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Fred M’membe and Kabimba’s support for HH has conditions attached-Kapata

Headlines Fred M’membe and Kabimba's support for HH has conditions attached-Kapata

HH meeting Fred M'membe at the Julia Chikamoneka awards
HH meeting Fred M’membe at the Julia Chikamoneka awards

THE recently formed alliance between the UPND, the Rainbow Party and Fred M’membe who is Post Newspaper owner is politically unholy because it has been crafted with the single purpose of ousting the Patriotic Front (PF) from government, Jean Kapata has said.

Ms Kapata has however declared that it did not matter how many alliances were formed against President Edgar Lungu and the PF they were not going to succeed because Zambians had resolved to re-elect the Head of State because he had demonstrated that he can be trusted with the affairs of the State.

Ms Kapata, who is PF elections chairperson, said Hakainde Hichilema had traded his political soul with the support of Mr M’membe and Wynter Kabimba who she accused of having attempted to take over the leadership of the ruling party during the reign of late president Michael Sata.

She said the support Mr Hichilema was getting from Mr M’membe was with conditions and that it would be tragic for Zambia if the UPND was elected into government because the power to run State affairs would yet again be in the wrong hands.

She said it was not surprising that the Rainbow Party, the Post Newspaper and the Orange Alliance led by Matero PF member of Parliament Miles Sampa had ganged up against President Lungu because the Head of State had resisted to bow down and be dictated to by those who have over the years manipulated State institutions.

The Post Newspaper reported yesterday that its editor-in-chief M’membe had volunteered to join the team of lawyers that would be representing UPND vice-president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

But Ms Kapata said the fact that Mr M’membe had decided to join a defence team for Mr Mwamba was a clear sign that the press freedom and freedom of expression legal expert had subtly become a sympathizer of the UPND.

“Would one be surprised at this stage that Mr M’membe who aggressively demonized Mr Mwamba and branded the UPND a bantustan group is now politically flirting with the same people he called tribal and corrupt?

‘‘Their alliance is unholy and meant to remove President Lungu and the PF from government.

Mr Hichilema has traded his political soul with the people who love power by holding hostage those with political power and should Mr Hichilema mistakably be elected President, he should know that he will not be the one running the country,” Ms Kapata said. She said Mr M’membe, Mr Hichilema and Mr Kabimba were bitter that President Lungu had refused to be manipulated or blackmailed into forming alliances with people whose interest was to see Zambia become ungovernable.

Ms Kapata recalled that a number of State institutions such as the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), the police including the judiciary and others were being manipulated and used to settle political scores by a known group of people.

She warned that Zambians should be wary of the relationship between the UPND, the Rainbow Party, the Post Newspaper and the Orange Alliance because the people involved did not mean anything good to the country.

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    • Madam when it was good for PF you never called in an unholy alliance, the fact that you are commenting about it means you know what blow the alliance will inflict on PF. The fact of the matter is that CB is gone, Lusaka is bleeding, Northern province is bleeding. No amount of hog wash will blind the people to the realization that come August PF is gone. One Chagwa can not win this one for you the sooner you realised that he has become a reliability the safer for u…. it will be the biggest defeat of a seating president

    • I didn’t even bother to read this trash. Who cares who is supporting who? Isnt Fred Zambian? Isnt Kabimba Zambian? HH can team up with who ever he so wishes. PF has ZNBC, Tumfweko, Lusaka Times, Daily Nation, Zambia Reports, Times of Zambia, Daily mail, all pushing PF propaganda!! What a shame. HH has nothing except for that twisted ZWD that not so many trust. What wrong with the Post covering his campaigns?

    • Jean Kapata is chocking with envy – she’s feeling a huge lump on her throat, just because the kingmaker is in good books with HH. When Sata struck a deal that saw Fred’s boys like Amos Mulupenga, George Chella etc employed by Sata she didn’t groan.

    • It is a weak and wicked marriage consumated on greed and bitterness with short legs. It wil choke and expire in mistrust of doom. Alliances born out of such are not only impotent, but disastrous. History is the best teacher. What fundamental principles would close the indelible gaps between and among these different paragons of crimes? No democratic polity would close their craters and interests.

