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Slap dee withdraws the 2016 Zambian Music Awards Nomination for ‘BW2’


slap d

The XYZ Entertainment management have withdrawn Slap Dee’s unreleased ‘Black na White 2’ album from the 2016 Zambian Music Awards Nominations in the ‘Best Hip Hop/Rap Album’ category, The album is a double CD project and the first CD which was submitted to the ZMA Committee has not yet being unveiled to the public , that is according to the withdrawal letter drafted by the label manager ‘Harry Mwanza’.

Read the letter below:



Zambia Arts Adjudicators Panel wishes to make a statement on the discussion surrounding the nomination of Slap Dee’s Black na White 2 in the Best Hip Hop and Best Album ZMA Categories.
The Panel of Adjudicators received the nominations of the album in question from the members of the public, and as is the procedure, the adjudicators looked for the album and verified with the artist and his manager concerning the release of the album.
The adjudicators were reliably informed that the album was released and a copy which I have with me here was availed to the Panel (judges).
The Panel therefore, wishes to thank the music fans and the media for the keen interest demonstrated in the ZMA. Please continue supporting the Awards. Allow me at this point to read the statement from Slap Dee’s Manager. (In the picture shown).
With this statement, the Panel wishes to announce that Black na White 2 has with immediate effect been removed from the 2016 ZMA nominations. Having done this, we wish to strongly caution artists and their managers against giving misleading information pertaining to their music works to the panel of adjudicators and the public. I thank you.


  1. Harry “H-Mac” Mwanza needs to work on his communication skills.

  2. We all knw wat is in the album so we are going to wait couse king dizzo is not NY 1 2 play with.cant wait to hear straight up record.

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