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I’m patiently waiting to get into State House, there is only a few months-HH

Headlines I'm patiently waiting to get into State House, there is only a...

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for national Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has said that he is patiently waiting for August 11 2016 to get to the office of the President.

Mr. Hichilema has also urged Zambians to persevere with what they are going through saying things will be well after August 11th polls.

He noted that there is only a few months left before August 11th, thus the people of Zambia should keep their resolve citing that there is no need to fear or be intimidated.

Mr. Hichilema added that he is hopeful that Zambians will not make the same mistake they made during the January 2015 elections but is confident that they will give him an opportunity to get to State House, adding that the Patriotic Front should start preparing itself to leave government come august 11 2016.

And the UPND leader has that PF has been working hard to de-campaign themselves among the youths by taking away meal allowances from students without warning at a time of rising food prices and diminished job prospects.

In an official statement released to the media, the UPND leader said that the actions of PF appear to alienate them from a large body of new voters.

Below is the full statement


The PF Threat to Our Youth

To any sane observer it must seem that in the past fortnight the PF has been working hard to decampaign itself among the youth, first taking away meal allowances from students without warning at a time of rising food prices and diminished job prospects, and then just a few days later failing to act after UPND youth supporters were attacked by PF cadres in broad daylight during Youth Day celebrations.

These actions, that appear to alienate a large body of new voters, have even left some wondering whether the PF has already resigned itself to its fate on 11 August 2016 and are now simply enjoying their last weeks in office without much regard to what the people think. In the UPND, however, we are increasingly concerned that there is something darker and altogether more worrying going on here – a serious and concerted attempt to intimidate, disenfranchise and disillusion young Zambians.

This follows from past PF behaviour, which has become increasingly intolerant of opposing voices over the past five years, particularly under President Lungu’s premiership. Whether it’s opposition politicians or popular musicians, the PF has been willing to try locking people up in order to stem the public criticism of their track record in office, while at the same time continuing on its endless campaign of by-elections and expansion of the size of Cabinet so they can tempt sitting MPs over to government benches.

This is all directly working against any talk of empowerment by the PF. In our mind youth empowerment requires the free and open flow of information, it requires good role models in leadership positions, and it requires serious resources be made available and distributed without favour based on political allegiance. These are all things we are ready to commit to in Government as UPND.

My message to you as this week comes to a close is that the violence last weekend was abhorrent and we must continue to call for justice, but as we do so we must not be blind to these more subtle, but nevertheless deeply concerning, trends. It is very important that between now and 11 August 2016 we all become Ambassadors for Change and Peace and remind friends and family that their vote can and will make a difference, that there is a better way for Zambia and finally that there is hope for us all, particularly our youths who have all of life’s rich journey ahead of them.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President


  1. Keep on dreaming Hichilema. It’s your right. But many of us won’t vote for you. No Under 5s allowed in state house.

    • Many of us will vote HH! HH is winning in the first round. He is the only hope Zambians have. why would anyone vote anyone else? The current govt can not do anythings – whatever they do gets messed up. Maize, Exchange rate, Students, fuel everything is messed up. Cost of living is very high too. All the PF knows is violence and hate.

      PF’s last day in power is 11 August! Thereafter we will have a decent govt run by HH!

    • But it’s good your statement sounds sober and well thought out for the first time. If only you had started like this 4 elections ago. Good luck as you retire after August.

    • @Kudos, I still don’t understand why you PF keep skulls of your victims. Can’t you leave them rest in peace? Maybe you will finally bury them on 12th August?

    • “To any sane observer”……..honestly speaking, how does one begin an official statement by insulting the intelligence of people with a divergent view? I can hardly wait for August 11th…….am voting PF & ECL.

    • @Nostradamus
      am still shocked,,,,my friend! you and me we have gone through thick and thin together, but why was I not invited ku farewell for your cousin Mulenga Sata who moving from bana Dalitso`s kitchen to Lusaka province minister

    • look beyond just going to state house. somebody promised us heaven in 90 days only to see hell on earth within the same period. HH is so obsessed with sate house that’s why he is welcoming even thieves to once holy party. lay your corrupt free, theft free and violent free legacy foundation now. Otherwise you could be worse than the PF and MMD regimes combined.

    • I haven’t read where HH said ” I’m patiently waiting to get into
      State House, there is only a few months”. Did I miss something? LT reporting is somehow tainted with PF lies.

    • Iwe chi kudos you are a ghost only left with a perishing skeleton of the head, iso we don’t expect you to say anything good about a living person like HH.

