You must be a big fool to blame me over privatisation, Lusambo is just a moron-HH

Hakainde Hichilema with party officials before a tear gas canister was blown inside the Lusaka Central Police Station
Hakainde Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema with party officials before a tear gas canister was blown inside the Lusaka Central Police Station
Hakainde Hichilema

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has labelled those that continue to accuse him of having personally benefited from the privatisation exercise as big fools.

Mr Hichilema stated that he played no part in the privatisation of the mines which took place during the MMD administration.

He said the privatisation story is part of the propaganda that his political enemies have continued to peddle describing it as a broken record.

Mr Hichilema said records are there to show that he did not privatise any mine in Zambia including Luanshya Copper Mines.

The UPND leader was speaking when he featured on Tuesday’s edition of Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk.

He was responding to a question from Bowman Lusambo who called into the station to challenge Mr Hichilema over his role in the privatisation exercise.

“One must be a fool to believe that I privatised Zambian mines, infact one must be a very big fool to buy that story. I didn’t have anything to do in the sale of the mines. I was not in government. It was in fact Lusambo’s MMD that sold the mines, I had nothing to do with that,” Mr Hichilema reacted.

He explained that he was only engaged to help Binani Group of Companies to find a strategy of liquidating the debt it had with ZANACO.

“Everybody knows the story of Binani. They approached us, long before they had bought the Mines in Luanshya, they were having problems paying off a huge debt they had with ZANACO, remember ZANACO was a wholly owned Zambian bank and we acted as advisers in offsetting that debt by evaluating their asset portfolio,” Mr Hichilema said.

“If a client consults a lawyer and the lawyer acts on that advice from the lawyer, regardless of the outcome, are you going to blame the lawyer? You must be a very big fool to do that. What we offered was professional advice because that is what we were trained to do.”

Mr Hichilema advised Zambians such as Mr Lusambo to go back to school and read.

“This is the problem we are having in this country with people like Lusambo. He doesn’t understand because he cannot read and understand but we sympathise with him because he is hungry and he needs to feed his stomach. Lusambo is just a moron,” he said.


  1. HH you need to get off your high horse. What you need to understand is that the presidency is a very humbling job. When you call Lusambo a Moron. You are labeling all illiterates in the country Z Morons. Remember, those people vote too. It’s not just the PhD’s that vote. You may be a big honcho but as long as you are running for president, you are a nobody. You are the begger, so keep that in mind!

    • We have always known that HH can’t stand the underprivelaged and poor. He insults them every day.

      Eish! His arrogance and anger will kill him.


    • It’s indeed foolish to believe that story, on idyotes like lusambo and real Olivia pope would fall that nonsense. Zambians should learn not to talk about issues they have no idea about, that’s why it’s important to read on your own than always relying on politicians to give you information, this what has led to a number of misinformed caders in this country.

    • you guys go back to school if you cannot understand what HH said. comeon he used simple english, I do not see the insult in what he said.

    • Comes prides comes a fall. The blood of Cameron Pwele and thousands of miners who died in shame of poverty will keep haunting criminals of privatization in Zambia. There is no escape route or reward for complicity in offload national assets.

    • What is so difficult about giving a detailed account on how you(HH) accumulated the wealth that you have so that people can stop talking once and for all? We all know how Bill Gates got his wealth,same with Dangote, nomba iwe HH chinshi chashupa kanshi? You always elude thís question when people ask you and end up insulting them.

    • Eh eh eh..This man can be a dictator. I fear for u Zambians living back home. If he can insult u like this when he is just in opposition how about when he is given the instruments of power.Dont make a mistake.

    • This guy is a piece of S.hit. Quite arrogant. Why would you be insulting the vey people you are asking for a job from? This sanctimonious behaviour is why he will never rule. Now that the dust has settled with the defection excitement, we know those that have defected supported him in the last election. I am not exaggerating when I say he is loser. And before the supporters start showing off about him being the richest, which is not true, that is his money. My concern is Zambia.


    • Mr Real Olivia pope,I wanted to know weather u are educated or not.If u are educated u would have understood wat HH has just clarified here simple.Go back and read

    • HH is trying to explain in very simple language how the privatization process went down and his involvement. You have been accusing him of having sold the mines and yet you don’t wonder why he is only accused by cadres and not political leaders. Simple, because they know the truth and the truth is HE NEVER SOLD THE MINES. Mr. “THE REAL OLIVIA POPE” morons does not imply one is uneducated. You can be a PhD holder and still be a moron. Moron refers to a foolish and stupid person with an IQ of between 50 and 70. Perfect description of LUSAMBO. You write like an average educated person but reason like a moron Pope!!!

    • what a brilliant advice. be care ful with words HH. in tanzania things looked worse than they are but the ruling party still won. so be careful with language. by the way the truth hates. why do get hurt always when pipo talk about privitization and you. my advice, just listen to the critics and dont get tired of answering the correct way you know about the pprivitization and you. don insult, YOU NEED OUR VOTE, remember august 11 is too near and too far. dont spoil the aroma

    • Lets educate a few lost souls here…. I will re-post my last week’s comments:
      “Flashback: IMF, World Bank pressured govt to privatize mines – Nawakwi
      By Chiwoyu Sinyangwe and Chibaula Silwamba
      Friday November 02, 2007”

      FORMER finance minister Edith Nawakwi has revealed that the IMF and the World Bank pressured the Zambian government to privatise the mines on the pretext that copper prices would not increase in 20 years.

      According to a report by Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA), Christian Aid, and Scotland’s Aid Agency entitled, “Undermining development, Copper mining in Zambia” dated October 2007, Nawakwi – who is Forum for Democracy and Development president – admitted that the International Monetary Fund (IMF)…

    • contd..
      and the World Bank told the Zambian government that copper prices would never increase, hence they should privatise the mines.

      “We were told by advisers, who included the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, that not in my life time would the price of copper change. They put production models on the table and told us that there (was) no copper in Nchanga Mine, Mufulira was supposed to have five years life left and all the production models that could be employed were showing that for the next 20 years, Zambian copper would not make a profit,

      ” the report quoted Nawakwi as having told its author in an interview on July 26, 2007.

      “Conversely, if we privatized we would be able to access debt relief, and this was a huge carrot in front of us –

    • contd..
      like waving medicine in front of a dying woman. We had no option (but to go ahead).”

      According to the report, Nawakwi stated that one of the arguments in favour of privatisation was that it would save the government money by relieving them from propping up an enterprise losing up to US $1 million a day. The report further revealed that in 1999, the donors withheld aid to Zambia until the government agreed to privatise the mines.

      “Privatisation of ZCCM (Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines) was a condition repeatedly attached to several loans from both these institutions (IMF and World Bank) and was a pre-condition for Zambia to qualify for debt relief through the Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative. In 1999, with the Zambian government still reluctant to…

    • condt..
      reluctant to privatise ZCCM, major donors withheld some US $530 million in aid until the government conceded,” the report revealed.

      “ZCCM’s assets were split into seven sections and sold to various investors, though the company was able to retain shares in some of the units – including in KCM (Konkola Copper Mine) – through the creation of a holding company called ZCCM-IH (Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holding).”

      According to the report, the negotiators argued that increased investment by the new mine owners would generate significant profits that would be channelled back to the Zambian government through taxation and dividends

    • contd..
      Question – Why did Zambia Privatise the mines and other State-owned companies?
      Answer – IMF and the World Bank pressured the Zambian government to privatize the mines so as to access debt relief. In 1999, the donors withheld aid to Zambia until the government agreed to privatize the mines.

      Privatisation of ZCCM (Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines) was a condition repeatedly attached to several loans from both these institutions (IMF and World Bank) and was a pre-condition for Zambia to qualify for debt relief through the Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative.

    • You are the moron. How can calling you a moron translate to calling all illiterates morons. That is VERY shallow thinking. Don’t you know that some illiterates are very wise in making positive decisions and making just conclusions.

