person who-
    (a) becomes a citizen of Zambia by registration; and
    (b) immediately after becoming a citizen of Zambia, is also a citizen
    of some other country;
    shall, subject to clause (4), cease to be a citizen of Zambia at the
    expiration of three months after such person becomes a citizen of
    Zambia unless such person has renounced the citizenship of that
    other country, taken oath of…

  2. Here’s the rest of it:
    allegiance and made and registered
    such declaration of his intention concerning residence as may be
    prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament.
    (3) For the purpose of this Article, where, under the law of a country
    other than Zambia, a person cannot renounce the citizenship of that
    other country that person need not make such renunciation but may
    instead be required to make such declaration concerning that citizenship
    as may be prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament.
    (4) Provision may be made by or under an Act of Parliament for
    extending the period within which any person may make a renunciation
    of citizenship, take oath or make or register a declaration for the purpose
    of this Article, and if such provision is made that person shall cease to…

  3. Rest of it:

    be a citizen of Zambia only if at the expiration of the extended period that
    person has not then made the renunciation, taken the oath or made or
    registered the declaration, as the case may be.

    • You shouldn’t be begging Musonda, you should be begging Kalusha who has made sure the boys don’t play for Zambia!!

  4. His parents are adamant he will not play for Zambia, even rubbishing Zambian football.
    If they are not carefull he will end up ignored by Belgium and Zambia.

    • he’s hope is to play for Belgium. He might not be selected. At the international matches that’s where many a young talent are scouted.
      He might be ok at club level, turn down Zambia and not get selected by Belgium and miss out on internationals. The tricky choice is his.
      I suppose if he has confidence in his abilities, then Belgium will call.

  5. It is certainly Charles Musonda who will make a decision whether his son can play for Zambia or Belgium national team. The whole family now lives in Spain, they are following their son who is the sole bread earner.

  6. too little to late.
    the boy is now a super gem being sort after by big teams making it very difficult for him to come and risk his career with zambia under galu who is charlie sr. nemeses. faz should have heeded lucky msiska’s, stone nyrenda’s, johnstone bwalya’s and many more’s advice on charlie’s children way back before they changed citizenships. the trio were willing to come and play for zambia but for gal;u.
    if i were chalie cool, as we used to call him in his hey footballing days, i would not risk the young mans career by letting him play for zambia under galu. if injured, that will be that.
    young mayuka is crying…..

  7. This just goes to expose the kind of petty people we are. We are filled with envy, pull him down syndrome & other such negative traits. We never appreciate each other when we do well. If only we can learn how to differ on opinion without calling each other “enemies” maybe then Charlie cool Musonda & his wife would encourage their sons to play for Zambia.

  8. I would like to remind charles musonda sr that we still remember everything he did for mother zambia and we respect him for that. Sir dnt listen to useless people like MATURE, who are talking rubbish please Zambia is your country and for you to be in belgium its because of this country you started from! Sir as father please allow your son CHARLES MUSONDA JR to play for ZAMBIA your country remember we are one, if there any differences between you sir and kalusha please forget about them. Kalusha does not own ZAMBIA, you don’t own ZAMBIA either but you are all children of mother Zambia so just allow charly to play for zambia because he has ZAMBIAN blood not belgium blood think about it

    • Nonsense.Let us have a sense of pride.The parents clearly said they will not allow their children to play for Zambia.Why plead with them?Have you no shame?We should also just pay them back for their disloyalty.For example make sure they don’t own any part of Zambia.Why allow such an 1diot to own land in Zambia?Let him buy land in Belgium.

