Simataa cannot be FAZ CEO-Kazala

Football Association of Zambia Vice President Richard Kazala
Football Association of Zambia Vice President Richard Kazala

Football Association of Zambia Vice President Richard Kazala
Football Association of Zambia Vice President Richard Kazala

Newly elected Football Association of Zambia Vice President Richard Kazala says football administrator Simataa Simataa is not in line to take over as FAZ General Secretary.

A report in the Times of Zambia today said Simataa was due to be appointed FAZ General Secretary today.

But in a statement issued by Kazala, the football governing body says it cannot appoint Simataa because he is still facing FAZ and FIFA disciplinary sanctions.

Kazala said reports that Simataa has been appointed FAZ CEO are false and do not sit well with the new executive which he said has well-meaning members of society who have respect for the FAZ constitution, collective responsibility, inclusiveness and good ethical conduct in the discharge of their duties.

“No acts that go against the spirit of consultation and team work and most importantly the FAZ constitution will be entertained,” he said.

Kazala revealed that new FAZ President Andrew Kamanga has not proposed any name to the Executive Committee as required by the constitution for consideration to fill the vacancy left by George Kasengele.

He said the Executive Committee firmly believes in the rule of law and will stand against any arbitrary acts which would be against good constitutional mannerisms and a betrayal of good will of the football fraternity.

“We would therefore like to the football family ignore and set aside rumours about any individuals being lined up for the position of General Secretary. Again, we would like to stress that Mr Simataa Simataa (named in the media) cannot be considered for this position because he faces FAZ/FIFA disciplinary sanctions and has no support of the Executive Committee,” he said.

Kazala said Simataa could not be disciplined by the previous executive because he withdrew his FAZ membership but upon his division to register with FAZ, sanctions will be imposed on him as per correspondence from FIFA.


  1. Sanctions from the FIFA of disgraced Blatter and FAZ of ousted Kalu.
    It is like not being allowed to be a member of a church because the devil doesn’t like you!

  2. Simaata is a failed administrator/coach, even Kamanga failed at Kabwe Warriors when they were relegated. At Power he only lasted half a season. We shall wait and see, FAZ is 500 times bigger.

  3. This Kazala man also. Simataa had issues with a rotten FAZ as a football politician. If he has what it takes to be a football technocrat, give him the job. Ufisanji mambala?

  4. So there are sanctions from FIFA against bo SImataa.. That is interesting news. Mr. Simataa please, can you clear your name?

  5. It will be sad for AK to get into some controversy early on in his tenure. Kazala sounds bitter & personal but bringing in Simataa (even as brilliant as he maybe) will be divisive. AK word of advice, find a completely fresh guy to give that CEO Job. Keep Simataa as your advisor but away from the corridors of football house.

  6. I hope we wont end up with a disunited FAZ Executive… I seem to be smelling a rat here. Isnt the statement too personal? why bring out so much on Simaata…. is he the one who proposed that he should be considered? Wouldn’t it be enough to just say that the Executive Committee is yet to sit to consider the method of filling the position.

    Please consider advertising all those administrative positions. We want transparency and good corporate governance. You may even outsource the recruitment process?

  7. I can foresee Kazala ditching FAZ….seems he was very much looking forward to operating under Kalu….

  8. If you dont know what happen at AGM election it was Kazala who makes Kamanga to win election l dont want to say any thing about it.

  9. Uko elolwanya. Who in his right sense could even think of having the filthy and scruffy Simataa as General Secretary? Mulenya baf1kala coz Zambia is going nowhere with these morons.

  10. Lets not have pipo in fax that have a retaliative mind.kazala u are spot on.l like your stance against simata.l wonder even what what pipo mean when they say he is brain.The man is bitter and full of tantrums.his been preocuppied with vengeance against great kalu what a shame.kazala l salute you with both hands for standing firm and on what the faz constitution says over disciplinary issues..we need men like u who are able to say no or yes without being intimidated.big up yo kazala and the new executive.we will support u as long as u keep doing the right thin.simata,umm,my foot.devil take it!.we are not living in the 17th century.

  11. Kazala, word of caution to you. You have money but little education. If you are going to talk about rule of law…let FAZ spokesperson respond to this allegation and not you. Just one simple lecture from me to you. I mean no disrespect here… envy either

  12. Kazala is a mole for Kalu.. If you and Eric Mwanza will have FAZ to control then we shall consider our efforts to clean FAZ water under the Bridge. What do u pipo hate about Simataa?

  13. Kazala is a grade 11 drop out from Chingola Secondary School. That is why the requirement for a minimum grade 12 qualification important.

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