President Lungu addressing Journalists at the airport
President Lungu addressing Journalists at the airport

President Edgar Lungu has cherished the bilateral relations that have grown between Zambia and Mozambique.

President Lungu called for further strides between the two countries for the improvement of the political, socio-economic status, peace and stability for their people.
The President was speaking last evening during a dinner hosted for him by his Mozambican host counterpart, President Jacinto Filipe Nyusi at Ponta Vermelha State House.

President Lungu said there is significant potential for both Zambia and Mozambique to capitalise on regional markets and strengthen their respective economies through various economic frameworks that encourage regional integration.

“I believe that our countries will continue to transform economically as the prospects of success are and that, together, we can find solutions,” he added.

President Lungu said that at the continental and global levels, the two countries need to speak with one voice at various fora.

He noted that the two countries have maintained close relations underpinned by the Southern African Development Community (SADC), African Union (AU), United Nations (UN) and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

President Lungu further called for reforms at the heart of the United Nations’ agenda in order to for the two countries to effectively implement the Agenda 2063.

The Head of State said it is unfortunate that while 70 per cent of issues discussed at the UN are on Africa, African is not permanently represented in the key decision-making processes on issues that concern the continent.

He observed that the reform of the UN Security Council to include Africa is urgently required in order for African countries to effectively contribute towards global challenges.

And Mozambican President, Jacinto Filipe Nyusi said Zambia and Mozambique need to graduate from excellent political and diplomatic relations to a deeper socio-economic cooperation.

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  1. President Lungu has maintained good international relations with neighbouring countries and made new ones with countries like Korea(!). We can sleep with both eyes shut and not worry about attacks. Others will run to the west to sell us!!

    Smart people person us our President.



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