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Veteran Zambian rapper, MrVezzy returns to form with “Nichali Bobu”

Headlines Veteran Zambian rapper, MrVezzy returns to form with “Nichali Bobu”


mr veezy

Veteran Zambian rapper, Mr Vezzy returns to form with “Nichali Bobu” under a new alter ego, Black Vezzus.

Nichali Bobu is based on a popular Tonga catch phrase, “Nichali Bobu, Nichali Chibotu” direct translation, had it been that way, it would have been good. On this song Black Vezzus takes us through some of his wishes.

As one would expect, the song has a fair serving of political satire and the usual commentary on current social issues, ala ZESCO, Phrophets and ma award ya pa zed.

The album, The Black Vezzus Opus, is cooking. Stay tuned!

Listen to the song here:



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  1. I find making fun of other people’s religious leaders’ attire offensive. The reason such mischievous singers would have their head’s publicly cut off in the Islamic world. They have so much respect for religion. You don’t have to be their member but you need to have respect for other people.

    • Ati veteran musician…. that would be the most childish veteran ever. Zambia has so many idddyiots, how can a grown wear like that? Fi chibuku fya mu Chawama sometimes nafyo.. Pilato is better, because everybody can tell that he is a dobo smoker.

    • @Nostradamus
      don’t blame dobo or me, ,,,,, this is PF writing on Lusaka times where everything is inflated as veteran even when its small,, that’s why Guy Scot is not happy

    • There`s no such a thing as Zambian rapper, what we`ve is Zambia music. It`s not modernity to copy cultures from other countries at the expense of your own. In fact unpatriotic and an attitude of inferiority. You can use technology to improve Zambian /traditional music and not copy stuff that you don’t even understand. Nowadays in Zambia, we even hear of Salsa, can you imagine? And yet you don`t hear of Manchancha or kaonge in Cuba, Honduras or Colombia.

  2. Such songs only appeal to chaps who sag and strike serious pause with ka K10 to take out a girl for pizza !


  4. What kind of rapper has no swag of his own, worst still photo shopping the Popes picture is just lame and stupid.

  5. you are all entitled to your own opinion and it should be respected,what i have found common in most comments is ignorance and pure sarcasm,what do you mean there is no such thing as zambian rap music?just because it originated from america doesnt mean we cant enjoy it,you people are busy saying we need to original yet you are using english to insult a musician spreading positive message to the masses through his art,how ironic is that so much for originality,rap is about word play and telling stories and metaphors which is exactly what vezzy is doing and he is doing it in our language
    So tell me who is being original ?as zambians we are very good at destroying and dismissing than building and encouraging when a zambian raps in english we say needs to be authentic raps in our language…

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