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More MPS expected to defect from PF -Mumbi Phiri

General News More MPS expected to defect from PF -Mumbi Phiri

PF Deputy GS Mumbi Phiri,
PF Deputy GS Mumbi Phiri,

SOME Patriotic Front members of Parliament who will not be readopted in their constituencies on account of member rejection or under-performance plan to defect to opposition political parties so that they can try their luck on new party tickets, PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has revealed.

She has however said the PF would not adopt serving MPs who have lost popularity on account of having failed to perform in their constituencies because such candidates could only jeopardise the chances of the ruling party to retain power.

Mrs Phiri said the ruling party was also aware that a number of its MPs would in May after the dissolution of Parliament resign from the ruling party but has challenged them to leave now rather than later.

She said in an interview that the PF was not going to adopt unpopular candidates at both parliamentary and local government levels on ‘‘humanitarian grounds’’ and in the process ruin the chances of President Edgar Lungu’s re-election..

Mrs Phiri said the adoption process would ensure that only the best candidates were picked and that those who had made the PF unpopular in their constituencies should know that their time was up and they would not be considered.

‘‘I want to tell them to just go now rather than later. If you are not popular, you will not be adopted because we do not want to take chances and ruin our chance of retaining power. We are on top of things and we know that some of the unpopular MPs will be defecting to the opposition,” Mrs Phiri said.

And Mrs Phiri has charged that the PF would soon be taking action against former vice-president Guy Scott for having endorsed UPND president Hakainde Hichilema when he (Scott) was senior member of the party and central committee member. Dr Scott has however said he did not endorse Mr Hichilema but that his party, the deregistered Democratic Front (DF), supported Mr Hichilema.

Mrs Phiri said the PF was unmoved with the decision by Dr Scott to endorse Mr Hichilema because the former vice-president had always been against President Lungu.

She said there were many other people in the PF who had lost value to the ruling party and were only acting as excess baggage and should therefore leave the party and continue flocking to the UPND which she said had become a political dumpsite for rejected politicians.

Mrs Phiri said President Michael Sata (late) knew Dr Scott very well and never trusted him and that was why during the life of the late president, the Lusaka Central MP was never allowed to act as president.

She said Dr Scott was a bitter man because President Lungu started as his deputy minister in the vice-president’s office but that the Head of State kept on rising as Home Affairs minister, Defence and Justice Minister as well as the PF secretary general before being elected President in January 2015.2016 elections given greenlight


    • A party that knows it’s purpose for existence cannot play politics of appeasement to none performers of the outrightly disapproved members at grassroot. What value would be in shoving them on the throats of the voters who have found them to be politically dry bones? Inject in more dynamic youths and women in your ranks you will see better value of democracy. That is a way classic institutionalized democracies resets their buttons for success. Fall on good intelligence and make informed decisions only.

    • Trying hard to cushion the inevitable!! Mrs/Ms Phiri, do you think its a good thing, on PF side, for all those MP’s who are planning to leave PF for UPND? You can call them “unpopular, non-performers, not a factor” or whatever else the Lungu loyalists (Mumbi, Kambwili, Frank Bwalya, Dora and maybe Chama) have concocted to call them. The fact of the matter is that MP’s have left, are planning to leave and will leave PF. To many, this should be reason enough to get worried as a ruling party. You guys are finished. Trying hard to tell us in advance wont help PF to be strong.

    • Dear Madam Mumbi. The best thing you can do is to mobilize all MPs and assure the losing Mps to wait for other engagements in Diaspora. Don’t throw them away. Politics is about numbers. I can assure you they will stay in Pf because they know they will be given Jobs, unlike joining UPND where they are not sure of what may happen. We cant keep on losing people. Those Mps have families and extended families who are voting. If u lose them, you lose their families as well. Let us not be arrogant.

    • Just trying harder to justify defections. PF is losing as it is clear on the no wonder all the MPs dont want to associate with it. MPs associates with parties they know will scoop elections and that is the main reason defections are prominent in UPND.