    • ” … Mr. Hichilema added that he is hopeful that Zambians will not make the same mistake they made during the January 2015 elections but is confident that they will give him an opportunity to get to State House …”

      Who told you that the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise made a mistake by voting ECL into office. That statement simply shows that you loathe the same people you want to lead. What happens once you have the instruments of power? Loathe them even more so.

      Listen, the smart people of this Enterprise are so smart that they will never allow you to lead them. Wake up and smell the coffee … Vote ECL, ladies and gentlemen!

    • Hichilema said and I quote, ” … which has become increasingly intolerant of opposing voices over the past five years, particularly under President Lungu’s premiership.” Premiership?!!!! Oh my goodness!!!

      These are called political gaffes, faux pas, solecisms … CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC, etc political pundits would have devoured him alive for not understanding our system of government and yet wanting to be leader of the same.

      Hey HH! We don’t have a premiership here. The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise elect a CEO who presides over their affairs in the presidency!! He is called a President not Premier … big difference, got it?

    • br mumba
      I don’t think you live in Zambia.Things are hard here we warned the fools all we saw were new housing complexes being built by kabovas,expensive cars being driven by kabovas.Since you are not in Zambia let me put you in the know.Today when you see an expensive car on the road it is either being driven by a PF Kabova or their corrupt colleagues the Chinese.When you see a corolla that is a Zambian for you.Not to add when you see an expensive complex coming up it is either a PF Kabova or a Chinese.

    • @BRB R Mumba, Sr ..unless there is a different definition of being smart but surely how can someone whose salary is delayed every month, can’t buy fuel and mealie meal because of shortages, is load she’d 12 or more a days and has seen inflation rise 300% honestly vote for Visionless Edgar. No that would not be smart

    • @Obatala Lungu Shedding Jameson Whiskey …

      That’s why you guys are losing again … your analysis has led to paralysis and you think you can use trigonometry to figure out the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise. Dream on, Pal … dream on!

      Come August 12, 2016 HH will be entered in the genis book of world records as the only Zambian to have lost the presidency 5 times in a row. God speed, Pal! God Speed!

    • @ B R Mumba, Sr

      You are either integral part of the most corrupt and incompetent regime Zambia has ever seen, or absolute laying SOB
      Which one you are?

    • You may not know how many are voting for this or that candidate, but you definitely know who you will vote for. Just say I ll not vote for you . I am sure that you only have one voters card. Good day kudos.

    • Kudos its you dreaming.stop underrating HH who only lost to Lungu by 1%after twodays of voting in Muchinga,which was riging in itself.HH will win like Kamanga in FAZ.Kalu overarted himself and did not do his ground work so well.The believe by PF that Bembas will vote for PF is a pipe dream because 2016 election are not about tribe but the economy.Hh is the chosen and no amount of physical effort will stop this to happen.HH is guided by the holly spirit many suffering souls from a criminal organization called Pf headed by Lungu Chakolwa,Kadansa an bwelakale ku chawama.

    • Very sober statement. Any sane blogger will realize that the headline is misleading. HH is a very modest man and would not say he is patiently waiting to get to 1 independence avenue.

      Read the statement!

      Horny Chipuba Kabilibili, Bsc ( CopperMountain), Msc ( Mpatamatu )
      Global Spokesperson


      Over my dead body … your HH will never be President and CEO of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise under my watch!! Just wait until August 12, 2016 … he will be entered in the genis book of world records as the only Zambian to have lost the presidency 5 years in a row.

      The smart people of our enterprise can never be illusioned in an ignis fatuus to elect HH for high office. I trust their judgment and the real king makers are not the diplomats either, we the people are!

      So, come August 12, 2016 … let’s revisit this. ECL will be President not HH … I trust the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise and they have never let me down even if that meant voting my UNIP out of office.

    • B R Mumba, Sr

      Please prepare to die……if God says yes, who says No?!

      HH, the hour to deliver us from debt, corruption, gross incompetence, thugs, tribalism and plunder is here!

    • @Salamat …

      Can you listen to yourself for a second? Ati “… Please prepare to die”!!! Die for what, or from what??!! This is not the Islamic Caliphate, man. We don’t talk like that in Zambia. We don’t wish death on anyone for that matter …

      We wish everyone God speed!! Furthermore, God has not said HH is going to be president, so don’t even use God’s name in vain baba! What you need to be prepared for is the declaration of HH in the genis book of world records as the only Zambian to have lost the presidency 5 years in a row.

      God speed to you and your family!! Live Long & Prosper …

    • @B R Munba Sr.
      LOL. The fact that you have FAILED to debate on the pertinent points raised in the published full official statement those theme is ‘The PF Threat To Our Youth’ is confirmation that the points are undeniable. Period.