    • Guys wait and see, Zambians are clever you cant lie to them.
      We all know what winter Kabimba and membe can do when it comes to power hostage and we cant make that mistake. They will continue to be in opposition.

    • @katondo aka Emmanuel Mwamba, I hear you have filed in your nomination to stand in Matero. Still don’t want to be a diplomat?

    • Says the hippotamus Rhino Jean ugly Kapata.
      She who was a he .Jean kapata go and scrub yo filthy scruffy body stop yapping irrelevant things here.
      Yo ka Lungu is gone just go and kiss his behind .

    • Jean Kapata should not worry about the aliance and possible manipulation of HH when he takes over the throne in august. HH is already a king in his own right and no one will manipulate him. He is not some intellectually challenged pauper masquerading as king. After all there are no permanent enemies in politics. Mmembe and Kabimba have the right to change and henceforth decide to be for the bigger good- for the masses.

    • Off course there is as there should be. What a terribly si,,llly think to say! It is unholy because it will be outsing the PF? What a terribly si,,lly thing to say!

    • So this is how Mmembe looks without a ka cap on his head.
      Meanwhile Zambia is bigge than ECL or HHH or …… No one should die or kill anybody just because of politics. There is a better life outside politics.

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    • So it was okay when Mmembe was friends with Michael but now it is an unholy alliance against Lungu?

  1. Well said. They can form as many alliances as possible,we will still wire them come 11 August. PF an Edgar Lungu efintu bane.

    • The question is if PF has caused so much suffering to the Zambians in one year, then why should PF continue for the next FIVE years? One year is more than enough for ECL. Explain why Ifintu MUST continue when all the prices in the shops have gone up by three times. Mulebako serious guys na life.

    • Jean Kapata you want to claim that PF is clean when in fact you know how the same Meembe and Kabimba then PF sg clinched the deal to remove RB from power.To you that was ok what has changed now.Lungu won using pangas at mulungushi so who is clean.You mama jean Kapata or Kapenta remember how you used to un dress for ba sata,while you were at UTH.so don’t play holier than thou.HH is winning a program malya fya fula.PF bakabola.

    • Why should kapata be commenting on this if it’s not envy … When they got Siliya into govt there are no permanent enemies, when it was good for them to work with Rupiah there was no evil alliance branding even when Rupiah was clearly not wanted by most Zambians …. So all this talk from Miss Kapata is nothing but usual political nonsense we are now becoming accustomed to

    • This is the problem when you have voters from the Zoo like Saulosi. They will keep on electing that group of PF wildlife and game parks…khikikiki…

  2. No News here…next headline please

    2016 it’s Edgar all the way

    2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

  3. I have always questioned the calibre of PF MPs which only relates to that of a Kaponya. What did zambians do to deserve all this. I hope something better will come out of August 2016.

    • You pathetic failures (PF) just kick yourselves in the backside. You had one useless leader, god does you a favour & takes him out, you bring in a far worse one. Its people like you Kapata who forced Kadansa on PF who actually should take the blame for the demise of PF.

  4. These are ethnic mercenaries who can unite to assume power and control of our peaceful country. Reject (HH) and his proud, elitist Nazi elements. They are dangerous people. Who ever thought (HH) would unite with the likes of VJ, William Tekere and GBM? Come august, Vote Edgar and the Peaceful Friends (PF).

    • What integrity does (HH) have after uniting with people he once called thieves, thugs and corrupt? What credibility do the Under-5 Phucks for No Development (UPND) have after embracing their old enemies Mmembe, Wynter, GBM, Miles, VJ, William Tekere and the likes? UPND are themselves corrupt, power hungry and hypocrites. (HH) vagabond you even hide in the fake saying “Power in numbers”? As a voter I look for good, consistent leadership which we have all seen only in Lungu, Mwanawasa and Sata. death to UPND

    • I am still trying to understand you Mr. Kudos, but I think you aint any different from wildlife in those game parks..Kudu or gazelle…khikikikikiki

    • Yes some good things have been done but the BAD thing are outnumbering the GOOD things……..Almost all commodities have gone up by three times……….No no no no……life is unbearable…….just be serious with life guys.