      MORON. Join Lusambo and go back to school.

    • You now have your answers from HH regarding the accusations aimed at him for privatisation of theLuanshya mines. Just like in other cases of failed enterprises like Mulungushi textiles, Kawambwa tea, Mununshi bananas to name but a few, MMD is to blame for hastily privatising then key industries at meagre prices due to luck of what I might term as a ‘sixth sense’.

    • HH is just trying to explain to you in simple language how the process went down. MORON does not imply one is illiterate but rather describes a Foolish and stupid person with an IQ of between 50 and 70, which Lusambo is one. I have come across PhD holders who are morons. Pope, you write like one who is educated but reason like a MORON.

    • ZCCM was a failure. Blame the people who failed to run ZCCM not the people who privatized it. Govt was borrowing from the IMF to sustain ZCCM, Zambia Airways, NCZ etc which were loss making entities. Yet the managements drained these companies.

      Francis Kaunda built a mansion using building materials imported from Australia. The red bricks were bullet-proof as if someone was trying to kill him.

      Zambia Airways was turned into a staff bus to London by its employees. They would say flight was fully booked but when u enter the plane, 90% were ZA employees going to London for shopping.

      Today u want to make HH the fall guy. Nxaaah!!

    • This to me is a confirmation of the utter dullness of PF supporters. He has clarified an issue you bozos have been crying about for years and instead of commenting on that you scramble to demonise him on calling you by your true characters? And you complain when we call you dunderheads? Grow brains please and learn to think like adults. Are you telling me sata was elected coz he was nice to people you hypocrites? Good thing we are getting rid of you lot in August coz the mealie meal lines I saw ku Chingola were simply shameful.

    • Off course Lusambo & people like him are morons but then like HH aptly put it life needs such low lifes to be complete.

    • Sorry to say, BUT it is this kind of hateful language that fuel violence in the country.You have barely stepped out of the peace talk meeting and you have already started using ‘Unpalatable’ language. Is there really hope for peace with such mind sets. Zambians beware of people you want to put in office to run the country. If you combine such an individual with one that insults the wife and workers plus one who doesn’t pay rent, can we really entrust our beloved country to such a group.

    • You guys do not be silly , Lusambo is not poor But his ignorance is obviuosly irritating. MMD privatised the mines it is common knowlegde. Leave HH out of this privatisation business period. But a moron will insist HH sold the mines.

    • Lusambo is just a moron because he knows exactly what role HH played and that MMD is the real culprit but choses to ask what he already knows in an accusing way. He is surely a moron.

    • Publicly insulting the potential employer even before you are interviewed and still expect to get a job?

      We are happy if you worked hard for all you have and you shoud be proud to publicly talk about your success insted of being parsmonious. Calling Lusambo and Zambians that question how you became rich is an act of floccinaucinihiliplification

      wow! you can be so arrogant indeed

    • Poor reporting. The reporter is looking for a controversial headline. In fact, in journalism school you’re taught not to put 2 sentences together unless you put dashes or bullets. Also, the headline Should have been in quotes as its not a proven and generally agreed fact.

    • Good response, HH let Zambians learn to read than jump to things they don’t understand. ignorance is what has killed our economical growth because so called ministers like Kambwili. Lusambo and Dora think with they hungry and corrupt minds.

      A true working and intelligent minister should bring Innovative Ideas that will help up reverse this economic Dilemma the country is in.

      Continue calling them Morons because that what they are. BIG TALK NO ACTION.

    • Would rather be a Moron, fool than an Educated thief, trick star. Having good Morals is better than Education. Zambians please dont shift him to state house. He will ruin your beautiful country with his crooks. If you cant catch him when he is not a president,how about when he becomes the president? He will steal big time and make sure he cleans up before leaving. Watchout!!!

    • This whole Zambian privatization saga, vis a vis HH’s involvement, reminds me of the Russian privatization saga under President Boris Yeltsin (1991–1999). After the privatization process in Russia, we saw a sudden accumulation of wealth by certain individual and became Billionaires and Millionaires overnight. Although the Zambian privatization exercise did not produce Billionaires (in dollar terms) due to the size of the assets involved, we still saw a sudden “hard-to-explain” accumulation of wealth by certain individuals. Is HH one of those who benefited from the chaos of the Chiluba years? Well, hard to separate the two if you look at the timing!

    • continue…

      But just to say show me the evidence if you have it is NOT good enough. One can be guilty simply by neglecting their “fiduciary responsibility” to their client in pursuit of personal gain. Just because the only involvement was rendering expert advice to the client (Govt) does not excuse one from responsibility if that advice was conveniently skewed in order to personally benefit (either as an individual or firm.)

      Now, if HH does not dispute the fact that he owns shares in Sun Hotel ( formerly Mosi-O-Tunya hotel), the same company he give expert advice to Govt over for its sale, it is a SCANDALOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST. I hear he did the same thing with one of the houses he owns in Lusaka. In other countries HH would be sufficiently prosecuted for that.

    • continue…

      If one is interested in buying or owning an asset being advertised (by Govt or private citizen), the ethical and right thing to do is let other experts do the valuation and the giving of advice to the seller. Then buy the asset or bid on equal basis like everybody else. Now given the fact the fact that HH might have crossed this line (Mosi-O-Tunya), what makes him think people have NO RIGHT to question his other dealings in the privatization of the mining assets? This is the perception (wrong or right) that HH/Grant Thornton has to diligently and calmly dispel. Outbursts of anger every time he is confronted with this question will only help solidify people’s views of his complicit.

    • continue…

      To me, the only difference between the Yeltsin/Russian privatization and the Chiluba/Zambia one is that in Russia Vladimir Putin came in and had the balls to put some of the crooks, like oil tycoon ‘Krokosky’ (I think that is his name,) behind bars. In Zambia though, subsequent Presidents only gave lip service to the issue. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that in both countries there were people who corruptly benefited from the privatization chaos of the nineties and became overnight-millionaires/Billionaires. Hiding one’s criminal tracks behind legalism can only f00l people to a certain extent.

    • continue…

      Quite frankly, legalism has always been a staple of WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS to cover their crimes. Even sophisticated countries like the United States have struggled to bring down individuals or criminal syndicates of this nature—see how the US has struggled to prosecute crooks on Wall Street who almost brought the entire US economy to its knees? Yah, “LEGALLY” cover your tracks and you are off the hook. But the effects of these crooks’ underhand dealings are just as CRIMINAL and INJURIOUS!

    • @The Real …..: Go back to School that is why in the fake account created on Hakainde by some useful *****s they failed to spell Hakainde and instead they wrote Hikainde. kikikiki. Chaps are so dull and lazy just to write correctly the name of a fellow Zambian. So back to school and start from nursery. Learn the a e i o u, ba be bi bo bu, etc. chaps kikikikikik.

    • If you exhibit foolishness should you be called smart? How many times has HH explained this inane question about privatization? How many times has HH challenged people to adduce evidence of wrong doing in his past dealings with the mines? If you exhibit dumb behavior you should be called so you can work hard to build some smarts. Behavioral description is no insult!

