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President Lungu calls on Zambians to condemn violence perpetrated by selfish individuals


From Left to Right: Former President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda,President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Muchinga Province Minister Mwimba Malama unveils the Jubilee Portrait of Dr . Kenneth Kaunda during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School in Chinsali,Muchinga Province on Saturday,April 2,2016.PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2016
From Left to Right: Former President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda,President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Muchinga Province Minister Mwimba Malama unveils the Jubilee Portrait of Dr . Kenneth Kaunda during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School in Chinsali,Muchinga Province on Saturday,April 2,2016.PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2016

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has reiterated his call for peace in the nation ?and called on all Zambians to condemn violence perpetrated by selfish individuals.

The President, who was yesterday among scores of people who witnessed the Jubilee celebrations of Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School together with first Republican president Kenneth Kaunda, said Zambia could not turn ?a blind eye to the famous motto of ‘One Zambia, One Nation’.

Mr Lungu praised the heroes and heroines, including Dr Kaunda, for sacrificing a lot and championing peace and unity which had to date made Zambia the beacon of peace in the world.

He told the gathering that the country’s tribe was Zambian, and that the onus lay with all citizens to exercise restraint and promote brotherly love which Jesus Christ spoke about in Mathew 22:37-39, which Dr Kaunda emphasised during his reign.

The President urged Zambians to adhere to the commandments of loving God and ?their neighbours as this was the sure way of maintaining peace.

“With these commandments, if we put them in practice, then it would be very easy to respect others and co-exist with them,” Mr Lungu said

He said his administration had embarked on various development projects such as the construction of schools and universities to restore Zambia’s dignity.

The Head of State said he would ensure that Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School was repaired to improve its status.

The President donated a Higer bus to the school as well as another one to Chinsali Day Secondary School to honour the late President Michael Sata’s pledge to the learning institutions.

Mr Lungu also donated another bus which the provincial administration would decide where to allocate it.The President urged former pupils of the school to contribute and improve its status.

Dr Kaunda, who was present at the event, praised Mr Lungu’s leadership and urged him to continue with his good work. Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School, which has turned 50 this year, was opened in 1965 and was initially named Lubwa Secondary School before being renamed in honour of Dr Kaunda the same year.

The celebrations were held under the theme ‘Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School at fifty with improved learner performance and resuscitating the school infrastructure for national development’.

Scores of people witnessed the celebrations which were characterised by music and dance from local Zambian artistes, among them, Mozegator, Macky II and Jordan Katembula, commonly known as JK?.

The President and Dr Kaunda together with other members of the entourage were taken on a tour of the school.

President Lungu’s assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda, Dr Kaunda, General Education Minister John Phiri, area Member of Parliament Christopher Mulenga, Local Government Minister, Steven Kampyongo, Muchinga Province Minister Mwimba Malama and traditional leaders were among the people who attended the function.

President Lungu, who first landed at Kasama Airport, arrived in Chinsali at 12:00 hours and found scores of residents waiting for him at Chinsali airstrip.
?He proceeded to Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School for the Golden Jubilee celebrations, where he also unveiled a portrait of Dr Kaunda.

The General Education minister thanked Dr Kaunda for laying a firm foundation in the education sector. He said God who saw Mr Lungu elected as President in January 2015 would allow him to be re-elected because the people of Zambia had fallen in love with his leadership.


  1. And who are these selfish individuals Mr President. If you are a president of a country and chief in command of the armed forces of Zambia and yet you fail to call a spade a spade but you as a president you let the ball roll in our minds to find out who this selfish individual is???? I do not know which people are selfish individuals. This man it is true he is trivial

    • Well you haven’t condemned it for the last 2 years mr president.

      You have showed no sign of punishing anyone with the PF sign in their forheard after allegedly committing violence.

      You are mocking the people.



    • In Politics you can choose the right leaders to do the right things or choose the wrong leaders and beg them to do the right things.

    • These PF idoits have really gone mad now. I think they are enjoying the critical shortages of mealimeal that has hit mostly the PF stronghold. How on earth can a sane person restrict movement of goods from areas of abundance to areas of shortage? Seriously I m beginning to doubt the calibre of the economic advisors PF has. How the hell will demand for mealimeal be satisfied if it can not be transported overnight from sources to where its urgently needed.