    • @Cactus …

      You may have well written this article for all I know with the intent to rubble rouse based on the Youth, violence, etc. but the devil is always in the details, my friend. I am way too advanced to be myopic and I am not oblivious to media intent.

      For crying out loud, come clean for once but the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise keep beating your candidate as well as show your types that the elites don’t run this country, the diplomats don’t run this country, the media does not run this country … we the people do!!

      Carry on and God speed! HH is just about to enter the genis book of world records as ECL gets the mandate for the next 5 years. Live Long & Prosper … Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us!!

    • @R. B. Mumba Sr.
      LOL, Not only have you FAILED to debate objectively and on topic, I note that you went to the extent of quoting the misleading preamble made by LT spin Doctors – @1.14 R B Mumba Sr.
      ” … Mr. Hichilema added that he is hopeful that Zambians will not make the same mistake they made during the January 2015 elections but is confident that they will give him an opportunity to get to State House …”
      when you could clearly see that it is NOT in the full statement published. And now you say that you are ‘way too advanced to be myopic and you are not oblivious to media intent’? Seriously? How do you define advanced? Don’t you see contradiction in your words and deeds?
      Stay on topic i.e. what can you and me do as responsible adults to remove this atmosphere that promotes Youth…

    • @Cactus..

      Ati … stay on topic, yaba!! Which topic the one that is resonating in your brain … HH to make history to become the first Zambian to be entered in the genis book of world records for having lost the presidency 5 times!!!???

      That’s a great top … I will stay on that not the one you concocted about youth violence just to some intellectual. But if you want that topic bring it on!

      GBM training youth militia with pending court cases as VP of UPND.

      Rounds of amno
      And you want to pretend HH was not part of the gambit!!? Give me a break!! Who is perpetrating youth violence? ECL or HH’s party with exhibits at the court?

    • Ba BR Mumba Its Guinness Book of Records PLEASE twapapata ! Unless there is a book of records for the PF we dont know about

    • @B R Mumba Sr.
      I concocted up the subject of Youth violence? Are we reading the same Article? I quote HH from the statement. “…My message to you as this week comes to a close is that the violence last weekend was abhorrent and we must continue to call for justice..” Now Which part of this statement don’t you understand?
      Mulumendo, its very obvious iwe wiminine pa musalula, pa kalilo, nobonaushi epela. Tawafundwa nakalya.
      I am a concerned parent of young adults. I see vulnerable young people misled by adults like you into fighting and injuring each other, even killing each other. And you ask what violence??
      I mistook you to be a rational person. My mistake. Ala ulubuli fiko. I am done.

    • We do not need self appointing people, but God given leaders. HH is so self centered that he forgets that he should seek God first before self. He is doomed to fail because he has turned himself into a small idol. In him there sits a big dictator.

  2. Hehehe. This chap is a dreamer.He has developed insomnia, he can’t sleep knowing that this is the end of his political career.


    • Corrupt leaders have left PF to Join UPND so why should I vote for UPND as if Iam blind. PF is now much much beter party to vote this year. I will vote for Lungu period!!

  4. Comment: you can’t play such kind of pschology on me. Am also educated. Honestly speaking, ECL is mature leader and full of wisdom and i think will carry the day. Remember abakali tabalanda landa. Mind you i have witnessed hardships in zambia since i was young but now am grown up and have not died. Even this time we will pull through as a country with ECL at the helm beacuse he is not the one who has manufactured the problems am facing as a citizen. Therefore i will remain focused.

    • Well, continue in your hardship kaili muna jaila! Not all of us are of your pwalala mindset. You only live once and everyone deserves to have the best of it. With hard work, of course, and opportunity provided.

    • KC which abakali when they have failed to control a simple Kabunga price.Lungu is rabish.which jobs is he creating apart his of his only Job which is akabotolo and boking siliya.He is even bosting ati kaili vi ba bemba will vote for me even if I have no vision because they don’t like Tongas.Lungu will be shocked iam bemba but I cant put my children in poverty and debt because of tribe.HH is winning nothing will stop him.

    • All self proclaimed prophets are bound to fail. So is your silly HH. Poverty is not one man solution and there varying factor that cause poverty. Lungu did not cause it. When you take a look around you will see that the world economy is in some negative shift and countries like Zambia are on the receiving end. This is not Lungu or PF. If your HH was a true economist, he was going to be telling you the truth, but because all he wants is power, he has chosen to mislead you. Unfortunately you are so brainwashed to an extent that you no longer use your God given intelligence, but that seen through the small brain of HH. HH will not win this election. Period.

