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Mumbi Phiri takes on Radio listeners on HH


Munali Member of Parliament Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

Barely a week after political party leaders pledged to avoid attacking one another after issuing resolutions which were agreed to during the indaba called by the Catholic Bishops and attended by other church mother bodies, politicians have reverted to their old habits of issuing derogatory statements against one another.

In her latest outburst against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri in apparent reference to Mr Hichilema said she does not like mentioning some names because they make her lose her appetite.

Ms Phiri, who was featuring on the Platform radio program On Joy FM, got irked when listeners, who participated via text messages, kept blaming her party for the economic hardships in some parts of the country, such as Kabwe and other parts of Central Province.They said the that PF had failed to revive companies such as Mulungushi Textiles and Kapiri Glass company.

Ms Phiri advised the listeners to stop blaming the PF over issues they were not party to, claiming that most of the economic mess the country is facing was because of the privatisation of state companies, which was done way before the PF took over office.

In another reference to Mr Hichilema, Ms Phiri said some people should explain the criteria they used to acquire properties of companies they never worked for.

“Does that person follow the history of this country? Fortunately we have very few people who think like her, people know when Kapiri Glass company was sold, it was long before PF came into power, Mulungushi textile is jointly owned by a Chinese company and the Zambian government and the majority shareholder is the Chinese company. Get to know the nitty-gritty and the history, then you will understand than you just talking.

“I didn’t mention your HH, in fact, I don’t even want to mention some names because they make me lose my appetite, but the facts still remains: we have people in this country who benefited from privatisation. Some of us talk like this because we have relatives who died when Lima Bank was privatized for a song and to see those people who never worked for Lima Bank occupying the houses which belonged to Lima Bank, we ask and I wish they could tell us the criteria they used for them to buy houses for companies they never worked for. It’s really sad and the facts are on the table.

“People must not come on the radio with bitterness, speak on the facts, privatisation was there, Lima Bank was sold and some of our brothers and sisters are beneficiaries of the assets of companies which they never worked for,” she said.

Asked if she was not practicing hate speech Ms Phiri said she was simply calling a spade by its name.

“…Give me another name for me to call them that’s what they are called, and I don’t think in my interview I have mentioned HH, Kunda remind me where I mentioned HH, I am above that! You know when I say a fact and it’s connected to your leader that’s not my fault, mentioning some names makes me lose my appetite. No it’s not hate because they want to force words in my mouth, if anything I mentioned my sister Edith Nawakwi and I mentioned her because she gave me an assignment, am suppose to go to Soweto market,” she said.

She also called on traditional leaders to avoid partisan politics.

“…Shakafuswa is a politician mind you and he has the right to belong to wherever his heart desires but not a chief’s wife. Those 5 wives of chiefs who said they are going to support President Edgar Lungu did you see them lift a PF symbol? They were just speaking and every chief where you go to they were saying they will support the government of the day.

“By our Constitution our chiefs are not supposed to be partisan, now you see a chief’s wife lifting a symbol and I can see from your surname that’s your area my brother advise your chief’s wife not lower herself to my level, she is respected, she is our mother and am giving her advise not that am taking anything from her,for her to be lifting a symbol she is degrading herself to my level she is very respected, I’m just a cadre.

“And the person from Kabwe who said zinc mine is closed is it PF who closed? Continued Ms Phiri in my opening remarks I said the disadvantage we had as a country was privatisation, even the money hasn’t been accounted for and that’s a fact whether you want to change or what and the way you are speaking passionately that PF is going, we heard this even on the 20th kunda kunda I was here with my brother in law who saying wufa wadula even that political party that will come are telling me they will give you food for free, we all have to work to make ends meet so all those are just stories in fact to those elections in January were more crucial than these ones.”

Ms Phiri also laughed off Obvious Mwaliteta’s reason for his defection to the UPND calling him a political prostitute who joined the PF at the eleventh hour.

