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Miles Sampa wanted to take Elias Chipimo Jnr and Eric Chanda to UPND


Fourth Republican Party president Erick Chanda
Fourth Republican Party president Erick Chanda

MILES Sampa had a long meeting with Orange Alliance leaders Eric Chanda and Elias Chipimo in an attempt to auction the alliance to the United Party for National Development (UPND) but his scheme was strongly rejected by the alliance members, it has been revealed.

Mr Sampa has since signed a memorandum of understanding with the UPND in which the two political parties have agreed to work together to fight the PF and President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Chanda who is president of 4TH Revolution and a vice-president of the Orange Alliance said it was not going to make political sense for the alliance to abandon its values and beliefs and forge yet another alliance with the UPND.

He said as an astute politician, he did not believe in what he termed the Daniel Munkombwe formula of participating in the political affairs of the country and had therefore differed with Mr Sampa.

Mr Chanda said he could not be coerced into leaving the Orange Alliance and form another alliance with the UPND because the act was politically perilous and was going to defeat the essence of having formed the alliance between NAREP, DF (deregistered) and 4R.

He explained that he was not in politics for survival and that he was not going to accept to move to the UPND and endorse Mr Hichilema because Zambians were going to lose the trust and respect they had for him as a political leader.

“Zambians must know that Mr Sampa met with me and Elias Chipimo with the view to convince us to endorse the candidature of the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema. But we realized that it was going to defeat the essence of having formed the Orange Alliance. I am one who does not believe in the Daniel Munkombwe formula who has served in each and every government except the Edgar Lungu administration. I am in politics to serve and not for survival and I refused to move to the UPND because I do not want to practice politics of the belly, ”Mr Chanda said.

He said rejecting to endorse Mr Hichilema was not an easy decision but was happy that he remained in the Orange Alliance which he said would soon be announcing its presidential candidate as well as its running mate for the August general elections.

Mr Chanda said the departure of Mr Sampa from the Orange Alliance had not changed the complexion of the alliance and that the leadership had since embarked on identifying its presidential candidate and the running mate.

“Just yesterday, Mr Sampa was receiving defectors from the UPND and today he defects to the same UPND; you cannot fool people who helped you build your structures like that, nobody will trust him anymore,” he said.

He said the Orange Alliance was now feeling betrayed by Mr Sampa’s move to the UPND and that Zambians would have to judge the Matero MP for who he was.

“We are asking all aspiring candidates who would want to contest all the elective political positions from councillors, mayors, members of Parliament to bring their applications. The aspiring candidates should take their application to the Orange Alliance secretariat housed at the NAREP offices,” Mr Chanda said.

Meanwhile, MILES Sampa is an embarrassment to all the people who supported him and those who helped create structures in the deregistered Democratic Front party, says Orange Alliance Lusaka province chairman Longe Mulenga.

Mr Mulenga said Mr Sampa’s defection to the UPND was long overdue as it had been exposed by UPND vice president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.
He said the Orange Alliance remains strong and intact with all its structures in place as Mr Sampa only took with him some of his supporters from Matero, his former constituency. “DF is a registered party, it is not there, and when he says he has defected with DF, who has he gone with?

“We are very disappointed with the character of (Mr Miles) Sampa who has exhibited his immaturity in politics. He is an embarrassment to all those who have supported him since he left the PF, and all of whom have remained in the Orange Alliance,” he said.

He said as the former DF provincial chairman, they were all now members of the Orange Alliance and were working to build structures under the Orange label.
Mr Mulenga said the Orange Alliance would from now throw its weight behind incoming president and National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo Jnr for the August 2016 presidential and general elections.

Mr Mulenga accused the former DF leader of promoting divisions within the alliance and said the defection was good riddance as it would now be easier to organize its structures.

And former DF information and publicity secretary Mubanga Chileshe said Mr Sampa lacked necessary credentials to win him people’s support as he was not consistent with his actions and plans.