    • Too many mor0ns in Zambia that are scared to use their heads to think, i wonder why. During privatisation HH was only a young man not older than 30 and was quite blessed to hold a senior position in an accountancy firm at such a tender age. Therefore, its stnpid to even think HH would have changed or at least derailed a cabinet decision at that time to sell off parastatal companies, a cabinet that included old timers like Sata, Chikwanda, Mpenza, Scott, Luo etc
      Lets just imagine Deloitte- where HH was a manager- had refused to carry out their principal’s instructions, what do you think would have happened to Deloitte and to HH’s career in particular? He probably would have been fired for loss of business because Government would definitely have engaged their competitors such KPMG,…

    • Big headed HH…if indeed HH did not receive kickbacks, how come he and valentine Chitalu found themselves as shareholders of some of the companies they had privatized. There is a lot of truth in this matter hence HH getting annoyed every time is asked this question…HH should simply admit because this issue will never go away…

    • Some PACRA RECORDS Connection HH to some privatized companies are as follows;
      (1) Sun International (Z) Ltd Date of Incorporation 18/11/1997 Pacra Date of FY End 30/06/2014 – Directors: R. David Mokhobo, Hakainde Hichilema, S. Mukuni XIX Munokaya and J.E. Selby. (2) Tiyende Consortium Ltd date of Incorporation 26/10/2006 Pacra Date of FY End 01/01/2014 – Director: Hakainde Hichilema, M. Hantuba and Valentine Chitalu. Note that this company appeared as a shareholder in Sun International thereby holding Valentine Chitalu (CEO privatization)’s interests in Sun International the company that bought the Mosi-o-tunya group of hotels. This information is still available at PACRA. So how clean is HH. This is just one of the companies in which he was involve. So when HH gets annoyed with the…


    • Mr Mystic Man at it again.The Alpha and Omega of Knowledge whose wealth fell from unknown heavens. This time we are getting you. We know how you got the proceeds from Luanshya Copper Mines. We know what you did at Lima Bank and in other state companies. The exaggerated fake accounting fees and the inside trading of the national Assets. The Sun Hotel and the like. Insult us as Morons but you will surely answer for the loot from privatization. And why insult when you are clean. Only people with something to hide insult. Watch the s

  2. Way to go HH. These morons need to be told where they get off. Not so long from now you will hear another moron on this site crying,; ‘ oh you see how he is talking? He is not humble. God, how I hate the guy who introduced this word humble to Zambians!’

    • Webman, Jesus Christ of Nazareth introduced the word ‘humble’ to ‘us’ in John 13:1-5.

      Don’t you have bibles in Choma?

    • HH is too rude to be president. He talks like a drunk kapobya. How can he insult uneducated people like that whilst still in the opposition? He is simply corrupt. He privatised Intercontinental Hotel in Lstone and got SHARES from Sun the company he helped buy the hotel. That is unethical and corruption. Let him insult, but votes of morons and the uneducated are too counted. We will ensure he looses again. Does using words like f00l and moron answer questions better? He is a wrong man for this important job.

    • Morons should be called as such; MORONS. The problem is that many Zambians have been turned into robots by cheap propaganda aimed at destroying HH. Was HH alone in that exercise? Certainly not! Truth be told; his only crime is that HH is Tonga. How come all the Bembas and easterners who were involved in the privatisation assignment are never mentioned.
      As for those who think HH will be a dictator; it is better to have a patriotic dictator who will make things happen than to have a humble clueless president.

    • Politics of envy! Sata peddled this and Lungu continues. Why cannot Zambians make money using their brains, unlike the stealing of Eurobonds under PF? PF cadres are just envious of HH’s wealth. That’s why they celebrate the deprivation that PF has introduced in Zambia.

    • Yes my brothers , humility does not imply that one should take in all sorts of hatefull accusations from selfish men like Lusambo who want to stay in power even when his party has no solutions to the current problems the country is facing.

      Even Jesus slapped the morons that abused the temple of God in ancient times. Did Jesus cease to be humble when he slapped the chaps?

    • He is just fade up with you liars every day saying he sold mines,Which mine did he sale when it was Chiluba and Sata and Nawakwi who sold the mines.Maybe he sold mine ya it pains to acused wrongly he is also a human being.


  3. Hate him or love it, it’s MMD that sold the mines. You are pointing your fingers in the wrong direction. Ask Nawakwi she was in government

    • The highest bidder for the now sun hotel was $18m. It was valued at $20m.the lowest bidder was $9m but hh and mukuni got it at $5.6m and you call yourself this not being crooked or a thief?

  4. Sata called Yamfwa a serving cabinet minister “IChipuba” translating to a Fool. KK used to call people stupid *****. Edgar has also said to opposition “kutumpa” meaning stupid. David Cameron said “stupid” about Trumps call to bar Muslims from entering the USA. Calling Bowman a Moron or a Fool is arrogant? Come on people, grow up!

  5. “If a client consults a lawyer and the lawyer acts on that advice from the client, regardless of the outcome, are you going to blame the lawyer?”
    If the consultant gave wrong advice, undervalued the said liquidated assets, cooked the books and benefited, i’d blame him.
    Mind you the lawyer gets paid whether he gave good advice or not.

  6. H H Why Everytime Blaming Your Friends, You Are A Week Sodier,just Tell Pipo Wat You Are Going To Do If You Will Be A President.But To Tell You The Trueth ,You Will Not Be A President of Nation, Don’t Waste Your Money&time For Campaigning

    • U zafa na chikonko, HH is your President from 12/08/2016 start preparing yourself to start calling him His Excellency, HH.

  7. I don’t understand why we Zambian hate reality, only idyotes like lusambo who don’t want the read on their own will believe whatever is told them, in the place lusambo job since completing school has been nothing but caderism, he has never engaged himself in any physical productive to contribute to the economy apart from being a party thug, whose job is to manhandle anyone not following commands from whichever politician is feeding him at a particular time, what has he ever done for this country for people to give him a vote as mp, absolutely nothing, why vote for such psychopaths like lusambo?

  8. The mentality of unschooled individuals to venture in areas they hardly understand is not only vexing and irritating but has made PF government incompetency a never ending circus. How can Zambians forget that outspoken Chishimba Kambwili was made minister of foreign affairs from metal scrap dealer and began to deport people who he personally differed with on flimsy grounds. How do we forget Nsanda from KMB as caller bully (quanquazi) to transport minister. This perception of empty loud mouth individuals as a qualification for government ministerial jobs in PF has been a disaster and emarassment to Zambia. How can we listen to Lusambo’s rantings without research, indepth understanding of subject and logic?
    Governance of a nation is not mere shouting loud but dash it with competency and…

    • Zambians like debating without providing facts.Since Mwanawasa’s time,we have been hearing of HH stealing money from privatization but no one has taking him to court.How dull can you be as an accuser if you dont take the accused to court? Is HH so powerful that out justice system cant handle him? Lusambo,bring out the facts or else i will be left to agree with HH that you are a moron.

  9. He explained that he was only engaged to help Binani Group of Companies to find a strategy of liquidating the debt it had with ZANACO.

    “Everybody knows the story of Binani. They approached us, long before they had bought the Mines in Luanshya, they were having problems paying off a huge debt they had with ZANACO, remember ZANACO was a wholly owned Zambian bank and we acted as advisers in offsetting that debt by evaluating their asset portfolio,” Mr Hichilema said.

    “‘So what was the Clean Up on Zesco debt and Concils Debt to Binani you Made”‘

  10. Hh is scattered in the brain,

    No normal thief can accept to be a thief. The fact is hh is a high grade conman who wants to come into poor to come and settle credits he owes outside or they will get his assets.


  11. you value equity and debt by assets and market value models What was your decision By valuing the debt you impliedly was valuing the debt equity structure for Binani which you carefully and skilfully structured in a mezzanine way to make assets of binani more likeable to the foreseen buyer you new was interested

    You impaired the assets of Binani to your benefit We know that Even the debt for Binani to Zanaco was not at Arms length It was a crated valuation

    • How did he privatise,tell us noti ifyo mulesabaila bafikala,the guy is just too smart for you loonies.just go to schook

  12. Honestly, PF people and Supporters are just dull and too lazy to do read and research on HH. The privatization of Mines for the so called song should not really be heaped on HH. The Under 5 is 100% correct when he says he had nothing to do with it and in fact it mines sold at a high value his firm would have collected even a bigger commission.

