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Four bodies with private parts and ears missing picked in George compound


Police Spokesperson Charity Mungangaa
Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga

Police in Lusaka this morning picked up four male bodies with missing private parts and ears in George Compound near a place called The Paradise.

Two out of the four have been identified as Alex Zulu and Alias Phiri aged 21 and 18 years respectively both were last seen on 16th March 2016 around 18:00 Hours.

The bodies were discovered by members of the public and had multiple head injuries.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the deceased were dumped in the area after murdered from elsewhere.

The incident is suspected to have happened between 23:00 hours on 16th March and 06:00 hours 17th March 2016.

The bodies are lying at UTH mortuary.

Police spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda has confirmed.


  1. Weird! What do they use the ears for?

    I get the private parts, …..maybe as sex toys without batteries! Sorry……inappropriate. Zambia is getting to be like Mexico. It’s gangs, drugs…diplomats should not worry about Political system! Let’s hope police catch the group or person!

  2. This is terrible! Hope the Police have extracted some DNA from the crime scene as well as from the victims.

  3. Children of God pray without seizing in order to conquer the devil. This is election time so strange things will start happening. Do u remember in 2015 Those 21 school children who drowned in western province ? Number 1 suspect is hh bcoz of his shetanic ties. I know the truth hurts some of u will insult me for telling the truth

    • yes tell us the truth. how do u know it. or it is hear say that u are also hallucinating on, how truth is your truth.

  4. The Zambian government – our leadership and police does not care about such until one of their loved ones are killed. It is such a shame, a failure to manage the internal security of the nation. People survive by the grace of God. The police are in bed with criminals all over Africa except for a few countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda. Security is such a joke in Zambia, the police are dead corrupt, even if people called the police no one will answer the phone or they wouldnt have the means to reach you cause their bosses have taken the vehicles. Reform of the public service must become an election agenda. Nurses and teachers are not different, the attitude of public servants demands complete cleaning and changing – Performance contract might be the starting point

    • The Police move at lightening speed when it is to harass Edgar Lungu’s political opponents. I think Kanganja must go. We need the lady Cop back! These men who rise through ‘muzungu wanga’ like Kanganja will never deliver. The guy is busy working as ECL’s body guard.

  5. unfortunately this another perfect murder case…our police service have no capacity to arrest the culprits

  6. Very sad indeed. How can such a large number of people be murdered in this way?. Is there a common denominator among these people?. Something fishy here. The parts aspect could be a decoy.

  7. Totaly political sacrifice confirmed, prophecy revealed that there will be sacrifices by political satanists who are contesting elections on 11th. Our President please jack up year IG and his corrupt police men & women or just remove the IG and his lusaka commisioner of ZP, for lack of competence in thier duties this is too much. We don’t need a ZP spokes person to issue statements in this sad killing cases but the IG himself & tell the nation what next to avoid these killings.

  8. God will judge the killers and all what am asking you ba guy who saying hh be very careful. how do you know that its him???????,???????????? dont point someone have seen him per forming that? God is kind to lets be careful and use our energy of thinking pray for each other.One. day those things are happening under someone. good morning.

  9. its sad to see such happenings in our country.These pipo must reform their bad habits and refrain from murder involvements

  10. Comment: its so sad about wats happenin in our country of christians , and i think tht if these pepo r to b caught there punishment shuld b death too

  11. There is time for every thing.And it is my prayer that they wil pay fo the evil they have done.nothing that is hiden that shal not come out.

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