“Just yesterday, Mr Sampa was receiving defectors from the UPND and today he defects to the same UPND; you cannot fool people who helped you build your structures like that, nobody will trust him anymore,” he said.


    • Sampa has a figure of leader, but I agree he has no consistence. He needs to be focused and find strong old politicians to advice him.
      Even going to UPND, we don’t understand in what capacity, except frustrating PF?

    • There are fundamental reasons why Zambians have never errored to risk their country with Aishas. Nkhumbula started ANC and died without ever being risked with state power. Mazoka started UPND years before Sata started PF, he died without being risked with state power. Hichilema inherited Mazoka taking 4 national elections ballot rejects, Lungu a first run candidate running on a 3 weeks campaigntrounced regionalist and compliciists consigning Hichilema to a legacy of rejected Aishaism. Its for the same enduring fundamental reason that Zambians in the know will again reject aishaism. They are better left in the opposition to continue giving checks and balances but never buy into their deeply engrarined regionalism. Tell me if you have ever heard them renounce their aishaism.

    • You are right PF’s tribal talk has died a natural death as Zambians from all corners have joined the UPND. The PF is now a shell with A Godfather in charge, according to Guy Scott. I am sure Scott meant Rupiah but didn’t want to mention it and be sued.

    • Sampa is naive and a deluded young man whose obsession for power through coercisive schemes died the day he accepted to be used. GBM has no brains or loyalty to Zambian peace and unity because he is a South African gasngstar susceptible to exploit. Scott a Zambian Boer with divided loyalty, is scheming to empower his fellow Boers in SA to whom he has bought into the scheme to surrender our mines too. BaKaseba has overrated herself too in her dream for running mate. Collectively,they had and have no impact and will again have no impact in August. Zambians are too wise to become their pawns Lungu and Zambians are the winners here against aishaism period.

    • Patriot how do you renounce who you are? Maybe you are ashamed of your tribal but you should be proud of who you are and where you come from.

    • Scott is just a demated old man whose narrative is neither selling or flying. The so called 11 MMD senior Minister have been UPND untill last week when the officially joined. Among them are Minister of Economy, Health, Education, Home Affairs and party seniors such as William Banda, Kachingwe, their VPs etc. On the same migration UPND has prided in MMD senior members. How does Scott sanitize this? He is a demanted useful——— to doomed aishaism against our nationalism. Luingu and his unifying nationalists will rock clean to innauguration. This aishaism as Mwanawasa put it is a stuck matako for life.

    • Unlike some of these crack heads who consistently claim UPND is tribal, Miles begs to differ. Tell me what isnt tribal about this Orange Alliance in its current form..Miles Sampa just did the right thing. You cannot have tribal groupings of this nature ba Chanda M’kwai…Miles is alive to this fact that 3 bemba political parties, and each having a Bemba as President and forms alliance..???..c’mon guys.

    • some people awe sure. so what principles is this Chanda talking about? He’s not even a factor. Both Chanda and Chipimo have no following!!!

    • “Just yesterday, Mr Sampa was receiving defectors from the UPND and today he defects to the same UPND; you cannot fool people who helped you build your structures like that, nobody will trust him anymore,” he said………kikikiki,yaba. Zambian politics. ECL all the way.

    • @patriot, have you ever taken time to think why it is like that? Yes, Nkumbula, Mazoka and now young HH have failed to be Republican Presidents because of TRIBALISM from the Bemba/Nyanja Alliances. The North and East think Zambia ought to be ruled by one of the two but not other remàining 71 tribes. Even the refusal by Eric Chanda to endorse HH emanates from that unwritten principle. Miles Sampa is a modern Bemba who understands the intricacies of togetherness. After all, he has mixed well with all Zambians and this is the more reason that the biggest number of delegates who supported him last year at Mulungushi Rock of Authority were from Western Province.

    • No loyalty to Zambia GBM? Who are you to question his loyalty…you dont even know his story….you children of today use words carelessly..he is not my favourite politican but I have great respect for him as an entrepreuer in Zambia and Africa.

