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“We are shocked by a fabrication about Musicians”-Police


Police Spokesperson Charity Mungangaa
Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga

Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga has responded to a media query regarding reports that some popular local musicians have been picked up in connection with the George Compound Killings.

Mrs Munganga expressed shock at a story in a mainstream media alleging that five musicians were arrested and detained over human body parts.

“The story about musicians being apprehended in connection with the George killings is totally fake. It is very unfortunate journalists can go out of their way to publish a fake story without verification.”

The story alleges that Police arrested five musicians and detained them over allegations that they were found with body parts from the George Compound killings.

“As Zambia Police, we have not summoned, detained or apprehended anyone in connection with the George Killings”, She said.

There has been heightened media speculation and blogs have been frantic speculating who the alleged artist could be.

But the story has turned out to be false but was however, given credence because “a reputable” media organisation carried it.

“This however, does not mean that the case is closed but actively being investigated.” Said Mrs Munganga.

“We realise that this is a case of interest and should anything come up, the nation will be informed accordingly.” She said.

She dismissed allegations that Police had detained and released some artists as totally false and without foundation.

“If there are artists being mentioned, it’s totally unfortunate because at no time did we even summon anyone in connection with any murder case”.

She appealed to the media to exercise caution, responsibility and objectivity as such stories can cause tremendous reputation damage and physical harm to the mentioned.

“Please be factual in your reporting and don’t hide in anonymous sources to cover for your lack of professionalism.” Mrs Munganga urged.


  1. She says “lack of professionalism”…….
    Should be the last person to make such a comment on other proffessions
    Mrs Munganga should take a deep look in the mirror and she will see a whole lack of proffessionalism. Who doesn’t know ZP is tarnished from …top to bottom?

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