“If that complaint of a grade 12 certificate is coming from a person like me who was not in Parliament when the was that law was passed it was going to be understood. I think my brother Mwaliteta even when the debates were going on he knew that he was a is it a grade 2 or 5, he knew deep down his heart and when that bill passed the first reading, second reading he had a chance to change and that Constitution could have come with an amendment and am speaking as a former Parliamentarian who understand the procedure of Parliament.

“You can’t let a bill pass first reading, second reading, third reading and when it’s passed that is when you start complaining. It’s amazing but look at the background of Mwaliteta where did he come from? My brother is just proving that he is a political prostitute because he wasn’t even PF. He came at the good will of my late President Michael Sata, he came at the eleventh hour together with my sister Silvia Masebo. Hon Mwaliteta that is his nature. I think even saying that he is a grade 2 or 5 is an understatement, it’s in his nature,” she said.


  1. Hidi Hamin (HH) is a despicable puke vomit whose relevance on the Zambian political scene has long expired.

    • Mumbwe mumbwe had nothing to say. From this article, she was clearly a case of airheads at play. She’s trying without success to explain to the listeners that HH had nothing to do with the privatization of any company as he never, ever worked in govt. He’s a self made Millionaire. The companies were sold by Michael Sata and his MMD, period!!

    • But Mumbi smokes the fresh one. Why say she gets orgasm when she hears names like HH? Why such on radio?

    • Mumbi Phiri proudly calls Edith Nawakwi my sister and goes on to say I cant mention HH’s name because she can lose appetite ….. and also says a chief’s wife raising a symbol for a political party and you check on the surname ……
      I wonder if these are the leaders Zambians need. How come Nawakwi who was a finance minister at the time of privatisation is portrayed to be Mumbi Phiri’s friend while a mere mention of HH she loses appetite. Who should have accounted for the money between the two HH and Nawakwi according to Mumbi?
      Devils invading the political arena will be known by their language.

    • Edgar Lungu is very very unfortunate because he has been left with intellectual and political underweights to defend PF when the party is at its weakest and during a critical period (the masses feel like puking whenever the names of Mumbi phiri, Fr Frank Bwalya, Chishimba Kambwili (off late he is quiet though) etc. are mentioned. Where are heavyweights in the PF who can talk and be listened to? Depending on Hyenas and jackals? I feel sorry for the man at plot 1.

    • This is Lazy Lungu’s mouth piece…all those calls for peace and unity are a sham. He is simply too weak.

    • It is wonderful how devils are uniting to try to demonise HH, I mean Mumbi “drankurd” Phiri and Nawakwi “husband grabber” Edith. I pity their husbands. In fact, it already shows us that Edgar Lungu has adopted one Nawakwi to be his running mate. I confirm this by Mumbi Phiri’s statement that “she was sent to Soweto Market by Nawakwi. That statement alone tells me that Nawakwi is now the boss to Mumbi.

    • Let HH keep on camapagning than responding to nincompoops bringing hate speech. We know who can redeem Zambia no wonder the attacks.

    • Chagwa…where re you? You denounce or cage that so called woman….or maybe can we say you shut her legs closed maybe she ll stop yapping about and embarrassing you.

    • Your bitterness mr broken skull will kill you. Zambia does not need people like you who are agents of hate from the devil.

    • This woman has literally elbowed everyone out of the political scene in Zambia. She’s deputy SG, deputy party spokeswoman, deputy state President, deputy party President, deputy first lady,. She’ll soon be deputy citizen of Zambia at the rate she’s going. Can somebody like DORA term her before she causes a big diplomatic row which might not be good for the country that is so desperate at the moment. When we say women should participate more in politics this is not what is meant.

    • Term is wrongly used above. Let’s correct it. DORA should tame this woman. It’s the end of the term and DORA should tame this woman this end of school term or this end of Lungu sori SATA term. Was LUNGU a stop-gap? Is this why things have become so bad?

    • “I didn’t mention your HH, in fact, I don’t even want to mention some names because they make me lose my appetite, but the facts still remains: we have people in this country who benefited from privatisation….. It’s really sad and the facts are on the table”.

