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Artist Profile : “Ireen Mambilima” Hit maker Drimz


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Man of the moment and singer Drimz recently dropped the music video to his song “Mpakafye Ubushiku” featuring Chef 187 and his momentum isn’t showing signs of slowing down. The Kabwe native was restricted to performing in his home town and the Copperbelt, but thanks to his songs Ama dance yamu lolo, Dolose, No Title, Potential Millionaire and Ireen Mambilima, he has become a national commodity.

“Ireen Mambilima” is a fan favorite right now, thanks to its radio and club dominancy. It was number one on Copperbelt’s Sun FM for three straight months, a feat no song had achieved there and Drimz says he is overwhelmed by this.

 “In today’s world there is so much talent and great songs are released every day but once you have the blessing of being on top never get too excited but work extra hard,” he says. The inspiration behind Ireen Mambilima seems obvious, but Drimz says a great artiste should be inspired by the little things that an ordinary person would not pay attention to.

He also delves deeper to explain the song.

“I admire how calm and collected Ireen Mambilima was during the elections. I was inspired by her level of integrity. In every relationship there is pressure so I am encouraging the ladies to stand firm and fight with dignity in everything, just like ba mayo ba Ireen Mambilima did during the elections.”

Drimz peforming with supporting artist Lucky
Drimz peforming with supporting artist Lucky

If radio play is anything to go by, then Drimz’ other singles, Lolo, the Chef187- assisted Mpakafye Ubushiki and the inspirational Potential Millionaire make him a bankable hit-maker. But his story was not always a musical one. His aspirations were to become a journalist even though he had always wanted to be a foot- baller, up until an injury during trials at a major club ended this dreams.

 “I used to play for the Mulungushi University team till I got injured and decided to try singing. At that time I was studying IMIS at the same institution,” he says.

2008 would see Drimz sign with Sling Beats where the likes of Roberto and Levins were also building their careers under the mentorship of Drex. But it was his desire to produce music that set him apart. After he learned the craft, he moved back to Kabwe in 2009 and set up Drim-10ment studio where he produced Day-vee’s Love Farmer and Damiano’s Katundu.

Success comes with its own pitfalls, but Drimz (real name Lota Mandevu) says it has not gotten to his head, neither has it affected his marriage. “I think discipline and self-respect is very important as a public figure. It’s about knowing how to carry yourself in public and being that awesome dad and husband all the time,” he says.

He speaks highly of his wife, whose support he says has been incredible.” I met my wife 9 years ago, even though we married a year ago, so she understands the nature of my work and my hustle. She is so supportive. Sometimes I am called at awkward hours for local shows, sometimes I come home late or in the early hours of the day after a long night of performing, but my wife understands, she’s my best friend and our marriage has got nothing to do with our different careers. She’s a teacher by profession.”

Drimz performing
Drimz performing

Asked about the name Drimz, he laughs: “Initially my name was dreamer! One of my childhood friends came up with the name and I used to hate it a lot. They derived it from my name Lota which means dreaming. So after I started doing music I changed it to Drimz which is an acronym for Determined, Resolute, Inspired and Motivated Zambian (DRiMZ)…Also known as Mr Musiq now.”

His ‘salt muli soupu’ slogan is becoming its own brand, thanks to the T-Shirts he and his team where at his shows.


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  1. ati shani ba former roomie ba Drimz.. Same class same room as we studied IMIS way back in 09/2010, music has always been ur passion, with determination and hardwork Im happy it has worked out in the end, u always had the talent even though it’s taken a while to be recognized and appreciated. Big ups ba guy…

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