    • iwe ba PF,,,, you must be in panic mood! you cant even understands what is happening right before your eyes,,,, Miles Sampa didn’t defect! he entered into a working relationship with UPND,,, Guy Scot is still PF ,, but he(Scot) thinks UPND has a better president and that`s what he told the whole world

    • Sampa, GBM, Scott and HH himself were all against Lungu in 2015 elections, but he defeated them all. Nothing has changed, they will sill lose miserably. For HH and Scott that will be the end of their political careers, No child cry of rigging will be entertained since it is not easy to do so in Zambia. Viva Eddy, a simple and humble God-chosen leader. We are with you all the way and will ensure you win again. HH is gona cry in August.


    • But ba Chanda, you jointly said Sampa is no longer in the alliance because DF is deregisteted. Why didn’t you and Elias just tell the nation what you are saying now. How convenient. Revolution and Restoration are wrong names for your clubs. Just abandon them and join either PF or UPND. 50+1 nullifies your small jokes. Just grow up and stop this petty rhetoric of principles which you surely do not have. There is no revolution or restoration needed in Zambia today…we just need a simple change in the way State House does usual business.

  1. You could have reduced this lengthy piece to make the two simple points. Firstly, you opted out of following Sampa. Secondly, Chipimo is your presidential choice. The rest is whiny and petty. It would have come across as principled if not for lowering the tone to hurl negativity but such is the battlefield, I guess…

    • So, this means Elias Chipimo and Eric Chanda will ”NOT ENDORSE” anybody else in this election. Well, we still have just over 130 days to go before the elections. This may prove to be a long time before you change your positions and endorse somebody we suspect. Lets wait & see….!!

    • Let me give a piece of advice to all PF members.This tribal Tonga song will make an PF and Lungu un popular.It worked for PF in 2011 but it will not work now.Most people in Zambia speak Bemba or Nyanja when in fact they are not and we have mixed marriages. So when you insult the Tongas many people sympathize with them.This is the more reason that all people who feel oppressed are flocking to HH who has never uttered a word aginst any tribe.HH’s message is growing the economy finish.So all those who think they will receive votes because of tribe in this economy are dreaming.

    • I don’t understand this, you mean Miles received defectors from Upnd and now he has been received as a defector himself by upnd.

    • iwe ba PF,,,, you must be in panic mood! you cant even understands what is happening right before your eyes,,,, Miles Sampa didn’t defect! he entered into a working relationship with UPND,,, Guy Scot is still PF ,, but he(Scot) thinks UPND has a better president and that`s what he told the whole world

    • People are strangling to buy mealie meal on the copperbelt I have just seen hundreds of people lined up at pick n pay with heavy zp presence. A riot is likely

      Ifintu ni lungu fyonse na fibipa

  2. UPND is under sieze and dead! Before Kachema realises it, the Bembas will have taken over. It’s a scheme HH has not yet seen because he is a serious Under 5.
    Lungu knows these manuovers and he will defeat these disgruntled and bitter good for nothing political prostitutes.

    • Why do you hate Bembas. What is wrong with Bembas assuming leadership of UPND on merit?

      Stop the tribal talk now!!

  3. Quote of the day : The other day DF president [former] Miles sampa was receiving defectors from UPND , the following day Sampa DF President defect to UPND…kikikikikikikikikik

    • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, laughed my lungs out. The Hunter became the Hunted

  4. Yah despite having no political clout Eric spoke sense in explaining the situation but then the rest of the story you have cadre like individuals talking nonsense. I must admit it was not a good move by Miles, barely three months after forming an alliance and you abandon it. But why did Chipimo lie that it was because of the DF issues with the PF that Miles was removed as the Alliance leader. And he says he is not standing himself so who can be Alliance candidate, Eric? kikikikikikikikiki. I wonder if these parties have any PR people.

