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Newly Elected FAZ executive must prioritise grassroot soccer

Sports Newly Elected FAZ executive must prioritise grassroot soccer

FAZ President Andrew kamanga meeting staff at Football House
FAZ President Andrew kamanga meeting staff at Football House

SOUTHERN Province Amateur Football Association secretary general Fabian Chitambala has called on the newly elected Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) executive to prioritise grass root soccer.

Chitambala said yesterday in an interview that grass root soccer in Southern province was almost dead because the previous Kalusha Bwalya led executive had put more effort and resources in investing in the local premiere league.

He said the Andrew Kamanga led executive should put in deliberate measures that will help revamp grass root soccer.

“We used to tell the Kalusha Bwalya executive to develop grass root soccer,more especially in the province but our concerns were not appreciated as they saw grass root soccer as not being profitable,” Chitambala said.

He said the new FAZ executive had a huge task ahead of them in convincing the football fraternity that they had the vision and zeal to manage football affairs at Football house.

Chitambala, who is also FAZ provincial coordinator, urged the new executive not to engage itself in issues of witch hunt against the previous executive but rather concentrate on uniting the football family.

“The Kalusha Bwalya led executive did its part in growing football in Zambia in the last eight years,they had their strengths and weaknesses. This is not the time to start finger pointing ,revenge or personal vendetta,the people are looking for glory and we need to be on top of things administratively,”he said.

Chitambala, who was elected as Southern Province Amateur Footballs Association general secretary by the Kalusha Bwalya executive, said he will not re-contest his position this year because he wanted to leave room for fresh blood to run the affairs of football in the province.


  1. Grassroot football while Chipolopolo continue drawing at home.
    Kamanga will be rich with next 3 months, a typical Zambian worker… talented thieves.
    Unlike Kalusha, who only “stole” bribes from FIFA. Ba Kamanga FIFA money bakaimona kwisa?

  2. Premier league soccer can look after itself. That’s why AK’s exco should push for delinking the league from FA. The FA should instead concentrate on policy, development & the national teams.
    As for waiting to see AK fail (or how rich he gets) I think that’s negative. What we all need to do is to push him to implement his famous blueprint. That is what we elected him for & he needs our support.

  3. If the best people to run Zesco are engineers with an addition of Business administration, it also true that former football players with training in business are best suited to run football. The error of just doing management as your first degree and think of going to run RDA is wrong gone. A former player running FAZ will complement technical bench inefficiencies.

    • What a misplaced comparison!! Perhaps you meant a coach who must have played some football at some point; but President! And where do you place referees?

  4. @Kant Neva,But most soccer players are grade 12 failures, so where they going to get the Degrees from,unless you are suggesting Kaingu honours them with fake degrees from his fake PHD in catering from Malaysia!

  5. What is wrong with a PHD in Catering? At the end of the day you want good food when you come to my restaurant so you dont want me to have the best qualification so I can feed you well?

  6. What is wrong with a PHD in Catering? At the end of the day you want good food when you come to my restaurant. So you dont want me to have the best qualification so I can feed you well?

  7. @Go for the jugular if there’s anything we can learn from our friends in the US it is not to pontificate or show off. Iam at a university where people study everything from rocket science through modelling to garbage disposal and I have never seen or heard anyone make snide remarks about another person’s field of study. Everyone respects what everyone is studying. They know your future success is not tied to what you study. However in Zambia there’s a big obsession among the youth at tertiary with showing off yet when people graduate they don’t even shine. PhD in catering should be respected like any other doctorate .

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