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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

President Lungu attends Gen Muchopa’s funeral, gets ready for interparty dialogue

General News President Lungu attends Gen Muchopa’s funeral, gets ready for interparty dialogue

Harry Kalaba confers with President Lungu
Harry Kalaba confers with President Lungu
President Edgar Lungu today joined thousands of people that attended the funeral service of Brig Gen Cyprian Muchopa.

Gen Muchopa, who until his death, on March 23, served in the Zambia Army.

President Lungu said he was attending the funeral service as a friend of the departed as they have known each other for a long time.

He said Gen Muchopa was his long-time friend and neighbour, hence he could not afford to miss his funeral service.

Speaking in an interview after the funeral service at St Ignatius Catholic Parish in Lusaka today, President Lungu said all is set for the interparty dialogue scheduled for March 29, 2016.

President Lungu has called on his party cadres not to attend the gathering as it is strictly for party leaders and has since urged other political parties to do the same.

He said it is important that political cadres observe the hierarchy of party structures and stay away from the meeting.

According to Winfield Kunda, Communication Director for the Catholic Media Services, Zambia’s Episcopal Conference plans to meet with all political parties and their Presidential candidates in a move to help curb politically motivated violence before the August 11general elections.

Zambians have expressed concern about clashes between supporters of political parties as the groups get ready to begin official campaigns for the elections.

Local media organisations have often reported incidents of inter-party clashes often between the governing Patriotic Front (PF) and opposition parties including the United Party for National Development (UPND) and the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD).

Incumbent President, Edgar Lungu, and main opposition leaders, Hakainde Hichilema from the UPND and Nevers Mumba from the MMD, have agreed to be part of the meeting with the Roman Catholic bishops.

In an Episcopal letter early this year about the state of the nation, the Catholic bishops urged the political party leaders to tone down their rhetoric before the elections.

The bishops urged the politicians to ensure their supporters do not engage in violence.

And Saint Ignatius Catholic Parish Priest, Charles Chilinda, is positive that the March 29 dialogue meeting called by the Catholic Bishops for political party leaders will yield positive results in uniting the country.

And Fr Chilinda says political cadres should not be allowed to be above the law and create anarchy among Zambians.

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  1. dialogue now?? too late,, we going for elections,,,, Guy Scot and miles Sampa were calling for dialogue straight after Sata`s death you refused!!

    • This is the Chakolwa that IGNORED LOCAL CATHOLIC CLERGY BEFORE HE WENT TO THE VATICAN – he now goes kneeling to them to help him restore order & MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, draw a few catholic votes!!

      Abantu baya!! PamaFi ya shala!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia Forward 11/8/2016!! Vote UPND!!


      I thank you!!

    • There are fundamental reasons why since independence, Zambian have never dared to risk their country with Aisha. Nkhumbula started ANC and died without ever being risked with state power. Mazoka started UPND years before Sata started PF, he died without being risked with state power. Hichilema inherited Mazoka taking 4 national elections ballot rejects, Lungu a first run candidate running on a 3 weeks candidate campaign won consigning Hichilema to legacy of rejected Aishaism. Itsfor the same enduring fundamental reason that Zambians know very well that aishas are aishas. They are better left in the opposition to continue giving checks and balances but never buy into their deeply engrarined ethnicism. Tell me if you have ever heard them renounce their ethnicism. Sampa is a deluded young…

    • Sampa is a deluded young man whose obsession for power through coercisive schemes died the day he accepted to be used. GBM has no loyalty to Zambian peace and unity because he is a South African. Scott a Zambian Boer with divided loyalty, is scheming to empower his fellow Boers in SA to whom he has bought into the scheme to surrender our mines too. BaKaseba has overrated herself too in her dream for running mate. They had no impact and will again have no impact in August. Zambians are too wise to become their pawns Lungu and Zambians are the winners here.

  2. Imagine we live in the Age of Reason and you are a Zambian and you honestly vote for ECL and Kambwili again…I cannot imagine how a sane person, in the right frame of mind can vote Kambwili and ECL for twice.!!

  3. It depends whom you call a Party Cadre. Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri, Kambwili, Sunday Chanda and Chama are all cadres! So Father Chilinda needs to define who is a cadre and not a cadre first!

  4. Truth be told, there would have been no need for dialogue had President Lungu shown even an ounce of leadership.
    When first Davies Chama and subsequently Mumbi Phiri, Chishimba Kambwili, Frank Bwalya and shamelessly old Chikwanda went down the tribal slide it was just a matter of time before they resorted to violence once they realised their tribal talk was not bearing fruit. President lungu would have stopped that if he wished but he hoped it would help his bid for re-election so he kept quiet.
    Then followed he partial blindness to the violence perpetrated by his party while sending police to deal violently with his opponents. The result is he now has no power to stop it.

  5. Edgar tommorrow itole Moana likatente no kutulika coz the end is near cakolwa watucusha sana few months u ‘ve Bn in statehouse with your sugar mummy Ester

  6. Lungu better start praying to the goddess of whisky. His timeis up. useless, inefficient and a stooge for Mugabe and Sata.

  7. Comment:
    l feel watchdog should put at the agenda. Because most of the people who post on this media usually post rubbish material to insights violence.

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