  5. Uyu wine eyukakontolola fintu. Pf has messed up the economy within a short time they have been in power. They borrow huge amounts of money but very little of it benefit zambians..8/11 kuuyabebele.

    • Patriot, never mind these arrogant UPND supporters. They are not using the roads and they don’t see the benefits of connecting a country! They have deliberately developed myopia! VIVA PF, VIVA ECL!

  6. How many youths are at UNZA and CBU naimwe. Compare that figure with youth marketeers. As usual no solutions just waiting patiently to get into statehouse. If you do then what. Thats what we want to hear. Give timelines of how you will achieve what you intend to do. Not just waiting patiently.

  7. @ KC well said. Hardships dont kill instead you overcome them.Zambians have just become lazy expecting manna from heaven. Even in the US hardships are there. Just work hard.

    • Work hard with opportunity provided! You also have a pwalala mindset! Used to hardships indeed?!? Nobody should be used to hardships unless ndiwe opwalala.

  8. Comment: amano mabulwa, you sound as if you are not a zambian. Which corrupt people are you reffering to. You mean UPND is not corrupt? Dont you think that holding on to presidency of the party without being subjected to a convention is tantamount to corruption?

  9. It is not as easy as you sound. Am not voting for just as well as my entire family, friends and church members because we cant trust you with your fellow tribe.

  10. which state house boss,are you commanding or I should remind you that you have to go through some kind of a test which you have failed 4 times,and from my analysis it’s like you are not mature yet.you mean to say you can’t read the atmosphere.anyway dreaming is free,enjoy your dreams.

  11. HH is in it for surprise again. No sane person can vote for HH even his workers are warning their families not to vote for him. Things could be bad but UPND is certainly not the solution on this one. HH should offer solutions and not criticisms everyday. Ba Sata destroyed our economy completely, he completely depleted the reserves he inherited. What we are going through are the after effects of his mismanagement. ECL is trying hard to make things better.

    • Lungu has been part of Satas GRZ, he has not stopped borrowing.

      Come August, Zambians shall be emancipated from this missmangment and mediocracy.

    • We’ll noted @lazi, HE Lungu is trapped between negative image of last Leader and bad economy. Personally, he’s done no wrong, has worked diligently to keep things in line.

  12. He can’t win a presidential election in Zambia! Wait for full fledged election campaigns to begin…
    I’m just not comfortable my friends being told that they will be sorted out by UPND supporters because they are Bemba when hh wins.
    That’s scarely

    • Belinda this tribe song its outdated try another gimic.The youth from inter mariages are many and are feeling the heat of joblessness.This will be the game changer mwaba kote remain with your tribes.Hh e program come 2016.

  13. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of confidence, but I just hope he’s not being c0cky and overconfident. I hope they are putting in enough ground game and unprecedented grassroots campaign. Knowing the Zambian electorates, they are easily bribed by alcohol and overnight Nshima.

    It’s easy to predict the mood and voting patterns of the urban folks in Lusaka and C/belt but those in Mporokoso and Shang’ombo, no one knows how they will vote and these are the folks who vote in numbers. And then there’s is potential rigging of elections by the govt.

    They need to crunch real numbers and not just via a computer software while sitting in an air conditioned room in Lusaka.

  14. The chap has time to cheat himself that he can ever rule Zambia.. the nearest he got to state house was when PF had wrangles in January 2015… while him was busy campaigning… this time he’ll be shocked….

    • I will vote for pf period. Can imagine being ruled by likes of gbm and hh. All frustrated politicians are heading to update.

  15. Comment: it is wrong to suggest that when ‘he assumes presidency’ ‘my suffering ‘ will stop? My soon coming Saviour, JESUS CHRIST, tells me that in this world i will face suffering but i should not panic because He has overcome the world. John 16:33. Who are you to tell me that when my suffering will stop. On this one you got it all wrong and i do not think you are sincere and honest with yourself.

  16. if really God has said yes, you are going to rule us in august, remember God doesn’t allow his pipo to suffer and leadership is from God. He didn’t cry for it, but was chosen, he lifts up the humble and brings down the pride, so be careful with the so called money, we don’t envy for money, but peace and kindness. We have experienced victimization in the offices were we work, what if you win, then we are finished by so called………

  17. The dirty PF tribalists are so desperate to spread tribal hate.
    But one thing they can’t control is that the suffering faced by zambians knows no tribe.

    After dragging us to the IMF with $10 billion owed, Cholera, 23% inflation, meal and fuel shortages, joblessness and corruption are there for the all the electorate to decide.

