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Friday, February 21, 2020

Kalusha’s eligibility to contest FAZ polls questioned amid ACC investigation

General News Kalusha's eligibility to contest FAZ polls questioned amid ACC investigation

Kalusha Bwalya with ACC investigating officer Emmanuel Mwenge
Kalusha Bwalya with ACC investigating officer Emmanuel Mwenge

THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has been urged to make public its findings on the corruption allegations against Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Kalusha Bwalya before the forthcoming elective Annual General Meeting (AGM).

PK Sports Academy Executive Director Patrick Kasoka said Kalusha was one of the contenders for the FAZ top job and hence it was prudent for the ACC to make their findings public to clear the minds of football administers ahead of the AGM.

Speaking in an interview in Livingstone, Kasoka said the football fraternity would be voting with unclear conscious as long as the findings were not made public.

“From what we hear from reliable sources in Kalusha’s campaign team, the investigations by ACC are a mere courtesy.

“If the investigations are a mere courtesy, let ACC make this public so that we know the way forward,” Kasoka said.

He said it was is wrong the National Sports Council (NSC) Act number 10 sub section 3, 4, 5 and FAZ Constitution article 27 and 28 to have someone subjected to an election when he or she was under investigations.

“I would like to say that Kalusha’s eligibility to contest FAZ presidency raises a lot of questions.

“He is holding a public office and hence he should be subjected to the laws of the land such as the NSC Act number 10 sub section 3, 4, 5 and FAZ Constitution article 27 and 28,” he said.

Kasoka said Kalusha should withdraw from the FAZ president because he is facing serious allegations which are being investigated by ACC.

“Kalusha should have been suspended to allow for independent investigations. As Zambians and as Patrick Kasoka, I feel it is morally and legally wrong to have Kalusha to vie for public office now until when his case is closed.

“This is undermining the laws of the land. When one is under investigation, such person should be set aside,” he said.

Kasoka said as PK Sports Academy Executive Director, he wrote a letter to former ACC Director General over Kalusha’s probe before she resigned this year.

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  1. Kalusha is a corrupt administrator who thinks FAZ is his ATM. By now FAZ should be contributing to the economy of Zambia but instead they are a burden. No one knows where the monies received by FAZ goes. There is a lot of secrecy about their bankrupt finances while football at grassroots is dying in Zambia with the stars of tomorrow failing to show up. Lets face the future, kalushas legacy as a player is past and it’s time to move on, we need to develop football in Zambia.

    • Who said whatever clowns like iwe ka Spaka and your Tongas dream should be taken as gospel truth. Leave Great Kalu alone. This is just an allegation and you fools wish Kalu to resign over being reported to ACC. Nonsense!

    • that is PF and their kaponya supporters for you. As long as the one stealing and destroying structures is from one of their tribes they cheer them on. They see stealing corruption as essential.

    • Sleep hate, Dream hate, think hate, speak hate and people see hate in you. This is a danger of being in opposition, you tend to oppose anything that you come across. people, me inclusive want new progressive ideas at FAZ but it should not a valueless change. Fact, Kamanga and Kalu HATE each other and let us not be blind victims of their hate.

    • Shooter
      The state of FAZ and football in Zambia is our focus, not pipos squabbles.
      Right now FAZ is a mess with ticket and kit sales unaccounted for. All contracts to do with FAZ are done in South Africa, denying zambians work.

    • Football is corrupt and it will remain so. The main man other than kalu is kamanga and no one can dispute this. Also kamanga is not alone in his camp. There are very corrupt people who can only make money out of football in their life and they are backing him. Do you think these people will keep their dirty hands away from FAZ coffers? Kamanga can be stinking rich but he will use his hard earned money to give these people pushing for his election instead Gate takings money will be their rewards.

  2. Why should corrupt people be allowed in an election? If the man is innocent let that come from ACC, Councillors be wary of such characters who lack moral conscious

    • What moral character naimwe – – -He has been reported to ACC so what! . . .is he guilty of anything!