  5. I got to be honest, Zambian politics are hard to follow…someone calls you the most stupid white man he has ever met and a few months down the line you go endorse him…..Sampa called HH under five and today he goes to endorse the same man he called under 5 several times and works out an electoral pact and details have not been shared. Politics is a game of numbers but those numbers should add quality and value. This is why we are not going forward politically which ultimately affects our economy….to many shallow minded selfish people in our governance.

    • Hey politics is about principle. A true leader is one who is principled. It is like two boxers they say a lot of things about each other but that does not mean that they cannot agree on matters of principle. Regardless of who has said what about someone, people should agree on certain things for the common good of the voiceless. We salute these people for choosing to liberate the voiceless and poor people of Zambia.
      Remember politic is like a game. People say all sorts of things to demean the other just to win support. In fact they do not even mean what they say. For example frank Bwalya says what he says just to please his masters…

  6. There you go again,…… you think you are factor? Join UPND if you want political and economic independence.

  7. While I agree that Chipimo is a principled leader yet he has miserably failed to make a step politically. He could have done well or made his contribution in well established party.
    On the contrary, Miles Sampa has done what well meaning Zambians in influential positions are doing, to kick out this bunch of thieves called the PF and liberate the poor people. Who will vote for NAREP. Chipimo almost failed organize the 200 supporters last year, how will he do it this year? Chipimo should have just humbled himself to help liberate the poor. Un he is in politics for self gain which he has failed to achieve. If he thinks of standing as president, it is like a hunter hoping to kill an elephant with a spear. There are no miracles in politics.

  8. I feel pity for Sampa who is miles away from election victory, Bitter Scott has failed to swallow his bitter pill for His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of the Republic of Zambia and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. As for Queen Cobra Kasebanya she will join Maureen in the ranks of unrespected former first ladies. You can receive all the endorsements from the so called big guns, but the same kaponya’s, marketeers and many zambians do appreciate what PF has done in a 4 years and the grouping of people for the purpose of dislodging ECL will be rejected come 11th August 2016 and all you shameless people who have been paraded just to endorse a candidate because you hate Chagwa will shocked. PF has already campaigned by the works they have done and your promises wont change…

  9. I feel pity for Sampa who is miles away from election victory, Bitter Scott has failed to swallow his bitter pill for His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of the Republic of Zambia and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. As for Queen Cobra Kasebanya she will join Maureen in the ranks of unrespected former first ladies. You can receive all the endorsements from the so called big guns, but the same kaponya’s, marketeers and many zambians do appreciate what PF has done in 4 years and the grouping of people for the purpose of dislodging ECL will be rejected come 11th August 2016 and all you shameless people who have been paraded just to endorse a candidate because you hate Chagwa will be shocked. Be ready for a 5th defeat/reject.

  10. Zambians why forget so easly remember postnewspaper story who owns and who have shares.
    -owned by memmbe
    -share holders scott,sata,kabimba
    Chess explanation – this group was known as cartail after micheal meaning they wanted one from group to takeover but failed
    *upnd + rain bow + cartail alliance most likely reached an agreement upnd to provide president and cartail to give a running mate in this case kaseba was picked to be running mate to hh.
    She has inherited shares and she is supporting her side,scotty,sampa next of kin doing just that.kabimba and mmembe will provide mps accordingly.
    So those chaps are just a batch of criminals who want to suck the nation.
    A chessman cannot be dribbled vote lungu only

    • Keep on crying ba PF over spilled water.Time is not on your side.You will be easy to defeat than MMD.RB had sturmina than these ka Lungu.Watch the game.Mushele ba nga mu PF only Kambwili and Kalaba can stand to campaign the rest are zombies.Wapya muzi its HH these year.wina azanya oil.

    • Walasa iwe Kalusa I am extremely suspicious of this widow. Mmmmmh! only God know how this curtail played it. They could have accelarated the demise of MCS.
      Anyways, the voting pattern in SP aint gonna change any sonner, thus I know how not to give HH my vote.

