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President Lungu is not Courting Edith Nawakwi for a running mate-State House

Headlines President Lungu is not Courting Edith Nawakwi for a running mate-State...

President Edgar Lungu held meeting with An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team led by Tsidi Tsikata who is division chief African department in Washingston at State house. Picture By Eddie Mwanaleza/State house.20-11-2015.
President Edgar Lungu

STATE House has rubbished as outrageous and unfounded remarks by FDD president Edith Nawakwi that President Edgar Lungu is courting her for a running mate in the forthcoming elections.

Yesterday, the Post newspaper reported that the Forum for Democracy and Development leader had turned down President Lungu’s running mate offer. But Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public relations, Amos Chanda, said Ms Nawakwi was not the woman President Lungu had in mind when he announced that his running mate in the August 11 general election will be a woman,

He said President Lungu had many ‘‘capable, decent and honest women’’ in his political life to work with.

“We have always thought that Ms Nawakwi was a dishonest person but we probably underestimated her levels of deceitfulness. Ms Nawakwi has sent several emissaries to the President begging that she should be offered the position of republican Vice-President and be a running mate to the Head of State.

‘‘As recent as when the President was in Mpika, Ms Nawakwi was grovelling and making desperate efforts to meet the Head of State and we are proud that we did not facilitate the meeting for her. “The woman in the mind of President Lungu is certainly not Ms Nawakwi and she must be told that she is not God’s only gift to Zambian politics.

‘‘When God created women in politics, he did not start and end with Ms Nawakwi and President Lungu has many capable, decent and honest women in his political life,” Mr Chanda said.

Mr Chanda explained that if President Lungu had wanted Ms Nawakwi as his running mate, he would have tasked his press aide, his political advisor Kaizer Zulu, the PF secretary general Davis Chama or his deputy Mumbi Phiri to approach her.

He said President Lungu would alternatively have contacted Ms Nawakwi personally and that claims by the FDD leader of having been offered to be running mate were nothing but hallucinations.

Mr Chanda advised Ms Nawakwi to pursue her alliance with the opposition political parties and stop fantasising that President Lungu was looking up to her as his running mate.

He said Nawakwi was lying when she claimed that she had sent a message to President Lungu and challenged her to state what kind of message she had received.
Mr Chanda said it would be strange to expect State House to respond to a message she had not sent, stating that the only political party President Lungu was in talks with for an alliance was the MMD.

Mr Chanda disclosed that he had declined to process a meeting between President Lungu and Ms Nawakwi and that if there was any of the presidential aides who approached her to be the running mate, they could have done so in their individual capacities.

“We have asked Ms Nawakwi’s emissaries to stop bothering President Lungu because the woman the Head of State has in mind as running mate is not Ms Nawakwi.
Let her mention the emissaries President Lungu sent to her otherwise let her pursue her alliance with the opposition.

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  1. Stop denying ba-swine. You thought Edith could keep the talks under wraps. You should know by now that as far as she’s concerned, there are no “bedroom” matters. She announces everything to the neighbourhood!

    • Lungu was naive and silly to outline his choice of a running mate.

      Might have sounded clever and intriguing but quiet frankly it was an own goal strategically and it was the opposition who gained a psychological goal.

      The man’s IQ is suspect if not short of a qualifying president.

      Remind me exactly what the point of – revealing the choice of a running mate so early if not intriguing and annoying his own people surrounding him.

      Why play your Ace card so early. Why not do it when it matters or nearer the election time.

      Not impressed. Hello MS.



    • Suntwe uli mbwa who are you calling swine?bafikala go sort out your running mate issue in your party.if you make a mistake be prepared to receive punches from GBM. Of course with latest insults.

    • Edith Nawakwi would definitely have added to Lungu’s stature. She is an admired, and, if I may add, a respected citizen. She has a political stature, one her own.

    • Those of us who were privileged to have worked in the service between late 70s to mid 2000, know Nawakwi very well. We under DG Kamima and FX we tracked and chronicled stunning files all pointing to the fact that she is a useless callous thieve against every Poor Zambian citizen’s interest. She is an easy goer on complicity aND all kind of moral purge one can look at. She is not a patriot or a woman of valor. In the mining privatization stripping to Canadian Carrington maize scandal with Israeli Manassas not mentioning her infedelity, Nawakwi is a reproach of her own kind. She can never pass secret service vetting process period.