    • New FIFA & CAF spokesman

      ati ”He has been reported to ACC so what! . . .is he guilty of anything!”

      dont you PF kaponyas see anything wrong with stealing ?

  3. What corruption are you talking about? If I borrow money from a friend at place of work, is it corruption? definitely NOT. Do not bring Tribalism here? keep your Bantu Botatwe thing out of football……Leave football out of this tribal grouping thing. Why do you always look at names instead of capacity. For years you failed to bring Africa cup with previous presidents. Kalusha got it for you but still you cannot appreciate. With that kind of behaviour you will remain in opposition both in football and politics for ever.

    • ati bring africa cup……

      That is his job, that is why we have being paying him. What happened after he brought africa cup, we went straight to the bottom.
      Has he ever guided us to the world cup ? because he is being paid to do that ?
      Instead FAZ is a mess while it should be a self sustaining entity. Corruption if at every level in FAZ. Ticket sales are stolen, kit sales are stolen, every thing to do with FAZ is contracted out to SA where kalu is based, denying Zambians of work.

      It not about tribe, FAZ belongs to all Zambians, not only to thieves.

    • Borrrow money in your name and dont use the name of FAZ.What he said was.Iquote:”Yali ninkogole lilya kwali impika nabena Lupiya elyo nakongwele ukwafwilisha FAZ”end of quote.The question that begs an answer is was the money paid into FAZ coffiers?If NOT who received the money?Your guess is as good as mine.
      This thing about 2012 you cant use that to perpetuate wamuyaya.That is why God decided that linving things mus die so that there is room for new ideas with new borns sha!

  4. Mind you, he is about to lose his position at fifa because of the same corruption allegations. If he is found wanting before the committee that is investigating him, then ninshi jisobano jamana.

  5. These are the id1ot supporters of that miscreant Andrew K and his gay friend Sims who are always in the habit of bringing confusion to the beautiful game. They are on a fishing expedition.
    Spaka Like Lilo, don’t bring your useless UPND tribalism to the beautiful game iwe kapoli

    • FAZ is for every Zambian regardless of tribe or political party. It is not only for thieves and plunderers….every Zambian has the right to demand accountability and progression in FAZ and zambian football.

      These are the same pipo sharing the plunder at FAZ with Kalusha. They are against accountability.

  6. Listen People,Andrew Kamanga is too scared to lose to Kalu at the AGM that’s why he even had to write to Fifa over the investigation of the 80,000 USD. Do not play around with matters to do with FAZ or else fifa will suspend Zambia from all football activities if government or any institutions start interfering. By the way is this the same corrupt Andrew Kamanga who was fired from Zambezi Portland and as chairman of power dynamos FC? And you think he is the saviour??????

    • where are the recites ? why has the money been a secret after reaching his personal account ? why did he not use a FAZ account ? this like Chiluba using personal accounts to embezzle public funds.

    • @Chintu Andrew was never chairman of Power Dynamos he was a committee member.get your facts right before you show your ignorance.At Zambezi Portland,he left because there was a wrangle between Mahtani and the the Ventrigrilias on ownership.Andrew was a receiver.UBUFI!

    • Kalu’s time will come to an end one day soon,Just like FIFA blatter just at a time he thought he was safe USA brought him down,like an eagle struck with the Air gun.This issue has nothing with UPND or PF.Its about Kalu’s personality.

  7. For those of you expressing gross ignorance by claiming that Kalusha is corrupt or is ineligible to contest FAZ election , kindly be enlightened that FAZ is a very autonomous body and its business does not fall under the jurisdiction of any other body apart from FIFA. The ACC or any other government entity has no powers to probe the FA chief irrespective of the gravity of allegation levelled against it’s officials . Secondly, Coming to the case itself -the money he obtained to fund Chipolopolo activities. It is fully proven beyond any doubts that Kalusha had to source for funds to help the team meet the 2012 Africa cup qualifiers after RB abruptly withdrew funding because he wanted his relative Kamanga to take over as FAZ chief. As contained in the emails released to the media ,Kalusha…

    • “Kindly be enlightened that FAZ is a very autonomous body and its business does not fall under the jurisdiction of any other body apart from FIFA”
      What a load of nonsense?
      That’s the same crappy stuff we used to hear from Sepp Blatter regarding FIFA. Where is he? So to you Mr Luapula Premier, if FAZ can’t honour it’s tax obligations, then ZRA shouldn’t query them because they (FAZ) are an autonomous body?