  11. @jkalusa- you are a chess grand master, the only solution to dismantle the cartel is to vote for Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

  12. Apa peena ba Pf you have been whacked. I foresee pf losing by a big margin to Upnd. . Chipimo and Chanda wanted to take the alliance to Pf but the two have no political stamina.


  14. It Is a blessing for miles to join the upnd.he would have disturbed the nothern votes.the fact Is That real bembas cant go to upnd now.i think its God who have confused the opposition camps to pave way for ECL to Win with no defficults. I think pf must ne smilling for This development.

    • Mr. Real, I think you are really in denial. Because as things stand now, If I were ECL, I would simply give the instruments of power to HH instead of facing the imminent shame that is awaiting him in August.

  15. So who Is going to take over upnd Next august since time for HH Will Be up after 11 august?please some to answer me.

  16. Politics of frustration and resentments.How I wish 11 August was near to resolve all this circus.Politicians are taking people for a ride with their jokey way of doing politics.Politics need serious elements not jokers.Politicians need to be told that Zambians are not supposed to be tossed like waves.The country needs matured people to execute its affairs.Not all theses frustrated elements who are just there to steal national resources.As electorates,we deserve the best.

  17. Win at all costs, HH the supposedly agent of change is more of the same. He’s willing to get endorsements even from plunderers, murderers, batterers, corrupt, thieves, chakolwas, unprincipled men and women. Tell me this is the change Zambia has been waiting for. Nah, it’s more of the same – I don’t see how different this man HH is from Lungu. Good luck my fellow Zambians, I already changed by passport. I will come join when Christ returns.

    • No need to change your passport, Lungu is better than HH. I remember guy scott telling some south African journalist that HH was a leader of a ka party from a minority grouping and HH was up in arms to the extent of calling Scott the last colonialist remaining in Zambia. But today HH is a darling in the eyes of Guy scott and vise versa, what rubbish!!! These politicians are all the same and just playing with our minds only God will come and redeem us not these bunch of good for nothing politicians who are just there to line up their pockets.

  18. M’membe Takes a Dig at HH
    Clement Malambo | November 26, 2014
    | 97
    Fred M’membe, the controversial owner and editor of the Post Newspaper, appears to be taking a veiled shot at United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema in his most recent editorial column.

    In the article titled “Choosing the next president” and published on 25 November, M’membe writes indirectly referencing HH: “If one is telling you that he will form a government that includes all the people of Zambia, critically look at who surrounds him.”

    M’membe continues in the article: “If he is predominantly surrounded by people from one area or region of our country, how is he going to meaningfully bring in others from other parts of the country on an equal footing? Well, they can…


  20. With that, goes to the grave the politics of tribalism, never ever to be resurrected. Kill this scourge and bury it for ever please.

  21. I thought chipimo said he will not contest presidency but MP slot. Miles saw miles away that orange alliance was not going anywhere

  22. Some names SAMPA is a big slippery fish with a big hard head usually it doesn t communicate with other spicies of fish, usually looks confused in water hence easly caught by fishermen thats miles for you gong’a real.scotty is finished just like deadman munk~back to life.
    Wait a mommnent me i write within upnd i know everything even next step

  23. Let the PF Rejects join UPND. We do not want the Confusion of Guy Scott, GBM and Sampa in PF. Take your confusion to UPND. Those characters Mwamba ,Sampa, Guy Scott and Mmembe are confusionists who wont be anywhere near the corridors of Power come August 11. The Real PF has remained and these rejects will be hit hard. Another reject in the name of Kazavu is having sleepless nights here in Kitwe. He knows that a General Election is a completely different ball game compared to a Presidential Bye Election. It is PF all the way to victory here. No Opposition candidate is even showing his head here. It is a tall order to dislodge the PF.

  24. In Bemba they say Tufilile Munsenga. Adding sand to Kapenta for Lungu. That is what Sampa and old Guy are doing.

  25. Zambia,s enermy no 1 is PF, so all this one party brother’s saying bwa bwa, will still join another party during the second round if it comes to that.Milles knows the fight is between PF and UPND so why waste money and time doing things that won’t matter?

