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Compete with ideas,avoid confrontation- Prof Lumumba advises Zambian politicians

Headlines Compete with ideas,avoid confrontation- Prof Lumumba advises Zambian politicians

Professor Lumumba
Professor Lumumba

A Kenyan professor well known for championing the fight against corruption in Africa has advised Zambian politicians to compete with ideas and avoid confrontation as the country heads for the 11th August 2016 General elections.

Professor Lumumba noted with concern that most African politicians have prioritized character assassination at the expense of selling their ideas to the electorate for them to determine objectively which political party is capable of running the country in the manner that would improve their livelihood.

“Most politicians in Africa see politics as money making venture and a way of acquiring power to gain immunity from criminal processes. Politicians see elections as a life and death issue”, Professor Lumumba said.

He said most politicians are not transformational but transactional in thinking and are only interested in enriching themselves through public office the situation he said must be stopped.

“Zambian politicians must explain to the voters their ideologies and how they intend to better their living conditions when voted into power other than insulting each other. Politicians should focus on explaining how they will implement their ideas and policies and avoid personal attacks that can jeopardize the country’s security”, He said.

Meanwhile, Professor Lumumba has also urged young people in Zambia to be visionary and liberate themselves from the desire for material things and the inclination to reap from where they did not sow.

“Young people must not allow themselves to be used as tools of political violence as they have a generation to protect. Young people must endeavor to create a conducive environment that would allow them to participate in the development of the nation” Professor Lumumba said.

And commenting on the amended constitution that was assented to by President Edgar Lungu on 5th January 2016, Professor Lumumba who is also founder of the largest Law firm in Kenya and Director at the Kenya School of Law said the beauty about a constitution does not depend on how good the document is written but on how well it is implemented.

Professor Lumumba charged that Africa has become a graveyard of good constitutions that never benefit the people due to poor implementation and lack of political will by those in government.

“The problem is that Africa, Zambia inclusive has embraced corruption as a way of doing business and with those in government having made corruption to be more complicated white collar activity”, He said

Professor Lumumba has warned that at the level African countries have tolerated corruption coupled with political interference in the operations of corruption bodies, the continent will remain underdeveloped and will never stop borrowing from the international market as this remains the only survival and a lucrative business venture for those in power to make money.

Professor Lumumba was speaking in Kenya on March 10th 2016 when governance activist David Kapoma paid a courtesy call on him.

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    • Ba David Kapoma is an “attention seeker” who should be ignored. I have read some of his poorly researched articles on LT which sound like an undergraduate practicing how to write a thesis. Just come out in the open and join politics than hidding behind the title of governance fimo fimo.

  1. Honestly, this song has been sung quiet a million times but not every African leader is ready to be like Tanzania’s Magufuli. Most African leaders are born poor & raised by average families. When they get into power & realize how ‘sweet’ the luxury & monies are when one is in power, it’s over. So it’s the issue of mindsets among our leaders.

  2. Ba Sebenza because of people like you this country will go nowhere. Your deslike for Kapoma is not the issue here. I don’t know him but I think you should leave him alone. He is doing fine and YOU are just jourlous. PHD syndrome is your problem Sir.

  3. That is Professor Lumumba for you! Saying it as it is. An asset to Africa, though the corrupt do not see him as such.

  4. A constitution is just as good as its people. The SA constitution seems to work well because the south africans are alive to its provisions. Zambia might have a good constitution but if as citizens we don’t seek to utilise its provisions politicians will abuse it.
    For example what does it say about police brutality or abuse of power? We need to see a more proactive CSO movement to provide leadership to the citizenry instead of the current crop who are only interested in their bellies.

  5. A typical foolish *****, ba Sebenza. Exactly what Prof is saying about character assasination, your seem not to even understand what the Prof was saying but because of hatred of one David we all dont know. Africans will only be africans. Keep up the good work Proffesor.

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