    • not that i support kamanga but did Jose morinhio play any football despite being one of the best managers ever, just asking.

    • This is the brainless type of caliber of people who vote at Faz GM with such small miniature brains…do you have to be a former footballer to be manager? Jose Mourinhino was a translator look at him and his trophies!

  8. Zambians what accountability and progress in FAZ. FAZ belongs to all Zambians not to a cartel of thieves who have been lavishly stealing with impunity thinking FAZ is their company.

    Zambians demand and want to see football progress and need open accounts of FAZ incomes.
    Why the secrecy ? is FAZ a secret body ?

  9. The Galu supported the corrupt Blatter through thick and thin…thsts more than enough to kick this rat out. We all know the utterly corrupt Galu would be homeless without the Faz gravy train that feeds his wifes marketing company.

    • Bukala bobe namazai iwe. Just continue with your useless job of cleaning old peoples poo whilst we swim in millions

  10. Kalu is a great guy. The only one so far in Zambia to enter the hall of fame. I remember that Kabwe Warriors were a great team and always in the supper league before Andrew Kamanga took over as Chairman. Kabwe Warriors remained there with Andrwe Kamanga as Chairman and only came out of that league when Kamanga left.
    There is a lot known about Kalu in terms of football. I need to know what is great about Andrew as far as football is concerned.

  11. The difference between Kalusha and Young and ambitious misguided Kamanga is like heaven and earth.
    look Kamanga is parakeeting the desires of his silent handlers ( Nenani, Ponga and the like) who are in fact not Kalusha’s peers. Kalusha’s friend is / was Nenani’s elder brother James and the American based Zambian journalist Jay Mwamba ( who followed Kalusha everywhere he went).
    It maybe true that Nenani may feel Kalusha’s success is indebted to his father ( RB) who personally made the transaction to have Kalusha go overseas and he received a com.

  12. Why do some pipo always bring in issues of tribe? Kalusha is being investigated, the question which is begging an answer is whether he is eligible to contest the FAZ presidency.

    The man has quoted the FAZ and NSC constitution. So I expect the people with a contrary view also to quote any constitution in line with the subject at hand.

    I dont see any tribalism here but again the bible says the mouth speaks from the fullness of the heart.

  13. Frankly speaking,let Kalusha Bwalya rest mwebantu!The problem with you Zambians is when a person is talented at some thing or simply achieves some thing at national level,you think he/she able to lead a nation and become an idol to you even if that particular person has no leadership quality.Without favour,sport in Zambia has become sour due to the same Bwalya K’s corrupt mind.If you Zambians kicked out an innocent coach Renald,after seeing that he had left with nothing more to take the Zambian sport forward, what more with Kalwisha mwebantu who even has charges of corruption?Mukwai lekeeni bambi batwaleeko Sport mu caalo ceesu pantaanshi, it is enough with Kalwisha Bwalya there people out there with good ideas,leadership qualities and zeal for our great Nation’s sport.Ba Bwalya,…

  14. The man has no morals. Great footballer but definitely corrupt and a bad administrator. Those of you who worship humans continue but I refuse to praise a guy who is mismanaging our football just because on the pitch he was one of our greatest.

  15. The case now has reached Fifa Bribery Committee. Let’s wait and see and prevails. Kalu is a corrupt element. Me am a bemba but I don’t condone corruption.


    • It’s not about tribe or party you PF hule.
      It’s about being investigated for alleged corruption at FAZ and at FIFA and the missmangment of FAZ.

  17. What is it with people monopolising jobs until they drop dead or get forced out by a scandal? Our ‘greatest’ is hanging on. My greatest remains Mohammed Ali… Moving on.

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