      This woman is something else. If the facts are on the table, why hasn’t GRZ arrested HH? This speculation on how HH became rich is stale. Even the late Sata gave Mutembo Nchito a list of companies in which HH has shares. That never went anywhere. Let’s stop talking without facts. The facts that are on the table are that HH was a GM from the age of 25. Tell us about yourself, Ms. Phiri.

    • Banok.o is puke vomit for given birth to such a person of your caliber. Anyway i blame ba wis.o for his insatiable appetite for harlot.s because you born from one of his prostitut.e.

    • Well, the unfortunate thing is not what this woman says because, no way can she say anything sensible. The unfortunate thing is that Zambia can have such a woman in leadership, in the 21st century. Very , very sad. I feel pity for the young children in Zambia whose future is been messed up by having such sub-human mongrels in leadership like Mumbi Phiri.

    • Thank you Harry. Another person that sees the truth about government. President Lungu is good, but it seems there are a lot of leeches in his government that need to be salted out.

      Viva Edith Nawakwi.


    • This is why Kambwili is leaving PF, he can’t cope with all those PF spokespersons. Who should be commenting on government companies kanshi?

    • This is very confusing. Is she now the new PF spokesperson? If she is then we are in trouble. My take on all this is for her to communicate to the country Government policy and how they intend to resolve the issues. We can’t go backwards. Privatization is done and history.

      It wasn’t a bad idea by the way. We can debate the lessons, perhaps.


    • #lungu must go! what kind of shame are we subjected to by such people like Mumbi. Instead of tackling the pain and suffering your useless decision makers has taken Zambia into you are busy discussing personality. What is it that HH has done?

  4. At his age (HH$) he doesn’t even have a single grey hair! does he ‘touch’ it.Never smiles is he normal.

    • Dullness at it’s highest level if you have nothing constructive to say it is better to keep quiet because people will not know what type of a moron you are

    • @wajimona

      Since when did HH become a full grown adult man?
      I thought he has always been an under 5 simply because your PF founder teasingly called him so in 2006. He also called him the calculator boy. 10 years on PF cadres still refer to him as under 5! I thought even a baby born in 2006 wud have graduated by now to being over 10?
      Suddenly u want HH to grow greyhair & accuse him of having magic greyhair as an under5!
      We don’t need greyhairs or over5s. We just want someone with political wisdom & economic acumen to lead out of this self inflicted economic malaise. And that person is currently HH who gives us hope.
      I can’t just imagine another 5 years under ECL…disaster! On number line ECL is @ -20 cos of his disaster one year rule & HH is @ 0 since we haven’t tried him…

    • @wajimona
      I can’t just imagine another 5 years under ECL..disaster! On number line ECL is @ -20 cos of his disaster one year rule & HH is @ 0 since we haven’t tried him yet but offers hope. Given a chance HH will hopefully move us positively from 0 towards 100. ECl will need to gain 20 points to wipe -20 to come to 0 before moving us positively towards 100 if at all he can. Suppose he still takes us negatively beyond -20? Do we have that time & patience? Definitely NO!
      At baliba ‘humble’ & ‘friendly’! Yet used violence, pangas & show of hands to ascend to power.
      As Zambians we don’t need humbleness & humility but we need capability & ingenuity. At personal level HH has achieved & we hope he may do it at national. We have already tried ECL as MP, Dep Minister, Home Affairs,…

    • @wajimona

      At baliba ‘humble’ & ‘friendly’! Yet used violence, pangas & show of hands to ascend to power.
      As Zambians we don’t need humbleness & humility but we need capability & ingenuity. At personal level HH has achieved & we hope he may do it at national. We have already tried ECL as MP, Dep Minister, Home Affairs, Defence, Justice, PF Sec Gen & now surprisingly President & but track record is very hogwash.

