ZMA president Dr. Aaron Mujajati
ZMA president Dr. Aaron Mujajati

The Medical Association of Zambia says there is no price control in the health sector regarding fees health institutions charge for the various services they provide .

Speaking to ZANIS, Association President Dr Aaron Mujajati said there will always be a challenge in controlling exorbitant prices charged by some private hospitals in the country owing to the fact that price controls do not apply to private hospitals and clinics.

He said private hospitals are regulated by the Health Professional Council of Zambia but that the body does not control prices.

Dr Mujajati acknowledged the high prices charged by private hospitals but noted that provision of quality health care services is a costly undertaking that can only be backed by huge investments in infrastructure, equipment and highly motivated health personnel.

He noted that once the social health insurance policy is implemented it will help in monitoring and regulating price controls in private hospitals.

Meanwhile Dr Mujajati has called on people to appreciate the important role that private hospitals play in health care service delivery in the country.

Dr Mujajati said it is imperative that the private sector is supported as it complements government’s efforts in providing quality health services to the people.

He also supported health personnel that moonlight to render their services to private health institutions saying it is done in their free time as long as it doesn’t affect their performance at their substantive places of work.

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  1. agreed but not sure why you as a medial spokesman do not have the guts to advise clueless PF to prioritize improving healthcare services in the country. The fact that you have a president and others in government seeking care outside the country should be proof enough as to how poor healthcare services are in the country. People may complain about the cost of services at private hospitals all they want, they also need to confront the reality of a government that cares less about them.


  2. Irresponsible prescribing is of greater concern in some of these private hospitals. As a pharmacist in a community pharmacy, I have seen prescriptions from some specialised doctors that would question their medical degree, let alone specialisation.

    To prescribe 7 medications to an 11month old infant for a flu is outrageous! Can you really put a 3 year old child on a nebuliser 3 times per week with medication worth K700, for a general cough???



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