    • Topcat you are shape and straight to the point.This Ka Chipimo and eric just wanted to milk Nsampa financially.Sampa miles is sharp he does not want to waste time but his many aim is to remove PF first save his money and re organize himself for 2021.Sampa has not joined UPND but has formed an alliance.

  26. Mr Hakainde Hichilema’ s desperation is really amazing. How do you sign an MOU with a Defunct and Deregistered Organisation? What kind of Economics Degree has this guy? Did he do any Business Law ? Are these the deals he will be signing on behalf of the Country if he became a President? No wonder the UPND New Team Calendar has the picture of the Late Anderson Mazoka. I wont be surprised to hear he has signed another MOU with Chama Chakomboka!

  27. UPND will wake up to rude shock on the 12th august 2015. they are too excited for nothing when they really don’t know what is inside the voter’s Hearts.

  28. Just admit that Pf has received a long nail on the head. You need a good surgeon to remove it if pf is to survive. .

  29. In Zambia, a Christian Nation, “the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong …” No wonder Edgar won without real campaigning!!!

  30. UPND here in Ndola is in disarray they have even failed to pick aspiring cadidates while PF has completed primaries are the front runners are known. May be they are waiting for left overs as well!

  31. WHO hasn’t changed political parties before? EDGAR LUNGU came from UPND himself before he joined PF. Surely can ERIC CHANDA and Elias Chipimo talk negative about Miles Sampa???? Elias Chipimo himself was about to join PF together with Nawakwi….the only problem is that Michael Sata, the only person who liked them, died before that dream could be realized. Elias Chipimo and Edith Nawakwi infact had started attending international meetings on behalf of Sata as if they were Ministers. We know that Elias Chipimo is the weakest personality on the Zambian political scene who can sell even his own party, he is exactly like Nevers Mumba – both of them are failures. Elias Chipimo and Eric Chanda are right now just waiting to give it a bit of time before they endorse EDGAR LUNGU. You think we…

  32. different to Joshua Banda earlier article which ne had to refute the following day….stories which end up like…..’IT HAS BEEN REAVELLED’….
    ….tomorrow it will Eric refuting the story…..unless he is being compromised because of his impending defamation court case….

  33. 8 Facts that Eric Chanda should know:
    1. Every reasonable party is seeking for alliances.
    2. Every Party president is seeking for endorsement including HH and ECL.
    3. The elections will held on 50%+1 popularity.
    4. Every reasonable Zambian wishes atleast two political parties go for elections i.e. either PF and UPND or PF and FDD, or UPND and MMD or Orange and Rainbow etc whatever the combination but ONLY TWO.
    5. It is not time for hundreds of parties in Zambia.
    6. Late Sata won the elections in 2011 when some of us who could have voted for UPND realised that UPND at that time had no capacity to dislodge MMD so we voted for PF for the purpose of defeating MMD. This principle is even more applicable to small parties now especially under 50%+1
    7. Eric Chanda you were the first one…

  34. The last time I checked Edgar Lungu was defecting from UPND to join PF and Michael Sata. The last time I checked Elias Chipimo, the so-called principled leader, was selling his soul to PF doing errands for Sata with Nawakwi flying all over the world like a govt minister. Miles Sampa has gone to UPND, Elias chipimo and eric chanda are about to join Edgar Lungu. So what’s all the noise about!

  35. 7. Eric Chanda you were the first one to accept defeat in January 2015 to ECL so your rantings would not mean much. In fact M Sampa if he had read you well, he wouldnt be safe to make an alliance with because you sound more like Cosmo MUMBA in your preference to the ruling party so is Chipimo.
    IS …IN Zambia.
    8. Even ECL will accept any politician like Kapita, Dora, Mulusa or Nkombo, Mweetwa or HH if they decided to join PF.
    9. M Sampa is good hot cake thats why ECL even brought him back in his governance probably you can tell us who can reject Miles Sampa’s endorsement.
    10. Endorsement is a reality.
    11. 1000 voters from each province is not a joke. WWE says DONT TRY TH

  36. Two people knew that President Michael Sata was dying and they positioned themselves for a takeover.
    The two are:
    1. Guy Scott
    2. Winter Kabimba

    They failed to takeover and from that time up to now they are a confused lot.