  5. She has taken over from Chishimba Kambwili. The sooner these lumpens are voted out the better. They blame everyone else but themselves. They have someone to blame for privatisation, Mealie Meal and Petrol shortages, sky rocketing commodity prices, corruption, violence, economy. Name it. They mismanaged kariba dam by producing and exporting more electricity than it could handle, yet they blame it on less rainfall.
    The earlier they are voted out the better. These people are a danger to humanity.

  6. This hatred is not necessary. A real leader, should learn to deal with the current situation and blame people that were not even government during those years. How did Levy take good care of the country? He had reasonable and proper people around him. Not your boss who has a dull Woman like you beside him. Lungs must go and will go. Zambia deserves better

  7. The problem is that we have too many weak minded individuals like this woman in key leadership roles; for as long as that is true, we will never develop. PF must go!

    • It is because Nawakwi is a fellow northerner. Clearly, the problem with this cow (Mumbi Phiri) is that she has no regard for people from other ethnic groups besides Bembas and Easterners. People be alert to the Bemba and Nyanja hegemony.

    • Mumbi aka Lungu-RB PF have no regard for other tribes other than the one tribe helping Bembas of Muchinga to abuse State Resources.

      We all non Muchinga Bemba people make Edgar Lingu vomit as we support HH.

      This group hates also the Kasama Bemba of GBM stock

  8. Ms. Phiri,

    It appears that you and your party do not have anything to say which can assure Zambian electorate on your future performance if you get re-elected in August.
    Somehow I got impression that after been found lacking in honoring “90 days” and “millions of new jobs” promises, you and your party have decided that “character assassination” of opposition leadership is only way forward?
    Instead of blabbing constantly about HH, please inform us how Zambia will come out of this economical and moral abbis which you and your party have “achieved” at the cost of 8 billion US$ ?
    At least, it will be beneficial to know what to expect (if PF gets re-elected) in next five years.
    But this time, no more “new born baby bed time stories” but factual intentions starting with…

    • … how you intend to comply with expected IMF imposed “bitter medicine” which may help moribund economy back to its feet?
      After all, your party was in power and has overseen destruction of local industry.

    • She never mentioned HH in her interview. HH was not the only player in privatisation and indeed not the only beneficiary . mumbis statement was general and for you to think that it is HH then you know more about who benefited from privatisation. Stop putting names in her speech just like those callers.

    • @ 1mbecile above

      Only thing you morrrons know to say is “HH this” and “HH that”. Tell us how you are going out of this F*CKING mess which has NOT created by opposition.

  9. This woman does not reason well. The Zambian economy was performing better after privatisation when they took over power than it is today. so why has the economy retrogressed under PF?the country was forced to privatised because of debt and sometimes you’re forced to sell somethingof value for less to pay off your debt.but what has PF done? They’ve brought Zambia into more debt. What do you think will happen in 5 to 10 or 20 yrs time from now? more privatisation in order to pay off PF debt if no credible leader will be voted in to restore Zambia’s shattered economy under PF due to corruption and mismanagement

  10. If that was hate,compare it to the insults she will get from UPND cadres on this forum and see who is practicing hatred.Even i will get insulted for voicing my opinion,watch.

    • @ zamcab

      UPND cadres are not elected Government officials and they have Constitutional rights, like any other person in Zambia, to voice theirs opinions.
      That is why we live in democratic society.

  11. Blame game is the nature of Zambian politics unfortunately. Imagine if a different party is voted in govt how much they will be blaming Pf for their own failure. That’s why I say let Pf handle the last term because they now seem to have gained some control of managing the affairs. Zambia will be worse should we allow another party to form govt. Already the opposition have admitted that the damage according to them is too deep to be repaired within 5years. I know some bloggers think opposition parties come in govt with their own money and start on a fresh page..noo.! Any govt that takes over continue with the debt and corruption.

    • What stoopid reasoning! Why reward failures with 5 more years to further ruin the economy? Lungu has had his test drive and PF has finished its lease term. They were awful drivers and owners. It is time to try somebody else. Step off!