    If you want to use the Privatization dirty on HH, Use Livingstone’s the selling of Mu-O-Tunya Hotel where HH rejected higher bids and accepted the lowest bid and down the line become a shareholder. This is the story HH and UPND wont talk about because there was clear misconduct that.

    That is what PF need to use and not Mines please. Leave the man alone

    • Even in the selling of the hotel, if he had not become a share holder of the company that won the bid, I would have put him in the clear, but he has been a shareholder since . Reports I have seen indicate that one of the bids was $20 million and he accepted a $5 million from a SA firm.

      I think I would want HH to address this issue head on, but so far he has deliberately avoided it and his supporters never even talk about it and focus on mines because they know he is in the clear there.

      Under 5 HH, it is not Presidential to call People F00Ls and MORONS. Guess what, when you become President, you will be President of F00LS and MORONS

    • MMD chiefbootliker
      Speak for thyself, i ain’t gonna be a moron or fool, you will only be one if you choose to be like lusambo, Ok pf caders on a serious note give me the definition of lusambo and his characteristics, i assure you you will still fall on the word :MORON.

    • Yes, he will be president of Fools & Morons – for whom he will work to improve EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES thus enlighten them & REDUCE THEIR NUMBERS BY HIS END OF TERM OF OFFICE!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia FORWARD!!


      I thank you!!

    • Yes, he will be president of Fo.ols & Mo.rons – for whom he will work to improve EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES thus enlighten them & REDUCE THEIR NUMBERS BY HIS END OF TERM OF OFFICE!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia FORWARD!!


      I thank you!!

    • I always read comments by MMD Chief Bootlicker because I find them very intriguing and well thought-out! Zoona bakaamba, how do you expose hh like this? upnd will forever hate you for this!

    • HH was chairman of Zambia Privatisation Agency. Each bid is evaluated by the panel of experts and it is a decision is made by ZPA, not the chairperson only.

      A bid will consider all aspects and not just the assets values but also what the investor plans to do with the in the long term. Bid 1 may buy to strip the assets and gives you £100m, and bid 2 offers £20m and promises to remain in business and put in addition investments.

      Bid 2 will be taken as it is a sustainable solution to the local people and government.

      Please read the all the bids and see reasons given in awarding a winner.

      You too can buy or could buy shares and this was not a secret but could you have afforded them? You know the answer.

      PF & Sata fought tooth and nail to find something wrong with HH and they…

    • No wonder your MMD has sank, when acquiring or selling a business, there are many factors that are considered, its not all about price. Capability for to grow and sustain are a high priority. If you`re smart and fair, you`ll appreciate that they made a smart decision on who they sold the Hotel to, because look at how the sun hotels has transformed the hospitality business in Livingstone. Only socialists cannot appreciate.

  13. When you are wrong simply ask for forgiveness for the suffering of Zambia’s in the mines up to now

    We advise you to publish the story and valuation in the POST newspaper for people to see and understand the debt valuation that reduced the consideration for RAMCOZ

    Please publish it before 20th August 2016 we Know and confirm your key decisions that privatised at below fair value the mines on the copper belt and the scrap metals that was sold to pay for the values

    • Here is another daft one, please PUBLISH BEFORE 20/8/2016 BUT AFTER 11/8/2016!!

      Does this chap even know the election date – Typical PamaFi!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia Forward!!


      I thank you!!

    • Mr Clean up on Zesco,Go back and read.Now wander u aproved the articles that disadvateged u in return,so Go back to school is not too late Evining classes


  15. Comment: someone has to be honest for a change! We have a bunch of morons wanting to lead us. What we need is sanity in our politics and HH is the man for the job

  16. Its indeed foolish to continue accusing some one of the same issue when you cant substantiate your position. Isn’t it foolish, honestly? At this rate… we probably required a master’s degree!

  17. Comment:understanding issues is cardinal to anything one wants to comment before one brings a topic on media try to research so that pipo dont see your ileteracy and embarace yourself.lusambo does not kno the job of consultancy bt wants to b a know it all.pliz spare your ignorancy and little decency remaining in you for furthering your education.

  18. Ba under 5 pls insulting people with a different view ..
    Can hh explain to the Zambians how he suddenly acquire the moneys he has now.
    hh dont insult and stop telling people to go to school, pls explain to us the Zambians how
    you made the money….Just answer the question period.

  19. HH can’t be a president of Zambia.I can’t waste my vote on this man.He can kill if u oppose him.Indeed zambia can be divided if HH wins.We can’t allow that.Let lungu continue. Pipo will lose jobs bcoz of such pipo.The leadership of these pipo even in companies are the same.For them it’s boosting and showing power(boss type).U can’t have such leaders.I’m campaigning for PF and telling pipo how Zambia may divide if HH wins.HH is so arrogant and thinks he is the most intelligent person in Zambia.

    • I will vote for HH and so will GBM, Sampa, Guy Scott and their followers and the ones who gave him half of last year’s vote plus the disillusioned ones suffering due to PF failure.

    • @Moscow (OP). You say “pipo will lose jobs” if HH rules. Well the facts are that pipo HAVE LOST JOBS under Lungu! And ECL does not seem to have a clue how to resolve these problems, except increasing his salary. (Buhari reduced his salary by 50%!!!). HH is able to articulate what the problems are and how to resolve them. He told Lungu NOT to export maize as it would backfire and create a shortage. His words came to pass.
      To me, he is more Presidential material than what we currently have. Come Aug 11, we will have our say!

    • Which people are you referring to when you say “The leadership of these pipo even in companies are the same….”? For your information more than 4000 miners have lost their jobs under Lungu’s watch. Many other people in different sectors of the economy have lost jobs. No reasonable person can vote for PF just for the sake of perpetuating his/her suffering. Zambians should redeem themselves by voting out the current useless regime.

  20. Comment:Now I understand why upnd and other parties insist to have free education in this country. The word (FOOL) is not an insult.It simply explains what u are in your brain. Apostle paul in the bible used the word why a u not bitter to him. just admit that u a fools so that u a vot for a party with free education policies so that u go back to school and remove that foolishness.

  21. (HH) sober up. Even though the police never followed you for undervaluing the mines, your punishment is that we the electorate will never accept you for State house. How do you call a fellow citizen a moron on public media? You vall of us fools? And you wish to be a president? We can’t allow your mediocrity. Apologise to the nation. If you want to insult, go to your watchdog f00ls

  22. It was a sellers curse that HH inflicted on Zambians by allowing the valuation to be below pay

    There was professional negligence and the firm like in all other shaky valuation should be held liable including HH

    Its the same fraud that our cabinet has seen and is reviewing involving the same Grant atoni with Zesco TATA project in Itezhi Itezhi

    Same fraud by Grant atoni firm that sold CEC cheaply as part of the mezzanine attachment to make assets of ZCCM more appetising

    Bowman Lusambo is right late HH publish his valuations and decisions for people to see

    Stop white collar crimes in auditing and consultancy that is vitiated by…

    • Mr Lusambo,Just Go back to school,it is not too late.couse u are the same people who lazy in doing things even thinking simple is good all the time .we told u to pay attention in class rather than dogging classes.u may enroll now for night class.i offer tuitions at reasonable fees

    • Lusambo failed his exams at then Natianal College now Mulungushi university he does not even have a diploma and he wants to sound intelligent.