    • A lot. Only myopic blind fellows will not see it. And it is for that reason that we shall vote Lungu and PF back.

  5. Yea yea yea so everyone else is the devil while you are angels. Really madam Kapata. You are all politicians and are basically the same. The only difference between Lungu and HH is that Lungu has been given an opportunity and has failed to govern while HH is still crying for that opportunity. Maybe you have a direct line to god and can see what happens in the future but I personally think its hogwash. What I want to know is are you going to put more money in our pockets, lower taxes etc. like you promised 5 years ago. I suspect its another donchi kubeba. We are worse off now than we were 5 years ago and that’s a fact. Its not HH’s fault or Mmembes fault its PF’s fault and your fault.

  6. Well, look who is talking. From 2010 to 2013 the Post and PF were is what may be likened to a canine coital lock until the demise of one Mulena Mbumbe (king Cobra). Today they tell us HH has sold his soul and they believe Lungu is electable. Where people genuinely care about their future, Lungu would stand no chance. When you factor inflation, currency devaluation, police brutality, policy flip flopping, the closure of 2 national universities, the unprecedented rise in food prices and the regionalism that PF has presided over, you really have to be a sociopath with troubling levels of psychosis to believe that Lungu is electable as things stand.

    • No presidential candidate is really electable in Zambia today given the sectarian preferences at play, but someone will definitely be elected Republican president after August 11! What a conundrum..!

    • Ati……..Zambians had resolved to re-elect the Head of State because he had demonstrated that he can be trusted with the affairs of the State.

      Which Zambians have resolved to continue suffering under the incompetent and failed management of Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Who has agreed to enlist for a venture that will lead to.more mealie meal shortage, increased fuel and electricity costs, more beatings and harassment at markets by PF militias, worsening Kwacha rate, heightened inflation etc.

      PF kuyabebele……..

  7. Its okay. The zambians will choose their leader. Ms Kapata, if Zambians really love you and your party president, you need not worry about the so-called unholy alliance. But since you are spending alot of time discussing an unholy alliance, you leave me no choice but to conclude that you are very worried

  8. Coming from a PF insider,there could be some grain of truth especially when she says “…the power to run State affairs would yet again be in the wrong hands”- which confirms what people have been saying that Wynter and the Post were the ones that were running the government until Wynter was expelled and Lungu took over. Indeed people are quite suspicious of this alliance were Wynter and the Post who loathed HH so much have all of sudden become bedfellows!? What is likely to happen is that those who genuinely voted PF but are now disillusioned may just stay away but very unlikely to vote UPND, Rainbow nor Orange! However,the danger to PF is they neglected some of their strongholds like Luapula, wanting to please southerners who will never vote for them,so apathy in PF areas may lead…

    • ..continued…may lead to PF loosing the election! January 2015 should have opened their eyes to refocus their approach to keep the votes!

  9. HH is so desperate for power and now he is busy scheming with clowns like Mmembe and Kabimba what a shame….

    2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

    • Even me I am a very desperate voter. especially after queueing for three hours for animal feed just because the millers have not got enough mataba to gaya.

  10. Is Membe a lawyer? Whats this woman talking about him joining a team of lawyers. i thought Membe is a journalist????? Is she suffering from dementia

    • Do you pay attention . . .the man is ACCA accountant, journalist, Lawyer currently doing his masters he is way ahead of these thugs he is fighting.

    • @Chils
      Yes Mmembe is a lawyer I met him a few times at UNZA in 2003 when he was doing some evening classes….am not too sure if he cleared with ZIALE

      2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  11. it very unfortunate that the man we believed that can make a difference in this country’s politics is falling in the same trap that sata had to. any way who can trust these politicians. hh has no morals & can do anything just to God to plot 1. the married between mmembe & ichilema has disappointed alot of people who started having interest in ichilema because is a criminal who steals tax payers money.

    • @John what morols are talking about?You want to call Kabimba a kwak or a useless finished politicians after all the donkey work he did for PF and sata.Kabimba and Membe come up with PVT which saw RB out of office.Kabimba was the master planner of the current PF manifesto.PF and Lungu you have destroyed your selves by chasing away members and calling them names.So people are going to HH who is accommodating them.Bembas say kusunga imbwa maano .If you don’t have maano ila fyuka.