    Come August, Zambia shall be free.

    • Who doesn’t go through hardship in Zambia, or hasn’t experienced hardship?? With your blinded hope, you seem to assume that hh will make Zambia heaven on 12 August… With his tainted hands and known satanic vices… I doubt bashi mine & the majority Christians will vote for UPND.

  18. Better post press statements only (without your wobbling).Your wobbling distorts the content in press statements.

  19. So HH, your craving is for State House and not the uplifts of the Zambian people? Seek that office for better and productive reasons. BTW your Vice President GBM speaks of settling scores, wrong ambition for wrong reasons.

  20. My family and I are PF members for life and we are all voting for President Lungu and PF. We have just started seeing the fruits of the sweat of PF and this Satanist think he can hijack it? HH stop cheating yourself that you will ever be Republican President. Infact it’s it’s to start preparing retirement from politics come 11 August 2016.
    Do you have a slightest clue of what PF has done in only 4 years and yet you all you say is just rhetoric and you think people are dull hey.

    • Yes we know what they have done. They have inflicted 23 % inflation from 7%, they have put us in $10 billion dept from zero, they have presided over the decline of the tourisim, agriculture amd manufacturing sectors. They have made corruption and mediocracy normal in the work place. That is what they have done.

      All this while PF officials are getting rich.

    • Remain in past.We are making Government with Hh and kamanga on FAZ.you PF and Lungu and kalu remain with you jealousy.

  21. Which sane person can vote for HH, M’membe and GBM? IS Zambia for sale again to the foreigners and crooks like GBM and tribalist? Not in this generation! We know that UPND is so bitter and they have no plan for Zambia except to plunder and bring divisions.
    It’s ECL on 11 August 2016 for development.UNPD died with Anderson Mazoka period.

    • It is PF that died with sata. Pipo are starving bwana. No jobs, cholera running rampant, fuel and meal shortages.
      Good job PF.

  22. Kikikikikikii State House! Go there because Luapula, Nothern, Muchinga, Eastern, Copperbelt are all yours! CONGRATS MR DREAMER

  23. The total number of registered voters, based on data from the Electoral Commission of Zambia, as at 31st December 2015 is 7,974,138. Of this number, 5,020,967 or 63 percent are in PF strongholds broken down as follows: Lusaka province – 1,243,589 (15.6%), Copperbelt province- 1,179,505 (14.8%), Eastern province – 897,553 (11.3%), Northern province – 666,058 (8.4%), Luapula province – 605,560 (7.6%), Muchinga province- 428,702 (5.4%), total- 5,020,967 (63.0%).
    In the UPND strongholds there are 2,185,756 or 27.4 percent of the registered voters broken down as follows: Southern province- 1,074,328 (13.5%), Western province- 635,560 (8.0%), North-Western province – 475,868 (6.0%), Total- 2,185,756 (27.4%).
    The wild card is Central Province – which can go either to UPND or…

  24. The truth is the truth where i work i work with hh’s tribe men i m telling you its hell ,they always talks about hh on one else .then they ‘re saying if hh wins then they wil deal with all bembas & easterners.plz pipo of zambia don’t give chance to hh

    • The dirty PF tribalists trying hard to divide Zambia. But the suffering of Zambians will do the voting.

    • Lair just keep on eating with Lungu.Yare you telling me bembas are cowards ,if tongas have survived under bemba rule for decades and are doing fine.why can Bembas also try someone else and see how they rule.UMWANA USHENDA ALWAYS THINKS THE MOTHER IS THE BEST COOK.HH will fight poverty not Bembas.stop lies.

  25. The wild card is Central Province – which can go either to UPND or PF – with 767,415 or registered voters or 9.6% of the total registered voters.
    What this means therefore is that for UPND to win under the current arrangement of 50 percent plus one, they have to obtain 3,987,071 of registered voters from the PF strongholds. The question is: is it possible for them to get such a large number of voters from the PF strongholds? Even if you give UPND all the registered voters in Central Province, they still fall short. So what is the basis of HH’s confidence that he will be in State House after this year’s elections?

    • Comment: Your analysis falls short of the confounding factors bearing in mind that we have other political parties that have strongholds at there level in those provinces. The numbers will be shared… the margin will determine the strondest holder… if I were u I would not include copperbelt on PF strongholds… it’s a 50-50 …

    • Your analysis should perhaps have featured Bemba/East (32.7) v Barotseland.(27.4 + Lusaka rural, Lambaland, Central Province Bantubotatwe). Barotse are numerically dominant.

