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Mozambican President Commends President Lungu for effort to solve the power deficit problem

Economy Mozambican President Commends President Lungu for effort to solve the power deficit...


MOZAMBICAN President Filipe Nyusi has commended President Lungu for initiating a strategy aimed at effectively addressing power deficit in Zambia.
President Nyusi said this here yesterday after the two leaders commissioned the Kapowership vessel from which Zambia will be importing 100 megawatts of power.

Mr Nyusi said President Lungu’s efforts to address the power crisis are admirable considering that he has only been in office for over one year.
The Mozambican head of State, who hosted Mr Lungu during a three-day State visit, also wished his counterpart success in the forthcoming August 11, 2016 general elections.

“In just one year that you have been in office, you have managed to come up with solutions to the power problem in your country,” Mr Nyusi said.
It was an exuberant and euphoric moment for both leaders as they uncovered a plaque to officially commission the massive power ship.
The two heads of state later inspected the substation which will channel 100 megawatts to Zambia.

There was jubilation among the crowd that gathered at the Nacala harbour to witness the historic event.

Presidents Lungu and Nyusi also went on a boat cruise to have a feel of the gigantic power vessel docked some distance into the Indian Ocean waters. The Turkish-registered vessel had national flags for Turkey, Mozambique and Zambia mounted on it.

A satisfied Mr Lungu described the development as “splendid and a symbol of good bilateral relations for both peoples. We can’t have it better than this”.

And speaking during a luncheon at Clube Ferroviario, President Nyusi said the partnership with Zambia is crucial and should be harnessed to new heights.

He said this is especially in the wake of Mozambique signing agreement deals for expanded co-operation in energy, agriculture and transport sectors with Zambia.

President Nyusi said he was happy that northern Mozambique would also benefit from the Kapowership power link, which will be supplying around 115 megawatts.

He also pointed out that the discovery of gas in that country would give further impetus to supply alternative energy that can also benefit Zambia under a proposed pipeline arrangement to supply the commodity.

President Lungu thanked Mr Nyusi for the goodwill and co-operation by allowing the Kapowership to dock at the port of Nacala, which is considered as a strategic port, closer to Zambia running around 1,800 kilometres to Lusaka.

Mr Lungu also commended Zesco and the state-owned Mozambican electricity supply company, EDM, for the strategic partnership that has yielded desired results.

“I wish to express my gratitude for the timely response to our request to facilitate for the supply of emergency power to our country. This initiative will make available 100MW to Zambia. My government has spared no effort to ensure that our people and the economy, as a whole, are not adversely affected by this energy deficit,” said President Lungu.

He said the memorandum of understanding (MoU) which has been signed with Mozambique for the construction of a 1200 megawatt coal-fired power plant station in Mozambique should serve as a stepping stone for greater collaboration.

Mr Lungu added that this should be anchored on principles of partnership under the protocols of the African Union and the Southern African Development Community, among others.

Ministers of Energy for Zambia and Mozambique, Dora Siliya and Pedro Couto, respectively, echoed their appreciation of the significant levels of commitment between the two countries, saying they signify deepened ties between the neighbouring countries.


  1. No change, since that so called thermal ship docked on she shores of Mozambique, black outs have even increased. So who’s improving who’s lives?

  2. Spark Jarrow,
    I understand opposition is to oppose but damn man! Even when people are trying all you do is oppose? Further, you’re just advancing UPND agenda and thanks to the internet’s intelligence we are able to know you are not in Zambia to experience the blackouts because your flag gives you away. For a moment, even opposition agree when people do good things. HH may or may not win but if he should, are you sure will have the heaven on earth you guys are promising people. Over the last several months the whole Zambian watchdog comentors have moved to Lusaka times which was a much more civil blog than what you guys have brought here. The only but we had was only Mushota and no one took her serious anyway. Tone it down UPND, remember Zambia first HH or Lungu are servants.

  3. What ve you done in life? Tell us what you would ve done differently to sort out the power deficit which zambia has been facing since independence? Condeming everything all the time wont win your votes.. Lungu is human he cant sort out zambia’s problems in 12 months. He is not God to part the Red sea by a mere voice. It looks like you ve no solutions at all. Forget plot1 zambians wont risk naba u5. Viva ecl and pf.You insult lungu everyday but you need to tell us what you are going to do differently.Otherwise forget plot1 boss.

  4. Mare cadres. Why am I even responding to you. It’s either you are not in Zambia or directly benefiting from the Panga Family

  5. Spark Jarrow,
    At least we speak with reason. That’s what humans do and not ever blame gaming. For the hell of it I would love to see HH win since he is so power hungry and see what he does. It is one thing to want to lead but the desperation has become too much.

    • One who uses intellect to be voted as president or one that uses shortcuts (Timor consulting), who’s desperate, who is really desperate?
      Anyway, Zambians will speak with one voice on 08/11, with or without Timor Consullting, I as an individual will accept the outcome & still be active on this site & I hope you remain active after 08/11. Heheh 🙂

  6. This is the problem with u5’s, you are quick at rebuking and insulting all those who are simpy asking you to explain, how you will sort out zambia’s 52 yrs economic and social problems in 1 hour after your small god is inaugrated republican president. These are genuine questions requiring genuing answers from you so called super humans.Tell us how you will make Kariba dam full of water immediately chilema is president. How the Kwacha will be 1 to 1 na dollar. If your small god has no immediate solutions then forget.

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