    • Don’t worry Madam Phiri that is normal and is expected.
      However I have noticed with concern that the Character of Ginger Bread Man (GBM) is slowly rubbing onto HH. All of a sudden HH like GBM has started using unpalatable language calling people fools and Morons – Birds of the same feather flock together. Having such people at the helm of presidential leadership is dangerous and is worrying. JUST THINKING.

    • “…UPND which she said had become a political dumpsite for rejected politicians…”
      It’s the game of numbers HH is playing. Those rejected MPs are coming along with multitudes of their supporters, all with voters’ cards.

    • Regardless of what you say, those MPs are going away with their individual votes, which may be very crucial in scooping the presidency. So just admit that what is about to happen after the disolution of parliament is not going to be good for PF.

    • Nkandu Luo. The message is loud and clear. All this talk is directed squarely at you. Pick up your good-for-nothing self and leave the Pathetic Fools and become national chairlady for DF. If not just get back to Tasinta and manage the prostitutes is Addis Ababa drive.

    • Lets Hop you are not going to adopt Mr Chishiba For Kafulafuta constituency as he is believed to have under performed but he bribed the constituency leaders so that he can be adopted.

  1. Whatever it takes we shall do, and you do not matter says Mumbi ….. nil empathy. That is how uncaring this party has become!

    ………. we do not want to take chances and ruin our chance of retaining power.




  4. So Mama Tasintha Nkandu the cat is out & you are not wanted. If you were wanted as, deputy SG Mumbi wasn’t going to apply to stand in your constituency. So save face Mama Tasintha & leave now.

  5. And I quote ‘There were many other people in the PF who had lost value to the ruling party and were only acting as excess baggage and should therefore leave the party and continue flocking to the UPND which she has become a political dumpsite for rejected politicians’. Genuine PF members will be known by their fruits/ colors. Well said Mama!

  6. Mumbi, is right PF MPs should not be accepted by UPND as they are the cause of the current misery in the country. they have underperformed and do not deserve to be adopted not even those who will remain in PF. the whole batch is a total mess – look at the economy. ECL would do well by adopting high calibre fresh minds to rebrand the PF.

    Going by what is happening UPND RISKS being the OLD PF.

  7. I agree with Mumbi Phiri, there is no need to keep dead wood in PF just for fear of losing NO! What we know is that people can no longer be cheated and those unpopular and underperformed MPs must not be readopted.
    Infact where ever they will defect to, people will never vote for such a party.
    Remember old type of politics have since gone and we need performers only.
    The likes of GBM, Sampa, Luo, Shichinga, Mwaliteta, Scott, Nalumamba, what value can they surely bring to any party? It’s time for new blood in PF so that President Lungu can deliver development as people demand it.

    • There are more dunderheads in PF than what you have mentioned. Mumbi Phiri, Chimbwili, Frank Bwalya, Davies Chama, Edgar Lungu all have no value to PF. So who has any brains in PF kanshi?

  8. Hallo! Let us not kid ourselves! Let us not try to deflect the non-performance to MP’s! It is the President who is not performing! That is the person we are voting out! He is not presidential material!
    The fish rots from the head.

  9. Lt you are pf cadres. where is my comment. You being funded and anything negative about your pay masters is not posted. Eat with them before 11th august

  10. Sm dream on.i will supply you with a rope to hung yourself. Pf is winning whether you like it or not.we are applying neganega formula period.

  11. You are all missing the point.

    Every disgruntled PF member that crosses the floor takes one vote each out of the PF pot.

    BUT will UPND kick out its incumbent aspirant MP’s in favour of the new lot.

    HH is welcoming everybody, but don’t be fooled that you will be adopted automatically as the new UPND MP.

    Thats the point Mumbi is missing. How can UPND be flooded with salaula if that salaula is not worn on voting day ?

    We will only know where Sampa or Scott or Mwaliteta stand once the MP list is published. Don’t take it for granted.