      The wild card is Lusaka and Coppperbelt urban. Economic prosperity, more jobs, lower taxes, good governance and more money in the pockets is what could help PF if they have delivered.

    • Maikalange stop misliding us what matters is the number of votes cast for Hh or Lungu.People can register but fail to vote.so keep banking on figures you will be in a rude shock.by the true Bembas are not for Lungu.only those in muchinga and luapula pehalps in town.Hh will win all the rural votes there is nothing to show in rural areas in terms of agriculture.

  26. We are getting rid of poor fools, mediocre leaders with parasitic long term agendas. You fail to make it in your private lives and expect politics to feed you on tax payers money. We are voting HH without any compromise come 11/08, period!. From now and beyond, only the best will ascend to the Presidency. A mistake was made and we are here to control and eliminate the damage caused.

  27. kwena HH if u will win kam and cut my middle finger………but its not bad to dream, we cant wait either to retire u for gud in zambian politics………#ECL WILL CARR THE DAY……

  28. HH, state House is so close and yet so far. You are too over-ambitious and overconfident counting your eggs even before they hatch. No wonder you are heading for your fifth loss in a row and yet you have not learnt a lesson.

  29. ..what sort of headline is that..??…as far as UPND is concerned, Zambians did not a mistake on January 20, 2015 because they voted for HH but we were told that PF manipulated and rigid….
    …after dissolution of Paley, I wont be surprised if Kaingu switched camp to UPND….he hasn’t even been all that critical of UPND if you have observed….UNZA used to prepare meals for us but bcos of giving us beans day in day out…we had to revote time and again…it was then decided that we be given money to buy food of our liking that was the birth of food allowance….its either you maintain the allowance or revert to cooking for students…..

  30. To hh its all about getting into state house. Shame on u baffun iwe. U will never get into state house u dreamer. We Zambians cant just vote for a tonga. We know tongas are too bitter and bad hearted. State house is not for every jim and jack. ECL chabe

  31. I fervently call upon the majority voters in Zambia to ensure that Lungu and PF are returned to power on 11th August, 2016, without fail. There is no space in this country whatsoever for ba kachema.

  32. This dreamer will die of heart attack coz in August we are voting for Edgar Lungu. So which state house is this Dreamer talking about? State house in Lusaka belongs to Lungu till 2026. Mayb this mad man means state house in gwembe.

  33. Sorry Mr bitter man u will retire from politics in august. U just cant match with Edgar. Edgar is mature, humble and tough tested leader having led the country in such difficulty time. Only fullz from that known region can vote for u kachema without any government experience. The majority Zambians fintu ni Lungu.

    • Better to be led by a chakolwa than a Satanist after all most of Zambians drink beer. Satanist wil never rule Zambia

  34. God Save us! To HH, patiently waiting means, taut tension. Every Friday, notices about PF defectors, daily set-ups of nude girls on roadsides…! Commands, demands and orders to the gov’t to do the impossible. Frightening us within an inch of our lives with EU, West threats to us if we don’t vote for him.

    Please August come soon and put this man out of the mystery of waiting pointlessly!


    • Fridah we equal to the task.mind you we are also men with bolls like you.We shall meet head on.We thrust lungu and those Jerabos.The jerabos don’t own kitwe,but many suffering masses in Chimwemwe and chamboli.Ati jerabo when people are hungry who is jerabo?

  36. All great men the were kachemas so HH is great man we will vote for him because it doesn’t mean him being a Tonga he is bad person in every tribe there is different types of people. Tall or short. Drown or black, fat or slim, educated or not, people living in town or village,rich or poor, good hearted or bad hearted and don’t insult any tribe which was created by God you are insulting God.

  37. All great men in the bible were kachemas not your president who don’t have aven koswe. Who only became fat after entering state house and the bible says that you can’t remove a rogue in your friend’s eye before removing yours so how can lungu lessen our problems when he failed to lessen his.think twice my fellow Zambians God has given us another chance to choose our best amongst Zambians.

    • The devil self-elevated himself, and so does HH. He will be thrown into the pit of disgrace where such such people belong. EL is portraying more maturity than this rich fool!!!

  38. Wrong headline ba LT, no wonder same is attracting harsh comments. The PF bloggers have descended on it like a swam of bees,. Clearly, most of the zealots gleefully started writing before reading the whole story. Ba LT, where does it say HH is patiently waiting to get into State House and that there are only a few months left? Is not HH talking about the PF threat to the youth? This kinkind of reporting is nauseating!

