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Sampa says his support for HH guarantees First round defeat for PF


UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Democratic Front leader Miles Sampa gesture to their supporters who came to witness the signing of an election pact between UPND and DF.
UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Democratic Front leader Miles Sampa gesture to their supporters who came to witness the signing of an election pact between UPND and DF.

Opposition Democratic Front (DF) leader Miles Sampa says his decision and that of former vice president Guy Scott to support the UPND in the forthcoming elections guarantees President Edgar Lungu’s first round defeat.

He says the ruling PF has realized that he is more popular than President Edgar Lungu especially in provinces such as the Copperbelt.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka this morning, Mr. Sampa says this is why his political activities on the Copperbelt are restricted.

And Mr. Sampa has described as fake yesterday’s purported defections of his party members to the ruling Patriotic Front.

Mr. Sampa says the purported defections are a sign of desperation on the part of the ruling PF.

He has since challenged the ruling PF to produce certificates of appointment of those it is claiming have defected.

Meanwhile Mr. Sampa has explained that his party’s alliance with the UPND is based on what he thinks late President Michael Sata would have done.

Mr. Sampa says having learnt from late President Sata’s school of politics, he recalls that the late President at one point went into an alliance with the opposition UPND.


    • Youngman you are over selling yourself. Bahakaivotele wenkha you told to go into more poligamy to boost their inconsiquencial vote count will swallow live after suffering a defeat to Lungu. It’s painful 50 years of rejection in post independent Zambia and still counting. You only have your own vote while Zambia are also unconstrained independent voters. Our country has had more important political protogonists perpendicular to the power that be, yet ended in humiliation. I served in these systems till retirement as such, know better. You are an overzeous kid in the wilderness but tread smart. Free advise right here.

    • It is encouraging to see someone really believing that they are as important as they claim to be. Sad you see! Guy Scott only acted the way he did after he lost the nomination to Margaret and Miles is acting like this because he thought Uncle wanted him to take over some day!

      In the meantime, the Son really understands who daddy (MCS – RIP) really wanted to take over by implicitly leaving him (ECL) in charge, not sure whether he would come back alive … that’s who you know was left with the mantle to rule!

    • Howbeit, both Sampa & Scott misread the mood and like Ronald Reagan used to say, “… they counted wrong”. Just like they counted wrong in January last year, they are counting wrong this year as well and ECL will win with a landslide.

      HH will never be president among the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise, Badala! This year he will break the world record as the first Zambian to have lost the presidency 5 times in a row and the rest will be history.

      I endorse ECL as President … I am B R Mumba, Sr and I approved this message!

    • UPND should be shamed with such a statement from Sampa. it means HH, Gary, Hamududu, etc… ni Bangwele without Sampa. What an insult upnd cadres are receiving and happy with. Maybe the dull chaps are upnd.

  1. Miles does not strike me as an intelligent astute man.Nonetheless, lack of those qualities is seemingly not an impediment in vying for plot one.He is just one of the worst ones in the pool of not very good candidates

  2. Kilometer just acknowledge that you’re looping, you’re aren’t principled and have no
    Dignity how do you explain to your Caders
    Who are following you blindly ?

  3. i pity Sampa bcoz he is a perfect example of a fool. he is busy imagining support which he does not command. i know he want to fool HH in to giving him running mate slot.

  4. Ba Miles….just stick to agricultural economics for which you went to school…Zambia needs farmers than politician. We are PF and have all the love for ECL!!! U not presidential as you would want to think….you mislead!!!

  5. Miles, the best decision you’ve ever taken post-Sata era is to align yourself with HH. You man, you have changed the landscape of Zambian opposition and I agree with you, through your efforts combined with those of GBM, HH will now comfortably win first round. HH, continue recruiting as many of PF members and officials only leaving out deranged refugee UPND MPs sheltering for food in PF village.

  6. I, for one, wouldn’t vote for a M’membe backed candidate. On top of that Miles is miles of emptiness.

  7. Where are the signs of change Zambians? when time for change comes you would even see children as young as 2 singing songs of change, If what we are seeing in southern can be seen countrywide then we would believe change is coming. There are just few noise makers whose music has lost rhythm. stop making noise we want to sleep pantu balungu baleteka.

  8. Sampa and HH have a lot in common. Surely sampa, your uncle sata would have joined HH? Stop smuggling maize and meal meal the country will have enuf meal meal. Minister the ban of transportation of maize and meal meal be moved from 18 to 17 hrs. let it be between 06 to 17 hours. so that we see these political smugglers.

  9. Comment: Sampa!sampa,sampa how many times av I call you?what happened yesterday was not fake but real,we were supposed to defect on friday but ba D chama was very busy on friday,and 4 your on information the PF never even paid us any ngwe, we just took it upon our selves to go back to PF coz you are useless,you are not the kind of a person to rely on,no direction at all,u want to treat us like we are your children stupid boy,you remain with no followers like your stupid friend kabimba ,that’s the truth

  10. If you think you will win under UPND try matero we shall retire you and just tell MR BONANZA GBM also to try kasama

  11. Please MR bonanza or GBM if you want to win you try north western they will vote for you u luonde can vote for u not apapena twalesapula ba tonga mu Lusaka lelo ati bateke sela tubombeko iwe chipantepante HH kabwa

  12. Please MR bonanza or GBM if you want to win you try north western they will vote for you u luonde can vote for u not apapena twalesalapula ba tonga mu Lusaka lelo ati bateke sela tubombeko iwe chipantepante HH kabwa

  13. Let’s vote for the party that’s got less thieves. PF has Rupiah Banda Dora siliya masumba just too many to count.

  14. Miles can say what he likes but what amazes me is the fact that UPND desperados actually believe him! I thought UPND was the intellectual’s party and yet they are here supporting a man who only got to be where he is thru nepotism, once insulted the majority of the party’s supporters, is inarticulate, a serial adulterer and worst of all has not shaken off the rumours of his involvement in the gruesome murder of Ruth Mbandu!

  15. for your own information mr kilometer the pact between ichilema & sata never worked & sata would not want to associate with a man like ichilema with pride & ego

  16. This Kilometer chap is desperate for power and now behaving like a kite without direction.Those of us who had some little respect have now trashed him in the political dust bin.He is not principled at all and not presidential material.

  17. I think the dull chaps are UPND. Is Sampa saying without him and Guy everyone in UPND ni Bangwele. UPND should be ashamed of this statement from Sampa and more insults to UPND is coming through this marriage of convenience.

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