  12. April 4, 2016 | Filed under: International News,Latest News | Posted by: Newsroom ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Fuel lines stretched for more than a kilometer (half-mile) on Friday in Nigeria’s capital because of a fuel shortage in sub-Saharan Africa’s top oil-producing country.
    Drivers in Abuja groaned and shouted in frustration when one station closed because it was apparently out of fuel.Associated Press writer Michelle Faul contributed to this report from Abuja.

  13. But ici chene chipuba saana look at her. Ugly bitch if you dont have any thing to say better just go in the kitchen and cook for your husband rather than embarrassing your self. Ala Kuya bebele together with your fellow bitch dora slity and your ***** visionless chakolwa boy friend chagwa. The more you talk of him the more you make him popular bitch…. Viva HH and UPND

  14. Pf’s massive looting, corruption, very poor leadership and mismanagement of the country in all areas is what has made zambia retrogress. Pf has borrowed huge chunks of dollars but zambians are not seeing how that money is being used. Projects have stalled. Poverty is on the increase. There’s literally nothing good about the Pf govt in its present form. Pf must be voted out to save zambia from total collapse. After privatisation the economy improved. The moment Pf wrestled power from MMD, looting and theft of copper on the c/ B was free for all, that is how Jerabos found themselves on the black mountain.

  15. Just one thing I don’t understand, if HH is guilty, then why not take him to court or something? I mean, what’s the duty of the anti-corruption and transparency team?
    I have had enough of this privetizetion talk. If he’s guilty, deal with him and be done with it once and for all but if it’s just propaganda then shut up!!!!!!

    • Sata spent 3 years of his miserable life as President and investigated HH during that time. All that Sata came away with were bank account statements. He could not even set ZRA on HH’s companies to punish him. This just shows how weak the PF lies are about any criminal role of HH in the privatisation process.

  16. It’s clear if PF is allowed to another years Zambia as we know it will be no more. The nation is in the hands of lunatics and are driving it towards total ruin. Sata diabolically plotted Zambia’s down fall and recruited the most ‘useless’ and clueless cadres to assist him achieve that. The she-devil’s rantings above is evidence this country is headed towards economic catastrophe if PF is not taken out.


    • Sata was a criminal who stole K2 billion from Parliament. He also stole houses from sitting tenants during Chiluba’s third term campaign. Sata could not believe that he was dying in State House despite the resources at his beck and call. Where did that loot take him?

    • Do you realise what you are writng? satanic, demonic … are you just picking words with no idea of what they mean, or are you so ignorant that you use random words. Anyone that has divergent views from yours is a demon? wow that’s some special ed stuff right there. i wonder what you called your math teacher when she marked you 2/10? the devil incarnate.

  18. Now its to point fingers on each other lets just work together as a team as one Zambia one nation,some of you people are good at talking anyhow(trash talk) mouths full of insults.come august you will hang yourselves with those insults of yours we talk of foolish people like DIVIDE AND RULE marubbish,foolish commentator sorry wise commentator just to mention a few. VOTE FOR LUNGU.

  19. Edgar Lungu has been rated as no 11 the highest paid president in Africa by Brithish Economic Intelligency, he has jumped from 25 to 11.
    Now to be honest who has stolen between HH and EL. To me EL is a thief. HH was not in power, the late SATA was in government when the mines were sold.
    Ba Mumbi Phiri you are very dull, HH did not sell the mines, it is like you dont know is history. EL failed to pay K20 000.00 for nomination at PF. Chikwanda paid for him,now is no 11 in Africa has the highest paid president. HH should come and probe this people.

    • lets just say that rude shocks are on trhe way for Mumbi. she will have to savour her own words and beg for forgiveness.

  20. I personally like Edgar but the man hasn’t got a smart team to work with. He will be overworked, and the same chaps may start insulting him very soon. He needs to fire some dead wood in his cabinet this is critical time.