  39. Zambians, lets open our eyes and see what is happening. Most of corrupt, selfish and failed politicians have left MMD and PF. As we speak, 90% of UPND leaders are the same misfits of leaders who could not offer any meaning contribution in the government they formed. PF and MMD are relatively clean from these corrupt leaders. I therefore believe that UPND was going to be an alternative if they were not allowing these misfits of leaders who are job seekers. Wait for adoption and see, there will be maybe less than 2% real UPND members and 98% will be new comers (corrupt job seekers). HH maybe a good guy who will be surrounded by the recycled politicians. So there will be no change at all.

  40. Comment: That’s His exllency the President of the Republic of Zambia, Ngwazi Dr Hakainde Hichilema, come 11 August, Tate wafuko la Zambia, UPND Bomaaaaaaaaa!

  41. It is true, LT is an undercover PF mouth piece. Where did HH say he is waiting to get into state house.????
    Then again this is where you see the hopeless kaponya thieves regrouping using multiple accounts to try and sow tribal hatred. Most of them are the PF officials who have enriched them selves at the expense of the country and are now afraid of losing the chance of looting.
    Any article that concerns the economy or the many challenges Zambia faces, you don’t see these hopeless chaps bar a one or two of them.

    Indeed come August, Zambia shall be free.

  42. LOL- As some have observed, any objective person reading what HH has said will agree that the LT spin Doctors have come up with a misleading heading. It is a far cry from HH’s theme ‘PF Threat To Our Youth’.
    But that aside, what is clear is the fact that none of the responses have addressed the points HH has raised. My rational sense tells me that’s because HH’s points are undeniable. Period.

  43. One other comment about this HH pronouncement is the unrealistic promises of ending people’s sufferings as soon as he wins the elections. This is what is wrong with the Zambian politics… surely he knows too well that’s not possible. It will take many years to undo the misery that UNIP, MMD and now PF have inflicted on the country over many years. The best he could do is lay good foundation structures whose ‘fruits’ may not be realised until many moons away down the track. Not sure why Zambians are taken for a ride and believe this kind of garbage.

  44. HH is so self centers and failing to read true political climate in Zambia. Making noise and being unruly does not win elections. Lungu is still better and commanding gold politics. HH will again be disappointed.

  45. With so many negatives in the zambian economy, HH will win in round one and pf knows that. The way I solve problems is not the same way my neighbour would solve the same kind of problem. Right now pf is busy channeling borrowed money to projects that are not ending the suffering of many Zambians. HH is the right person for plot 1. At individual level he has managed his businesses successfully.

  46. LT, your statement is a careless manipulation of facts. I read the actual statement twice and never came across anything similar to ‘I’m patiently waiting to get into State House, there is only a few months”. Your motivation is clear; to take advantage of uneducated but emotional cadres who comment without understanding; let alone read. All these commenting negatively about HH (Three people using different names) have not read the statement. They are excited because your headline projects what their itching ears want to hear. The LORD save Zambia. I have a lot of respect for LT among all social media but this headline is in total bad taste.


  48. Wait patiently for 11/08/2016 devil man and you will see how we hate you!!WHICH SANE PERSON FROM NONE BANTUSTAN AREAS CAN VOTE FOR U HH?DREAM ON AS DREAMING IS FREE!!so you hh just want to enter state house minus telling us what u can offer for mother Zambia!MICHAEL SATA’S MESSAGE IS TOO SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND THAT U EVIL MAN!!VICTORY FOR PRESIDENT EDGAR LUNGU IS ALREADY SECURED BY US MASS PF LOVERS ACROSS ZAMBIA!!

  49. @ Amano ni change hh sold our companies if he had a heart for the country like he is claiming today, he would have advised chiluba to sell 50% or remain with 30% shares in each company but because hh wanted to benefit from the sells, As an economist he knew the outcome and the end result of privatization…Zambians this hh and his friends ate what was meant for Lima bank workers, People have died without receiving money, Its a shame americans together with some useless diplomats are pushing for the freemason in a bid to introduce gay rights,homo sexuality and lesbianism, Ba america pls respect our nation Zambia….We know you are after uranium in Zambia and you keep sending tu cia, hh cant change a thing coz he will come to kill,steal and destroy.

  50. LOL- The fact that all those opposed to HH’s observation have FAILED to debate on the pertinent points raised in the published full official statement those theme is ‘The PF Threat To Our Youth’ is confirmation that the points are undeniable. Simple as that.
    So, like sheep in ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell, it is noted they have chosen to move away from the official statement and gone on to attack the misleading preamble drafted by LT spin Doctors. This is further conformation.
    LOL. Its like Quicksand. The more you wriggle, the deeper you sink.

