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FODEP calls on media not to publish hate speech

General News FODEP calls on media not to publish hate speech

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has called on the media to refrain from the publication of hate speech and other forms of language which may lead to violence.

And FODEP has observed that there is need for stakeholders to adjust their contributions to the electoral process of the country due to the amendment of the Constitution.

Speaking during the launch the Enhanced Citizen Participation in the 2016 General Elections at Cresta Golf View Hotel on Monday FODEP President Shepherd Chilombe said the media should maintain a high level of impartiality in their reporting as the country heads towards the elections.

“We equally call upon the media to maintain impartiality, refrain from publication of hate speech and other forms of language that may lead to violence especially as we approach the campaign,” he said.

He further called on President Lungu to preside over the vice with firmness, impartiality and soberness.

He said state institutions in the electoral process should develop proper risk assessment of political violence during elections so as to come up with mitigating measures adding that the vice is an Evil that needs to be rooted out of the country’s democracy.

And Chilombe said the 2016 general elections are poised to alter the way electoral business has been conducted hence his institution’s contributions would also change.

He said other stakeholders should do the same.

“With Constitutional amendments such as predetermination of election date, majoritarian electoral system, mayoral elections and Presidential running- mate among other new articles introduced FODEP believes that this will alter the way electoral business has been conducted. As such my institution’s contributions to the 2016 general elections will equally not be the same,” Mr Chilombe said.

He said that it was in the same vain that his organization intends to deploy 5,000 monitors across 96 Constituencies in 76 districts in all the ten Provinces.

He said that 3,276 Civic and Voter education facilitators would be trained in bid to help the citizenry make informed decisions during the 11th August, 2016 elections.

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  1. Haa this is fodep am shocked constructive speech unbiased different from what we were seeing or hearing in immediate past stay on course and guide the nation with a sober mind congratulations chilombe

  2. The media should blackout munkombwe kambwili lusambo frank bwalya Mumbi Phiri. Davies Chama seems to have repented a bit. Kikikikikikiki and some of the hate peddlers on ZWD and LT.

  3. Hate speech is propagated by the state-owned but PF-controlled ZNBC,Times of Zambia,and Zambia Daily Mail.
    FODEP should blame the ruling party for the current tension in the country.Even police brutality is instigated by the arrogant PF officials.

  4. In our quite moments we need to reflect on the direction our country has taken. We all have responsibilities to play to shape the future direction of our country. The media have a big role to play in shaping the correct values of integrity, competent leadership capable of building a strong economy where inflation will be at 5% or below! GDP growth rate of 10% and above! stable exchange rate! employment for most of our citizens. A country where everyone who is willing to work hard can realize their dream! Zambia is capable of being such a country if we want it! At the moment our direction is worrying!

  5. thank you FODEP for that guidance to the politicians.
    But let’s not be afraid, lets not generalise otherwise the message will not reach the target. let’s direct such comments on hate speech and twisted stories to the actual offenders, ie. The Post and Mmembe. It is not too long ago (barely three weeks in fact) when the Post in their editorial literary encouraged violence by opposition parties. No one condemned it and the were not arrested for that, and soon after we saw the alliance between Mmembe and the Post and an increased level of political violence and hate speech.
    Fodep must know that the Post are in dire straits and then only to survival is any means that can create chaos in this country. Mmembe seems to have found similar blood and DNA in HH.

  6. ….meant to say the alliance between mmembe and HH followed by increased levels of violence, as if two people had just realized that they possess similar DNA.

  7. This us a call to limit Freedom of Speech! It’s a good thing it’s not coming from PF or opposition and supporters would be halfway to The Hague..!

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