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Open your eyes and don’t vote monkey politicians

General News Open your eyes and don't vote monkey politicians

YALI President Andrew Ntewewe
YALI President Andrew Ntewewe

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)has called on Zambians to open their eyes and not vote for politicians he described as “monkeys” who jump from one political branch to another.

Speaking in an interview YALI President Andrew Ntewewe said politicians are living citizens in despair as all they are concerned with is themselves as opposed to serving the people who elect them to office.

He said his organization would like to call on the public to open their eyes and ensure the country is rid of such kind of politicians if the nation is to see a change of behavior and improve service delivery from politicians.

“That sort of kills the entire essence of a properly functioning Democratic system of government because a properly functioning system of government people are going to stand by their political party because they want to send their way of thinking to their party but they are joining other political parties because they are motivated by getting a salary, they are motivated by being driven in a big 4?4, they are motivated by having fuel for free that is why they are busy jumping up and down, you know they are behaving purely like monkeys.

“When a monkey is in a tree, it will jump from one branch to another when ever it sees that the fruits may not be adequate so that they can also eat from the next branch because most of these politicians we are hearing defecting from one party to another you will notice that unfortunately that these are characters who have been moving over the years. They have been in UNIP when they saw that UNIP was losing they moved to MMD, when PF came they jumped to PF and now they are also trying to jostle for political positions in UPND.

“It lives much to be desired because you can not bring monkey types of politics in the democratic system of government no, we want politicians that are real, politicians that are motivated in ensuring that service delivery people is improved, we want politicians who are going to think of the best ways of improving the lives and livelihood of the poor Zambians and not politicians who will only think about themselves, ” he said.

He expressed disappointment that politicians are being moved by personal interests and not service to the people.

“As Young African Leaders Initiative we are very disappointed that our politicians are moved more by personal interests, they are moved by personal preservations rather than matters that affect the nation, matters that affect the poor, more often you are going to hear these individuals who have resigned as deputy Ministers say I want to feel how it is like to be in poverty when in actual sense these same people have been Deputy Ministers for four or five years and all of a sadden they are more concerned with the poor than the 4 or 5 years they have been Ministers.

“It is very disappointing in the sense that politicians must have a bit of decora and their decisions must be based on political ideology, they must be based on policies, they must be based on how things can be done in a more proficient manner but is very clear that they are not looking at that. All they are looking at is how are my chances of winning, what are my chances of being in good books with the next government which is pathetic because it driven by greed, it is driven by personal interest,” he said.

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    • That’s right Mr. Monkey Ntewewe – remember politics is a game of numbers. What we want is to have these leaders bring along their supporters and the 50+1 matter is closed in one round. The fall of Chagwa is guaranteed that way. Remember he also wanted to rake in the MMD members but we were a step ahead of him. He’ll only have Nevers Mumba, with one vote on his side.

    • So right YALI. The problem with Zambian politics is that people don’t join parties based on their ideologies. They join, as you put in, to fill their bellies. You will find most of these politicians have no idea what their party principles, goals or even vision are. So if its not based on principle then they will keep jumping from tree branch to the next. Its time Zambian voters started punishing such people.

    • While Ntewewe has said the truth this describes most zambians. How many times has Ntewewe himself shifted positions on issues just to be closer to where the butter is. For this to change we all have to change our value systems. We need to start building legacies. Look at even our businesses. How many outlive the people who started them?

    • Suntwe wa suntwe you have hit the nail on the head!! Nevers Mumba will be Chagwa’s “+1”, as he will be the only one from MMD forming the COALITION!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia FORWARD!! Abantubaya!! PamaFi yashala!!!

      Vote UPND!!

      I thank you!!

  1. We know them. They ‘ve packed the bus in Upnd which is fortunately going to to lose. Others are baboons like gbm

    • But this time around….people have really felt the hunger. A hungry man is an angry person for sure……….If you can not use your head this time just know that you are a F00L…….Ukafya infya ibi sana.

  2. This is a well scripted piece of observation. However sometimes ‘monkey’ politicians are a very relevant tool that will give a party in government something to think about and who says a man has no right to change how they see things? In any case their own party might change course which would entail that a perceived monkey politician might not agree and leave after making endless effort to influence things from inside. Having said that here is a list of monkey politicians of our times not in any order
    Michael Sata (unip to mmd)
    VJ (multiple offender)
    Daniel Munkombwe (multiple offender)
    Nevers Mumba
    Lupando Mwape
    Dora Siliya (multiple offender)
    Prof. Luo (multiple offender) and the list is endeless. Two have become presidents in the process.

  3. “They have been in UNIP when they saw that UNIP was losing they moved to MMD, when PF came they jumped to PF and now they are also trying to jostle for political positions in UPND.”

    Welcome to freight HH 2016!

    • I like the way ntewewe connected the events. All these monkeys jump to a party they see is winning. Listern here what he said …. From mmd to Pf and now they are trying to jostle for positions in undp. Kikiki if you can’t read the context here then you are a monkey too.

  4. ..a political party is supposed to be an organisation made up of people who share similar or same political and economical ideologies…..that’s why there are two or more parties in a democracy…so its not feasible to change ideologies overnight especially in an election year…
    ..however we should not compare USA or UK democracies because we are in our infancy compared to those guys….so the defections should not surprise us at all…as we wouldnt be surprised to see a mad person eating from a rubbish bin…

  5. The devil (PF) you know is better than the angel (upnd) you dont know!!I CAN NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE OF VOTING FOR ALL THOSE POLITICAL REJECTS WHO HAVE GATHERED IN UPND!!but all i know is that they will lose like Daniel Munkombwe did in 2015!!PF WILL 100% RETAIN POWER IN 2016!!

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