  21. As FDD we have post privatization solutions. We understand that some people may be ignorant about the background the need for privatization and then the social corridor that could have resulted from the sales and the benefits our people would have achieved. Infact we have a blue print for diversification that will lead this great nation back to prosperity….VOTE EDITH NAWAKWI for president she will lead us away from tribalism, trivia and all these lackadaisical preoccupations we have as a nation…Mumbi recognizes the value of Edith as a leader infact we are inviting her to our party…..FDD for Zambia VOTE EZN

    • @ellen

      Invite trash to your party?! Please move on.. she is not even re-recyclable garbage. How are you going to infuse in her a sane mind to be a useful citizen again? Look these disgusting despicable creatures are beyond help. They should be caged instead and sent to prison for the crimes they have committed against the people they rule over.

  22. These dull UPND bloggers think their HH has already won elections.This is the reason you will develop high blood pressure when your leader loses.Southern province alone can not make one president even if he will get his usual 100 percent tribal vote.Zambia is bigger than one province…….you will cry the loudest come August 2016 cos you are not going any where !

    • I agree with you that Southern Province alone cannot win HH the Presidency, 100% correct. If UPND and HH are only popular in Southern Province, you and me know very well that HH cannot be a factor in the forthcoming general elections. My problem though is that if indeed HH in only popular in Southern Province alone, why then is he always on your lips and lips of many other PF zealots? Why are you worried about his participation in these elections, knowing he will not get votes from any other Province other than Southern?

    • @Joe let me tell you that all of us mixed tribes thus people with names like Kalaluka mwansa,Chipego Banda,Natasha Moono,Tawonga kalwiji ,Chiyama muskuma and many more will vote for HH.Reasons being that Bembas and Nyanja feel they are the only people who have the right to be presidents.HH has always preached that a person is simply born in a tribe but does not chose weather he will be Bemba or Tonga.Thats why HH is the best because he does not preach Tribe.We shall see of PF will win with there Muchinga Bembas and Nyanjas only.

  23. Problem with PF cadres is that they think everyone who criticises PF and Lungu is UPND cadre.They forget that PF has destroyed our economy with useless bi-elections, blotted KK airport cabinet, waste of resources harassing the opposition and corruption etc to mention but a few. How do you expect the poor to be lifted out of poverty when the corrupt airport cabinet is always doing nothing at the airport and when PF is always buying other political cadres to defect to PF?

  24. Listening to Mumbi Phiri, you are left without any option but sympathise with Edgar. I understand why Lungu behaves the way he does. Maybe Edgar could be a good guy?? Just maybe. How on earth can any party worth its name be defended by Mumbi? For her to chosen by the party to go on radio she is the best there is in PF. What a shame!! When will Zambia debate issues? It will only start when we raise the bar above such pettiness. People who can talk sense like Chipimo are left powerless because of level of political debate in this country. It’s indeed exhausting to be listening to empty rankings without brains applied at all.

  25. This Chisusu (bedwetter as GBM calls her) is an embarrassment and the reason why this country is not moving forward the level of mediocrity exhibited by her and her Boss Jameson Lungu is mindboggling: literally every day there is some problem or other which they don’t have a clue in resolving-fuel shortages, power shortages, mealie meal shortages, the list is simply endless. Simply put, this is the worst Government that this country has ever had by far and no finger pointing by the Kama woman will erase this fact!!

  26. ….is this lady aware of the inflation figures…shortage of mealie meal…fuel…insurmountable debt we have accumulated as a country….pregnant women asked to go with their own delivery kit which is supposed to be availed by the clinic or hospital….that’s what she is supposed to defend or explain to us….privatisation issue sounds like a broken now…let us listen to the rest of the song man….

  27. As someone has already said, I have also a feeling Edith Nawakwi has already been adopted to be Edgar Lungu’s running mate. How can she explain this sudden change of heart, attacking HH even where there is no need to. This lady hates HH to the marrow, even when she is talking about pf, she has to find some little space somewhere within her heart where to place him. These are the conditions she has been given before she is announced officially as a running mate to Edger Lungu, to attack HH at times. Mumbi Phiri is now calling her a sister.

  28. Imwe fi Tumfweko bafikala where is my comment. Dont delete other peoples comments just because they dont agree with these bitch and the rest of pathetic fools.

