Kafubu Water projects water deficit of 300, 000 litres per day by the year 2025


The water levels have since fallen exposing anti-vortex beams, which are not supposed to be above the water surface
Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company has projected water deficit of 300, 000 litres per day by the year 2025.

And Managing Director Athanasius Mwaba says there is need to develop a new water source as way of addressing the increase in water demand and avert water shortage due to the reduction of pumping as a result of the deteriorating poor water quality.

Mr Mwamba said there is need to develop a water source capable of producing at 400,000 litres par day.

” There is need to develop a new water source of good raw water quality capable of producing at least 400, 000 litres per day. We have culminated into proposed Kafulafuta water supply system project, with a projected supply capacity of 300, 000 litres per day,” Mwaba said.

” Kafulafuta dam is the most feasible and nearest surface water source for three towns; ( Ndola, Luanshya and Masaiti). The longer the project is delayed, the more difficult the implementation will be, due to the increasing number of settlers in the project areas and the costly the project would become.”

Meanwhile Chieftainess Malembeka on Monday went inquire from Mr Mwaba the progress being made on the construction of the Kafulafuta dam project were she was assured that works will commerce immediately the rain season ends.

” The kafulafuta dam contains good quantity and quality raw water as a source for potable water supply, the river being free of any contamination from urban development. The river, which has never dried up at the proposed dam site, supports abundant fish life throughout the year,” he told the traditional leader.

Mr Mwaba said the US$ 449 million project will mitigate a lot of operational problems that the company is faced with.

” Apart from being a good source of much needed proteins, fish is also a source of much needed income for the communities living around such water bodies. This will contribute to an improved quality of life for people living near the dam.”



  1. God has give us everything..we have water, fertile soils, plenty wildlife and minerals….why are we poor. The answer is PF. Frank Bwalya was in ZNBC claiming the mealie meal shortage is because UPND are buying large quantities to cause an artificial shortage. How can Edgar tolerate such nonsense. Kambwili and Frank Bwalya are key advisors to Edgar


    • Edgar can tolerate such nonsense because he is a clueless clown!

      Zero intelligence.

      Zero leadership.

      Zero common sense!

      How did Zambia end up with such rubbish in State House???? Are Zambians really so dull that they tolerate this idi.ot? What were they thinking when they voted for a PANGA PRESIDENT???



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