  12. There is no Alliance between HH, Kabimba and the post Owner of the post do not misled people opposition are just fighting the same cause you have to know HH is not like pf who went in to a cartel

    • What is unholy of removing an incompetent, corrupt and.useless government that has brought unprecedented suffering to Zambians?!

      Nay, it would be.most unholy to neglect forging.ties as happened when Russia and the West stood shoulder to shoulder to annihilate Nazi Hitler.

      Opposition unite and dislodge Lungu PF. Twachula pafula!

  13. On any given day Kabimba and Mmembe are far much better than your Jerabo sweetheart FAWAZ!!!!, By the way, have you finished paying what you owe him from the campaign financing he did for you????

    • @ Mwe Bantu
      They are trying to pay attention, however, they do not understand what it means to be admitted to the bar!!

    • I have a friend of mine who got an Agric Science degree (with Distinction) but sews dresses and conducts Yoga lessons for a living (never tendered even a vegetable garden at home!). The other one has multiple degrees (incl. professional qualifications) but makes a living inking his opinions on a scroll…

  14. Under this woman, Kapat and PF the tourism industry has recorded some of the lowest tourist numbers visiting the country. This sector is supposed to a major source of forex and employment for the country. But PF in their lazy corrupt ways just want to blame global prices of metals for the demise of the Zambian economy.

    Can you PF kaponyas explain why the tourist industry is in decline in Zambia while other countries have recorded improved numbers ?

  15. Every vote counts. Why should HH reject votes from M’membe or Wynter? If these guys had gone to PF to say sorry and that they would like to work with them, would Jean or her boss have refused? Who judged these to find them guilty?

  16. It’s better you shut up Ms Kapata, mealie meal price has gone up K150 per 25kg bag, un employment, load shading is worse, telling lies is the everyday speech of the president,projects are being terminated,university has been closed,the pf pillars has already left the part. To tell you the truth if pf will be in power again, this Country will be divided. This is not the pf we wanted. You are telling us nothing because we have already noticed what is happening in your leadership. President Sata’s leadership is totally different from Lungu.

  17. The die is cast and we have crossed the Rubicon. HH and Mmembe are planning to punish easterners and northerners. Please people don’t forget that Mmembe and the majority of people in UPND were the architects of Bemba / Chewa persecution in 2001 – 2008. The hatred the cartel has for these two ethic groups is gigantic. They are trying to use Dr Cansius Banda to get the Eastern vote but it is clear he will now not be given the Presidential running mate. For HH here is a proverb for you “No one gets a mouthful of food by picking between another person’s teeth”. ~Igbo Proverb

  18. TRUVADA+HH+MMEMBE=DEATH. I was wondering as to where TRUVADA KABIMBA was because all of a sudden he has become so loudly quite that one would think he is in a comma at mwanawasasa hospital kanshi he has joined hh. Mwanya bafikala nakabili tukamukolopa.

  19. If indeed “Zambians had resolved to re-elect the Head of State because he had demonstrated that he can be trusted with the affairs of the State”, then why are you panicking? Go home and enjoy your pop corns!

  20. …what is she trying to tell us or reveal to us…??…that in 2011 PF was supported by post on conditions…??…the problem when one has that fear with anxiety, they sweat all over…including the neck…arm pits…pants…..the sweat blinds you if not wiped off the forehead….

  21. Ms Kapata just shut up together with your paid up propagandists in favour of the political failures (PF). Only a fool can believe what you are saying. Otherwise, there is no life in Lungu and PF for Zambia anymore. Voting you guys in power again is selling off Zambia to our creditors we owe so much!!! Given another 5 years the value of our debt will be 5 times more than the national value of Zambian assets. You are running this country like you are not all Zambians but simply a party of investing politicians from outside!!

  22. Membe was not paying tax. HH sold our companies and pocketed our money. This is when HH has found a perfect friend. New Zambia railways, HP stations and raods will be sold if the pack is elected.