  23. KK used to say stup!d id!ot and he united Zambians that what Changwa has done. If you have evidence against HH, then bring them than just saying that he privatized the mines. Question is: Was he in govt or not? If he wasn’t, how can you accuse him of privatizing the mines? I would use the same word moron if I am the one being accused falsely

  24. (HH) sober up. Even though the police never followed you for undervaluing the mines, your punishment is that we the electorate will never accept you for State house. How do you call a fellow citizen a morron on public media? Are you a blogger or a would be president? For your own information, many voters believe you sold mines. Are they big FO0LS to believe that? You call of us FO0LS? And you wish to be a president? We can’t allow your mediocrity. Apologise to the nation. If you want to insult, go to your watchdog swyne

    • In fact (HH) is the biggest F0OL on the political scene. This miserable wimp he can’t even articulate without insulting Lungu in between sentences. He thinks he’s clever and everyone is dull. This miserable cow fella

    • Suit yourself Mr PF Kudos….I will vote for HH and so will GBM, Sampa, Guy Scott and their followers, my relatives from Luapula too will vote for him and need I mention my other relatives of North Western Rhodesia who will pump in votes like they have always done. The new twist ba PF is that Mealie meal and other commodities are beyond reach of the poor; they will vote HH too. What more, now HH has a genuine national paper with widest circulation covering him.

      Insult all you want, but baby its game over!!

  25. by under hand methods even sitting as presidents with conflict of interest at ZICA It not professional whilst controlling most audits and consultancy with proceeds to HH party Its not right and being paid for auditing fake figures or cooking them up

    As a Government auditor I feel sad having audited parastatals and mines previously and realised its the same Grant atoni with the HH and Ham at the centre and the Nike indian even as presidents not seeing conflict of interest

  26. HH can make a good opposition leader if he can deal with his bitterness and articulate his policies clearly to the Zambian people. He must not use offensive language when addressing his electorates, but talk to them with dignity. It does not help him and his political party garner popularity if he continues to ridicule people who challenge him with burning questions. HH should LEARN to answer questions politely with clarity so that the issues surrounding his ‘ill gotten’ wealth and other issues are put to rest. If he received a huge commission out of any business transaction and invested the money wisely, let him say so otherwise, people will continue to be giving misleading, inaccurate, or false statements. I challenge HH to write a book explaining how he has acquired or accumulated…

  27. SINKAMBA WISDOM – Well spoken our in coming president HH. May the good Lord bless you with knowledge and wisdom. May the good lord protect you from harm any where are peace be with you. A men. Viva HH. Viva UPND

  28. I challenge HH to write a book explaining how he has acquired or accumulated his personal wealth because this appears to be his stumbling block for him to realise his dream of becoming a Republican President.

    • @Sinkamba Wisdom: This is the problem HH is talking about. HH said records are there go and read. Also you may qualify to be a moron. Records are there where they keep records.

  29. If you are an illiterate moron such as Bowman Lusambo, please don’t talk about issues for the educated. These are issues for the intelligent graduates. Bowman is just a grade twelve certificate holder who knows nothing about economics, privatization. he should just ask questions that will benefits his level of intelligence

  30. Anyone with problems on privatisation records can easily go and read where records are kept and stop living a thoughtful life.You are just Turing your brain and thus have mental fatigue . It’s not healthy for you

  31. I make up part of the illiterate voters and I can assure you Mr President me and my household will not vote for you. You are arrogant, bitter and will hand out a raw deal to Zambians if given a chance to rule. Your conduct of late is such that you have already won the election. Yet this is a fallacy. Majority of Zambians who are morons and illiterates heard you and will not vote for you, of course excluding the illiterates and morons from southern province where you hail from.

    That is why we keep hammering the point that you are not a leader, perhaps a bad Manager but certainly not a leader.

  32. The chap is too rude to be president. Do words like moron and f00ls explain things better ? There is a better and civil ways of answering people. If all people that do not support HH are f00ls, then Zambia us full of f00ls hence the chap will never win any election in Zambia.
    Real f00ls are those that support him even after being called f00ls, uneducated and “Muzungu Opusa”.

  33. (HH) swyne, you maybe the greatest economist in Southern Province but you lack wisdom and wit. You lack humility, you lack charisma. You lack national character, you lack appeal. You lack respect and you lack charm. You are such a worthless piece of SHlT, not even a green fly can invest its eggs in you. You are baffoon, a nincompooop. You are just a dandar head with a dirty uncircumcized DlCK


  35. I have gone through all your comments ladies and Gentlemen. The fact of the matter is that our Govt by then who was MMD Did not read in between the lines. HH and group were given a task to valuate our mines for sale. They did this job and sent there findings to the Govt to make a decision. The Govt looked at what HH Did with the group and saw it that it was a good Job. The govt did not complain about this report. They used HH ‘s report to make a decision to sale the mines at cheaper prices which has resulted to our suffering. Had the MMD govt thrown away HH’s report on how to to go about the mines, this problem could not have turned into an Issue. HH is very clean and dont Blame him. He was not the final man to sale or not to sale the mines. Please Zambians bring people who were the…

    • Kenjbee – But was what was presented to Govt an honest report/valuation? Govt assumed that they hired experts who did a professional job. If it was a poor job presented to Govt and Govt accepted it, then both are at fault. But Govt is not aspiring to form Govt so that part is water under the bridge.

  36. Guys just go back to school…it will not help you even if you continued throwing mud at educated people like HH and myself!

  37. When a fool like HH tells you that you must be a fool, you don’t have to worry because all he he wants is you to be a fool like him.




  38. The regionalists will always support arrogant hh.
    Zambians will punish him in August and retain Lungu.

  39. I feel sorry for HH-he must realise that people who are not educated are the majority and there are the one that vote-you see, it is the more reason i miss the politics of MC-certainly you cant just so arrogant as HH is exhibiting himself. Let me end here kuti waponta….

  40. Tell them to understand little business ethics, Lusambo Enroll at Lusaka Business School if you cant at UNZA which closed by your boss. Learn even Home Economics boss, learn Mordern Business Management, I have Dip Busi

  41. When the mines were privatised, I continued working for the mines without pay and any other benefit. This is how am poor today. This how HH should explain his riches

  42. Can any pf cader give us the definition of lusambo and his characteristics, be assured, you will still fall on the word :MORON.

  43. (HH) sober up. Even though the police never followed you for undervaluing the mines, your punishment is that we the electorate will never accept you for State house. How do you call a fellow citizen a morron on public media?

    Correct valuation is a science and all methods gravitate at the fair value in this case HH divested in millions of dollars from the COMMON assumed value Its like in tendering He applied the English Auctioning system auctioning the mines to the lowest bidder in recommendation instead of starting with the MOST highest priced bidder in this case WHO DO YOU KNOW………..Bowman lusambo knows why HH should not be trusted with State House His truck drivers with DAF like Trucks…

  44. HH was saying “you must be a fool if you dont understand”people you mean HH decided to sell the mines and got a lions share than those who where in government?why dont you let those who where in government to comment?even if he had a share ,it cant equal to that of the then ministers and president.give him time to prove what he is saying

    • Third most sensible comment of the evening (only dwarfed by @Roving Report and @Yambayamba above).

      Good night my brothers and thanks for sending me to bed a hopeful man. I was getting overly worried with the ‘non-morons’ on here and their ‘wisdom’…

  45. If us here in towns are morons, what more people in CHILUBI who dont know what Privatization is? ine na dabwa…………………………….

  46. PF cadres are stone hearted nymphs that never accept to merge with reality or exhibit sound reasoning.

    Leave HH alone.He is not responsible for your poverty and other economical challenges.You are missing the target and shooting in a wrong direction.Pose all your stupid questions to your leader EL who has failed to prove his usefulness.

  47. hh u telling us to go to school, how sure do u expect us to go to dilapidated schools like yo former school, Bweengwa? Please try to plough back some of the money you dubiously stole from privatization into rehabilitation of schools like your old school….

    • James, HH is telling Lusambo not you unless you have the same track record of free loading by vuvuzezelying to feed your stomach. The first time I heard about Lusambo he was “die hard MMD” then in the fight with PF; next he was embroiled in the MMD leadership wrangle – “die hard” for RB or Nevers? Next he was sponsoring tournaments, dances etc. in Kabushi, I asked myself where this guy suddenly got the money to sponsor these events when MMD is in disarray? Voila’ the truth is now out- Became a PF vuvuzela to feed himself again! How long is sangwapo gonna continue? What honest work have you done, even for a small salary? ZILCH!