    Please pray for them

  37. Winter is seasonal by the time we ll be voting in august, temperatures will be too hot for winter kabimba s alliance boys like red eyed hh. Just announcing the runnin mate will triger and spark everything in upnd which scatter away membbers allover

  38. @Patriot, point on my man I could not have put it any better; powerful point.
    Okay ba chanda mwalasa nomunenu mulenga. Indeed, sampa’s naivity is incredible and will continously haunt him his entire political life. Anyway he does not amount to anything. Going foward I sense some political brains in both Chanda and Chipimo, your time guys is seriously fast approaching. Yeah! who said Guy could not practice politics of the belly? Insala. Old age pa Zed could be tough, who knows? But too late, no chance.

  39. Ba upnd cadres muli fipuba.accepting an old finished guy scott hum yo own president hh called tbe most stupid white man,i guesd hz just joined fellow *****s.

  40. Mwachepa bonse abalesapota ecl and you are feeling the heat, its HH Kachema chabe. Just start parking and yo pf (Pansala Fye).

  41. You people who are critical of miles do not know the difference between reality and illusion – because this man is realistic person. must understand that in politics it is not just about having a political party in name just as you have a house to sleep in that counts, but it is about the relavancy of the party to the electorate. If the party you belong does not attract the voters as to win election why should you hang own. Sampa was the president of that party, by so being he knew that the party was not growing as anticipated and therefore its existance would most probally hand back back power to the common enermy ofthe zambian people namely pf through dividing votes. He reasoned with his fellow co-foundersto see sence, they could not swallow their pride, so he did it with the few that…

  42. Mr Chanda `s position is the type of political behavior that we ought to be encouraging, and not these political prostitutes.
    I salute Mr Chanda and Elias Chipimo for their stance, even if they have no following at least it shows that they men of principles.
    I am surprised some people here have the guts to condemn these two principled persons, that is wrong.
    Mr Chanda and Elias Chipimo, don t focus on august election, but build your party in preparation for elections 5years from now. The same prostitutes will be flocking back to join you, then kick their sticking asses

  43. Mr. Sampa is a realistic person. Why stay in a party that would not win election? This man must rathet be praised for his selfshlessness, because he gave up his party presidency and his pride to join hands with a promising party in order to defeat the common anermy of the nation, pf which has destroyed the economy. He did it by trying to talk with other co – founders, he did steal himself out of the party or through deception, why condemn him? He has the well being of zambia at heart, rather than keep a party that will divide votes but can not win, just fior the sake of being the president of that part.


  45. Is this news to worry about, ba Scott and Miles endorsing HH. Even in 2015 they voted for HH so it doesn’t change anything. Viva ECL

  46. Miles Sampa has done the honorable thing to join UPND. It is important to align with the winning team. I wonder whether Eric Chanda and Chipimo will make any meaningful impacts. The best for them is to endorse HH and remove PF from Power

  47. Hahahahahah! am loving it. some people think that they are receiving support by receiving disgruntled people in their party. Ba Guy scott, ba Godfrey Mwamba, Bashi Nono! and later ba Sampa, the late Sata’s (MHSRIP) nephew? and the desperation to get to plot 1 in UPND widens as they receive even those that are in fact subtracting from their little gain. ” Garbage in Garbage out” principle still works today.

  48. are you aware that miles sampa went to school at Namwianga Mission ( now George Benson) in Kalomo District, southern province. A fantastic young man that did community service in Kalomo area. that could make him a bit of my tribe, tonga. check his certificates if am lying. he was just a year ahead of me and speaks toka leya like a chief’s son.

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