    • @Meimatungu, There is no hatred in fellow human beings but the acts and character that personify them. Intelligence is about collarating for desemination data as it is. I can bet you Nawakwi is one of the many noise makers that can never pass strick security vetting if any President is serious at deciding based on clearance reports.

    • This is what is strange about Lungu, Amos chanda and PF ,,,, Immediately after reading the bible and praying pa easter,,, they lie!!!,,, the chakolwas I know tell the truth when the get drank ,,, but lungu is different when he is drank he lies ,,, even ku church he lies

    • Nawakwi has herself to blame. Why would she get excited about GBM`s arrest. The truth is there`s no honor among dishonest people. It could be true that the two parties were in discussions regarding VP running mate, Nawakwi thought she had it in the bag without realizing that Lungu promised a number of women. In politics, when you want to eat with both hands, you crash and end miserable. I guess many people are disappointed with Nawakwi.

    • Meimatungu ##

      Your real name is MOFFAT LUNGU.

      A useless and a crook of a Zambian in the UK surviving of Child Benefits from the British Government. You are the last person who can talk about morals.

      U are a Narcissist.
      U are a Fraud
      U are a crook
      U are a car thief
      U have fathered 10 kids from 7 Zambia Women.
      Your current wife is an ex Convict

      My brother come back to Zambia. Some of us we returned back in the early 2000’s. And we have made it and living large.

    • @1.9 BO’ Mulife
      You are a loose canon, misfiring as always. This which you missed now, is a moving target.

    • No # 1.9 Bo Mulife

      Kikikikiki …You made me laugh. I know the MOFFAT LUNGU in London you are talking about. He is one piece of sh*t who boasts all the time for nothing. The chaps thinks he is George Clooney. You should see the women he targets. They are Zambian cheap girls.

    • These goons still in cold war. August is fast approaching and before you know it, it will be tomorrow. 4 days from now is April and that will be 4 months left.

    • Nawakwi, like Nevers Mumba, is finding the fully of excitedly responding to Lungu’s drunken text messages. Surely you cannot plan on the back of a text message. First, sit astound the table and hear it from the horse’s mouth before getting excited.

  2. ‘‘When God created women in politics, he did not start and end with Ms Nawakwi……. Is this new theology ba Chanda? where is it written that God created some women in politics? Stop using the name of God for useless things iwe ka Chanda

    • They way these guys have been throwing around God’s name is scary. Seed time and harvest there are consequences for every thing we do. Maybe Phukuta Mwanza can advise his people on this

    • I wonder why Amos Chanda is the one answering to Opposition on the arrangements PF are making. Statehouse on “Running-Mate”, it is not fitting at all. And Amos ku tumpa fye that he has to disrespect Ba Nawakwi, a woman he can’t even stand to see her bra.
      I expected Mumbi Phiri to pickup a fight with Nawakwi.

  3. I have lost faith in nawakwi, from the moment she issued statements supporting PF arresting GBM for golf clubs and catapults as military weapons she was hoping lungu would select her as running mate.
    She has unmasked herself as a bare faced shamless opportunist..

  4. My appeal to president Lungu is that let him appoint Madam Kaseba as his running mate nad we shall white wash upnd.

  5. This is a strong statement from PF and I also believe that it is true that PF could not have ever thought of Edith as an option for a running mate! Nobody even in the opposition would ever risk working with Nawakwi – the woman is unstable and can do anything to get personal attention. Nawakwi seriously destroyed and undermined the UDA simply because she wanted to be its leader and wasnt chosen to lead it.
    Right now Nawakwi has been seriously injured by Amos Chanda’s choice of words – “‘‘capable, decent and honest women’’:
    1. Capable – Look at how she has reduced FDD to a shell from its potential under Christon Tembo
    2. Decency – the woman has serious antics – snatching a married man and being beaten over a suspected affair with another man when she was Labour Minister
    3. Honest -…

  6. 3. Honest – she has her fair share of corrupt practices and people have NOT forgotten about Carlington.
    That statement issued by Amos has really damaged her but she brought it on herself really

    • @Chilyata
      I am impressed by your analysis here. Some of us have come to know Edith Nawakwi from afar. She is probably not what we think she is. I for one have not facts to back my good view of her.