  48. No matter how HH may explain issues to stupid poor man like you, it will be a worst of time because you fail to understand simple economic items HH said yesterday.Let HH continue educating foreign fora where there is people who can understand not the Zambian Maroon. Thats is why Sata used to ask you to see Alangizi.this was not an insult but a mere phrase to en-light the *****s to learn.

  49. Advice for objective readers/bloggers , please not that they are a lot of sponsored bloggers on this platform no matter intellect your analogy my be they will not learn anything from it but counter it with insults and confusion because they are paid to do that and are generally thick headed hence this can be very annoying and very draining . Don’t they remember ZAMBIA PRIVATIZATION AGENCY? records are their to show.
    We used to advice PF last year that they still room to make a difference when they had time but now things are really bad. HH can explain the privatization issue the whole day these people will never get anything. these are people who believe the can solve an arithmetical problem by chewing bubble gum in an exam room give them the whole year they will never figure it out…

  50. It is Hakainde Hichilema who is a fool to fools Zambian that he did not take part in the privatization of mines and govt assets. Iz it not HH who sold Sun hotel a loss to benefit his pockets with his minions thereby undervaluing it at a lowest value? It that not asset for Zambian people whom he wants to cheat & swindle today for Presidency? shame on him.

  51. I support the progressive ideas of UPND and would like them to be given a chance to sort the mess, but name calling just doesn’t cut it if you are aspiring to high office. I know how difficult it is to be civil when you are dealing with the vile creatures in PF. As the incoming president try hard not to swear, or people will see no difference between you and the despicable thugs. Some of us who were wounded by KK calling us stup!d *****s are specially touchy on your unpalatable language on radio. Don’t let people begin having second thoughts about you wondering if you won’t just be another arrogant and abusive dictator in state house like KK.

  52. Politicians thrive because people only love the truth. They hate facts. Truth is the privatization policy required professionals and technocrats to implement it. Facts are that some professionals used loopholes in these implementations to benefit unduly from the process. The policy was OK. The unwieldy powers of liquidators and other professionals rendered them into rogue operators. So perhaps one did not usher in the policy, true, but fact is one took advantage of a gullible government (most without Grade 12 as we now know) to do illegal stuff. STOP CALLING US FO.OLS you MO.RON!!!

  53. Banani had a huge debt with ZANACO long before they bought off the Luanshya Mine? now that is news, I thought that Binani came to buy the mines and their financial problems (with ZANACO and other banks) came about because of their buying the Luanshya mine. HH, you owe us a further explanation. Those with details please come forward and expose the lies of this HH. I never commented on HH’s deals in the privatization story because I thought HH was just a liquidator as any other at the time. But now here is HH telling a blue lie, I am left wondering what he is hiding to tell such blatant lies. now I am going to town on this story to research on this guy and his role in privatisation which he does not want Zambians to know. Eish, can’t believe that HH can shoot himself in the foot in this…

  54. HH became rich because he was a smart thief, any accusations and counter accusations wont help matters for him, what most voters who are less informed know is that, he sold the mines and other companies and benefited from it big time.This will dearly cost him the elections.

  55. He does not need to explain to any one how he got rich through hard work the man is just too clean this idea should stop if you do not understand the role he played the records are there for any one to read, how can a person who has never been in government sell any assets? Dull people like Bowman just want attention from pf he was right to call him a fool.

  56. HH is avery dishonest person, he knows too well how they cheated govt thru fake evaluation of companies they privatised, let him jus own up en stop calling us morons en fools when we query abt his ill gotten wealth, thats cheap for a presidential aspirant.

    • @Rainford: Read or go back to school. Can you list the companies that HH privatised. Dont you know that Nawakwi was one of Ministers of finance during privatisation period? Cant you summon her to tell the nation since some of you morons depend on others to explain even a leading article on a tabloid. Go back to school and read.

  57. #MMD Chief Bootlicker, I think you’re growing old. If you have evidence of corruption, present that to AAC. But what is wrong in HH buying shares on the hotel? We needed more Zambians to buy shares to keep the money here.

  58. Is it not amazing that the more HH explains this issue the more it passes for an Alfred Hitchcook movie? Either we all not in a position to comprehend his explanations or there is downright fraud at play. As a country we know that HH was the liquidator of LIMA BANK.. And we know too his house on Serval Road, Kabulonga used to belong to LIMA BANK. If as liquidator the first order of business on appointment is to gain pecuniary advantage then we have a problem. HH must address these issues ASAP. And honestly let him subject his assets to valuation unless of course he has a cupboard full of issues

  59. HH I find you wanting in this issue. Many accusations will come your way as the election day draws closer. I advise your to use befitting language if you want to be in state house. Control your emotions, temper and reasoning. Allow the power of Jesus Christ to overwhelm your actions. Practice forgiveness, humbleness, patience and the like.
    Other leaders please Zambia is our beloved country politicians should not destroy it.
    Newton stated that action and reaction are equal and opposite!

  60. I am PF and have to support HH on this. You have a country where any jim and Jack will just wake up and accuse another person. Because you have heard something untrue some where, you have to carry it on. Here I am, I am PF, but I have read widely on this issue and I know that this man HH was no where near privatisation. In short, I am being objective which what we need from young uneducated men from Bowman. It is not wrong to be uneducated but it is wrong to be non objective. I repeat I am PF

    • Whether you are PF or not the fact is HH obtained percuniary advantage over what he was tasked to do he did a very bad job there. So this issue wont just die naturally like that. It is a moral issue, he took advantage of the criminally MMD at that time to amass wealth and dont call us morons. Zambians are asking, if he took advantage that time when he was not in govt what more if given this country!!!


  62. Comment:HH was telling all the illiterates that they were fools or moron.he answered b.lusambo that “you must be a fool or a moron if if you dont understand “dont find faults people.blame the MMD and not HH

  63. HH already explained how he obtained his wealth
    When Lungu was busy drinking HH was buying a plot in shanty Kalingalinga which he sold at a profit later and the story continues

  64. You PF cadres the Kaponya Sata used to say worse things and you still elected him. A fool or moron is someone who lacks intelligence. Go back to school please. Every sane person knows that Bow is a moron. And the story leaves out the fact Bow called in and accused HH of being a liar and basically a thief. The reaction was appropriate.

  65. And some morons take dull Chi-Lusambo as normal!Lusambo is just a bad mouthed thug,who can take such an illiterate PF cadre seriously!I always wonder the rationality of people who listen to this useless backward PF crony.Some silly PF cronies even contact Lusambo for advise & consultation!

  66. Ba UPND, i have the book of how privatization went on in 1991 but I cannot give you for free, i need cash so that you remove the tag of privatization of your leader.

  67. When Jesus was asked whether it was lawful to pay tax to Caesar, he analysed the question and saw that it was a trap, so he wisely answered it in such a way that it even left those who wanted to trap him amazed at his brilliance.
    Jesus did not insult or ridicule the person who asked the question even if the question was very sensational because he wanted to show that person how mature and intelligent he was.
    Hakainde should resist the temptation of respecting people according to how much money or educated they are becoz life is not measured by how much one owns as written in Lu:12:15: And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.

  68. CONTINUED…………………
    When you are rich but you lack humility, you are as is written in Lu:12:20: But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?
    The scriptures clearly state that you can be rich but a fool.How? by looking down on others who don’t or seems not to understand what you can do or know.
    So don’t be quick to call others fools because you might just expose your own.
    As a leader or indeed anybody who cares to be respected should not lose temper when asked with a probing question,whether you think the question is useless or not, ans accordingly and people will hold you in high esteem.
    Don’t insult or ridicule anybody on account of today because tomorrow is a mystery

  69. HH did not use bitter words against Lusambo in anyway. For a long time Lusambo has been on HH’s neck over the same issue. It seems Lusambo has been paid some big cheque from PF to pull HH down. Unfortunately Lusambo, just talk without facts and he all knows are pieces of privatisation. HH has been explaining all this decade and people are at liberty to check the records of ZCCM/Mines at government house. HH 2016

    • What about intercontinental hotel in Livingstone and Lima bank? The shares in sun hotel and the house in sable road kabulonga.