    • @ Assage

      Same old childish and unsubstantiated story time and time again……………….
      Try something ele which can be confirmed with factual evidence, High Court judgement in embezzlement case, mattress stuffed with millions of tax-payers Kwacha, hereditary squabbles over millions and millions of dollars…………………

  23. Comment:When it suits u Maddam kapata yo party can form an alliance with anyone regardless of thier standing in society.
    Who doesnt know that the Man who had pocketed money frm oil procceds is on yo side.We r talking abt RB here and some corrupt elements in the defecto mmd.
    What is good for goose is good for the gender.
    if Mmembe,gbm and Kabimba can bring in a difference why not accept them after all democracy is all abt numbers.
    Jst accept that pf is a failed project and the pipo to blame is us the electorate but we r gonna remedy this very very soon.

  24. Luck of integrity with these guys aspiring for the highest office should be a great concern my fellow countrymen. Memembe not too long ago exposed Gbm for some dubious deals and HH was against. Alas, today there are standing for each other in the courts of law.Is this the change you are expecting from HH?I was considering a vote for him but no, not him , i don’t know who is.

    • …tom….
      …when Frank Bwalya was in the dock for his chumbu mushyololwa case..GBM was side by side in the court room with FB….now its FB whose is the complainant against GBM…how about that…this is what the call POLITICS….you have to one to comprehend it my friend….just the other day..Kambwili and Frank Bwalya were sharing same platform despite that Radio phoenix altercation…

    • …by the way I left out Dora and Kaingu sharing the same table at the cabinet meetings with Kambwili….RB now hand in hand with Kabwili…the list is endless….if you can’t beat them just join them….

  25. Whoever has read a book ”The Godfather” by Mario Puzo will agree with me that Mmembe is the Don Colyone.He controls even the rich by crookery means. He has built his empire by hoodwinking the rich.He destroys them and thereafter they follow him and start begging him.He controls a lot of parties by manipulating them.Most political parties dance to his tune for them

  26. Whoever has read a book ”The Godfather” by Mario Puzo will agree with me that Mmembe is the Don Colyone.He controls even the rich by crookery means. He has built his empire by hoodwinking the rich.He destroys them and thereafter they follow him and start begging him.He controls a lot of parties by manipulating them.Most political parties dance to his tune for them to get coverage.

  27. ““Would one be surprised at this stage that Mr M’membe who aggressively demonized Mr Mwamba and branded the UPND a bantustan group is now politically flirting ….”. What about your Dora Siliya, Kaingu etc. Did they not insult HE MC Sata?

  28. Am sorry Fred Membe this time you will not cheat us you told us KK was a bandit he stole money we believed you then now you say he was a great leader….next you said Fred Chiluba had stolen billion only to say no it was just under 500,000…then came your LEVY despite the evident tribalism he was your Levy because it wa your play time….when he passed and you lost the key to number one you hounded RB out of office and brought your Michel…yaaaah…’within 90 days!’ but because you were eating it was okay….so now you hungry again you want to use us? To the point you eating with your sworn enemies…kkkkkk….we are going full speed ahead..you can remain with your family forest from one section of the land..afterall you called them Bantustan they have not forgotten…wait and see

  29. @Vizungu,
    It’s a conundrum indeed. However, on the balance of probabilities and risk management, I would vote Hakainde without any apologies. I am not convinced by the mud-slinging and accusations that have been relentlessly hurled at him and quite frankly, the PF has been a pain in the anal orifice when I consider how screwed up the Zambian economy has been from 2011. Their level of economic mismanagement is really similar to what we witnessed under Kaunda in the 1980s. This makes the electability conundrum less confounding for me.

    • @Warlord

      Well summed up……on.basis of probality and strategic analysis, Vote HH presents less loss likelihood than must fail PF Vote.

      PF have absolutely no moral ground given their alliance with RB, Dora Chisusu etc

  30. When Mmembe was supporting them and their late leader it was okay. Now because he is not supporting the new leadership at he is unholy. What hogwash!!! Lets be consistent and have some principles. Cadres here I understand but their leaders should be consistent and not change with the wind. Our politicians have shown the same lack of principles be it Lungu or HH. But Lungu on his part has presided over the collapse of our economy.