      Suppose only Choma , Monze and Livingstone has mealimeal in abundance, how will the transporters get it to the copperbelt in the shortest possible time? These stupid PF measures means transportation of maize from far away places will take a week. Really?

      Its shocking to know that the whole President Lungu has also accepted such…

    • Its shocking to know that the whole President Lungu has also accepted such stupid measures which will just make him more unpopular.

      Its high time PF stopped thinking using their backside for sure.

      My fear is , if this situation continues a coup might remove Lungu even before the elections.

      2016 vote UPND and the HH team for they have a credible plan to stop these PF created food shortages.

    • Mr President, have you condemn the violence during Youth Day march past yet? What about the stripping of a woman wearing opposition party regalia? YOUR SILENCE IS DEAFENING!!!

    • Now the money that had been corruptly obtained is coming out. Where can poor meno meno Jameason Kaminamisa Lungu get the money to donate buses all of a sudden?

      Open your eyes Zambians


    • WILZ actually bano.ko can make a better president than this clueless,visionless,hopeless,brainless,useless and a drunkard presdo.

    • Lungu like Museveni , Nkuruzinza and Mugabe is a sponsor and beneficiary of violence.

      Simple fact : the only reason Lungu is President is panga violence. He physically beat and molested opponents to State House.

      But Lungu campaign strategy is old age….prostitute denial. A prostitute will deny even when caught red handed.

      And so Lungu will employ red herring diversion strategy by accusing political opponents despite that he is the Chief Warlord in the order of brutal Joseph Kony, Al-Bashir and Taylor.


  3. Ok but ba LT you are bunch of illiterates mwe! The grammar is so bad and I wonder if any of you has any journalists qualification

  4. You have totally failed to stop violence iwe ka Wrungu and its during your rule that we have witnessed mass indicpline by your fellow clueless,visionless,brainless,useless,hopeless and drunkard cadres. Actually you used pangas and machete to become a president thats why even your ifimeno are shaped like insembe iwe kambwa. Nonsense.

  5. I,a Zambian, heed the call and forthwith strongly condemn state sponsored violence perpetrated by paid PF Cadres and blamed on others.

  6. I,a Zambian, heed the call and forthwith strongly condemn state sponsored violence perpetrated by paid,selfish, PF Cadres and blamed on others.

  7. Lungu is a waste of space in the political spheres of Zambia. literate Zambians now are regretting voting for you. He speaks what he does not do just to show it as if he hates violence. This man loves violence to the core. Action speaks louder than words. What step has lungu taken to curb his violent cadres, nothing apart from putting the blame on the opposition. I see him losing popularity whenever he opens his mouth to speak against violence because he is the one perpetrating violence.

  8. Pf will continue embracing peace irrespective tribe,even Tongas like Ngosa Simbyakula,syamunene will hold positions that are very sensitive..

  9. I am always perplexed by Kaunda’s wavering acts in the affairs of this country. In fact, I always blame him for whatever bad things that are happening in Zambia for he doesn’t have a heart for this country. As a founding father of this country, he is expected to be above partisan politics and advise ECL, HH, Edith, Nevers, Eric, etc… just like he would advise Panji, Waza, Tilyenji, Mrs Mwanza, Mrs Banda, Mrs Silwizya and the rest of his blood children. But contrary to this, Kaunda has always sided with the President in power for the love of the camera and partying. He ought to take Mandela’s example.

  10. #mushota this is one of the best comments you have ever made. Lungu has been quiet on violence & yet he is the one responsible to stop the violence. When he like Sata said that street vending is ok, it has been hard to remove street vending. If he says he had told the police IG that the police should immediately arrest any leader or cadre who advocates violence or shoots at the innocent like Kaiser, political violence would have been a thing of the past in Zambia today.

  11. …this was a function for a minister of education and not the head of state….listening to the calls of peace, I wonder if there is any serious commitment on the part of ECL….it looks like he is just playing to the gallery….any violence is a criminal offence…but politicians make it look like political violence is a civil case….just like RSTA have been given a fast track court for drank and driving…this is an election year, let ECL establish a fast track courts for political violence if possible, just like traffic officers are specifically for traffic matters, identify non partisan cops in every district to take charge of any political nuisance…

  12. As a young diplomat then, in the late 1980s, we had à tough time defending him from the famous Nigerian Press who constantly called him a ‘NIMBLE FOOTED’ Politician who was difficulty 5o trust. That time, I hated the Nigerian Press but I understand KK because I am now witnessing his political behaviour from a spectator’s view-point. Be fair to all Zambians KK. You played your role well and you played it well. You are now expec5ed to be above the PF, UPND, FDD, MMD, 4R Politics.

