Friday, April 12, 2024

ERB move to ease fuel transportation rules to ease shortage


Energy Regulations Board (ERB) offices
Energy Regulations
Board (ERB) offices

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has waived the requirement for petroleum transporters (tanker) to transport fuel only between 06hrs and 18hrs.

ERB Public Relations Manager Kwali Mfuni in a statement to media today said that this is to ensure quick movement of petroleum products following the recent shortages of fuel in some parts of the country.

Ms Mfuni said that waiver is valid until the fuel supply situation in the country normalizes.

Below is the full statement




  1. ERB are just a bunch of id.iots!!! So why have unnecessarily bureaucracy when supply is normal? BUNCH OF IDI.OTS!!! THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE

    • People of my country we must all respect the law of the land. The rule of law is what makes countries great. changing laws affects the very purpose of that law.
      First what was the purpose of stopping tanker drivers from driving at night? Answer to reduce on the number of accidents on our roads. most of these accidents were attributed to trucks travelling at night. Therefore a law was put in place to prevent this. And this worked well until recently when GRZ did not procure fuel on time. Now you change the law what about the very purpose of the law. How have we addressed it?
      These basunguzi are not smart than we zambians/Africans intellectually but 1 thing they beat us with is rule of law.

  2. So they have come to this solution after damage has been done…is this why drivers were protesting 3 months ago!!

  3. I don’t see how HH can manage to cause shortages in fuel and meal meal as claimed by PF.
    Unless UPND are using the whole southern province as hoarding station.

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