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Andrew Kamanga triumphs! Kalusha Bwalya ousted

Sports Andrew Kamanga triumphs! Kalusha Bwalya ousted

Kalusha Bwalya has been ousted as Football Association of Zambia President.

Kaluha, who was bidding for a third successive term as FAZ president, was beaten by Lusaka businessman and his longtime nemesis Andrew Kamanga by a slender margin.

Kamanga beat Kalusha by 163 votes to 156.

Richard Kazala is the new FAZ vice president after edging out incumbent Boniface Mwamelo, Mofya Chisala and Cephas Katongo.

Rix Mweemba went through unopposed as FAZ treasurer.

Meanwhile, only one executive committee member bounced back with Lee Kawanu retaining his position , although the EXCO is heavy with prominent Kalusha loyalists.

Christopher Mulenga from Kalusha’s club K-Stars, former Nchanga Rangers president, and another Kalusha supporter, Blackwell Siwale are the committee members.

Incidentally, Elijah ‘Shenko’ Chisenga who was co-opted by Kalusha after the 2010 ‘Kamanga-Kalusha’ impasse has been elected as an executive committee member and will now serve under Kamanga.

The rest are Ex-Zamtel boss Kabaso Kapambwe and Brenda Kunda from North-Western Province is the only lady in Kamanga’s team.

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    • Congratulations Kamanga! Kalusha, all the best to you in your future endeavours, thank you for your contribution to the Zambian football.

    • The opposition triumphs, the incumbent tumbles! Ati ‘ndine president I can’t lose’! Kwisa? Malabishi! Congratulations are in order to the incoming President! As for the outgoing President, thank you for your efforts!

    • Zambians are evil. Edgar must be shaking.. he will have hang-over tomorrow because of wind of change in Kitwe.
      If the beloved son of Zambia can be ousted by most hated team of looser like Kamanga, what more Edgar, he will not even come close to HH.

    • Congratulations Andrew. Thanks to Kalusha and team for what they did. I expect Andrew will take our football to the next level.

    • The worsted human souls in Zambia are:
      1. Rev. Jevan Kamanga
      2. Andrew Kamanga
      3. Kabimba
      4. Emmanuel Mwamba

  1. Kalusha shouldn’t even have stood for these elections in the first place. People must learn to read the mood and bow out with dignity and honour. Danny Kaya, in his song titled “Ka Last” teaches us to read the time and mood, and it’s ironic that Great Kalu has been mentioned albeit in a rather sarcastic manner. Two terms are enough, then hand over to other guys to carry on. However, I wish him (Kalu) well in his future engagements. One Zambia, One Love

  2. Let confusions now begin in Zed football with Simataa as G’S, lololololo

    • I too share your hope The great one! Though I wish Kamanga would give us an insight on how he wants to revolutionize soccer for his tenure! Congratulations Kamanga!

  3. I wish to congratulate Mr Andrew Kamanga on winning the elections. This victory surely calls for a great celebration. Heartiest congratulation, keep up the spirits high and work with utmost motivation.
    This is surely is great news and I will open that special bottle of wine for this occasion!!

  4. This is a beginning of a New Day for Zambia Kamanga Welcome on Board and Make Zambians Proud.What has happened at FAZ is coming August 11 a New Leader will be taking Office, Zambians are tired of lack of leadership.I rest my case.

  5. Kalusha got a vote of no confidence some yrs back. He was only saved by a corrupt FIFA regime of Jerome Valcle and Blatter which ironically is no more. God has heard our cry. Kalusha is one of the most corrupt persons in Zambia and for the past 10 yrs, together with Erick Mwanza has been lining up his pockets. This Erick Mwanza dude, was fired at Daily Mail for theft and yet he was the right handyman of Lusha. Kalusha was a full time dependant of FAZ. This guy is shameless and ruthless. Anyway, thanks for nothing and congratulations Kamanga.

  6. Richard Kazala is an abusive Man and should not have been elected at all. Zambia, we should not be in the habit of electing people with a visible violent behaviour to public office. Kazala is such an example. I hope he doesnt last in that position

  7. @John Smith. I agree with you, I know that playboy personally, morally bankrupt chap.Inherited ba
    Besically inherited everything he has today. Never been a responsible person.Shouldn’t be playing any role in such an important organisation. The only consolation is that the position is almost ceremonial. That’s why we never knew who was Kalusha’s Vice for all these wasted yrs.

  8. Greatest ever news to come from Zambia! FAZ delegates voted with their heads and not hearts! We shall forever honour Kalu as one of if not the greatest of all time on the playing field but not as an administrator! Come on Andrew, the work has just started. Good luck and well done!


  10. Great Kalu should have read between the lines. There remains another kleptomaniac in state house who can’t see or hear the wind of change . Anyway they say power is sweet.
    Congrats Kamanga. We now want to see players picked on merit not because someone will be corrupted.