  29. The Problem also rests with the moderators/Interviewers: when a public figure openly puts out such rants-and-farts on yo program, NAIL THEM !! Be man/woman enough to ask them to rescind/clarify their Statement or the interview is OVER…public media should not passively become conduits and conspirators in this “Cockroach conspiracy” to drown zambia in blood !!

    As Mr Mystic man , the self proclaimed Economics Guru and Self Made Billionaire , who will end poverty in Zambia, End Unemployment and bring about enough rains to feed our fields and fill Kariba dam, was walking down a dark secret alley dishing out money to some CBU and UNZA students, Civil Servants, Worker Union Leaders, NGOs, and Church Leaders to cause riots , a break down in law and order, and destroy all governance systems, he called his trusted Spear Wielding, Panga Donned and Axe Clad Loyal tribalists and asked them , “ What do the people of Zambia say about me “

  31. Life is better with a twist, even if it is twisted. Expressions, Expressions, how you understand them matters. You do not simply interpret.

    Well , some say you are a Mystic man, a member of a mysterious shadowy organization which lives on Demonic Blood Sacrifice , A Free masonist, THE Great Leader of the Doomsday Cult predicting Droughts, Famine, Fire and Brimstone in Zambia.
    Some say your entire working life was less than 2 years at Coopers and Lybrand as a Junior Officer , and three years at Grant Thornton in the same capacity, but became Managing partner when the incumbent then, mysteriously committed Suicide. A feat achieved through Bulldozing yourself in an Accounting Firm and getting rid of properly qualified accountants on the back of your Mediocre Silent Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from UNZA, and demonic support from the free masons legion- All suitors scampered in disarray.

    Some still say you under valued State Assets earmarked for Privatization and exaggerated Accounting fees and then appropriated the same Assets your self through extortion of Government under the guise of Payment Claims for Accounting fees , and well, then sold the companies to Friends cum Foreign Investors through inside trading , but and also maintained some shareholding in some of these companies using your foreign incorporated companies and then eventually becoming majority shareholder of the same companies. Real Contribution to Zambia’s Development and poverty eradication.
    Some further say that even your first House in Kabulonga which is now housing the Secretariat of the Doomsday Cult and your other Properties were appropriated from State Companies.

    Others say you made your money by selling animal hooves which you were collecting in Southern Province which you then exported to Antarctica – a delicacy for Pelicans , and you were paid Billions of Dollars for this.
    Then Mr Mystic Man looked fiercely at his tribal Loyalists, and asked them . “ Who do you think I am , and how did I make my money”? The Tribal Loyalists answered in unison , you are the unknown re-incarnation of the unknown, the nameless one, the faceless one, Without origin, the Alpha and Omega of knowledge , the keeper of Rain, The Great One who only lives in the present, whose money fell from unknown heavens.

    Then the mystic man looked at his Tribal Loyalists and burst out in a Loud Laugh shrieking wildly to the point of mystic ecstasy. As it was the first time they were seeing the mystic man laugh, they were spell bound with fear and trepidation, then the mystic man roared in a voice like thunder, “ Let no man or woman in the land of Zambia know that you do not know me , until after my fingers are deep inside the Golden Pot”

  36. Apart from a cognitive impairment, Mumbi Phiri is also experiencing low levels of estrogen, hence her emotional changes and mood swings. The fluctuating production of her estrogen has also affected her sex drive. Ideally, to improve this, she would need estrogen therapy. One other cheaper way, though, would be to create a schedule where from time to time she fantasizes over a man’s name or initials. In this case, she has settled on HH. This takes a few minutes of her time on every day, but on each occasion she is able to experience an explosive exhilarating orgasm.

  37. Interesting! By the way, what is this we’re reading about the plight of DR. Canisius Banda? If it’s true, UPND is exposing him to ridicule. The man works full-time for UPND and then? Are these the signs of the time to come should Zambians be hoodwinked enough to vote UPND into office? God help us all!

