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GBM pleads not guilty

General News GBM pleads not guilty

GBM after the court session
GBM after the court session

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba has pleaded not guilty to one count of proposing violence.
Mr Mwamba this morning appeared before Lusaka Magistrate Jennifer Bwalya.

He is charged with one count of proposing violence after he allegedly uttered words on 2nd March 2016 to the effect that he would be desirable to cause death or cause injury to President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Mwamba who is also commonly known as GBM has since been granted a 10,000 cash bail with two working sureties.
Magistrate Bwalya has since set 11 April as commencement of trial.

The UPND Vice President was represented by lawyers Jack Mwiimbu, Martha Mushipe, Keith Mweemba, Mashrall Muchende and Paul Kapupishi.

GBM and HH at the Magistrate Court
GBM and HH at the Magistrate Court

GBM supporters at the Magistrate Court
GBM supporters at the Magistrate Court

GBM supporters holding placards
GBM supporters holding placards


    • Of course it’s common knowledge that he’s not guilty. Interesting that the same ldiot, Frank Bwalya, who pleaded not guilty to calling Sata chumbu munshololwa, an idiom, can today run to the police and report the use of an idiom. Anyway come August 11th Edgar’s head shall be cut off!

    • Even Saul Alinsky’s “rules for radicals” does not protect GBM’s recklessness. Ignorance is no excuse. Where in the world would one be spared from prosecution after publicly vowing to cut off the throat of a fellow human being? From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. GBM may be brain dead, but his vow is criminal in taste and nature. Ignoring it would set a terrible precedent. He has gotten away with it on his wife and workers way too long. Hence crossing the line to cut the throat of ECL the state President.

    • I can`t believe this, you mean GBM was detained and is appearing in court for that remark? Honestly, Zambia is done! I really pity for my country.

    • Suntwe he is guilty. he said next time I will go for his throat (ECL’s). That is a threat to the life of a sitting president. The law is clear. That is why grade 12 qualification is mandatory.

    • Leave law to lawyers, imwe!
      There several perspectives here and all you can do is repeat what you heard. By virtue of being lay wo/men, you are being myopic.

      Shileni abafikukile nsakwe.

  1. …it is mostly in Africa where such happens…there is no way persecution can be substituted with prosecution in this case….what a spud1d way of distracting your opponents….even the best of the best lawyers know the final verdict of this case…so why waste judicial man-hours…??…I don’t even see why GBM has to be represented with 5-6 lawyers….all they nee was to assign Wynter Kabimba…he may at last enrich his CV with this straight forward easy case….just similar to Frank Bwalya’s case of ‘Chumbu mushyololwa saga..’

    • What are you on about? Threaten Obama and the entire FBI will be on you. You can’t threaten to harm a President in the West and expect to get away with it. So bwana check the facts first

  2. the english are laughing at us bane. so much govt resources spend on this yet hospital no medicine, bantu bafa njala no money for food, no money for school fees. are we serious sure as a country

    • @ cheat-sniffer

      Fortunately British law is interpreted by the educated, knowledgeable and learned professionals. Therefore, “…going for jugular…” will never see inside of the courtroom. Mind you, in UK and the rest of democratic world, any accused MUST be brought in front of the Judge within 24 hours of his/her arrest by Police. As the issue of GBM guilt or innocence is now in the hand of judiciary, the pettiness, open bias, unprofessional behavior and political servitude displayed by the Zambian Police “leadership” (LOL) points out to the break-down of democratic principles which cannot happen in a democratic society like UK.
      Please, instead of making misplaced comparison with Cameron, stick nearer to home and reality of Africa, Mugabe and Zimbabwe or Museveni and Uganda…

  3. Bembas, open your eyes and see. These pipo hates you. If HH wins you will be third class citizens. They called you monkeys, thieves and uneducated. what has changed today? Stand up and defend yourself.

    • Some people are always drunk with tribal sentiments all they they eat is tribe, all they look is tribe and all the sleep is tribe Shame on you and finally all they sh!t is tribe. Come on you can do better that! Move forward and bury your hate for other tribes. We are one and together we can do a lot!

    • @Puttin
      Which Bembas are you referring to? Is it such a hard thing for you to think outside Bemba this, Tonga that? As a man whose testes produce testosterone, do not allow fear to have robbed you of joy. You appear to have so much fear of other ethnic groupings to the point of being ill. Celebrate diversity and come August remember that whoever wins whether Bemba, Tonga or Kaonde, we shall still grapple with the high prices of sugar, mealie meal, soap and the same ethnic suspicions which some of you have become so adept at peddling adnauseum.

    • Is it true that there are three factions in UPND. The inner circle consists of Tongas, the second comprises the “Bantu Botatwe (sp) and the third and least the rest of the tribes? In this day and age one has to be careful with what one says in this cellphone era. There is a video which has gone viral on whatapp. Apparently one of the people present when he addressed his supporters was filming him where he was advocating violence in his usual insulting manner.

    • What I know is that, there are no Tongas and Bembas in there are only Africans in Zambia. You`ll die with your hate.

    • This is 2016 my friend. I have friends and relatives from all tribes and races and I always find this whole debate about tribe by some of you nauseating. Are you a real Zambian where all your friends and relatives are Bemba and no one from your family has married across tribe.

    • All this tribe thing is PF desperation to continue looting. They instructed all personal at forigne missions abroad to pump out this tribal hatred in the hope that pipo will vote on tribal lines.
      What they can’t see is the suffering inflicted on the Zambian pipo knows no tribe, all tribes have had enough of PF.

      Come August,
      Zambia shall be free.

    • So boring the same old song Tonga Tonga Abashi stone age politics.Its one Zambia one better economy for all.We have inter marriages.HH a program.VIVA 2016 .