  70. What should we call people who continuously make false accusations against someone? MORONS is just right. We need to learn to be sincere and factual in our discourse otherwise it becomes simple hate speech. Why continue accusing HH when the people who were running government at the time are there? Ask them or better still accuse them of causing your misery through their bad decisions. Decision makers take the blame for their decisions. This habit of blaming advisers is just to shield your ‘beloved ones’ from their responsibilities.

  71. Yes it is high time HH reacted to this nonsense of privatization! Mud slinging is the order of the Zambian politics and a pity that even people who hardly understand certain issues want to be heard. People have called HH so many bad names including under five, now he call Lusambo a moron people react like it is an insult. People let us get realistic. Your education minister called lecturers goats etc and it is okay, for HH it is a sin!

    • 2 wrongs don’t make a right. If Kaingu called lectures goats,that doesn’t give anybody let alone HH the right to use foul language.
      No matter how many times people ask the same question, just ans them. There is no need to be fed up and get agitated especially when aspiring for public office.
      Being sarcastic means that you can not handle pressure.A leader should develop thick skin. A temperamental leader is a danger to national security.

  72. IT IS SAD THAT LUSAMBO DESPITE VYING TO BE ADOPTED AS MP DOES NOT READ. He need to get facts than deceiving the public. Such are leaders when elected they will pass laws and later regret like what happens on a Grade 12 clause.

    Mr. Lusambo please the office you are vying requires a person who read a lot. HH is right to call you a moron because of your character. Get facts right and concentrate on how you are going to bring development to Kabushi. It is sad that Lusambo thinking is that of a typical kaponya from the street.

    • They all don’t read. They didn’t even read the constitution but they debated it. The president, also without reading it went ahead, signed it with his eyes closed. They never read anything. It’s a culture in PF and a design for living. Have you noticed how the constitution is boomeranging on them on some clauses they didn’t know were actually in the document? For instance the president thought it was up to him to dissolve parliament only to discover when it’s too late that parliament automatically dissolves itself on due date without intervention from the head of state. And the grade 12 thing and land.

  73. Very stupid & backward people in PF do not understand privatisation let alone why companies undergo such processes.Look at ZAMTEL,ZAMPOST & the way Zambia railway is been managed!Last time I checked at most of the chief spokesperson in PF were people like:Mumbi,Chama,Lusambo,Kambwili,Frank & Tayali.Now,take a rational analysis of their personal achievements & credentials?????.These morons do not even have grade twelve certificates & Zambia is in their hands right now!I hope people supporting PF are enjoying their conditions right now till 100years to come!

  74. Some morons just yap about privatisation they have little knowledge of. Pf morons ended up voting for the G12 that has adversely affected them.. Looting of copper cathodes became rampant when Pf took over and has continued to date. Jerabos have continued to enjoy the loot under pf cover. This is what has created hardship on the C/B,not privatisation.

  75. #Chills, I like your answer. Changwa and PF morons were busy drinking Jameson while HH was busy buying and investing. There lies the difference. Now Changwa has increased his salary 4 within a year because he never had the brains from kachasu to invest, so he needs public money to save up for his future kachasu.

  76. HH is really caught between a hard surface and a rock and this is because he is being stopped to call moron Bowman by his moron character. Okay what should he call a moron Bowman pela. HH is being sincere here. Isn’t this same Bowman, who kept on demonstrating indiscipline and insubordination ,who was advised several times for many years that there was no die hard structure in MMD and he stubbornly kept pushing that fake agenda to get recognised. And HH should call him a saint, my foot. Moron in Moron, and moron was modest going by the indiscipline nature of the ka chap

  77. There are so many morons on this site, their reasoning is pathetic. Advice can be taken or not. HH has clearly explained what transpired in a laymans language and the Morons cant still understand. Buck off you Morons!! Its your choice if you want ECL go ahead if you are prepared for more misery, this is a free country.

    • And who is going to end your misery you moron! Just work hard HH wont put food on your table id,iot you will still have to work for it.

  78. The problem with most of you is that to you are emotional and you do not read books.Worse still you have no time to carry out your own research and get your facts right.In the US,Rockefeller was fought based on the facts the government had and Standard Oil was dismantled.There is no truth that HE comitted a crime.Yes, he could have benefitted,but that’s what business men do!Let the almighty government then take him to court or shut up!!

  79. The Post and all the foreign sponsors of puppets like Hichilema, Sampa and Scott in Africa should understand from the 3 day revolution in Burkina-Faso that we the people of Zambia will disregard ALL the contracts and documents signed by those puppets. It’s only the beginning. Wait for more. This message goes also to the corrupted local cartel which continue to sleep with the enemy. The young generation of Zambians will not have the patience of their fathers. They have the melanin and the stamina to take on anyone. Four months to the election verdict, let’s remind the northerners and easterners what is on the ballot paper: Tribalism and persecution.

  80. I advise HH handlers in UPND to issue a.comprehensive statement on privatisation in Zambia and the role played by Grant Thornton.

    There is a PR issue here which PF are fueling. Don’t ignore my advice, PLEASE.

  81. The question HH has never answered to the Zambian voters is, how did privitazation help Zambia and how did it help HH? The answer or devil is on the detail. Regardless of whether HH was paid to do his job, he got paid because of privitazation, which bankrupt the mines. He is an economist and has never answered the question whether privitazation helped him or the miners?

    • Privatisation helped many people find jobs in companies that might have gone under, thats a simple question my friend.

      Look if you dont like HH then you dont like him, its not nrcessary to be cynical and foolish in the process with baseless arguments

  82. How many companies where privatised in Zambia by the mmd government?. Alot of them and how performed well afew. Was HH firm involved in privatisation of all companies? The answer is NO.

    Privatisation was mmd’s baby. HH did not put a gun to MMD government’s that do what ever I tell or I will kill all of you.
    PF should concerned about their leader who stole clients money and was deregistered.

  83. Look at this scatter brain, you call VOTERS BIG FOOLS?

  84. This is not the first time HH has answered a radio listener in such a manner. Wonder why he flies off the handle when asked to explain about his wealth, niyaufwiti. Write a book so that those who are interested can learn a thing or two on how you got rich.

  85. Yes Lusambo is a moron and HH is naturally reacting to lies that have been peddled for almost a decade. This is typical PF trick, and please lets not forget Satas arrogance you hypocrits. It is foolish by any shade of light to continue to falsely accuse a prrson just because you dont like him. Its being a moron the english is accurate there.

    • Dont talk about a person who is not alive and can not defend himself lest you put a curse on yourself! HH is still alive all he needs to do is to explain in simple terms and should not even get tired or agitated if he is a clean man.

  86. HH bought a house from LIMA Bank a company he and his colleagues where charged to liquidate. Using insider information given to him by one Hamwele (note tribe) he took advantage of this ‘bid’ and ‘won’ the tender to ‘buy’ the house. No cash exchanged hands a book entry was entered against fees ‘due’ to him so the Privatization Account or Trust Fund got zero net on that trade. Further HH sat on Boards on recommendation of Mazoka (note tribe) and so built his wealth. From the Treasury his company was given jobs by Professor Mweene(note tribe) to undertake due “undiligence” and thus in one transactions involving the sun international he ‘converted’ his fees to ‘shares’ without declaration…yes Zambians are morons to entrust such a crook with the country….You will never…

    • @ellen:
      Was Sun Hotels ever Owned or controlled by the Zambian Treasury or Govt? Of course Zambia is fukll of MORONS (Intellectual Deficients) and,whores like you Ellen living in fantasy when the economy is in free fall! Pighead!