  13. In fact, I expected you Dr. KK, to have played a major role in the just ended political party Indaba by co-chairing the conference but little did I know that you instead busy packing your bags to accompany your “announced” Lungu to Chinsali a little later than that.

  14. The day I knew ECL had no capacity to stop violence is the day I saw his cadres take over an entire International airport in Ndola, and there was absolutely no word from him. A whole airport taken over, under siege, with cadres ferried in a convoy of vehicles, which was very easy for Police to block.Katwishi mwandi

  15. This Man [ President ] is a weak leader ..he calls the church to stop violence , how ? He ‘s just time waster . A President accusing opposition of violence instead of using your authority to stop this NONSENSE? What a weak mind .
    Come August lets have a human being in state house .

  16. Yet when students rioted He was busy condemning the acts while nothing has been done to condemn his violent cadres.

  17. KK should be apolitical but clearly the old man is campaigning for Lungu. As a founding President KK should stop making political statements and openly supporting the President in power. Instead of asking Zambians to condemn violence why is President Lungu not directing ZRP to arrest all perpetrator of violence? Surely the Police force is the only competent authority to enforce law and order in Zambia.As commander-in- Chief President Lungu thru ZRP should take action to stem political violence in the country. Action speaks louder than words Mr President!

  18. This Lazy Bum has just awoken…what have Zambians been doing all along? Cheering…when its Sunday he pretends to holy…how did we end up with this useless man?

  19. My mind goes to madam Inonge Wina. I just wonder what she thinks when she looks back to Dec 2014 and January 2015. Does she regret ? Knowing too well that Lungu was her own making. She twisted everybody to the Lungu presidency. Whether out of belief that he could make a good president or out of her own selfish motives and hate for the miles camp? But what is clear however, whatever the answer to these questions, is that madam Inonge has plunged the country into misery by her choice. Could it have been worse if the other camp won ? I don’t know! Maybe we should not blame Inonge she meant well?? But for now we clearly need to swim to the other side where the river is not so much infested with crocodiles yet.

    • What regret would she have when she is paid two allowances for acting as National Planning minister where she hardly does anything.

  20. Where is that big man with a small willy called Kashimba Chimbwili? He has been very quiet of late! He has already lost hope of retaining his Roan seat in Luanshya.
    Has that OBESE Nyau Lizard called Dorwa Sili – ya now come back? The extremely FAT woman went into a mental state when she heard Guy Scott endorsed UPND, and for very good reasons!! The PF Police should keep an eye on that smelly Dora because she can do serious self harm!!

  21. Lets see action than words wherever u flight to mr president, once upnd is accorded space for its party mobilisation we shall see pf cadres and police brutality on innocent citizens,tear gassing and abusing fellow upnd cadres, lets wait and see what action is he going to take,mark my words

  22. Violence perpetrated by “selfish individuals”? I think everybody knows who the most selfish individual is and which office he holds and operates on behalf of his selfish friends

    • How can Lungu have a shred of a chance at elections if today there was no State sponsored and protected violence ?

      Imagine a free line of rail doing genuine political discourse…..Lungu would be white washed!!


  24. KK is bad for contemporary Zambian politics. This old man is a muselela kwaba mudala bad. He even taught Daniel, Alexander, Venon to practice politics of the belly.

  25. Lungu is using our money like it is his own, donating here and there, paying for tickets and next day chikwanda is signing loans. So we borrowing for Lungu to blow it up. Now we even paying for puppet Kaunda to go enjoy himself all this happening while some people have not been paid, cholera on the rise and mealie meal shortages.

  26. KK has baffled me. As the Founding Father he should be able to guide new leaders. They al;l look up to him. Yet he benefits from all the governments except that of LPM. KK is a selfish person. I thought he was principled enough to stand up and condemn the violence. Why are we surprised?

  27. The people of ZAMBIA HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH EL’S LEADERSHIP? How can KK say this? My heart bleeds for this country.

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