KALOMO District council will soon have a modern structure. In the picture is a new structure under construction.
KALOMO District council will soon have a modern structure. In the picture is a new structure under construction.

GOVERNMENT has upgraded two basic schools into secondary schools in Kalomo district Southern Province.

Kalomo District Commissioner Cosmas Chiiba said the upgrading of the two schools was done after the completion of the construction of the one by three classroom blocks.

Mr Chiiba said a sum of K450,000 was spent towards the for construction of teachers house and construction of one by three classroom blocks at two schools Choonga and Siachitema respectively.

He said the areas did not have a number of Secondary schools and the upgrading would enable of pupils to go to these schools.

“Choonga and Siachitema have now been upgraded into secondary schools following the construction of three more classrooms at two respective schools,” he said.

Mr Chiiba said apart from the construction of the schools the district had benefited from the government infrastructure development projects as the construction of phase two for the district hospital was expected to start soon.

He said Dimbwe and RR settlements were expected to be electrified under the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) programme.

He said the district would also benefit from the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) funds as they have been allocated with funds for the animal related businesses.

He said the funds would be allocated to the successful applicants in the next four months.

“CEEC has allocated funding for Kalomo and we were concluding tenders the allocation will be done in the next four months,” he said.

He said the e-voucher has recorded a lot of successes in the district as a number of farmers were now acquiring the National Registration Cards (NRC).

“A high number of farmers are happy with the e-voucher it is a success in Kalomo,” he said.

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    • @Mr Intelligent
      You can bet your last coin that this will be used for political campaigns by both sides… the ruling party and the opposition!


  1. Even if they upgrade two basic schools, how are they going to be able to afford paying teachers? The government seems to lack morals. They eat, feed them fat selves and children, send their children to expensive schools abroad. Those school fees alone for 20 children sent abroad can pay for upgrading our hospitals and education systems. But pure greed is in their blood and umutima! They have bought homes abroad, send their kids to universities and their kids live in those homes or they put the home up for rent. This is what politicians do with your tax money.



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