  51. That is very good HH, patience is very good indeed. Remain patient until 2021. For now, no matter how bad you think that things are in Zambia, or how bad they may actually be, we know for certain that you are not the viable alternative that we may desire. How can you be? Indeed, how can any sane person make an alliance with Mmembe and the cartel, after all their thefts of public funds from DBZ, National Airports corporation, Revenue authority etc, all under the pretext of legal gymnastics. It all boils down to the same thing: corruption and downright theft. To me, HH you shot yourself in the foot by that bond to Mmembe. By that act alone, never will you ever see the inside of State House, unless you accept to be invited for a state function.

    • @Wise head.
      Your failure to respond to, and vain attempt to change subject from the pertinent points HH has raised in the published full statement is noted.

  52. It is a hot seat ka! You don’t have what it takes unfortunately. Dream on HH, dream on.
    Going by the voting pattern in SP which will not change any sooner, I know how not to give you my vote.

  53. Dull head, your hero Sata was supported by Mmembe up to his death and we never heard you say anything. Chiwamila galu indeed. The comments coming from PF zealots are a sign of deep panic. Paranoia has set in and unfortunately there is no cure!

  54. First time HH will lose in the booth and online. All we are saying is HH needs another 5 years to mature. Come 2021 HH will be mature enuf to be president. No doubt about it. HH be closer to lungu to gain some presidential experience.

  55. Saying that things will be well after 11th August is a lie by a liar

    Is He Jesus Christ?

    Why do we go to Church if we have only 5 months to wait before everything becomes well?

    Mr Hichjlema voters are not children so don’t cheat them

  56. The laws of this land allow people to defend themselves and their leaders. We will defend HH if he becomes president in 2026.

    The PF youths who are accused of beating up UPND youths were provoked by the same youths. Ask those who attended the celebrations and they will tell you what caused the fracas




  58. He will lose!! Let him go to Uganda and Zimbabwe where the opposition are backed by the stupid westerners, and ask them how it feels

  59. State house is not for Masons. First surrender your life to Jesus Christ then you can enter. Let me ask a sincere question here especially to so called christians who support HH because he is there tribes man. When last did you here HH acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ in his so many statements since he entered the political arena. Masons are very dangerous people, they are the ones controlling most of the industries around and they are his friends thats why they dished out money to wipe out dollars on the market and now they are purchasing meali meal to just make citizens rise against government. Thats not leadership its satanism. Just tell people alternative policies and they will check if thats what they want or not. God will never allow that to happen. Zambia for Jesus!

    • I agree with you Dominion – STATE HOUSE IS NOT FOR MASONS.

      We can clearly see that Edgar Lungu is a Christian who clearly loves God. HH will never be President of Zambia, let him give another one a chance. He is too desperate and is now best friends with Fred and the post newspaper. Shame on his desperation and selfishness

  60. all those tribalists who hate HH will cry like Kalusha cried yesterday he coud not believe it.VIVA HH lungu wawa.



  62. what is the difference between upnd rainbow party and barotse for all of them have symbols of red devils i cant vote for them rather vote for fdd or remain poor failuire

  63. This empty tin is not only under 5, but also underweight. ECL nourish this man with leadership lessons and may be in 2032 we may try him, hoping he will no longer be in diapers!

  64. Iam impatiently waiting to see HH LOSE AGAIN.tHIS TRIBALIST CAUSE cbu and UNZA TO CLSE NOW MY TWO CHILDREN ARE LANGUISHING AT hOME.May lightening strike both HH and GBM .the two rich fools.

  65. All of HH’s sympathizers voted massively in January 2015. He lamentably fell short of winning. Not all of ECL’s supporters voted. This August the voting pattern will be the same for HH plus some new votes of course. On the other hand, all of ECL’ supporters who did not vote in January 2015 will rise to the occasion plus new voters and give him a resounding 50+1 first round knockout. Wish you well HH in your anticipated retirement into political oblivion.


  67. So you are scared bafikala.I thought you are brave.HH should not scare you but motivate you to Zambia a better place for all.He is not what people are painting him.He is good man but a powerfull brain to transform Zambia into an economy giant and an industrial zone in southern Africa.Were there is money even issues of tribe and fighting is not there.we want ikulya bwino not the current insala.

    • You stupid *****. Why should you insult other Zambians just because they differ with you politically. You think your HH can win with your attitude. That is why you force people to think that you people cannot be good leaders because you seem not be as cultured as other Zambians because traditionally you spend more time with animals, and therefore out of tune with general social norms.

      HH, just like what you are doing is decampaigning himself.

Comments are closed.

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