  31. Rubbish. You were happy to have a have conspiracy to blackout HH by your newspapers and ZNBC TV and Radio so that he is remotely head or not at all by Zambians. You are now finished and more so that the Post newspapers has never covered UPND like they are doing now. How can it be good for PF under SATA and be bad for HH, R/Bow and DF/OA to have same coverage as you did. Don’t be selfish you already have all the GOvt media on your side but still worried of just one newspapers. Ba PF Muza polomia pa 8/11 and you have already started. HH was smart to just apologize to the owner of the Post newspapers and now all hola.

    • HH missed Plot 1 by twenty thousand votes. Check this out:

      He had no.media coverage
      PF campaigned on sympathy vote of demise of Sata claiming.Lungu was Sata chisen successor and.would carry on the vision of lower taxes, more jobs and more money
      The economy was much stronger and everything was cheap

      BUT NOW:::

      Inflation has skyrocketed and dragged all prices to the sky
      The Kwacha is dead
      The economy has collapsed
      Corruption is on Stste House daily menu
      The Bemba vote for HH has increased 10,000 fold
      Lungu has abandoned Sata vision and embraced corrupt RB and Dora Siliya
      Lungu has sidelined and rejected true PF founders like Kaseba, G Scott, Sampa and.surrounded himself with Kaingu and other Sata haters.

      PF is gone, gone, gone!

  32. Would Jean Kapata have said the same things had Fred Meembe and Wynter Kabimba chosen to align themselves with the PF? The answer is a big NO. So it clearly shows that the PF are scared of the alliance because they know how powerful it is. The PF know that come August 11 they will kiss the dust. So Jean Kapata must just stop ranting because Zambians know what they want. No amount of badmouthing the alliance will deter the Zambian people from voting the PF out of power. For Jean Kapata to claim that Zambians love and will retain Edgar Lungu is wishful thinking. Just wait and see. Your political career dear Jean will come to an abrupt stop. You have stolen enough and the jail waits for you.

  33. Chikashana KAPATA waba ulupato,ZNBC ,TIMES OF ZAMBIA,DAILY MAIL are in your arm pits, where do you think the opposition will sale them selves,you deem yourselves to be holy yet kububifi mwapena
    prices for fuel,electricity,school fees,transport,basics have all tripled beyond measure
    nga ni violence,triblism,ulupato awe sure.
    Jeans isala amolu twapapata kapata

  34. Dear Jean Kapata

    No.party has ever won an election in Zambia with the Post on the opposite side.

    Go down memory lane.from the days of the Weekly Post in 1990/91.

    I rest my case…..suffice to assure you that you ba PF are gone, gone, gone!

  35. I don’t understand PF cadres, compare what Kapata says here and what is posted on the PF Facebook page. These people are really confused. Seriously!!!

    Wynter Kabimba Abandoned by Fred Mmembe
    The relationship between former Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Post Newspapers proprietor Fred Mmembe.
    This became apparent at the Post Awards(the Julia Chikamoneka) event, Fred Mmembe openly ignored his former erstwhile friend Wynter Kabimba.
    The former Justice Minister cut a lonely and pitiful figure as Mmembe was busy frolicking with his new best friend the UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema.

  36. Let them come in numbers with Thére evil intention we shall knock them down like David did to Goliath ,in the Name of our might God.evil people like HH and the other Will fall .zambians suffered alot to bring in the PF into gorvenment .we cant vote them out Just now too too soon.

    • The Lord is using HH Zambians from.PF corrupt suffering and.misery. PF is evil and corrupt just.like its symbol of.a.violent black clenched fist.

      We.plead the blood of Jesus on HH and UPND.

    • Mr real are Jesus.If you still swimming in the outdated tribal pond ,Zambians have moved own.We are in a latest one Zambia one better Economy for all.VIVA HH and fear not we all Zambians.

  37. Jean Kapata’s support for Lungu also has conditions. The moment PF loses, she’ll resign and join UPND. So what crap is this old cow saying?

