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Soweto Market Traders defy Government ban of selling fresh food in unhealthy places

General News Soweto Market Traders defy Government ban of selling fresh food in unhealthy...

FILE: Some traders with offer letters to conduct business in the new Soweto market in Lusaka
FILE: Some traders with offer letters to conduct business in the new Soweto market in Lusaka

TRADERS at Lusaka’s Soweto Market have defied Government’s directive to stop selling fresh foodstuffs especially meat, offals and fish in unhealthy places.

A check by Sunday Times found various fresh food stuffs especially meat, fish and pieces of chicken being sold to members of the public in filthy conditions without considering the cholera outbreak in the city.

Zambia has recorded more than 200 cholera cases in peri-urban areas like Kanyama, Bauleni, Chilenje and George townships.

This reporter was welcomed by green flies and a stench from the food which was not being bought in view of the cholera outbreak.

Soweto Market committee chairperson, Isaac Simfukwe said the committee had tried to sensitise fellow marketeers but to no avail since many have argued that the council was collecting daily fees from them.

“I have tried in my own capacity as market committee chairperson to sensitise my fellow traders on the outbreak of cholera, but they have resisted and politicised the issue,” said Mr Simfukwe.

Some marketeers talked to said they had no option apart from doing their usual business since it was the only source of income.

“If authorities decide to close our open markets, then our business will be suspended until cholera is contained which might take a long time,” a resident said.


  1. Does Edgar Lungu and his wife know that there is cholera in Lusaka & Chawama?
    I have not read anything about PF & cholera, except “running-mate”.

    • How do you expect edgar to say anything about cholera when he himself is a cholera to the Zambian masses.

  2. Where does that dirt come from? Simple. The people selling there. Where are authorities in this country. People selling in the markets should be responsible for the surroundings they are trading in. I know that our African mentality will rush to say, THATS THE WORK OF THE COUNCIL. We may be right in saying that but we have a role to play as well.
    I am just wondering if the people selling in that kind of dirt live like that in their homes. If we can’t do it at home, why do we come and do it at the markets. WHERE IS KEEP ZAMBIA CLEAN? Is it targeted on certain areas only. That dirt is what foreigners visiting our country like to snap and write in very big words; LUSAKA ZAMBIA and indeed it is. Shame on the councils and shame on us as Zambians. A VERY BIG SHAME LUSAKA CITY COUNCIL AND ITS…

  3. If the LCC are collecting money from the marketeers as they are claiming the LCC should maintain the trading place clean . Get the money and deliver the services

  4. ..the title should have been that…’The Authority has failed…..’
    …looking at the above picture, it only confirm that we blacks are synonymous with dirty environment…..K1000 is enough to have that dirty cleared…all one need are 10 hard brooms at a total of K100, Ten street boys at K50 token each…refuse plastic bags, PVC gloves and nose bags for the boys….arrange a 2ton Canter truck at K300 to dispose off the garbage… period
    ….if you approach the council they will start talking about a broken down Front End Loader…lack of fuel all sorts of baseless excuses…eeish

  5. Do those vendors have Grade 12 certificates? If they did they would have learned some hygiene in science class. Appears we now need to move from politicians to fresh food sellers…

  6. ‘That dirty city of Lusaka’. Bill Clinton.

    Speak volumes about Zambia’s scumbag leadership, for another leader to insult them like that!? And still not clean up after all these years since he hurled that invective!?

  7. Naimwe bene mwebena Lusaka. Why buy death? Leave them to trade their rotten meat to the flies. Are you that hungry? Even us who never went to school know that cholera is from dirt, flies and rot

  8. It is not a question of cleaning the environment but provision of dust bins and containers by the City and District Councils. You may wish to throw rubbish in a bin at homes, markets, streets, etc but there are no dust bins around and they are beyond the people’s reach in terms of prices. In short there is no leadership from councils when it comes to cleanliness but for Council Cash collections they are number one.

  9. The traders are not doing anything wrong. What was banned was the sale of fresh food. From the report the Soweto traders are selling rotten meat. I guess that’s why the city council can’t arrest them. mmmmm!

  10. Zambians you always prove you don’t value cleanliness, public health or running orderly cities .Tis why Africans get not respect coz they don’t respect selves.

  11. Guys,
    Come and visit Mikomfwa market here in Luanshya, there is garbage everywhere.
    My wife and I have to constantly remind our Zambian workers in the shop to wash their hands.
    Hygiene is alien to the Zambian culture.

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