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Council refutes allegations that cadres are collecting levy from bus station


File: Solwezi Main Market both young and old, watching a video at a kantemba.
File: Solwezi Main Market both young and old, watching a video at a kantemba.

The Solwezi Municipal Council has refuted allegations that Patriotic Front (PF) cadres in Solwezi have taken over the running of bus stations and are levying transporters.

Solwezi Municipal Council Public Relations Officer, Thandiwe Tembo, said the council is still collecting all levies and issuing receipts to public transporters.

Ms Tembo said the council’s revenue is not affected in any way and the local authority is not aware of any political group colleting levy at the bus station.

She said the council does do not have any arrangement or agreement with PF cadres to be collecting levy at the main bus station.

However, UPND Publicity Secretary, Lackson Kawanda, has accused Patriotic Front cadres of taking over the bus station and illegally collecting levies with the full knowledge of Solwezi Municipal Council.

Mr Kawanda has challenged the council to be courageous and remove the cadres from the station.

But Taxis and Buses Association Spokesperson, Lewis Kamondo, denied that PF cadres had taken over the station and collecting levies meant for the council.

Mr Kamondo, however, said the cadres recently came up with an agreement to be collecting K50 from every big bus that leaves the bus terminus of which the council is well aware of.
Mr Kamondo said the money being collected is put in a bank account and used to assist in times of problems especially funerals.

He said each big bus at the station has what they are calling a bus inspector who is in charge of collecting the K50 every day when the bus is about to leave.

He said the allegations of PF members taking over the bus stations is a smear campaign only intended to tarnish the name of the ruling party.


  1. I know this to be true for Lusaka bus terminus. Mulenga Sata is one of the main culprits who runs this syndicate in Lusaka. In civilized countries the news media would be all over a stroy like this and they could easily get to the bottom of it. In Zambia no one has the guts to expose a corrupt regime like the PF. Shame on Zambia and Zambians who allow this nonsense to go on!!

    • Same happens at Soweto, City and Town Centre Markets. The money is extorted by force by PF thugs who employ ex convicts and Chibolya dagga smokers for collection and any resistance is met by beatings and even destruction of merchandise. The worst affected are Tanzanians at Soweto and COMESA markets.

      There are permanent PF offices at these markets which are a no-go-zone for Zambia Police even when you report brutality and extortion.

      Go right now to these markets and verify for yourself.

  2. Comment:This thygery is a carrie over from where the mmd left.Even the late supremo leader Micheal sata failed to control his cadres.

  3. They deny the allegation but admit to it in some other way. k 50 for funeral contributions? if money is collected by cadres then its going to cadres and that’s the allegation be made here. Just how of an imbecile can cadres be?

  4. Why is it that the cadres are taking over government asserts,this totally wrong,the president must be charged for this..

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