  7. Chairman#4 Lungu with madam inonge is a well known crisis and now you think Lungu with madam Kaseba is a solution to white wash upnd

    Slogans like “ pabwato and ifintu ni lungu“ are obsolete

    • Inga the infamous pa kuboko (Hadolf Hitler) symbol which the Satanist party have lamentably chosen? Everything about UPND are devilish and confrontational. The Hitler Hand symbol, the red attire for danger and the poisonous tribal belief of the Quota System.
      Zambia cannot and will never be ruled by a regional grouping from Southern Province, so HH must forget ever stepping foot in State House.
      Ask anyone who has worked in T0nga dominated institution how bad these people are. They treat others like house flies.

  8. I have known Nawakwi for a while now and she does look decent in every way, she is not foul mouthed, dresses decently, good mannered, beautiful in my eyes and so on and so forth. She does not say much but when she does, everyone wants to know what she has to say. Nawakwi is FDD and FDD is Nawakwi. On the hand, the PF have been known to be peddlers of lies, even when they are telling the truth, it is taken as a lie. They are always issuing statements contradicting each other on a daily basis. As to who is telling the truth between the two Parties? I stand in the middle, although I lean slightly towards the PF.

    • @jethro
      Your’s has been my view and impression of her as well. However, Chilyata above seems to do a better job of showing us the other side of her.

  9. You can’t know who is saying the truth! To say the least, ECL has failed Zambia, HH can’t solve our problems as a Country, he literally has no experience, Nawakwi is an attention seeker that is all.

  10. Amos Chanda you are paid by taxpayers and on GRZ payroll in that role as a Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public relations…have respect for Zambian citizens who pay you even those in opposition and distance yourself from mudslinging, you are not a Politician leave that to Kambwili, Mumbi and Bwalya. When are these ***** going to learn, where is that Silly boy George Chellah today? You never know who your boss will be tomorrow.

  11. In as far as Zambians know Edith Nawakwi she is leader of FDD and intend to stand as presidential candidate for her party. Zambians also know Ms Nawakwi is of sound mind and would not sink so low to fabricate a story that President Lungu is courting her to be running mate in the coming elections. Edith has taken the rabbit out of the bag and PF frankly is struggling to describe the colour of the rabbit. Who can believe in the legacy of PF, ‘Donchi kubeba’.

  12. I’m not a FDD or Nawakwi supporter. But this statement is just too strong and unwarranted.

    Amos could denied this FDD story without talking rubbish. If Amos said ‘Nawakwi is not being considered for running mate. However PF value Nawakwi contribution to the political erana of zambian. PF will contribute to colloborate with FDD on matter of mutual interest’.

    This is what I expect from Amos.

    • @14.

      In law it is settled, Nemo dat quod non habet.

      Amos cannot give what he.doesn’t have. What you see is all there is of him unfortunately.

    • @PanAfricanist
      “…too strong and unwarranted.” You don’t seem to imply though that it was merely the slip of a tongue? Again, what do you mean when you say: “This is what I expect from Amos”? Is it what Amos said or what he should have said and how he should have said it?

  13. Amos must not be responding as a cadre… He must respond in a more ‘statemanship’ way.

    But as you pointed out Amos has limitations..intellect being one of them.

  14. @ Meimatungu, Sometimes I get concerned with the level of politics in Zambia…
    anyway, what I meant is that Amos should NOT respond as a cadre.

    Amos must have a unifying languae despite political difference between PF and FDD…

    • @PanAfricanist
      This Amos, it would seem, must be somebody you hold in such dignified high esteem. Sad though that, he too, like the rest, is flesh and blood. My condolences.