  9. Charly is better off playing in belgium….our players nomatter how great never endup so well…even Kalusha himself who in my opinion played the best soccer i hav ever seen has not endedup so impresive wen u try to equal it with [email protected] he did on the pitch…[email protected] football Charly musonda jr is playing is a representation of the talent in ths country..only bettr natured… Zambia is a mess..we nid to organise ourselves…we hav countless Charly musonda jrs hre..som even bettr but managemnt is the issue…bsides, one player won’t come and make us perform well until we beggin to manage our soccer better

  10. Lets forget about the boy since he has adapted to the life style of European football.The father has the experience of African football and would not want his son to regret when he break his borns .Lwandamina is dreaming to think that this boys can ever come to play for this country when the father never thought of sacrificing with great Kalu after the death of the great KK 11.This country has massive talent to tap from than cry for never.Clubs in this country should go in remote village where such talent could be found .

  11. Musonda jr is better off playing for Belgium if Belgium calls him, FAZ under Kalusha Bwalya is corrupt, hopeless – Kalusha can destroy the young man’s future.

  12. Charles Musonda Sr was never committed to playing for the national team. I do not see how he can encourage his son when he treated FAZ very negatively in his playing time. He was a very unpatriotic chap. However, let his son play in Europe for the sake of his development.

  13. The boy is really good. I last saw him playing for Chelsea juniors. He is a good player. However, FAZ, should sit down with the boy’s parents and get permission.

  14. There is this Zambian midfielder, by the name Isaac Chansa. Is he related to the late Wisdom Chansa? Am a Zimbabwean and i love Zambian soccer.

  15. Stop daydreaming the lad is not even a Zambian citizen and he has got no reason of being patriotic.His football is far much advanced he cannot play for Zambia just leave to develop his career please.

  16. Gud move by Chicken George but I think we r fighting a lozing battle.Moreover,his football is more advanced dan ours.He’s never played in thz bumpy pitches and dnt xpect him 2 adjust easily.

  17. It’s a plain secret! As long as kalusha is FAZ president, Charles Jr can not play for Zambia. Kalusha Bwalya tricked/cheated Charles Musonda Sr & Jonhston Bwalya when psv asked Kalusha to on behalf of psv to extend invitations to Charles & Jonhston to do trials with the club.
    He instead informed Psv that the two gentlemen refused and instead he brought his young brother Joe Bwalya who ended up flopping at psv.
    Charles Sr, Johnston and Kalusha have nevet spoken after the two gentlemen found out what transpired!!

  18. The mother of the kids was categorical that these kids are not Zambian citizens. They do not carry Zambian passports. So what is the basis of calling them? You are trying to find a reason to vilify Musonda. I suggest you leave them alone.

  19. The boy has been so impressive at Betis that he has now reached Cult Status at the Club. He is being referred to as the current La Liga Champagne because of his skills with ball and is being compared to Messi and Nemay of Barcelona. In the game on Thursday Night in which Betis demolished Espanyol 3-0 ( Charly scored a goal)the Belguim couch was in the grand stand for a valuation of the boy’s performance. Based on his performance so far, it would not be surprising if he called to play for Belgium. So chances for him to accept to come and play for Zambia are quite low considering that his family has had little contact with the country since they settled in Europe.

  20. Forget about the boy if his wish is to play for belgium but remember charly as not yet played for the belgiuan team i wonder if he will ever play for belgium.all the best young lad.

  21. @mr mubvumbi, isaac and wisdom chansa were certainly not brothers though with little chance both hailing from Luapula might share an extended relationship.Wisdom was born and raised in Kitwe while Isaac was brought up in Mansa. Am not sure about musonda from chan but such names are common in northern zambia it’s often rare that those sharing them were even related

  22. Zambian Football, No. Let him play there. Best example is the young and talented MUKUKA MULENGA, the boy is No where to be head.

  23. We are not managers of football but funs, let luandamina and FAZ do their work if the young man its good for Chipolopolo and zambian fans. UPND plz stop preaching hatrade.

  24. Comment:if you think zambia is a mediocre country and charly shouldnt play for his country then you must be some ingrates who doesnt wish this great nation of ours any good

  25. Comment:at all cost we Zambians we just have to wait for the response from that Family and we will acsept what ever the out come will be, it does not mean we dont have enough players to do the work, is just that we want our own blood to work for the country,

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