  38. Most of what she said is true.PF was not involved in the sale of Kapiri Glass or ZCCM Kabwe or indeed Mulungushi Textiles.
    When PF came to power it reversed the sale of Finance,Bank and Zamtel,they were also in the process of repossessing ZANACO and and KPG itself.All UPND cadres and MMD cried foul!Today you want to blame PF for failing on these issues?Bane be fair.Internet popularity aside,we shall see when the real thing happens in August.As usual Mumbi has been insulted here but very few have digested what she was saying

  39. @Mwinsho, you are also another very dull element who does not understand anything at all. Just eat your nshima and fart!

  40. Scot,Sampa and GBM are nothing but a batch of disgruntled PF members who think by chance they can change the image of the tribal party and get positions in case the Kachema won the elections with the help of bwinjimfumu caudillo who is every day writing fake stories about PF and ECL.

    The Zambian people are very clever people and they can not be blackmailed.The rightful President of UPND was supposed to be the renowned lawyer Sakwiba Sikota and not the incumbent who has never been even a ward counsellor.His only strength is the 100 percent Southern province vote.

    The three opportunist leaders mentioned above will look very foolish when they fail to make it in August.

  41. My first preference is ECL,second Kamimba and third sister Nawaki… kachema is number four preference.

    • UPND cadres are very good at disperaging others but when you disperage them and their supreme leader, they allgo up in arms. Three quarters of what Mumbi said was very correct but instead of giving civilised comments , they went into a trance of insults, the fact is she was saying the truth.

  42. Sata was able to win the 2015 bye election because the level of intellect of the majority voters were at his level and pf might just win coz of the same reason. Look at a character like Mumbi! The level of reasoning is that of a Grade 7 marketeer, but she is here discussing economics from the grapevine! The level of HH, Mutati, Situmbeko Musokotwane is too advanced to be comprehended by these PF morons! I didn’t expect a senior person in the part like herself to start pointing a finger at HH that he privatized the companies and pocketed the money and she comes on public media to embarrass herself and her PF. Know that people who express their disappointments here are NOT all UPND! People are not happy with you! Get that in that thick skull of yours iwe kolwe!

  43. Mumbwe Pimpo is outrageous,just why Pfools have such courage to bring a Lunatic woman of such magnitude on a public fora like that,I ‘m now certain that these are the last kicks of a dying horse.Come 11/8 this headless chicken party must go

  44. Sata was able to win the 2015 bye election because the level of intellect of the majority voters were at his level and pf might just win the forth coming election coz of the same reason. Look at a character like Mumbi! The level of reasoning is that of a Grade 7 marketeer, but she is here discussing economics from the grapevine! The level of HH, Mutati, Situmbeko Musokotwane, Magande is too advanced to be comprehended by these PF morons! I didn’t expect a senior person in the part like herself to start pointing a finger at HH,saying that he privatized the companies and pocketed the money and she was saying this on public media embarrassing herself and her PF. Know that people who express their disappointments here are NOT all UPND! People are not happy with you! Get that in that thick…

  45. Mumbi Phiri appear to be in trouble with psychosis or parents failed her.
    Her people(hailing place) must help her or will continue to be embaranced with her rantings. If she was an Easterner ‘Alangizi’ would have done the job. But Muchinga! neither here or there! ‘malodza’.
    Halucinations and disjointed rantings is sign of psychiatry- ‘Uchitsiru’.

  46. Mumbi Phiri, Know that 99 days are yours but one will be ours. When your time is up and you have no more state protection, you will curse the womb that bore you. The beauty of the 21st century is that all you statements are being recorded.
    I will ensure that the appropriate punishment is metted out to you. Revenge is a dish best served cold. You will remember and wish you could amend history on 12 August, 2016.

  47. MUMBI PHIRI wants to have s*e*x with HH. It all start like that ka. Pretend you don’t like someone but dep inside she is on fire for HH. Careful not to throw stones at glass house Mumbi Phiri iwe! Ukonda HH?

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