  11. Some go in for business while others are in for the love of soccer. Let’s now wait for results because elections are over and it’s time to work.

  12. congratulations Kamanga. Itz not the time to celebrate but to sit down and reflect wer once Great Kalu might fumble during his tenure of office and fogger ahead to improve. we look forward to host AFCON one season go zambia! go

  13. Erick Mwanza has resigned after his Boss was defeated by AK47 despite his team putting up a very expensive campaign.
    Geoffrey Chikumbi has erased all his propaganda and rubbish on his Facebook page he was writing prior to elections against the AK47 .He is now soliciting for the job from AK47.
    All those who committed atrocities during Kalusha reign are now ready to confess.

  14. Comment:
    at last kalu has been defeated. sorry eric mwanza your position is not available. go andrew and run a corrupt free faz

  15. Eric Mwanza and Nkweto Tembwe should be kicked out of Zambian football forever.Ka Nkweto was justifying single sourcing on radio at one time and i was very disappointed.Let an audit be carried out now to expose the thieving mongrels.

  16. That’s the idea of elections. Others are in others are out. It should not be a fight. The new ones also have some good things to learn from the outgoing to advance Zambian football. The out going must also support the incoming. Well done to both the outgoing for their tenure and the new ones. Let me acknowledge the Africa cup win as major. All comments on this blog must be building efforts at bridging perceived differences between the outgoing and incoming. They are all one with same agenda – advance Zambian football

  17. what must have kept pulling kalu is the dream to one day take the sr team to the world cup. i suspect he also had an eye for the caf presidency after hayatou and was for all intents positioning himself for this. has this dream been shatered? if the councilors knew about these great ambitions but still couldn’t vote for him then i guess they must be expecting more than too much from kamanga, a businessman. all the best to the beautiful game’

  18. Kalusha anali opusa maningi. They asked him to leave the stage while the crowd was still clapping, he didn’t want to listen…. Now he was booed out!

  19. Comment:Indeed the writing was on the wall except that incumbents refuse to read. Now a new page has been opened. Let us see real accountability. To hell with corrupt leadership. We just want clean and honest leaders. All the best to the newcomers and wishing the outgoing good luck. No vengeance please, just mop up the mess justly.

  20. Morning Zambia, Lets learn to appreciate the good that came with the name KALUSHA BWALYA, We enjoyed the scoring of goals on the pitch and the dancing time too. Reflect, We won the AFCON in his tenure though we had probably misappropriation of funds at FAZ also, it goes with all, he`s human lets love one another and embrace unity in place of violence, peace is cardinal at all cost. Congrats Sir AK47, you`ve got a lot of work to do at FAZ, hope we`ll have Charlie Jr play for chipolopolo.

  21. It is good that Kalu stood for these elections. It is democracy. I don’t understand why some people are blaming Kalu who is simply expressing his democratic right. I believe Kalusha’s time was up but the guy did not commit any offence by standing. Let’s thank him maturely for his achievement, and move on to support Andrew Kamanga.

  22. The purpose of elections is what we have in FAZ. Kalu worked hard for our country as a player and he deserved holding the position of FAZ president.

    Of course they are some developments that we see as a result zof his tenure. But we can not deny the fact that he also had personal objectives that made people suffer his self decisions like corrupt selections at the national team, improper handling of deals for players prospecting for professional moves.
    To the new president AK, you things to learn from Kalu and capitalize on areas where Kalu showed enormous weaknesses like the teams in our league not knowing the deals or monies put in our league by sponsors eg former KCM and currently MTN
    All the best AK to the beautifull game. Remember AK, this is one sport that captures the eyes and…

  23. Hh and upnd sporsured kamanga thats why simata simata never bothered to come in.kamanga was a planned tool to remove kalu. Now that he is out ss will come in and remove ak just likethey want dull gbm and banda to remove lungu. This lungu knows it will not work one will go down history if u press too much.
    If this is true kamanga will last only one year ~ faz tribal wind is near

  24. Its a good move to change leadership, thanks great Kalu your contributions are appreciated and congratulations bwana Andrew Kamanga, you have earned your position and we expect you to deliver within 5 years so that you give us a reason to give you the second term. And that reason should not be ‘5 years was short’, instead your achievements should compel us to vote you back.. I hope you don’t intend to stay at football house for ever. Muchibemba batila ati ‘insansa kuchinjana’.

  25. Great for the association and Special Congrats to Kabaso Kapambwe who has ben in soccer for a while and we hope he will work with Mr Kamanga to improve soccer in zambia and on the continent.


  26. My man of all the time great ,great Kalu . I would like to say thank you for the sweat for mother zambia.
    I do congratrate you for the job weldone..You made us proud at all leavels may you execell in your future without dificulties.We love you and wil miss you Kalu.

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