  15. …’decent and honest’..?? …decent..??..Amos waya sana…anyway I was waiting for a response from Nkwazi house tho not as nasty as this crap….
    ….next, will get a recorded conversation from the post…

  16. Nawakwi is not a factor in Zambian politics………above all i look forward to the day HH will be punched by GBM.The day is surely coming.

  17. Of all the filthy and insulting mouthings Nawakwi has been pouring on President Lungu and the PF leaders, who on Earth would contemplate offering Nawakwi the post of Republican Vice President? This sounds like a very carefully calculated ploy by the opposition and Mmembe to sow seeds of disunity with the aim of distrupting the most stable political party in the country – the PF.

    The art of disrupting marriages – which is Nawakwi’s special talent – cannot be applicable to political scenarios. This dirty game is a product of a consortium of disgruntled leaders of the opposition parties being clandestinely facilitated by such operatives as Guy Scott, Sampa, HH, GBM, Kabimba and Nawakwi herself.

    • How about the unmentionables Dora spat in the direction of founding father old man Sata and today she is in control of one the most influential ministries in this govt.?

    • @jay jay

      What of the presidential tearing speech in that august house by bashi Iris? Today he is one of the key henchmen of ECL…..!

    • @20.1 Jay Jay
      It’s what your relatives refer to as “blood being thicker than water.” The standard by which Dora is being judged is the blood in her veins; Nawakwi, the evil she’s conceived to have committed.

  18. @jay Jay and Salamat, the difference is clear, Nawakwi is unrepentant and incorrigible.

    Getting back to the topic, the claim by Nawakwi must go on record as the most ludicrous by any Zambian politician since independence in 1964.

  19. When I was a boy my father bought a car and we became the centre of attraction in the township. A young girl told the whole neighbourhood ati balamfwaya. I had to work overtime to tell girls whom I really eyed that she was lying. I don’t envy Edgar

    • @Fless Plins
      Quite the contrary, Edgar’s current situation, is not captured by the reality of your childhood fortunes with girls, all because of a car your hard-working dad had bought for the family. The car Edgar’s dad left for him, is in a bad state of disrepair. Now as we speak, it’s being towed away, to the junk yard. That, I presume, is the better reason for not envying him.

    • Meimatungu you ve lost the plot. Edgar is in a privileged position. That’s why Nawakwi is telling people he wants her. Nawakwi can see the car even if you cant see it. It’s a glove in hand analogy from fless plins

    • @24.2 More Fat Lungu
      That remains to be seen – I mean the car that I don’t see. I do see “the glove in hand analogy.” In the famous words of Johnnie Cochran, however, “If it doesn’t fit, we must acquit.” Lungu’s doesn’t fit.

  20. Remember Levy Mwanawasa MHRP accused General Tembo wanting to sell FDD at 5 billion kwacha is history reporting itself
    Grovelled( craw with face down humbly ) sebana wikute

  21. backfiring
    By + on March 26, 201627 Comments


    Greetings Zambians,
    My Brothers and sisters (Bembas) who are busy calling me a FOOL and/or Tonga hiding in a Bemba name for supporting Visionary HH! Let me tell you one thing:
    If it means supporting someone who is able to fix our economy is being foolish or Tonga, then let me be one.
    My brothers and Sisters, you are even busy in-boxing me that being Bemba, I should not support HH because people of Southern Province attacked PF (Former Father Frank Bwalya to be specific) Haaa! That cheap propaganda against Southerners can NEVER make me or…


  23. Edith Nawakwi has in the last 15 years taken blows, physical and psychological from ruling parties (MMD and PF) and the world of politics and its vagaries. Nawakwi and her party leaders seem to expend energies and efforts firefighting instead of leading the party to power. What is left of the FDD leadership are walking wounds. To then appoint Nawakwi as a Presidential running mate would not only be an unforgivable political blunder, but a political own-goal. Edith is so deceptive that she can’t even explain to fellow women folk how she got her current husband. Lastly I can’t wait for GBM to punch HH or Canisius Banda; they will learn the hard way.

  24. Amos leave politics to politicians. You are a civil servant on tax payers payroll. Speak about issues to do with all Zambians, not PF bedroom matters! That statement could have been made by PF spokesperson. Goodness me!

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