  38. Not this time naimwe!! HH had his one chance in history. That was last January!!
    Parties in government in African democracy don’t lose, easily lose elections!
    Copy my name and hit me up after ireen mambilima has just announced Lungu’s name in August. Desparado don’t win you elections in Zambia, and that’s exactly what hh has gotten into with these guys.
    Y didn’t Sata leave Scott as acting president every time he ws away, y wasn’t m.Sampa appointed to full M., Y did he fire Kabimba, y did Sata asked lungu and Ngosa S. to follow up the zamcrop mis-deeds on behalf of poor Zedian peoples… Y did he put all his trust in an unknown individual from poor Chawama and not into Kaseba.. Y did he ring RB, yes RB of all the people to aid Lungu to holding to the machinery of power.

    • Pure UPND mentality…. Y are u changing names!? To try and fool smart bloggers on here into thinking ati there are loads of pro-hh peoples on here…
      Change the engine u using and not swapping user names…
      See how smart we play ball. Lets keep in touch til August, please ha…. Something or what ever your magoye name is…

  39. Gud that Kapata has indirectly confirmed that power is in wrong hands with Edgar. Your innuendos will take into the grave. Edgar cheated teachers that they wud receive salary increments by January when in fact it was a lie. Get it correct, you will live to regret.

    • Ati …………..the power to run State affairs would yet again be in the wrong hands!!!

      You mean it is in the wrong hands NOW????? !!!


      But we will give HH a chance to fix your f.uu.c.k.ups. You have failed to fix them!

  40. Gud that Kapata has indirectly confirmed that power is in wrong hands with Edgar. Your innuendos will take into the grave. Edgar cheated teachers that they wud receive salary increments by January when in fact it was a lie. Get it correct, you will live to regret. Watch this space, come 11th August. Let the cowards remain behind.

  41. Gud that Kapata has indirectly confirmed that power is in wrong hands with Edgar. Your innuendos will take you into the grave. Edgar cheated teachers that they wud receive salary increments by January when in fact it was a lie. Get it correct, you will live to regret. Watch this space, come 11th August. Let the cowards remain behind.

  42. This woman is completely saying the opposite of what is happening. The people of Zambia have resolved to kick out this group of thugs and thieves from government and are ready to usher in a new government which will have the welfare of the people at heart.
    Pansi PF Pansi!!!!!!

  43. I wonder what time this Katondo boys aka Emanuel Mwamba spends doing the work for which tax payers money is being spent? He has now resorted to using his wife to help him get adopted. I wonder!!!!


  45. @Mr real,Mr Kudos,Katondo boys & all PF supporters;Be rationally reminded that Zambians are not fools such that they can still envisage another five (5) years of your diabolical & pathetic rule.One need not to be a rocket scientist to appreciate your failed regime & backward way of governing!In most parts of Zambia today,one is at high risk of being intimidated & laughed at by the mentioning of PF & its leadership of abena Frank,Kambwili,Mumbi,Chama,Lungu,RB,Chikwanda,Kakoma-IG,Amos,Masumba,Musenge,Kampyongo,Dora,Kaingu & many others…its really a flea circus in Zambia under PF failed project & no normal futuristic adult will vote for this it under normal circumstances unless under the influence of drugs &/ or comatose!Ask Civil servants,farmers,students & business people;all are crying…


    • @indigo YONDO

      You are deliberately ignoring the truth that PF is in every respect a Satanic party. The dead founding leader’s symbol is a snake, meaning satan the devil is the god PF worships and models its behavior. Violence, lying, vindictive, murderous, malicious, hatred, drunkenness, immorality, cluelessness, destructiveness are the attributes that your party exhibits daily. Or don’t you see these things in your party?

  47. The same boring song of Satanist,Homosexual and tribe.We are dull we know what we want uyuwine Umutonga eyo tulefwaya.Abashi stone age politics.abash kalijo.seleni tubombeko maybe Zambia’s economy will be better.

    • Wait for campaigns to start and watch how your hh association with Satanism will play out. Poor Zambian voters(they are actually the majority) buy into such shyt, and they will hate your party at the ballot box.