  87. Mr. HH Sir, swallow the pride and allow yourself to face the courts of law to clear your name. Kenneth Kaunda, the Late Dr. Fredrick Chiluba and lately Rupiah Banda have just done that due to people’s popular demand. They have submitted themselves to the courts of law even if some may have known that they had no case to answer and have since been cleared of the cases. As for you, whenever you sense that the cases are about to go to court, you run to Commonwealth. Your friend RB who used to help you to run to Commonwealth and convening meetings in South Africa, is now a free man and can walk with his head up after being cleared. Otherwise the thief tag will never be removed by your arrogance, but the courts of law.
    How do you win elections like that. For now it is just small fishes…

    • For now it is just small fishes talking like Lusambo, but when the Big Fish come out, you be completely finished to win any election not even that of Section Chairman. Remember 2015 Elections.
      Please, run to courts of law but do not run away from the courts to clear your name. Scott and GBM are there to help you win strategically and financially but you are not helping them.


  89. HH ni fwiti(witch) kuyipa nkope monga mutima wake wa satana. How does he use that kind of language on media. HH himself is a vampire who would turn statehouse into a satanic blood bank if ascended to power. He was just being defended by his very foolish followers that he did not use vaguer. Language on Edgar. You see this freemanson is not upto any good but to see many peole suffer, because satana is the one who initiates poverty in peoples lives, so is this freemanson , just look at where he has most of support, southern, too much poverty,

  90. HH should never be blamed for privatization. He did not decide to do it. It was the government of the time. However, HH should not call others fools. He could say that people who blame him are not conversant with the process of privatisation that took place. HH respect others and don’t fall into the same language of insults that is used by PF. Poor language will work against you. Disappointing! LT reported tend to report wrong information. This week two articles have been refuted i.e. Guy Scott endorsing of HH and Bishop Joshua.

  91. I reckon if I was falsely accused of something I didn’t do I too would be angry. What you are seeing here is an angry HH not an arrogant one. These accusations challenge the man’s patriotism as a Zambian and call him a thief. He has been accused on these forums of enriching himself from the sale of these mines for which he is saying he had no part. He was only asked to list assets and wasn’t told what was going to happen to them. Some of you here are accusing HH of calling all illiterates morons which is rubbish. What he has said is only an illiterate would accuse him of privatizing the mines (I guess that includes a bunch of people on this forum). The man is on point.

  92. I believe HH called a “spade a spade” and not a big spoon. In psychology the term moron is used to imply mild intellectual disability. Bowman Musambo having been in the MMD government that privatized the mines should have presented himself a lot more knowledgeable about the process instead of using street corner stories – that shows he is a moron!

  93. Privatization is spilled milk. Chiluba and his cohorts sped-off with the loot. It’s the dust they left behind we are still fighting over.

  94. Decades after Chiluba and his MMD auctioned-off our country and sped-off with the loot, we are still choking over the cloud of dust they left in the air. It’s high time we moved on.

  95. There is no smoke without fire. There is just something amiss in this matter. Zambia has and has had so many rich people and their riches have never been a subject of such intrigue. We have had Tom Mtine and others, but all they have is admiration from fellow Zambians, including morons and intelligent people, so there must be something amiss in the HH story. It simply does not add up, despite a good write up by Mr Intelligent people still prefer to believe Mr Moron. And HH did not help matters by muddling the story further by claiming that Binani had financial problems long before privatisation. Come on HH, one of the things about Binani at the time was that people were querying why ZANACO had to finance Binani in its deals purchasing mines instead of bringing their own funds as is…

    • @Wise Head: The difference is that those other rich people were never political party presidents. Bowman was one time on MUVI TV claiming that he too has money and is not entering in politics for money. Has he himself explained where he got his wealth? HH has been explaining his hard work over and over. HH has participated in four elections without getting bankrupt. Find out on BY Mwila. Ask Gen Miyanda how costly politics can be. Why has HH remained affluent? Has he been selling companies to date? Is it possible to steal 70,000 herds of cattle without the owner noticing? Why dont you talk about illiterates who died with boxes of money?

  96. Yes Bowman is a moron and he got what was coming to him stupid *****, insele shaba Kaunda naba Sata mwashilaba mukoselele pali HH bushe ena temuntu tafulwa ngamwamuchita provoke? You can go and hang with your vote pantu naishibika akale ifintu ni HH!!!

  97. The issue is not who was responsible for privatizing the mines or parastatals, it is the fact that he undervalued the assets of the companies and personally benefited. As a Zambian he should have been more patriotic and looked out for his own country. That is why people question his loyalty to his country.

    • @nono

      You have a Herculean task to dispossess the majority justly geared to vote HH of their voters cards.

      Mine is locked in the gun safe until 8/11. Then I will unleash it as I.queue at 03h00 to vote for HH.

  98. You insult and beret HH with all sorts of names and unproven accusations and expect him to remain mute at every turn? In fact he doesn’t often respond to most of the diatribe. He is within his right to do so sometimes and describe some of the accusers according to what they are – MORONS! In fact, if we have to be honest, Zambia requires someone enlightened, a proven business management stalwart who is ready to be bullish, to take the bull by its horns and drag Zambia into mature politics and economic sense. Most Zambians need a wake up kick up their backsides (especially those enmeshed in blind support for a party that has shared the spoils and is throwing them the remnants) to realise the country needs saving not selfishness.

  99. And… that is coming from a supposedly aspiring heard of state. ” I we” HH can you not just explain so that people can know what went on and what part you played. But when you start insulting people who are asking questions then you demean yourself, in fact you become a bi big fool yourself. The best this man (HH) could have done is just to explain so that people are enlightened otherwise everyone will think there is something you want to hide-Hence the insults. This story, Sunny(HH), won’t go away just like that, no not in a democracy like Zambia. People will ask you, ” Kosa fye mwaice Ngawalilya” it will haunt you for many more years to come. You insulted another lady journalist over the same-what are you hiding? is state house so important that you have to insult everyone who…

  100. How else can one describe that thug with an a Large Head and an extended big nose called Bowman Lusambo – just a Moron! Simple. Zambians should NOT let such nincompoops in the political system. He has no brains, no real achievements and you want to give him political power – what you you expect? Eternal Load shedding and a falling economy!! Viva HH – tell that MORON off! He is NOT your type whether you become president or not!!

  101. Kano Nibena, exactly, you actually words out of my mouth. The point as you agree is that when you seek high public office you must not only be squeeky clean but also be ready to answer questions about your source of income and HONESTLY clarify issues transparently
    Look at Donald Trump, who is asking about his source of wealth? If you want high public office, open.yourself to.public scrutiny, and hiding and calling curious voters as morons. you are no longer a private figure.

  102. Mr Mystic Man at it again. This time we are getting you. We know how you got the proceeds from Luanshya Copper Mines. We know what you did at Lima Bank and in other state companies. The exaggerated fake accounting fees and the inside trading of the national Assets. The Sun Hotel and the like. Insult us as Morons but you will surely answer for the loot from privatization. And why insult when you are clean. Only people with something to hide insult. Watch the space.

  103. I can not believe that people easily believed what HH said on his role in the privatization process. In the recent past and on a Radio Phoenix program, he stated that his role was to value all the properties that the MMD government intended to sale. He further indicated that he did his job and he was paid for it. However, according to him, it was NOT his responsibility to negotiate the final price with potential investors.
    To my surprise, he has changed and he is only talking about the liquidation of Binani assets in Luanshya. I am beginning to wonder what his actual role was. I get the feeling he is hiding something. Also, he has always eluded the questions on his wealth…how he became rich. He is the only rich man I know who can not explain how he accumulated his wealth. He can not…

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