  4. @Senior Retired Engineer,
    A bit of correction here is warranted. Bantu botatwe literary means three ethnic groupings and the Tongas are part of those Bantu botatwe. This is a minor issue. What worries me as a man from a very small ethnic grouping is the obsession which some folks here have with this thing called tribe. I heard with my own ears when one of the ministers in the current PF vow that Zambia shall never again be ruled by a person like Mwanawasa who came from a small tribe. The minister stated that having a non-Bemba or Easterner rule Zambia is akin to what Solomon said in Ecclesiates said and I quote the minister “having slaves and their children ride on horse backs while princesses and their children walk on foot” So much for the Tonga tribalism. Disclaimer: the term…

  5. To go for a throat means to ” attack someone where they are weakest.” Kanshi chi GBM chali sambilila. Some of you are interpreting it to mean ” Ukumukama pamukoshi” kikikikikikikikik

    • I’ll let you in to a secret. They all know. It just does not fit their preferred narrative. Selective amnesia is rampant on this site if I look back to what some long term bloggers have had to say…

  6. The trial will be comedic without anyone trying to be funny. As one side goes in for the kill, the other will be talking about how sticks and stones could break your bones but words should never hurt you. Front seat please with popcorn and taking bets for the highest occurrences of the word ‘throat’… The word will come second to the prosecution usage of the word ‘threat’… I still maintain GBM cannot kick higher than ED’s kneecap and has never seriously used his own gym. Going for the throat is a tad ambitious in the physical sense. Metaphorically speaking I do believe ED feels threatened but not by anything we know about… Must be a sobering thought…even for ED…

    • @ A Phiri ana bwe…

      Agreed. There is that old say : “… Never argue with person who has seen King naked…..”

      GBM, Sampa, Kabimba………………..? How much is there to be heard?

  7. Senior Citizen – To go for a throat means to ” attack someone where they are weakest.” Kanshi chi GBM chali sambilila. Some of you are interpreting it to mean ” Ukumukama pamukoshi” kikikikikikikikiki. GBM used English words. Even if they say this chap is grade 7 I’m not surprised why he has been this successful in his businesses.

  8. Mediocrity has never been this rife among these pathetic failures. Even Machiavelli would laugh at this stoopidity. But then what do you expect from a grouping whose motto is ‘sebana wikute’.

  9. Its so shocking how PF characters show their ignorance to the whole world. Every reasonable person knows what GBM meant but of course when you a speaking to a thug or kaponya you have to be careful with the idioms you use. There is a literal and figurative meaning to these sayings and there is not enough room here to explain to Frank Bwalya and his fellow cadres what the difference is. Please go back to school people!!!

    • And these are the pipo running the country….reclassifying pangs, golf clubs, boxing gloves and catapults as military weapons.

      Come August,
      Zambia shall be free.

  10. Bembas open your eyes. Its far much better to be a free hungry peson than a well fed slave. They called you monkeys, illiterates why should you be kings today to a point of chiefs coming to visit you in prison. They are like male dogs once you are pregnant they will not even greet you. let them vote themselves.

    • No form of tribalist hatred incitement by PF will help, all tribes are suffering with this PF inflicted missmangment and corruption.

      Come August,
      Zambia shall be free.

  11. So after all GBM knows more English idioms than the entire PF and the zambia police. How can some one be in police custody for three nights for using an English idiom which he even gave meaning. We have really embarrassed ourselves to the world !!

  12. lets understand before we argue.it is a simple issue here.Frank said,Mr Sata is a chumbu monshololwa because he only did what he felt was right to him.but this is a clear case of threatening the president;you can never use that language in european countries.

  13. Comment:Mwelemona ati balemukaka,I wonder why you people are like this. When GBM was in pf,you never used to condemne him but today GBM abipa.come 11 th August, kuyabebele.Its Zambia forward.

  14. So the ‘professionals’ that arrested and are ‘prosecuting’ GBM did not have English as part of their curriculum at school? Otherwise, would they waste so much resources on a figurative utterance? Who in their right mind thinks GBM meant he would physically approach Lungu and ‘throttle’ him? Even characters like the so-called ‘senior citizen’ seem to have either run away from English classes or had/have limited comprehension. It is understandable for people who did not have the opportunity to pursue an education. Not for those who either profess to maintain law and order or blog ‘intelligently’ everyday.

    • The irony is stunning, huh? It helps to not take it seriously or it breaks one’s heart. If going for the jugular is a criminal offence, the world is full of politicians who will never see the light of day.

  15. Comment:now i hv come to know that,what GBM hv done is wrong.why his pipo want to run away from the trueth?

    • Your knowledge of English is reflected in your comment, Absolute ZERO. People want to run away from “TRUETH” because it shows your lack of intellect

  16. Sorry guys, I don’t buy the nonsense of teaching me English. It doesn’t matter what GBM said or that it was a metaphor as he claims. At law if one feels threatened by such a “metaphor”, he is entitled to seek the protection of the state security and the judiciary, and the Judge is obliged to protect that individual who feels threatened. In this case, if no one felt threatened it would not matter because the matter would never reach the Judge’s chambers anyway. Just advise your GBM to be civil in his language and one will touch him, this is election year guys, you have to be careful how you use the Queen’s language otherwise they will lock you up when you are supposed to be campaigning.

  17. The only winners in this game of high stakes are HH and Mmembe, by using the unsuspecting GBM. Just wait for nomination day, GBM will do something stupid and get locked up. Mmembe will have free reign to impose Kabimba on HH as running mate as GBM will be kept away from the peaceful public by locking him up

  18. Comment:JESUS,THE GAME CHANGER: if you follow politicians you will never come far! politics without JESUS is a chase after the wind!

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