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Both PF and UPND to accommodate MPS who will defect after Parliament is dissolved

Headlines Both PF and UPND to accommodate MPS who will defect after Parliament...

Opposition Members of parliament listens during the presentation of 2015 budget
Opposition Members of parliament

THE Patriotic Front (PF) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) have said they will be flexible in their adoption process so that members who are likely to defect to their parties after Parliament is dissolved may be given room for consideration.

Speaking in separate interviews, PF secretary-general Davies Chama said his party is open to accommodate members who are interested in contesting or re-contesting their various seats on the PF ticket.

“Those waiting for the dissolution of Parliament should not worry because we still have time. The final filing in of nominations will be in May, so we still have time to accommodate others,” said Mr Chama.

He said the adoption process is the first stage where people are being interviewed by lower organs country-wide before their applications are submitted to his office.

And UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo also said his party has left room to accommodate people who have promised to join the UPND after Parliament is dissolved.

Mr Lifwekelo said although the filing in of adoption applications for various positions might close on March 25, there shall be a window for those interested to apply.

“We will give room to people who are popular because we are aware that a number of parliamentarians are just waiting for Parliament to be dissolved before they can officially cross over to our party,” he said.


  1. bachama that can only work in southern province, western and katuba. you will end up frustrating PF oficials

    • I know at least 24MP s willing to cross over after parliament is dissolved. All UPND MPS serving in govt will try but will be rejected. At least 8 from CB 6 from Northern 4 from Luapula 3 from muchinga 4 from Easternn province.

      Kambwili would have been one of them but because he gas no grade 12 certificate he wont be contesting these elections at all.


  2. Lifwekelo who do you think can cross to upnd after dissolution of parliament? Only useless non performing mps like wilbur, that so! You will waste time jst close yo application process otherwise those who will not adopted by pf in their areas can’t win on upnd!

  3. HH, and HH supporters if you’re reading this comment, please don’t recycle MPs from PF or MMD, old dogs, old habits. Corruption will still continue even under UPND rule unless you have plans on how to curtail it.

  4. @4 and 5, that is like closing the door to the stable after the horses have already bolted. UPND is already CORRUPTED IRREVERSIBLY. By going to bed with the likes of GBM, Mmembe, the cartel, UPND is in exactly the same situation as a virgin who has lost her virginity, IT CANNOT BE RESTORED.

    • So PF under Sata was corrupted?

      Membe has joind UPND after realising its the party in waiting . Not that he has influence in making the party popular . He is still supporting Rain bow but for now his strategy if PF out to usher in UPND then he will start championing Rainbows cause.


  5. “We will give room to people who are popular because we are aware that a number of parliamentarians are just waiting for Parliament to be dissolved before they can officially cross over to our party,” he said. ULU “LULUMBI LWA MULANDA” FYE, TO MAKE UPND APPEAR OR LOOK LIKE IT IS ATTRACTIVE. EVEN EDITH NAWAKWI’S KANTEMBA IS MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN UPND IN THESE YEARS.

  6. Peter @ 7 you have made me laugh my lungs out. You also reminded me of UNIP in 1991 and MMD in 2011. Mind you the economy was good in 2011 but not this time mwana…So calling Nawakwi’s FDD as katemba or HH under 5 does not apply now. You will have a heart during after the counting of votes.

  7. But meembe ati regional party,bantustan kikikikiki.today they are together meaning he won’t pay back our money that he owes in taxes.i suspect those are some of the benefits that have been promised by the chief concealer.the books at zra will be tempered with such that even when there’s change of government, no trace taata.in short upnd has started corruption before they form government, what will happen if they do?

  8. milupi quit mmd re contested by election and won as independent. formed a party which won the next constituency elections. these are real popular people and not these useless candidates being awaited. just close selections and let the game begin.

  9. Which Pf candidate can win on Upnd ticket in northern muchinga luapula cb lsk east? What is truth is Upnd candidate who is Tonga standing on Pf ticket in southern can win.

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