  48. Jean kapata was a prostitute kudala and she was once reminded about her past in parliament..she went ballistic

  49. HH can enter into as many alliances with weak parties as he wishes but that wont win him the presidency!!IF MMD OR FDD CANNOT TEAM UP WITH HH (MOSTLY MMD) THEN ITS GAME OVER FOR HIM!!as for Fred M’membe or Wynter Kabimba,these are the most hated Zambians who cannot help hh win elections!!THIS IS 19HRS,GO ROUND TOWNS OR CITIES AND U SHALL FIND A LOT OF UNREAD TODAY’S POST NEWSPAPER!!!Zambians know who means well for them!!ALL PF M

    • You lie, the Post.sells more copies at a higher price than Daily Mail, Richard Sakala Nation,.Times of Zambia combined!

      Watch how HH UPND campaigns will spread like wild fire!

    • @mailo and both Post and HH do not pay their workers and when they do it is pea nuts. I am not sure your statistics about post selling more copies are recent because the biggest buyer is GRZ and has stopped buying the past paper.


  51. Pointless. If it’s just about being in an alliance then this will be helpful. Unfortunately none of those aligning with UPND bring any big game to the party.

  52. What happened to journalistic due diligence? Mmembe doesn’t care about that; he is more interested in persecuting the Bembas and easterners in our beloved country. Mmembe hates Rupiah Banda because this noble man from the east stopped the persecution of Bembas / Easterners in 2008. Tribes do have identities and some of these identities are quite positive for development. The bembas in ZAMBIA developed a culture of personal exceptionalism or excellence, and largely Bembas are born achievers. On the other hand, the HH and his group frown upon individual exceptionalism or excellence, and success is largely considered some kind of evil, with successful individuals treated as thieves. Unfortunately HH & Mmembe enjoy this narrative and every citizen in the north and east of Zambia should know…

  53. As for the people in the north and east of Zambia, please don’t have memories of jelly fish that forget after two seconds. Ok, between 2001 – 2008 you were lampooned, persecuted and treated like lepers because of Mmembe’s Post newspaper. Today Mmembe is in an alliance with HH, anyone with a brain (no matter how small) should know what this will entail on the Bemba and Eastern tribes of Zambia. Don’t forget the people that ill-treated Bembas and Easterners are with HH’s party as we speak. As the Election Day draws closer we shall repeat these facts for those that may have forgotten the perilous 8 years of the cartel government.



  55. Eddy thats my prayer. lungu should not adopt someone becoz he/she is a friend or relative he should respect voters by adopting real popular voters. The better the candidates the easier it will be for him to win.

  56. I wish someone from the post can come out and tell the truth that they have not gotten paid for the last seven months. Membe doesn’t like Ecl because right now he is paying ZRA millions in taxes that he had avoided and the guy refused to let him of the hook and there is still the DBZ issue. Kabimba is not even worth talking about

  57. Fred Mmembe will be in charge of the ministry of information and Broadcasting while Kabimba will take charge of Local government in HH’s cabinet after 11th August 2016. GBM vice President

  58. What about you sharing the bed with people who insulted Sata day and night? RB, Dora, Kaingu. Kabiyoko weule lyakantu!


  60. Dont even need to be an economist to see how Wrungu and his pf has messed up the economy,records her their at Laz the man we have entrusted with national resources is a conman and a thief. For HH And GBM we got eyes to see how rich they are by hardworking these are the type of leaders we need on 11 August unlike the clueless,visionless,brainless,useless,hopeless and a drunkard was taken from chawama bars and shed crocodiles tears to hoodwink the zambian masses that he is a humble man kanshi ninshi ni cipuputu ilekabofya.nonsense pf.

  61. At one time Pf was Sata, Kabimba and Mmembe but today, thank God for Edgar Lungu, the Party is all inclusive

    Let us give praise where it is due

    I know that I am annoying someone but I have no apologies

  62. Stil loading……. This very Jean Kapant kamwanashi, l really wonder if it has now turned to be a UPND spokesperson or something? Simply No news in here with this dirt pimpin lady. Next news please. But abash pf & viva HH & the A Team all de way towards 11.08.2016, l thank you people!

  63. No amount of hurt, bitterness and trbalism will remove PF from power. The rest of the country will never give Tongas an opportunity to run this country.

Comments are closed.

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