  12. Why not Also consider the President for adoption,just in case he is underperforming like the MPs then choose another person who is popular

  13. @Tim, how on earth will PF win? It looks like you are the one who requires a rope to hung yourself. PF is buried. Ask me who is on the ground. Am not a cadre but pf is long gone. in fact they will be beaten in the first round.
    Ngamulesusha wait for 14th August after counting of votes is done

  14. just admt tht yo party has lost populality thus y pipo ar living th sinking bot joining the wining team ni hh fye

  15. Underperforming MPs for sure should not be adopted, for example all the sitting MPs in Ndola have not been picked because they underperformed and some new guys are being considered so who do you blame? Mumbi is very correct, there are a lot of deadwood with no value in PF. If they join other parties well and good but the pentient and loyal ones will definately remain.

  16. Mr Sott did a better job when he was an acting president last year compared to E. Lungu. And what he contributed to the part was a lot than what you amd E.lungu. If Mr Sata was arrive, Dorra siliya, RB and other would not have joined the pf. Those importation has brought confusion in the part, to tell you the truth this is not pf we voted. The foundation has been demolished, the cornerstone has been throwne away. How are you going to build the church?

  17. Mumbi, generally people or voters do not associate failures with individual MP’s, but with a political party. The same MP’s where useful tools when u used them in parliament to get whatever u wanted e.g Loans, looting of government money etc. Today u are calling them names. It is too late, people associate their suffering directly with the PF & not an MP. Changing a MP will not bring the cost of living down, but changing the entire leadership certainly might.

  18. I think we need to respect every PF member becoz they contributed in a way to the party. What Mumbi needs to is that we need every person’s vote. Lastly Madam you are a mother learn to care about every person


  20. …she may probably defect as well….even senior PF members do not know the constitutional reason Guy Scott was never let to act as republican President…??….how s1lly can anyone be to appoint someone VP who he doesn’t trust…??

  21. Mrs Phiri please do not mislead our beloved President. If MPs resign from the ruling party and Parliament now rather than later, are you going to pay them their gratuities when you are failing to pay retirees? Guy Scott unlike Sampa is an asset to both PF and the country and deserves dignity as former Acting President. Scott is useful to PF for strategy and campaign abilities as Kambwili and is known countrywide just like RB. It is not too late for you to come to reconcile with him. Please, remember that Scott is Muzungu and don’t expect him to be yes Bwana just for food to your ideas even if they are meaningless. When he speaks it is not that he has always been against President Lungu. Why should he die mute?

  22. Defections are sometimes a clear sign of a collapsing party, MPs are not stupid they know when things don’t look good even kambwili said it is going to be tough this. You reduction in numbers is definitely going to hurt you at the polls.

  23. “She said in an interview that the PF was not going to adopt unpopular candidates at both parliamentary and local government levels on ‘‘humanitarian grounds’’ and in the process ruin the chances of President Edgar Lungu’s re-election..”

    This is the caliber we have today making such utterances as above.

  24. Comment:Maddam Mumbi Phiri you playing smart but not being clever.
    Every vote counts in any election.So think twice b4 u make a statement.Anyway any misfortune that befalls u guys in pf its to upnd’s advantage.

  25. Kolwe wacifine,Mumbwe Phiri..atase chimbuya cabulamano..na fi Lungu fyalungula…you r losing nd the romantic relationship you share with Chi Lungu calungula will end there..

  26. Lol…. mumbi & blind pf bootlicking, poverty striken chaps burryng yo heads in sand pretending all is wel…. Mwanya u’ll c, u wil drown to the bottom of kabompo river clinging to your punctured canoe while the marines wil be toasting HH’s victory with duty free heineken….

  27. Comment: y is our president has associated wth RB we rejected in 2011 he wl go like him not pf mps the president is the problem kuya bebele

  28. Comment:very stupid comments madam Phiri those former Mps who will not be adopted shud be promisd jobs so tht dey help wit campagins 2 wud b adopted Mps than askng dem 2 leave,were is integrent madam?,why talkng as if u re rilly drugs?.

  29. very correct madam phiri.what is the point of keeping people who are not adding any value to our party?infact we know them we as voters.

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